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  1. Something to maybe experiment with on a test subject would be to use the gray on the upper surfaces and forward lower sections, then use some of the dirt on the aft lowers to hint at the fuel/hyd oil/engine oil that permeates the paint around the engines. It's definitely turning out lovely.
  2. I do have a 1/48 ESCI (1980) US-3A COD squirreled away if it goes the "classic" Italian manufacturer route. Also have a 2008 Italeri S-3A/B boxing of the same kit. I'd certainly not have any complaints about building one of them.
  3. It finally occurred to me what I can build for this GB. When I was a wee little runt, my dad had the full set of these on the shelf. I recall always drooling over them all googly eyed. I had never seen these kits in the wild until I happened across one at a model shop garage sale outside of Seattle last year on a day trip with a couple guys in the local modeling club.
  4. I love the Master brass products. Well made, affordably priced. Those and resin bang seats are my 2 most frequent upgrades as they make a fairly large impact for minimal cash outlay. I actually just ordered a slew of F-4 pitots a couple weeks ago (to hit a price point for discounted shipping).
  5. 3 of my F1 kits have an Italian connection too.
  6. Massive difference. At first glance I didn't notice a difference...then I saw the first bit of flash in the tree branches, then more, and more, and more. How the hell did that not slap me in the face sooner?
  7. My understanding is any or all of the above. It sounds like it started out as an Italeri GB, then the stone at the top of the mountain triggered an avalanche that quickly expanded to encompass all things Italian. At least that was how I interpreted it.
  8. Just a heads up peeps (nice catch @vppelt68), the gallery lock date appears to have moved. All hope is not yet lost.
  9. It's funny you bring this up...... Not 2 hours ago I was picturing in my head doing a little dio of Italeri's 1/72 church (currently in the stash) w/ a pair of Italian Starfighters buzzing the steeple (ordered not half hour ago).
  10. Or just say screw it, build it, and not sweat it. It's gotta be built some time.
  11. New wrench in the plans..... So whilst digging through my helo/stovl stash I noticed my AV-8B+ did not have any decals (bought second-hand from a hobby store yard sale on the cheap). With the different nose, it would've been a bit far fetched to use a spare set from my Eduard GR.7/GR.9 boxings so went poking around ebay to see what kind of options might be available. I was not aware of the B+ being utilized outside of the USMC (I'll admit to not being very well versed on Harrier operators), so I was surprised when I came across a set of Italian Navy decals. Now that's a bit unique. And the price was pretty fair too ($13 shipped). Sold. So hopefully those will arrive this week and I can ascertain the actual condition of the decals. Decisions, decisions.
  12. Such an amazing build. Sorry to hear about the LHS. It certainly tough times for small shops that probably didn't have large profit margins to begin with.
  13. That's looking really nice. I kept eyeballing my Vigi this weekend that is sitting on the corner of the desk this awaiting it's turn back on the assembly line. I need to get a couple others out of the way first though. Too many shelf queens, too little time.
  14. The pain is real. I just got more or less finished stenciling my RF-4 (still need to do the gear doors once I get them painted). I don't want to know how many hours I sunk into that.....
  15. Nice work. That wee guy looks better than most of my 72nd & 48th builds.
  16. I'd be keen. I've got a RAAF F-35A or Spitfire I could drag out for this.
  17. There's always room for another entry. Pick you kit and get staged, it'll be go time before you know it.
  18. Been there done that. I had the same thoughts when I did my BUK for Nordic. "How difficult can it be?" Famous last words...
  19. When is it not an opportunity to add to it? Lord knows I don't have any issues there.....despite trying to not add any more until I get some built. But no, it'll end up being either a Lynx (Germany or Denmark), Sea King (USN), or Cobra (US Army). I'll probably go rifle through the boxes once the date gets a bit closer and see if any call out to me more than the others. Likely the Lynx or Sea King. Oh yeah.....then there is the stack of Harriers. I keep forgetting those are included here now. And no, I'm not building them all. I've got a 1/32 B-25 that needs to get off the ground soon (deadline at the end of the year) for a 10th anniversary build at another site. That one scares me a bit. It's not my usual scale or era.....stepping way out of my box. I hope I don't get lost.
  20. This is another one that is going to be here too quickly. Guess I'd best be figuring out what the hell I'm going to build.....
  21. Another stencil session took place last night. Just have the port side left to do. Then it's clear coat, install/paint exhausts & stabs, re-install the tanks, and install the gear then I can call this one a wrap. It's only been 3 years for a 1/72 Phantom.
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