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  1. Oh, and I've had to do a mod to the tailplanes! When I joined the fuselage I forgot to put the sleeve in the tailboom that holds the fins on, so I've had to add a brass tube section, cut off the locating lugs on the tailplanes and drill them out to accept the tube...hopefully it'll look OK once it's assembled
  2. The eagle-eyed will have spotted that the nose and tail have gained their yellow paint. I've actually found a pic of '0835' in this scheme which vindicates my decision to paint '0835' as per the '0837' scheme which does have yellow bits Anyway here are some pics of the progress so far... I appear to haver lost the door handle at some point today, but a clean up may rediscover it tomorrow... I'm not happy with the scratches on the windscreen but they don't actually look as bad in real life
  3. The dark grey was next to go on. I used the Hataka Gunship Grey. As you can see I had some trouble lining up the joins between the colours-Must try harder Then it was onto the more detailed painting; The exhaust surrounds... I also wasn't happy with the cheat line between the upper and lower camo: Some pics show a random wobbly line, while others show a more regular wave. Either way, mine looked crap!
  4. I'm back! Well actually we got home on Monday but it's been a bit hectic getting my feet back under the table so to speak. We had an excellent summer of flying which got extended due to Covid. My colleague is staying on for another two weeks but due to a course next weekend and dwindling passenger numbers I finished on Sunday. It was looking like being a quiet winter work wise which would at least have meant plenty of building time, however it's shaping up to be at least reasonably busy; Time will tell how things pan out but I'm back to France for a month of winter maintenance and I have a meeting tomorrow at the nearby balloon manufacturing company who need someone to help out on the technical side Anyway, I have managed to squeeze in some fettling... I wasn't happy with the dark green as it was too dark. After much deliberation I went for the Vallejo Olive Green which seems a reasonable match and just oversprayed the dark green.
  5. Hi All I'll be back in the world of building again in a few weeks and am looking at new projects and quite fancy doing the Croatian AF 2 seat Mig-21 with the red/white chequered pattern. Which is the best quality kit? I'm planning to use the Begemot decals... Many thanks in advance!
  6. I’ve just come across this thread and I can honestly say I’ve never seen workmanship like this before Absolutely stunning work As to the next build, why not just up the scale a fraction and build something full size You obviously have the skills
  7. This will be the Phantom by which all others are judged Almost a shame to paint it
  8. Well the wings are designed to be de-rigged Great work!
  9. Further to your 'rails' on the cockpit walls for the airbrakes: https://www.airliners.net/photo/Aeroclube-do-Rio-Grande-do-Sul-ARGS/Grob-G-103/286680 The levers for the brakes and the trim come up through the side of the seat. Google 'Grob Twin II Acro' as that's actually what the Viking is, and internally apart from instrumentation, they're exactly the same.
  10. Oh and the cockpit in your reference pic looks horribly worn, but then I suppose they are 35+ years old now The airbrake lever was anodised blue(big one on the left) and the trim lever was anodised green I think The stick was black, but looks chromed or polished in that pic. I have some pics when they were new but they're in a photo album 1200km away
  11. And a couple more recent shots. I don't know what era you're planning on doing, but we didn't have the dayglo everywhere when we got them new. It seems to have come in sometime in the 2000s. The large tail codes were only on 'Centre' based aircraft initially I seem to remember but I suspect they came in at the same time as the dayglo.
  12. Here's a not very good pic from 1985ish showing the rear end of a Viking...
  13. https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/gg244/621andy/7(26).jpg
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