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  1. Thanks all for the nice comments and likes!!! Let me know if you have some questions. Would be glad to help. I have an RFI here if you like more photoes of it Kind regards, Dennis
  2. Hi All, Some update with the Twogar. Firstly an array of parts is off the sprues, sanded and partially subassembled. All of this is going to be painted soon. I guess interiors are neutral interior grey, instrument panels are black, intakes look to be white inside. White for undercarriage struts too. Not sure what is the right colour for the gear bays. Instruction says "light grey", photoes seem to be white (dirty white in the shade that can be described as light grey). Usually Navy birds had white gear bays so I'm including towards white. Some dry fit shots: Seems generally good job from Sword. All jumps in so far. There are openings in the lower wing side which were blocked with excessive plastic. So I cut these through. That's it. Buckeye is coming soon. Kind regards, Dennis.
  3. Yeah. Single clam canopy and side intakes are for sure very T-33ish. Kelly Johnson had some mixed feelings indeed...
  4. Thanks for comments, folks! Yes it is. Interesting comparison as both have same Avon engine inside. However in Lansen the wider fuselage is used to place guns, intakes, fuel tanks... And an interesting angle here: Is the fuselage cross section shape looking familiar? Seems that Messerschmitt drawings were not completely lost... Yes, I think it is. I have a Swift in the stash so hopefully some day will make a comparison photo. The size difference though is large. And airbrakes are so unique with this type so it's a sin not making these released. Kind regards, Dennis
  5. Link to RFI topic. I actually completed this back in August. No major issues further on the way. Maybe one point to pay attention is attachment of main gear and undercarriage doors. The outer section needs to be installed prior to installing of the gear legs otherwise it will not go in. Space is clearly tight there. Rest of construction was simple. I used Tamiya powders to represent leaks and dirt here and there, then covered with Tamiya gloss finish. Added a drop of Krystal Klear on the periscope. That is it I think. Hope you like an RFI Cheers, Dennis
  6. Hi All, Here is another bird completed this year. In fact I finished this one back in August but have not made a photosession until yesterday. So here it is - Fouga Magister in IDF demonstration team colours: Not much to say about the prototype as its history is pretty well-known. A training aircraft that flew with numerous air forces for many-many years as a basic trainer. In IDF though it made quite a career serving not only as a trainer but also as an attack aircraft and a demonstration team airplane and was further upgraded to Tzukit standard with updated avionics, engines, etc. The kit used is a newly released Special Hobby option. Overall a nice kit with impressive level of details in cockpit, undercarriage bays, full engine details are also provided. Fit is good but tight at times. Pay attention to cockpit as after closing the fuselage you may find out that the canopy is too narrow. Cockpit interior needs to be carefully trimmed to make sure it does not stretch fuselage sides. Also I would advise to start canopy attachment with front and rear sections, then install two-part middle section and finish with opening sections which you may trim as appropriate if they do not fit. More construction details are available at the WIP thread. Very minimal aftermarket sets were used - resin wheels from CMK (although kit wheels are not at all bad either), seat belts from spares and that is it. And I do not think I made any substantial improvements either as the kit looks very convincing out of the box. The kit I had was for exotic African Air Forces but my intention was always to make an Israeli machine, so an Isradecal set for Fouga Magisters was bought. That one unfortunately was a disappointment almost ruining the whole project... Large white decal stripes turned out extremely brittle. While I was able to deal with them on flat surfaces, on curved area around V-tails that broke apart and in fact did not fit the area well too. Particularly poor result is on port side where I had to overpaint cracks with white paint and still not super satisfied with outcome. Paints used are Hobby Colour blue H328 (FS15050) well diluted with white - I tried to be as close to the blue colour of Stars of David, obviously black, white and silver from Vallejo and lastly H318 tan for undercarriage interiors. I was matching this to the photoes of real French Magisters and that seemed to be the closest match. Final finish with Gloss Tamiya clear. Now there are couple more shots "with others". My full IDF collection firstly: And all the bright jet trainers secondly: Hope you like it Kind regards, Dennis
  7. Hi Joachim, And not to forget J32E electronic warfare aircraft which served well into the 90s. Tarangus provides decals and plastic parts for the antennae to make this variant but unfortunately does not give you Adrian and Petrus pods. Kind regards, Dennis
  8. That is a massive project, Sir! A wonderful collection!
  9. Fully agree. Japanese manufacturers as well as some folks like ESCI in Europe nailed panel lines technology 30 years back. With short-run I'd rather choose super delicate panel lines from folks like Sword - you can easily make lines deeper if you wish.
  10. That was the case on early mk.1 and that was medium sea grey rather than silver
  11. Great model! I like the look of original Super Mystere more than that after engine replacement. Good to know you can make a pre-conversion variant with kit decals. And I agree Special Hobby gets you very Airfixy panel lines with recent releases
  12. @72modeler what I know about Hasegawa Draken - it lacks detail in cockpit, exhaust area, gear bays - something in 80s style. Not a bad kit at all, but you either live with it as is, or invest money in resin sets or apply your true modelling skills to add details. Additionally it has no underwing stores although couple of Sidewinders for Rb24 should be in spare box of every modeller. For more unusual armament you would still have to go for more resin. And lastly it's cost here in Europe is unreasonably high. So I'm hoping that Tarangus folks will partner with Czechs or Ukrainians to produce a brand new kit someday
  13. Thanks all for likes and comments! Yes, that's the fun of modelling. You can see and compare the aircraft shapes, sizes and so on. Very informative. I know others could do a better job on making the details form scratch. Still I felt I can improve areas here and there so in the result the list became quite massive Draken should be the next one. But no good kits other than venerable Hasegawa which is an okay basis but needs a lot of improvements if you like to add details. Still I have a new Special Hobby/Tarangus Viggen in stash, so probably that is the next one someday.
  14. Hi Chris, Yeah, I'm really glad with the progress so far. Not much to do after these leave the paintshop so hopefully more frequent updates are coming soon Kind regards, Dennis
  15. Perhaps the best Gladuator I've ever seen!!! Rigging is exceptional, painting and finish effects are outstanding! The model anyone would be proud of
  16. Hey all, I'm not abandoning this project it's just that is gradually moving through the workshop with Vampire primed since the last post, some aluminium, black and burnt metal sprayed. And then I switched to the main colours with the progress as shown in the below collage: Undersides, then ocean grey on top, and just finished masking before green goes on. Paints are Tamiya acrylic for standard RAF colours and Hobby Colour H329 yellow for yellow Hoping to finish this over weekend All the best, Dennis
  17. Fore sure that is a nicely modelled and quite unusually looking aircraft. Of course it is not very obscure - but one does not see that often. It was interesting for me to look at the details.
  18. Nice Cessna! Great assembly and paintwork. It's a pity not a lot of plastic option for the general aviation subjects exist.
  19. Hello Everyone, Just completed the second aircraft of my Swedish duo build project - SAAB J32B Lansen this time: Here is the WIP link: The Lansen was a great achievement of Swedish aircraft industry. Project started in late 40s and the first production aircraft started to join Flygvapnet in late 50s. The project pioneered in many aspects: the first aircraft designed with heavy use of computer supported mathematical computations, the first Swedish supersonic aircraft. Lansen was designed to carry advanced radar which was making it an all-weather machine. Attack version was capable to carry one of the world's first cruise missiles. The kit that I used is the Tarangus kit which is a short-run kit and has been released fairly recently. I guess the molds were actually produced by Sword as could be judged from the bluish plastic and very familiar quality of molds (nicely detailed surfaces with delicately recessed panel lines but at the same time quite softish smaller bits). Fit was reasonable although with short run you should expect a lot of dry-fitting. Main surprise in this case was the canopy which literally jumped at its place - not always happening with Sword products! The list of improvements to the kit included: - improved cockpit interior with Maestro Models p/e set, some scratched parts, added brake handles to chairs from wire, reshaped operator's windscreen to make curved angles - improved some other areas with Maestro p/e - exhaust, wing fences - made airbrakes from Maestro p/e - these cannot be modelled opened from the kit - cut the airbrake openings and scratchbuilt interior for airbrake bays - decorated main wheel bays with pipes and wires - reassembled front wheel - this is a single part in Tarangus kit but its shape was very poor - not straight at all, a bit simplistic. - drilled openings here and there - guns, intake on fuselage side - made transparent navigation lights - replaced kit's pitot with the one from Master - replaced Sidewinders with those from Hasegawa set - added resin missile pods from Maestro Models Painted in Green wraparound scheme. H309 Hobby Color green is used. Leading edges and gear bays interior are vallejo dull aluminum. Bottom rear fuselage is dull aluminum with some gun metal added, black radar covers, undercarriages struts are from green-black mix to match dark emerald green colour on actual aircraft. Decals are from the kit. No problems with their quality at all. Some technical stencils are present but just a handful of those. I chose a colourful scheme with Ö68 red squares from the late sixties. The aircraft is from F12 wing which was based in Kalmar. Some dirt and stain added on flaps, fuselage underside, exhaust pipe etc. Finished with Micro Satin acrylic lacquer. Transparent parts are covered with Future. Weapons installed are not green dummy training options traditionally seen on Swedish aircraft but are warheads which seemed to be natural metal for missile launchers and standard AIM-9B scheme for Swedish made Rb24 missiles. Now some tasty pictures "with something else". Firstly my full Swedish collection: Next are some photoes with Lansen's peers. Hunter with same Avon engine: F-101B which was an American version of an all-weather aircraft (and Lansen could have carried nukes too!!! - it's just Sweden never progressed with its nuclear program): Sizeable aircraft Lansen was! Not lost next to a huge Voodoo And lastly with the Hun which is very close dimensionally to the Lansen: Hope you enjoyed All the best! Dennis
  20. Hi All, Finished with the Lansen last weekend So the Swedish pair project is now complete, hurrahhh!!! Creating an RFI article now ........................................... Kind regards, Dennis
  21. Okay, what's inside? I already removed major parts off the sprues as well as anything going inside. At first glance, parts are molded with quite good level of details. Main parts look to fit each other okay. Inserts for gear bays are not too bad. The front bay was a three part assembly which I hastily put together. Some details are provided there. The main gear bays would be only partially opened so part of the insert is blank. I will look up for references to figure out what pipes or cable could be added there. Intakes are quite deep so although no compressor face is provided I think the look would be fairly realistic. Exhaust is a simple pipe with rear engine face nicely done. Cockpit. There are no decals or anything for the instrument panels, but I think these should look fine after careful painting. Side panels are also pretty detailed. Ejection seats are the only resin parts supplied in the kit. Unfortunately no molded harness, no p/e or decals. Still these MB mk.5 chairs are so widespread that the aftermarket solution was found: Good pe frets that might be reused for other projects someday. Also on the above picture there is another aftermarket set that I purchased. The caracal decal set! The first sheet is the Sword's decal, the two below are for Caracal. Several nice options for multiple Navy squadrons are available. And these are more interesting than the kit's options. Transparencies. Good. Little distortion, some polishing needed. Small parts are provided for landing and navigation lights but I suspect that easier would be doing these from clear sprue. Lastly some bits still stay on the sprues: Wheels, undercarriage, stabilizers, etc. Look decent for Sword's shortruns. I saw worse cases. So overall that's where I am. Some dryfitting needed for cockpit and gear bays plus maybe some scratched details before I turn this to paint interior. Kind regards, Dennis
  22. I thought I'd be starting with two jets A nice reference book on US trainers is also here These two seem to be a bit more complex especially the Sword product - always full of surprises on the way. So let Cougar be the first!
  23. Hi Everyone, This dull November time needs some colour on the table. And what could be better then a nice trainer airplane on bench? Couple trainers? Three trainers? I thought I'd go for four!!! Assortment of freshly released kits and some issued several years back. Three of four are české krabice and the last is Wolfpack from Korea. Two are going to be white-orange USN (USMC?) fast and beautiful jets, two are propeller driven yellow and orange little cuties. So some work to be done!!!! More to come! Dennis
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