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  1. not necessarily…., but actually reading the further links you’re right Dennis. Tamiya have the colours wrong in their call outs. damn it i’ll have to repaint them. thanks for spotting this.
  2. Thanks James / Col. I’ll cut each IP guage out and apply them individually I thought, It’ll look great…. ermmm. no. instead I resorted to using the tip of an old airbrush needle with some acrylic white. I think that’s a bit better. heres with gloss varnish on them too. then I sooted up the exhausts with weathering powders, you can’t see an awful lot of that previous engine work once it’s in the cowling. Then I’ve been playing with oils to get a pacific sandy dusty feel throughout, heres a few parts…
  3. Thanks mate, and a last effort for today: started paint work (if a little slapdash for now) on the exhausts wheels are in progress: modified gear legs have been painted with an initial base coat. marked up the cowl flaps interior to start adding some detail there.
  4. Thanks guys Been adding some brake lines etc to the gear legs, they’ve been primed now and I’ve been detailing the radial. a matt varnish on the latter should finish it off, ready for installation.
  5. Hey Enzo, great story and build. if you make your blutak worms fatter and bigger and avoid any flattening of them, you’ll get real soft edges. Yours were too small.
  6. Awesome Mark. Love the way you use a hybrid of old and new school fabricating, the best of both worlds. Great stuff. How long does it take you to 3d model a stranny canopy frame for example? I mean design wise rather than render/print wise.
  7. You’re beating that thing into submission Craig well done. Hopefully its all plain sailing after that. (Still looks mauve though )
  8. I’ll pick it up again when I’m that way inclined. I think it just needs attacking knowing whats involved and it could be a fun challenge. heres an update on the little corsair. I’ve been quite busy with adding details this weekend. first up: the radial engine has a bunch of suggestive HT plug leads, (2 per cylinder, except I cheated a little and did just one for the rear bank), its been primed and painted silver (next up I’ll paint the leads, the black cylinder head rods and add a wash) Then I upgraded the kit’s exhausts with dremeling bits of brass rod. At first I made them too close together, then a second attempt it felt closer the real thing. There’s a shroud behind them on the real deal so I tried to make this with tamiya putty. The kits space is way too big really the shrowd should be much smaller but it it what it is. I think it’s lifted the kit part a bit anyway. Needs a bit of clean up though. Then I’ve painted up interior parts and gave everything a gloss coat next I may cut out each dial decaly and apply individually? Added some belts (shhhhh they’re from a spitfire) but they look better than the kit decal and among a few other jobs i added a little suggestive superstructure that may be just visible through this vent… i made both that and a bulkhead from the spare kits IP the bulkhead wasnt necessary though it cant really be seen past the exhausts I think next up is the IP dials,then belts weathering, matt varnishes and cockpit insertion.
  9. evening all. been beavering away on this. first up something to consider: despite shading the inner surfaces black I think it might be apparent the browning barrels are amiss, even with a flap installed at the rear. So I may stick some brass rod in here? hmm Untitled by Paul Wilson, on Flickr secondly, corsairs usually sit with the elevators drooped a touch from what I can see. However the kit only has fixed-in-place elevators. Knowing Im a clumsy moron, I bought two of these kits: so I can try stuff out and if I stuff it up; no matter, the back up is there, and as they can be got for the equivalent of an english tenner on good days then it was a no brainer. So I tried this out… not sure if I’ll go with it or stay with the fixed place kit part that might look slicker. made quite a few goofs but I think it could clean up alright. Then I played with chipping fluid. a couple of coats of it sprayed in all relevant places. then after a ten minute drying time approximately, i mixed my own corsair salmon chromate and u.s. interior green, and layed them down in thin coats Untitled by then a short drying time and chipped with water and a variety of brushes and toothpicks Untitled by it was a little heavy in places but it is what it is now. next up detail painting on the interior.
  10. Thanks a lot chaps. It’s a real pleasure to work on a quality kit again. I got a bunch done yesterday and today. I’ve been adding some suggestive plumbing to enliven the office and wheel bays a touch. this lot I’ll position when its installed in situ. I intend to try out Mig’s chipping fluid on this build so it, together with all interior facias, all coat a coat of alclad white aluminium, I’ll then apply the chipping medium, and afterwards the interior green coat that is to be attacked. Here’s the alclad… while i was at it i coated the prop too also got some AM resin wheels constructed, all 2 pieces of them so much fun to work on this. god bless mr. tamiya.
  11. Thanks Guys. The only downside I can see with the corsair is that it has no rivets. Does anyone know where i can get good reference tech diagrams to print out so I can rivet it correctly?
  12. well you’ve made a great job of her Craig despite it. seems we can’t trust reviews. Hope the 1/32 hk mitchell is good, it cost me an arm and a leg.
  13. seriously thats crazy if you guys see black. I have this kit in the stash, looks like it will be staying there for a while longer.
  14. looking good craig but are you seeing black? I’m seeing mauve? Is this one of those famous ‘that gold dress’ things? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_dress
  15. There’s truth there for sure Bertie. Thank you chaps then let’s go Corsair with Col’s blessing.
  16. This will be a really interesting outcome Enzo. An oddly dressed starfighter sounds really exciting to me.
  17. I will return to it when I have more energy Craig. Really with the Corsair? Ok cool then I’ll do that then if you guys consider it ok. I assembled and primed a couple of parts this evening I can photograph them tomorrow.
  18. I’m really sorry guys. But this kit is garbage. when you line panel lines up, the the aerials dont line up?! and those rivets on opposite sides of the panel? and the story continues.. and theres scratches on the surface of the mould where it looks like they have sanded away an inspection panel (thats not me its the acutal mould on both boxings) and the test fit of the bulkheads is so disastorous I cant bear to show you. It’s all fixable but a pain and right now I need something easier to do, to get a nice mojo boost. I consider my skills more assembler rather than a true modeller for now, I’ll return to it when I need a challenge. So I’ve started on a this old but beautiful shake and bake… It can have a bomb but i think it’s bending the point of the GB to enter it.
  19. will do my best not to put you off it james, it seems like it has lots of potential.
  20. I’ll keep the intro as short as i can here chaps, but it's complex so apologies in advance… I’ve built too many modern jets I need to build something propeller driven to give my Mojo a boost. Later this year or maybe early next year I’m gonna build a recently bought 1/32 b-25. I can’t wait. Biggest and craziest thing I’ll have attempted to date. I love Mitchells. However I don’t feel qualified yet for this endeavour, so consider this smaller (but still a very substanstial build) a warm up. I’m going for a 1/48 scale african continent based B-25 C/D; Something like one of these fairly generic looking schemes... I’ve never built a desert coloured plane before and I think it could be fun weathering one. The markings I will make from a mix of foxbot stencils sheet, some montex masks and some custom made on my cricut. The kit: Again a hybrid; I’ll be building this: However, having its nose ‘painted' this kit option omits the detail inside the nose to create a "glass nose” variant. I hate the box scheme above. I prefer Mitchells with their glass noses visible so I also have this below in the stash too (to a degree essentially the same kit)... I’ll be using some parts from the doolittle's nose interior for the build that are not supplied with the Academy c/d boxing. And also note this original doolittle tooling also includes custom nose weights that I will steal. I’ve also heard that the initial tooling had problems and the moulds have been tuned and tweaked in the decades since (another reason to avoid building the doolittle oriignal boxing) - however examining them in detail they look unchanged and even down to the matching twin scratches... (these two pieces are 20 years apart in production year) ...and throughout the kit the flash (and theres lots) in the exact same places, so I suspect this is fanciful that the mouldings have been tuned. Initial impressions: great detail it really looks super, but as I said flash in lots of areas, and no locating areas for joins, vague instructions, butt joints, seams and ejections pins all over the place… it feels sloppy and amateurish in general. but hmmmm... I’m jumping off a state-of-the-art Tamiya F-14 to go to this puppy so its big come down, feels very 'cottage industry' compared to Tamiya circa 2021. Hopefully this little lot will compensate a littlle plus some seats and a few other bits and pieces on their way... wish me luck boys
  21. congratulations i guess craig. i must remember to tell my wife that I can’t hoover anymore indefinitely - it makes me too tired.
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