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  1. Congratulations Elger! This are the best Moments in live of a man.
  2. Thank you. First, I aligned and attached the wing to the middle struts on the fuselage. Then it added step by step other struts from the end of the wing, but it was not easy.
  3. PZL P.11a from 113 eskadra myśliwska IV/1 dyon 1 pułk lotniczy Warszawa 1939. Kit - JMK Waku 1/72 PZL-37A Los from 212 eskadra bombowa 1 Pulk Lotniczy Warszawa. IBG - 1/72 PZL-46 Sum second prototype flew with courier missions Poland - Romania - Poland - Lithuania - ARDPOL resin 1/72 PZL P.7a from 152 eskadra mysliwska 5 pulk lotniczy Lida - Toro Model resin 1/48 decals custom made
  4. So, it's done! It took me many years, a very discouraging model. Am I happy with? Yes and no. Could I have done it better? For sure. I hope you like it. Decals: Researched by: Jerzy Ciupek "Hadzi" Draw: Mr.Decal - Bogdan Zolnierewicz Printed by: MF-ZONE Bartek
  5. I started it beginning of this year, now it is next to be finished Plan was to build a Israeli Ouragan, bat then I found picture of Ouragan BB and I love it. Thanks help from MASTER 194 Forum members I got all informations about markings of this plane - THANK YOU GUYS!!!
  6. Just finished. Decals are a mix from custom serial, MODEL MAKER eagle emblem, roundels from Xtradecals. Rigging from SBS set, the wheels also. Instrument panels YAHU.
  7. Thanks to the company of my friend Tomasz Bilkiewicz - Top Gun aka Bilmodel Makers, I am proud to present three submarine seasons of the Polish Navy from the period of their service to the Polish flag in NATO. The models are made of 1/350 scale resin. I heartily recommend them to all U-boat fans. ORP ORZEL III - Kilo class (Projekt 877E - Warszawianka) in Polish service since 1986 ORP WILK II - Foxtrot Class ex Soviet B-98 in Poland - 1987 - 2003 ORP SOKOL III - Kobben Class Typ 207 ex HNoMS Stord (S-308) in Polish Navy 2002 - 2018
  8. I used IBG PZL.37 B (early) for my conversion. Engine covers are from Azur PZL P.24G, engine from Vector via Karaya (thank you Radek), decals come from Mr.Decals - Bogdan prepared it for me, thank you. Instrument panels YAHU MODEL, paints BILMODEL MAKERS (khaki) and Gunze.
  9. Thank you. Regarding the cover, I formed thermally a piece of foil on the hull - just like you create your own canopies.
  10. I just finished an old project, it's the plane used by gen. Wladyslaw Anders in Africa. Bio of general: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Władysław_Anders The kit is the new tool Airfix MK.IV I used Volkes filters from Freightdog Models and side window blister parts from Alley Cat, interior and exterior PE sets from Eduard, props from SBS. Painted with Xtracrylics paints.
  11. Dark blue grey is not bluish enough, so remember this. In the book POLISH FIGHTERS COLOURS VOL.1 is one picture showing something like mermaid - so it is an interpretation based on the picture and drawing in this book.
  12. Thank you. I used GUNZE H: Green 340 or 303 - I think 340 Dark blue grey 305 Light blue grey 418 Chocolate 406
  13. Hi Wojtek, all parts are from box, only MG barrels are from other kit and the emblem mermaid is a decal on individual order. Based on the scheme from Polish Fighters Vol.I - Stratus.
  14. Just finished the Azur Koolhoven FK58 C1, my next for Polish Air Force in France 1940.
  15. my French colleagues said they are not perfect and suggest: marron: 50% de H 84 cacao brun et de H17 acajou vert: H 73 dark green gris bleu foncé: 50% H53 neutral grey + 40% gris FS36118 H305 + 10% H54 intermediate blue (la proportion peux varier , mais gaffe le bleu domine très vite) gris bleu clair: 70% H67 RLM65 + 30% H11 blanc
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