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  1. we have a first world luxury problem here craig. all sounds good. hope we get some other two seaters if you don't go the hobbyboss way.
  2. is that what you'll build for the gb craig? There's some interesting marking choices to pick from on both of the hobby 2000 boxings looking at scalemates.
  3. it was bribery with @modelling minion's credit card again. no seriously isnt that great timing. been looking at it myself and considering clicking buy ray. looks really nice. must resist... muuusstt ressssisst
  4. a short but interesting corsair video popped up on youtube a few days ago... worth a watch
  5. I was considering 'Foxy KIller' Craig. There's a lot of online photographic reference and I got inspired by the wonderful jenesis. Have you seen her channel? She's such an underrated Youtuber, she should be much more seen; really knows her stuff. I'm a big fan. @Sam this series is great reference for your build too.
  6. this will be brilliant craig. i look forward to see how you achieve the snow if that's the route you go.
  7. we both need the upcoming apaches rich. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235109926-i-feel-deserted-gb-26th-august-17th-december/&do=findComment&comment=4548858
  8. lovely perfect. nothing wrong with a straight forward airfix spit build adrian. The Baltimore is not often seen so could be really interesting to opt for too.
  9. completely overboard. I love it!! I was originally gonna opt for a gulf tonka, ...but then I fell in love with the idea of either the upcoming new tacom or meng apache in desert scheme... ....but then a 1/32 italeri tonka gr.4 (which i'll adapt to gr.1) accidentally fell into my basket, together with kitsworld decals, and a pitot tube so I may be joining you with that Problem is, that it's so damn big that I'm not sure 3 months is enough time!.. so that may have to go in Go Large or Go Home?
  10. Yay I finished her. I noticed post photos that I need the straighten the nose gear door, and unfortunately theres some marks on the inner canopy that should have been cleaned (i shouldnt have glued it in really. lesson learnt). but otherwise it came out ok i think. Thanks to those who chimed in with advice and comments and to our host @Corsairfoxfouruncle
  11. I'm so excited you got it through this year @AdrianMF well done I always build aircraft models and usually new nice shiny modern tamiyaesque shake'n'bake kits at that, but for this I plan to build a thing without wings, an ebay buy that's eons old. So this will be interesting.
  12. awesome Tony. V's with desert camo and trop snouts look awesome. The scheme with the british roundels over painted will be a fun paint job to do.
  13. Lovely Sam, considered the Tonka myself but have almost certainly opted for something a little different in the end (without wings) looking forward to see what you can do with the Italeri kit.
  14. superb. I love that we are getting lots of wheely things in the gb.
  15. Don’t worry Dennis We’ll be keeping you busy in corsairs and crusaders
  16. Great Tony, that will be a wonderful addition. I will follow that build with interest.
  17. I want to do pretty much all of them! but if I'm ruthless and narrow it down to my top three; then i'm kinda screwed as they fall on top of gbs I'm hosting.
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