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  1. The prop issue seems to be the big one giving me pause for thought so everyone's info is greatly appreciated. And then there's the fact that I want to model EN224 as she's restored (which at this point would, I believe, be parts in jigs and boxes!) so there will be ample photographic reference when she's done!
  2. It does. Thank you very much - I think SH will be my pick, and I'm no stranger to their kits (the Oxford is on my bench right now).
  3. @Troy Smith my big question is: if you have access to both kits for reasonable/close prices, and are interested in a straightforward build that Looks About Right OOB, which kit should one choose? I will have an Airfix XIV and 22 in my collection, and later (when i find one) a XIX.
  4. As always I feel the need to point out: those other kits don't make money for Takom!
  5. I have a friend keen on a Delta so I 'm hoping for good news too (quite apart from wishing the best for the folks on the ground).
  6. Ah! With the weathering I expected it to be Indo-China. Great work my friend!
  7. Probably close enough for representative purposes as part of a lineup of pre-war local aero club machines.
  8. And now you can disregard the second email I just sent! Thank you very, very much!
  9. Lovely work Tolga, she's a beauty! Now if only they did a P-40E/Kittyhawk Mk.Ia...!
  10. Be still, my beating heart! I've wanted a Jodel model since I was very young - is there any chance these masters could be used for a resin or white metal kit with transparencies, allowing the builder to add their own interior? Or would it by necessity have to be a solid cockpit?
  11. I'm glad to see you confirm this, Troy, as these have been my go-to colours for this scheme for some time and I'm planning on adding this kit to my bench when I can get one for a good price.
  12. Because these were gifts, I have no money and I'm keen to challenge myself?
  13. In the wake of Airfix rereleasing their XII kit I thought it may be helpful to bump this for anyone else considering which kit to get. Thank you all for so much precious information.
  14. Hi all, A few months ago a friend gave me this: And, by chance, another mate's Dad is paring down his stash and I acquired this from him yesterday: So now: how do I produce an RNZAF Devon from these two items? The vac came as-is - no instructions nor even a clue as to who made it - and I'd like to replicate this airframe: Any and all leads, links and wisdom will be gratefully received!
  15. Spitfire specialists class VP441 as "resting" - I don't believe she's flown in about 15yr, if not longer.
  16. Aha, I knew there'd be a link. Thank you Troy - I suspect I'll end up going for Airfix based on price, but that's without having read the material!
  17. I didn't even know there was a G.III in 1/72, how fantastic! Beautiful job Pyradus! I for one hope you do indulge in the CSM kit too... And to add to your history of the type: we had several civilian examples in New Zealand before and during the Great War, sadly now all long gone.
  18. I live in the hope that Mr Smith either gets her flying again or sells her to someone who will - what I wouldn't give to see the likes of Steve Hinton or Chris Gotke have a go in her!!
  19. I was about to comment "I don't envy you having to paint this thing" but you've done a terrific job- if that's not International Orange I don't know what is! Bravo!
  20. Magnificent Matt, thank you for sharing those photos! How exciting to see the masters!
  21. Something that has likely been done to death on the forum (likely in this very thread): I would like a 1/48 Spitfire XII to build as EN224 when she flies again. I'm very tempted by the rerelease of the Airfix kit but remember some discussion as to its merits vs the Special Hobby kit. Which is better, and for what reasons?
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