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  1. Don't worry, the tips are getting cut down. I left them long for the initial fitting so I could size them to the body (hence the black marks). Though I did have a brief thought of going bosozoku on it...but it's to nice of a car to butcher like that. I got a nice enough finish on the clear I may not even micromesh it down. We'll see. There is always room for improvement.
  2. Single-type GB have a slightly lower threshold. Standard GBs that cover multiple types are 30.
  3. I really do need to get better pics of this one some day. RF-35 completed for the Nordic II GB. Not to worry...I've another one in the stash.
  4. I'd just like to give @PeterB a shout out for sharing his wealth of knowledge/research on the vast array of Japanese WWII equipment. Thank you sir for taking the time.
  5. Looking sweet. I've got a Silhouette Cameo. I've still not had the time to mess with it yet. Got the software all set up on the laptop, just need to mess around with it a bit. Also need to get my scanner set up...that'll be handy for decals/masks.
  6. Been picking away on the undercarriage a bit. Finalization of the exhaust mods will have to come at the tail end after everything is pretty much assembled so I can tuck to tail pipes up fairly tight to the body.
  7. Picking away on my F-4 STGB entry, which would also apply this GB if I wasn't so far along. Though one could probably argue that decals are 75% of a Phantom build.
  8. Glad you came by to play. Really nice result for how tiny it is. That 10ml jar of Tamiya really puts it in perspective.
  9. I actually rather enjoy rifling through the closest and pulling out random kits to look at. I really hope this one makes it through this time.
  10. It's never too late. Glad to have you aboard Mark.
  11. Cool cars that always fly under the radar.
  12. Yeah, there aren't many fighter aircraft that pack as an imposing presence as a Tomcat.
  13. Win-win! And I seriously doubt you walked out of there with nothing more than a single kit.....must've at least been a few little resin add-ons for other planned projects at the very least.
  14. The struggle is real...and the whole reason I ended up snapping up a couple more F-104J kits when I caught them on sale for $15/ea. Looking great Reini.
  15. Looks swell. Thanks for taking part in this GB.
  16. Great idea Marklo. Lord knows I've got more than a couple to choose from.....just in Viggens & Tornados.
  17. It was pretty good. I'd see it again. Definitely some Hollywood being Hollywood, so as long as you go in with that in mind you'll probably enjoy it. I guess some of the low levels were filmed along the low level training route here in the Pacific Northwest. Lots of subtle (and some not so subtle) references to the original film.
  18. Nice result! Thanks for taking part.
  19. Good lord that is tiny. Nice bit of detail for something so small.
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