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  1. looking great martin. ladders will be a lovely addition
  2. Welcome Dave, maybe the thinking with silver plastic is that kids could decal straight on there, no painting needed. nice. good luck with the build.
  3. Thanks rich I think I'd have missed that actually. its not in the instructions strangely. here it is added with some ak white primer thrown about. quite a lot of ejector pins on this kit - they should have put them on the other unseen non exposed side of the intake trunks sorted them for now with sanding and loads of self levelling thinners and primer, but after joining the join will need work. the office bits all got light coats of tamiya sky grey, that seems to match the quinta set ok with the black base. these were really tricky to put together, awkward engineering i goofed on this but it's straight forward to fix it's ok, I'm going for the a-to-g loadout anyway this is the loadout i intend to replicate using one of the kit jdam 31's and 4 brassin. AM seats have had some mr surfacer black primer too things are rolling along nicely. my an F-15 is BIG in 1/48 isn't it?!
  4. looking like a thud stu. considered doing it gear up? looks ace flying on the yoghurt pot.
  5. wow this looks spectacular!
  6. looking good. nearly there michael. next albeit delayed post will probably be a completion me thinks.
  7. looks amazing. i hope the sheer weight of all that resin doenst crash through the record player lid
  8. wow pitot looks superb ant. almost looks like a decal its so crisply executed.
  9. good adrian its moving along. you remembered to insert the cockpit tub right?
  10. those seats look lovely. hope the aires cockpit doesnt cause too many issues. sometimes the fit can be really challenging.
  11. how do you get time to do so many so well? can you do a photo with all your builds lined up when complete enzo. those 4 tails in a row could look brilliant.
  12. tail #3 : awesome choice too! looking great this build enzo.
  13. another winner enzo. seems like you have a talent for choosing tail schemes on century fighters.
  14. lovely job enzo. i love that red tail
  15. looking great. i think a panel line accent wash will really make things pop when you get to that stage. congrats with 40. i just celebrated 10 with my wife last week.
  16. lovely job. i hope you enjoyed our gb. thx for participating
  17. if the halves sit flush on your table top steve then its a perfect recipe to mate the rear this way
  18. good luck gerard, seems like a sound choice.
  19. well done mark a lot of work youve done there
  20. after moving house with my one wife, four kids and two hundred moving boxes: the work bench is back up and running again and it feels great to be back at it despite the break not being so long. The F-15 got started today as a christening. the box the opened box and goodies wow gwh really look after their missiles, beautiful they are but one of each of these is all i have? relief removed from the relevant places ready for the quinta cockpit set here and a whole lotta stuff primed
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