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  1. Speaking of which, here's some inspiration for fellow future Auster modellers!
  2. I would buy that in a heartbeat.
  3. Excellent news - I've needed an Autocar for a while and a local aero club member just got a 1:1 Aiglet too.
  4. Magnificent work - now I want one too! Exactly what I thought when I saw the comparison!!
  5. Magnificent! I do love civvy warbirds. And this Kiwi's chuffed to see ZK-CCG (now flying with Kermit Weeks in the USA) in the mix.
  6. A friend of mine recently showed me a photo of his stash which includes this kit...I was so, so jealous to see it and now I'm excited to see you tackle it Matt!
  7. Utterly magnificent!!! Apologies if I misunderstood but Roden indeed has a 1/32 504k coming out next year.
  8. I saw the thread and thought "I'd love to give it a go!" I saw the sprue shots and...well, second thoughts seems too mild! There are definitely easier ways to get an Electra but if you have some short run experience under your belt I say give it a go. Dare I offer to take it off your hands...?
  9. Absolutely beautiful work. One of my (maybe the?) favourite Hunter looks.
  10. I believe they decision was made as Tamiya kits don't make money for HobbyBoss.
  11. Truly incredible work. Remarkable effort, dedication and ingenuity.
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