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  1. Its seems very nice, but the photos are way to dark to see anything. Cheers Lazy modeler
  2. Welcome to the forum! Afv addicts are truly welcome! Cheers Lazy modeler was here!
  3. That was a very nice build, the weathering is pretty good. I was also waiting almost 6 months for the radiator, but they said was out out stock and even apologized when it came. Outstanding way of doing business. The funny thing is they supplied the double of radiators than kits sold! Cheers Lazy modeler was here!
  4. Arne Domnerus - ANTIPHONE BLUES
  5. And its just the beginning my friends! Wait for it!
  6. No figures! Did you noticed Bertie? Its abandoned! Not my war, but I like it very much The plane is perfect, but the fence seems very new to me... Cheers Lazy modeler was here!
  7. Than your safe! Cheers Lazy modeler was here!
  8. Did a comment but it disappeared.... or is it me getting lazier... anyway... Liked very much the tank the dio and the photos! Cheers Lazy modeler was here!
  9. Now that's a really ugly son of... a brick! But nicely done! Cheers Lazy modeler was here
  10. So? Its the most beautifully color ever! I tend to paint them all in grey! Cheers Lazy modeler was here!
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