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Bf-109F-4 ICM 1/48

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Hi everyone ! My latest model ! It took me 2 years to finish it because ( i don't know why , maybe i was bored ) . Anyway , it's now finished and ready to be inspected . Gunze acrylics and some Eduard seat belts . Hope you like it !


























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28 minutes ago, Rogue. said:

Nice, unusual colour scheme 👍

The story is this, there were some tropical planes in desert camo,  but sent to Russia, and then had grey and green added at unit level,  over the sand RLM 79,  undersides stayed the darker tropical blue RLM 78.


very neat work @nionios_v   :goodjob:

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Hi Nionios,


well, it was worth waiting a couple of years fr this 109! Most unusual camo indeed, and well done!

Congrats for such a lovely result.



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On 4/11/2019 at 7:50 PM, Alan P said:

Very nice work, I really like that colour scheme, so much that I intend to copy it 😂


Great modelling 👍

Thanks ! If you wish to copy the scheme you can download Eduard's instructions . That's were i coppied from 😉

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