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  1. Gorgeous! This is such a small kit--and amazing results!
  2. Wow! That's really outstanding work on your part. You captured this airframe in all its bumpy splendor!
  3. Impressive! Well, I asked for a C-130, and you provided! I think the Indonesians had better transport aircraft than the British did at the time, but I doubt they had developed a plan or doctrine for how they would employ all their fancy Soviet hardware in time of conflict. I also don't believe their training was all that fabulous, either, so they were wise not to attempt to employ anything other than the C-130s (on troop-dropping missions) in their border conflict.
  4. Oh, so it's from Davis-Monthan AFB, one of the 354th's machines. Was it earlier this past year?
  5. Where in Maryland are you? Up in the Hagerstown area, with the former Fairchild plant? You could probably just use standard size national insignia. What codes are on the vertical stabilizers?
  6. Very realistic finish! It looks like the real thing! It's too bad these are on the way out, service-wise, at least in the RAF.
  7. I'm sorry to have missed this build so far! You're working hard on this, and I don't want to slow your progress, but happy to offer advice as you need it, having built two of these. What is your plan for the engine nacelles/pylons? I ask, because the parts' fit is not exactly precise, and you'll really want to check/double-check the incidence of the pods, as well as their alignment relative to the wing.
  8. That's a really beautiful Meteor! I never had the Airfix kit, but I can imagine that your efforts to re-work it were pretty intensive. Shortening the fuselage by 1cm and getting the constant taper right is an impressive feat of skill, and the results look correct to me, regardless of what the drawings might suggest.
  9. Gorgeous job on the famous "ground-grabber," and the finish is excellent! You picked a really difficult color scheme, and worked it in beautifully over your many "mods." I also like the semi-flat clear-coat, which gives a better scale appearance.
  10. Beautifully done! It looks spot-on with the real thing (according to photos I have).
  11. Nice work, despite the frustrations with the kit! Imagine changing the wing chord on a much larger model, like a 1/72 DC-8!
  12. Right on! That's a beautiful job, and the fact you did such amazing brushwork is a credit to your skills. It's a beautiful aircraft, besides. Only six weeks to reach this point? Give me six years, please!
  13. Nice! It's great that you got your hands on Vintage Flyer decals in the right scale. It looks to be coming along nicely! Revell Kits are fun! BTW: Atlantis Models will be doing a reissue of this very kit (and the CV-990) later this year.
  14. Alistair: that's really beautiful! It's such an impressive build, I'd say it needs a bigger display base! Your existing base seems better suited to those WWII single-engine piston types.
  15. Ha! Very funny, but I'm sure she would not appreciate the humor of it. I'm really excited to see another little one take shape. What's the pilot figure look like on this model? Is is a person with a helmet and mask, or with a "wheel" cap?
  16. Nicely done! All you need now is an Indonesian C-130...!
  17. Awesome job on this little thing, and so nice to see this beautiful jet taking form so quickly! Is that red stuff you're using from an ancient tube of Mattos Paint car body filler putty? I think I recognize the shade! If it works, and isn't too "hot," then so much the better.
  18. Impressive! Your VC-10 is no slouch, so the 737 is pretty big! I really enjoyed seeing it on display at Telford '18.
  19. You, sir, are correct! I just took a closer look at the one photo I have of a Royal Flight aircraft being part-disassembled for maintenance, and with the wings removed. Workers have de-skinned the wings, and you can clearly see the underlying geodetic structure. I agree with you: whether the ultimate skin is of canvas, unstressed metal, or stressed aluminum, the underlying differences will not be noted in 1/72. 1/32, perhaps! As it happens, the kit's representative rib-work for the ailerons is a bit overdone, so I won't be afraid to sand it off in the course of fixing the primer coat.
  20. They are not different at all, unless Valom made extra efforts to simulate this, which they did not, judging from photos of the parts. Only the first 19 Vikings built (retrospectively as 1As) were those with the Wellington's fabric-covered, geodetic construction wings, and silver-doped to resemble stressed skin. In photos of the prototype and some early, early, early Vikings, you can see the pattern. Airlines demanded the stressed-skin construction, which was easier to maintain, and Vickers built another 34 or so short-fuselage Vikings with the new wings. If one is a glutton for punishment,
  21. Ok, that's super nice. But I saw that some of your masking tape was making contact with the bare metal leading edges, which caused me some trepidation. Did you suffer any casualties there, or did you gloss-cote those areas first?
  22. I have this nagging feeling that there's something I need to advise about those windows. There's one set that's a little weird, because of the placement of a line somewhere in full view. You should be careful not to put them in too deep, otherwise there will be unrealistic ridges around them from the outer fuselage skin.
  23. So you can actually mask over Halford's metallics? That sounds great!
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