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3D printed 72nd Cessna 206 by VFR Models

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I've just built quite a nice 3D printed resin Cessna 206 kit by VFR Models. Its nicely detailed with quite good internal detail & not too much finishing  (sanding of scan lines) required. 


I chose to put mine on floats rather than the wheels provided, using Constanza Edo 3430s intended for their Piper Cherokee Six kit.  :). I had to increase the height/chord of the rudder and add the ventral fin as the 206 floatplanes need more area.


51714684195_2d161ce3e5_z.jpgUntitled by Harry Follas, on Flickr


51714714960_95e6830296_k.jpgUntitled by Harry Follas, on Flickr


51718746674_f9fad15582_h.jpgIMG_6239 by Harry Follas, on Flickr


51714046703_252fa4e206_h.jpgUntitled by Harry Follas, on Flickr


51712995282_50433d52ae_h.jpgUntitled by Harry Follas, on Flickr



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