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  1. Speaking of which, I'm wondering if we have Stuart to thank for the upcoming release of the Special Hobby Bugatti? Thank you for your sacrifice, Stuart!
  2. The completed original was painted the same colour. An interesting read on the original's development with tidbits about the pursuit variant: https://oldmachinepress.com/2012/11/01/bugatti-model-100p-racer/
  3. A while back I was thinking a Spitfire PR.XIX with bubble canopy could be pretty cool. Thing is, no XIXs left in The Stash. But a friend on another forum had sent me an Xtrakit 1/72 Mk.22 last year….add decals from another friend and voila: meet the Spitfire PR.23! The harsh New Zealand light really washed it out but the model is in fact in overall Humbrol PRU Blue. In fact I'm tempted to re-shoot it because the difference is so stark! I'm hoping Spit experts can spot the PR mods I added and I also hope they don't point out the flaws etc because it's not intended to be serious and I had a lot of fun with the whole build. Thanks again to my two friends for their help!
  4. I actually said aloud "Ooh, that's nice" when I saw the first picture! What a beautiful piece of work, bravo and thank you for sharing!
  5. Are there any 1/48 kits or conversions available of "Grace" mod Spitfire two-seaters?
  6. So they based the kit on a replica that crashed and literally burned (the site photos are not for the faint-of-heart) five years ago rather than the accessible original or drawings of same?? Eh? What's the source on that, @Piotr Mikolajski?
  7. I occasionally write kit previews and build reviews for another site and each time I use that name the editor changes it to "evilBay". Very odd. Anyway, yay for another Vulcan!
  8. I don't want to derail the thread but I just wanted to advise this nonbeliever is now praying for the above.
  9. This may be naive, but has anyone tried contacting KP for answers to these questions? Or does that perhaps delve into the realms of commercial sensitivity?
  10. What a beautiful bunch of Butcher Birds! Thank you for sharing them all. As a warbird/museum builder I have to say Yellow 10 is my favourite. Lovely work!
  11. Hey @Anthony in NZ, another one of you mad HEMS heli guys to watch with interest!
  12. I'm amazed I've not commented so far! A unique build among unique builds, Ian, and it's a treat to watch it come together.
  13. Oh yes, that's wonderful news!! *faints in anticipation*
  14. I think Harold Kindsvater(sp?) painted his Buchon* in these colours. Top job, it looks great! To my eye this is one of those builds you could photograph in a certain way and fool people into thinking it was real. Bravo! *now flying in Germany as a Bf109G-12
  15. Perfect! This brought a big smile to my face. I've lost count of how many times I've read all the albums (except Soviets - just once unfortunately) and I always appreciated the detail Herge paid to the aircraft. The Bordurian 109s and their mountainside hangars always stuck with me - I'd reenact it with models under my (far too tall in scale) bed. Beautiful work!
  16. Not sure what to say except, great progress that's fascinating to follow!
  17. I'm curious too as I've been eying-up the 1/48 Vega Gull since day dot.
  18. I'd prefer 1/72 to go with a hypothetical Southern Cross, but a 1/48 VH-USB would make for a magnificent model! Back on topic, unfortunately my finances haven't allowed me to finally get the engine but one day!
  19. Oh my that's pretty. The single-piece spinner's an interesting move...
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