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A general dynamic duo - 1 down 1 to go

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1 hour ago, Dansk said:

Thanks so much Rich. The black base technique is definately interesting to try.

well things are moving along 
But some oaf did this… :whistle:


And this… :banghead:


And this… :S


So that was remedied, 
After that friends came round so a spot of cake was in order


Then back to the desk
Heres the models with their finalish paint which I’m quite happy with.




After that I gave one airframe a coat of gloss to seal it ready for a panel line wash (my usual humbrol gloss varnish) love the satin/gloss feel you get from it.


And the other arirframe Tamiya clear as an experiment - WTF:poop:


Will this self level when dry or can i sand it out with 6000 grit or something? Help


Looks like maybe not thinned enough?

Perhaps another coat with extra thinner added will level it out. Are you thinning with laquer or acrylic? Perhaps a little polish with 6000 like you say would help but I think another wetter coat will be enough to bring it back 

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yeah I've do all those mistakes and more, but the paint repairs will make it all look a bit more patchy! :thumbsup:


Mmm to me it looks like the clear was a bit too thick. I haven't used tamiya gloss clear for ages (switched to lacquers) but I do remember it can be a wee bit temperamental at time. Try putting a thinned coat on first before hitting her with the 6000. 


Hmmm that cake looks so yummy!!!!! :eat: 


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Thanks for the input fellas. I never realised you’re supposed to thin it as the humbrol stuff sprays neat. Doh :crosseyed:

I’ii try a thing coat then and see where that goes.

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I've been using the Tamiya lacquer thinner for thinning the acrylics.  Both spray and brush.  I pretty much thin out the bottles 10% out of the gate for brush application, then gets thinned further when it goes into the airbrush.


Looking great by the way.  Makes my pair look like amateur hour.  :rofl2:

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the notes and good vibes chris 👍



I seem to have done loads since the last update but only have visual evidence for a fraction.


I decided i disliked the black tail scheme on airframe A.
With one red tailed bird in the mix i also wanted a ‘classic’ regular f-16 look for one of my builds, the black tail seemed a bit too much.
So opted to change it to a little more conservative alternative…








I’ve been doing a lot of ordnance work, which are all now complete (paintwise).

An ‘in progress’ shot here…




All the gear housings were masked and painted






The nozzles have been played with, although the different subtle clear tones of gold and blue dont really show here.




Both aircraft and all their parts have been painted and glossed now. (I think)

So next up its decal time. Yay!

Big job this though producing two didn’t exactly help proceedings.
Keen to start my f-4b in the phantom GB but would really like these babies sorted beforehand.



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Thanks for the vote of confidence rich. 🙏


Well I got a suspicious narcotic-looking package through the post today.

In fact it was a set of awesome FOD covers from a truly kind gentleman @DaveJL 🙏


Cant wait to get those installed on airframe C Dave, They will look the works with all my RBF tags on that aircraft.


On airframe A i have removed the masking on the intake trunk and it looks good I think.


I didn’t mask C’s as they will be FOD covered.


I am about 75% of the way through decalling airframe C.


I’m not happy. The tamiya decals are SO thick. 
I’ve subjected them to pin pricks and slices and gallons of microsol but they just wont bed down into the panel lines.

this is a flat one on the underside of the wing but you can see the thickness of the carrier film with even this.



I hate them. So i have spent more money on a new set of decals on their way now for airframe A.

I might continue the uphill struggle on airframe C or I might strip them all off with microset and do a new scheme… not sure yet.

I’ve spent so long and so much effort on these builds that I don’t want to ruin them with badly seating decals now.

I have invested in some alternative decal solution too as a bonus.


Without being able to decal they are on a little hiatus for some days. (Hope I can complete them on time)


Allowing me to start on the phantom. (I am glad I ordered non-tamiya decal sheets for the upcoming f-14 gb and that phantom build.)



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I've had reasonable luck w/ the Gunze Mr. Softer for more stubborn decals.  Seems to be a little hotter, Still sometimes takes a couple applications and pin pricks.  The Gunze setting/softening solutions are pretty much my go to for average to thicker decals now.  Thin delicate ones I still fall back on Micro-set/sol...at least for the initial application.  If they need a bit more persuasion I'll hit 'em w/ the Gunze afterwards.

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haha.... I received lots of suspicious stuff in the mail all the time....i often wonder what my postie thinks!!  :whistle:


That masking work on the intake is really lovely!!! Well done. :thumbsup:


Hmm not too sure either what you can do with those decals, a real shame they are so thick. Ammo MiG Decal Set is the only stuff I can think of that might work. That stuff is super hot, the Softening solution literally melts the decal into place, accidentally knock it or touch it while it's still wet and say goodbye to the decal. But it certainly sticks and conforms when dry. I'd be tempted to carefully cut all the panel lines then use a touch of this stuff (at first) to see how it goes, that's if you find/buy the stuff.


Else you could try just again carefully cutting along the panel line and then some really light coats of clear gloss, that might work. Try some tests first.

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Thanks for the pointers chaps. 
I have already ordered some DACO setting solutions on their way currently together with the new decals.

So let’s see how they works on arrival.

I played with the tamiya set with grooving with a toothpick and rear edge of a knife blade into the panels, but they dont like it.

Gonna keep the majority of the markings I’ve already laid down on this C airframe but am removing the big ugly ones.

So I’ll repaint the tail Gray.




Removed with a toothpick and coats of microset






have to touch up this part too where i scratched it removing the numerals forward of the refuelling marks.

You can see in this shot (after 4 seperate coatings of microsol and pricks) how those refuelling boom mark decals lie on the surface





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arr it is a shame you had to resort to this!  I know the feeling when I had to strip all the decals off my RAAF Phantom!!!


The patch painting should hurt the look of the paint job which will be a blessing.

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  • 2 weeks later...

New decals from astra decals look to be much thinner than Tamiyas.

Here’s an initial bunch put down and loaded with microsol.

So I have at least one in the Gallery I might resort to just finishing one aircraft for now.


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On 9/15/2021 at 5:49 PM, modelling minion said:

The replacement decals look much better than Tamiya's thick ones Paul, very nice work.

Am afriad not craig I had problems with them too. I should bring one aircraft across the line tomorrow but theres some dodgy decal work on it.


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don't try rushing to make the deadline and stuffing up. The finish on both of them so far is awesome.


Shame you're having dramas with the decals, hopefully you can sort one of them out in time.

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Here’s one finished chaps. Silvered decals and all. Not happy with it. 

This has the simple loadout, the next one will have a funky loadout together with fod covers, rbf tags and such.

The next airframe I’ll take a lot of time with the decals. Dont know why i had issues this time.

knocked an AOA probe off photographing it too :S














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For all your dramas Paul, it's a fine looking model I'd be happy to have!!!  :thumbsup:


other than some dodgy decals (prob the most common issue we have around here) you can't fault the rest of the finish, really well done, the unevenness of the greys is perfect I reckon.


With the decals, try using a pin and pock the silvered areas then add a tiny bit of decal  softener to that area. Don't leave it on for to long (may melt decal) then dab with cloth/paper (whatever you use when decalling). I have done this in the past and it worked perfectly, all signs of silvering disappeared.


Anyway, was great to have you join us here, and a real pleasure to follow your build as usual. I hope you enjoyed it and again well done on an awesome looking model.

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  • Dansk changed the title to A general dynamic duo - 1 down 1 to go

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