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  1. A fabulous build , excellent finish and weathering, truly museum quality ! Wulfman
  2. Beautiful build and finish, Looking forward to more Indian Airforce birds ! Wulfman
  3. Lovely build, great work ! Wulfman
  4. Very nice work on the Wurger, Interesting finish ! Wulfman
  5. A great build and paint job, I never knew that a kit existed ! Wulfman
  6. Lovely collection of builds, great modelling ! Wulfman
  7. Terrific Texan, love the camouflage choice ! Wulfman
  8. Nice work on the old Revell, at least it looks like a Ki-61, unlike their ludicrous P-51, shamefully still available ! Wulfman
  9. Lovely looking Jetstar, great work ! Wulfman
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