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  1. It is the personal aircraft of w/cdr Stanislaw Skalski Ace with 22 kills, he used this plane as commanding oficer of the 133 Polish Fighter Wing in June 1944. Malcolm hood is correct for this plane, but Malcolm haven't any frames in front and rear of canopy, only sliding frames to move it.
  2. Thank you, I'm ok now. You are right, Polish squadron markings are a pice of art. Thank you!
  3. Just finished Piaggio PC.7 resin kit from SBS in 1/72 scale. Very nice kit. It is my built 37th for this COVID year, normally I haven't time to make so many kits. Thanks work from home I made unusually many models - most OOB.
  4. Yes, indeed P.11c is a beauty little bird.
  5. Last week I was ill, so I decided to built this little bird OOB. It is my COVID - 36th, ARMA HOBBY PZL P.11c. I corrected the position of radiator, the instrument panel was replaced with Yahu set intended for the Azur kit, required small adjustments, Techmod decals. I don't used any wash. So next Polish khaki bird to bore you Paints I used: Gunze RLM 65 and Hataka Dark Polish Khaki.
  6. thank you. Decals are sealed with Testors Sealer for Metalizer.
  7. Lovely built. It is mutch better them my. Congratulations!
  8. Bit older this SR.A/1 - was COVID 32-th I think. Still missed pitot and antena - This old kit was a gift from Fabien (merci), so it was a must to built it. This is a kit for very desperate modellers.
  9. COVID No. 35 made from SBS re-edition of the old ARMA HOBBY resin model. A mask is a good addition, because they used still old decals from ARMA resources, which is suitable for the trash. After all, painting is not a pleasant job because of Wibault's skin, there will always be some "blasts". Model finished in 4 days. Now I have all (?) P.1 variant in my show case. PZL P.1 was built 1929. The history https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PZL_P.1
  10. kolejny raz wyprzedziles mnie z pomyslem :-), niestety nie widze zdjec
  11. Thank you, my job involve dealing with people, so this year I was 2 month at home and now have not so much possibilitys to meet my customers - all because COVID. dzieki Spiton
  12. I will say both are good. P.11c from IBG will come soon, the Arma kit is very nice it's bigest mistake is position of radiator, but it is easy to correct. I have two of AM P.11c in stock and waiting for the new IBG kit. AH clear parts are mutch better.
  13. Thank you Mark. No I didn't make a WIP - sorry.
  14. It is my COVID-built 34-th. Nice kit from IBG. P.11b was built for Romania and was used only in Romania. P.11b version was made befor P.11a for Polisch Air Force. This P.11b is wit the long version of Towned, the short version will come next year. Windshield is from ARMA HOBBY P.7a, khaki paint HATAKA Dark Polish Khaki, blue grey RLM 65 from Gunze.
  15. First for all which doesn't know the history LATVIA was not NAZI, so Latvian Swastika are older the NAZI swastika. Latvia uset it from 1918 to 1940 when lost independence against Soviets. My latest finished kit a Airfix Bristol Bulldog MK.I in Latvian markings from the 1930-th. My moulds are from the 1990-th and are bad quality. Decals are custom made by a friend of my. I forgot the riging at landing gears, added it after first photo shot. When I will got a moulds from 1970-80-th I will made a Finnish one. Enjoy it.
  16. Finished today- COVID number 26. Decals from Kagero printed by Cartograf, very good quality. On the model are tail warning antennas from the AN/APS-13 missing, I will add them when I finished next P-51D with this system. Kit is OOB only antennas on fuselage and between undercarriage legs and resin gunsight are added.
  17. I used Gunze: Mr.Metal MC-218 Aluminium on Mr.Finishing black surfacer 1500 for the linen areas and on gloss dark blue for metal parts. Exhaust various paints.
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