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  1. Nice job Pete. No shame in having that on the display shelf. Colors look good in the natural light. Maybe a little light on the dark color, but well within what you could expect a faded gunship grey to become. I'm inclined to think there was more of a color issue w/ the original decals more so than the paint. The replacements look fine to me.
  2. Good to know I wasn't going crazy when I thought the Aires pit was going to fit w/ minimal fuss.
  3. My 16s had better be done, but I'll be there with a surveillance aircraft most likely...a left over from the Vietnam GB.
  4. Thinking on it, the radome doesn't really matter. If it tilts to the nose w/o the radome and canopy you're going to be safe. The big thing is just making sure you get all the weight on the rear. I did this w/ my OV-1B...and had to stuff A LOT of weight behind the cockpit on that one.
  5. I "need" 3 more. 2 more As and a B. I almost had a 2nd AMK D at 50% off...but I took too long trying to decide if I wanted to update an A, or backdate a D and ended up missing out. I still have a couple in the stash, so I'm not in any hurry. What we really need are more low-viz non-CAG schemes. I want workhorse markings...not gaudy CAG birds.....and yes, I know I'm in a minority.
  6. Pop the stabs & exhausts in, then tape on the radome (w/ minimal tape) and rest the canopy on. Find a cylindrical object (pens/markers work great) and set the plane on top so the cylinder/rod acts as a pivot point at the location of the MLG. I don't recall having issues w/ my 1/72nd RF-4E...but I had some extra "camera equipment" in the nose.
  7. Sometimes almost daily....as I constantly mess with the spreadsheet.
  8. Just nabbed a pair of F-104Js (1/48 Hasegawa) this weekend for $15 ea. I really didn't need more F-104s...but I couldn't resist the price. And it'll give me an excuse to use up a more of the decals out of the Eduard Eiko boxing (so many cool schemes).
  9. I rescheduled my plans for the night after learning of the passing of a legend. RIP Lewis. The trickiest decals are on. It "should" be smooth sailing from here. The Hasegawa decals are a bit on the thick side, so it's taken a fair bit of Gunze Mr. Mark Softer to persuade them into the panel lines...but they are adhering well and the semi-gloss finish means they should blend in really well once the overcoat is down.
  10. Bunch of JASDF F-4/F-35 taxi footage.
  11. Creative mounting solution for the mirror frame.
  12. I feel this. I've conveniently enough got a bunch of vacation time built up that I've just been informed I "have" to burn by the end of the year. Damn the luck.
  13. Here is the result of the walkway painting yesterday morning. They have both since had landing gear installed and have been gloss coated. Decaling will commence this week with the intent of flat coating and armament this weekend just before the finish.
  14. KUTA is just around the corner. Good to see at least one should make it in.
  15. Masking is always an option. Being 1/48, it's not too preposterous of an idea...especially if done prior to install on the airframe. Hell, it might even be easier than the walkways I just did on my F-16.
  16. Looking good. You are probably going to be finished before I really even get started.
  17. Styx on the turntable, fresh cup of java, and a little bench time. Good way to start off a Sunday morning.
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