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  1. I seem to have a knack for finding the "winners".
  2. It could've been such a sweet little hotrod if it had the right powerplant. I've got the 1/48 Grand Phoenix F3H-2N (so the later w/ the "updated" and still inadequate/unreliable J71 engines) in the stash that I found at a model show a couple years ago.
  3. Line birds are the best birds. I'll look through a couple of my reference books when I get home to see if they call out any noticeable differences between the noses of the B & C. I don't believe there are...but I've certainly been wrong before.
  4. Just threaten to put @Enzo Matrix in the naughty corner. He likes that...or so I've been told.
  5. Smer (old KP molds) w/ a couple additions. Yeah, Afghan theater Soviet recce squadron. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/sm-r-0855-suchoj-su-17-22-m3--956769
  6. '80s Asia GB. And being a 1/48 Su-17 combined with my crawling build pace I'm probably going to need all the time I can muster. That and I really want to see this one done.....not from the fact it's been such a long build for a little plane, but that I'm actually getting excited with how it's turning out so far.
  7. Looking at it now, it wasn't $20. It might've been $30 (50% off) at the local store. Doesn't seem to be much of a discount online. But at least you know what to look for. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-vietnam-war-geoffrey-c-ward/1125315118?ean=9780307700254#/
  8. I actually stumbled across the companion book for the series at the local Barnes & Noble this past week for $20. Yes please!
  9. If I still have time after the '80s Asia build, I'll probably look at a USN B/N or J.
  10. Got the decals off last night. I sort of forgot that the deadline date isn't super critical for me as it's not eligible for the gallery as it's a WIP...which is good as that means I'm not needing to rush and cut corners to finish it by tomorrow night (leaving for a long weekend again this coming weekend). Plus the mail hasn't restarted yet (was supposed to show up yesterday, but didn't) so I don't have my new decals in my hands yet. Realistically I'm probably looking at a finish by the end of weekend after next. That will allow me time for painting the red stripe, stencil decals, insignia decals, top coat, and maybe a little light weathering. But I "can't" start on the Su until this one is clear of the hangar, so I need to push this one through. I'm still waiting for the Su cockpit, so really no biggie.
  11. I wonder if the McDonnell F3H Demon would fit in here. While the aircraft had a lot of potential, it never lived up to its expectations due to its hopeless engines.....both in terms of performance & reliability. Early model ejection seats were a bit of a gamble too...though that was corrected later in it's life w/ the implementation of the Martin Baker seats.
  12. I'll be following this. I'm currently finishing up a Luftwaffe Norm 72 RF-4E myself in the Specialist GB.
  13. I know...it's on my spreadsheet! Now I just need to find the time.....I've got a couple other GB builds that I need to get built first...then if there is time remaining I'd like to try to get to that one. I've got a sneaking suspicion the Su-17M3 is going to be a time sink...but we'll see.
  14. Woohoo! Welcome to Group Builds by the way. Fun place to hang out and partake in the party...even if you aren't able to build (my success rate at GB completions is absolutely atrocious ).
  15. I've got the opposite problem.....I rarely get out of here.
  16. Sorry to the delay in response, I've been away for the weekend. Looks like a go to me, I'll get you added. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handley_Page_Jetstream
  17. It'll be up for vote this fall. If it makes it through (highly likely) then the dates will be worked out w/ the other 2020 group builds and announced. So in short, dates aren't confirmed yet, though it will be no earlier than January.
  18. I need to find an excuse to build a naval F-4. It should be a crime that out of the almost dozen models I've built...the only naval fixed wing bird I have built is a 1/48 Dauntless. Sacrilege!
  19. I've ordered the Neomega pits & the Master pitots already, hopefully the pits show up this week (already have the pitots in my possession and in the boxes). Since I always build canopies closed (damn dust) it should be more than sufficient. I'm not going to, well at least try not to, go too overboard w/ AM bits. Burner cans, seats, and pitots are typically about all I worry too much about unless there are major issues w/ the kit. I may have a look at the gear if it's a bit wonky. We'll see what I can find as long as people don't want a mint for them. (Edit, just found a set of SAC gear for $16 shipped.....mine! ) Right now the only burner cans I see they want $50 for. Nope. I'll keep my eyes open to see if anything pops up more reasonably priced before I get to where it has to be installed during assembly. My skill level doesn't warrant spending that kind of money just to do a semi-bodged job on it. That 17M3 is right lovely. If I can get mine to turn out half as well I'll be chuffed.
  20. That one would be a go. Let me know if you'd like to be added to the list (no obligations).
  21. I approve of the CVW-11 choice (NH).
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