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  1. Hi Dermot, great work on your 109. The painting is beautiful! You are right. It is a beautiful kit indeed and there is an infinity of different paint schemes. So why stop at one... Congrats!!! JR
  2. I knew there was a good reason why people cut the dogs' tails in the old days!!!! To make you feel better, an hour ago, Steve, the three year old "baby" hippo (close to 1 ton baby...) tap danced on the septic tank and broke one half of the covering slab... Thankfully no models were having their photo taken! So a wagging tail cocker is not so bad after all! Thanks for your comments on the 109. Give my regards to Carron and the Black Beauty. JR
  3. Hi everyone, here are some photos of my first completed kit within a GB time frame!!!! So may I be speeding up a bit? The kit is the 1/72 Airfix Me Bf 109 E-4. I chose to go with the kit's decals depicting the E-4 of Franz von Werra, as I thought the camo was not the usual run of the mill. It is a great build, but my clumsiness reached highs I did not know existed!!! So that delayed and frustrated me at times. But I have another 109 E-4 waiting for another sexy BoB paint scheme. Here is the build thread if anyone is interested: And a few p
  4. Hi Matt, great painting and weathering. Both models are stunning. Congrats!!! JR
  5. Good evening, here is my take on the Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-4 flown by Franz von Werra of JG 3, and eventually shot down on British soil during the Battle of Britain. Not very original, but I like the paint scheme. This is the 1/72 Airfix kit, built OOB (with the exception of PE belts and scratchbuilt cockpit sides.) After looking at photos of the plane, I decided that the RLM 02 was quite dark as it showed little contrast with the RLM 71. In addition the contact between both colors was wavy on the wings. I have attempted to reproduce this pattern, and that is a nice chan
  6. Hi everyone, I finally managed to take some photos this morning. Although the wind was very moderate, the Gremlins tried their best: As soon as the photos were done, and as I was going to take the model away, a sudden gust of wind threw the 109 in the air and it "landed" upside down on the lawn, 60 cm below the wall where it was.... And the model was lucky: only the pitot and a mass balance got snapped... The mast and the aerial have not suffered. So it should be a very quick job to re-glue the damage and consign the model to its case, next to the BoB Stuka. Her
  7. Hi Richard, just repaint the blue only on the kit's tail decal. You will only loose a tiny bit of writing on the blue. Not a train smash. Or repaint the whole rudder and do without the markings. Some aircraft were indeed flying around without writing on the rudder. i would not keep the kit's decals as not only the color, but even the proportions of the blue centers are wrong. Just choose what makes you the happiest. Cheers JR
  8. Hi all, at long last an update with some photos of the progress to date. The top wing is pretty much done. Having seen photos of 622 without a wind generator fitted, I may decide mine had not yet been upgraded. If guilt was to become overbearing, I may relent. We'll see. Lifting hooks and tank breathers have been installed. Almost ready for painting and decalling! I am busy tidying up the fuselage: CA as mastic. There will be the face of the oil tank to make on the underneath of the fuselage and a couple of other panels. Again, I will use
  9. Hi, another great plane. The kit has some shape's issues, but at the end of the day it still looks like a MS 225 if built OOB. What you could change are the roundels: the blue is more a British blue than a French one. And the shark is the decal to use!!! We did tow gliders with a MS 237, and it was a joy to fly. I am sure the MS 225 must have been superb, especially in view of the group aerobatics it performed. Have fun! JR
  10. Hi all, the Airfix Me Bf 109 E-4 is at long last FINISHED!!! I should have posted it into the gallery almost 2 weeks ago, but some Gremlins refused for the kit to be finished. Never seen that before: breakage upon breakage, paint marks, rubbish work on the aerial wire and last, adding a coat of Tamiya white acrylic onto the stained rudder: not thinking and diluting the paint with alcohol... and painting the rudder that had been varnished with an acrylic mat varnish... Imagine the result... I like the final result and I will only breathe when the model has been placed
  11. Hi John, your splinter camo is spotless as usual. Beautiful build! And what a fascinating micro-story in the grand scheme of things. Waiting for decals! JR
  12. Decals that poor are a crying shame. Just when you think you are finished, they stab you in the back!!! Note to self: forget about FCM decals!!!!! You'll get it right! Well done on a tricky build. JR
  13. Hi Steve, quite a superb build, as usual. I will have to get an Airfix Hurri on of these days, before they disappear! Congrats! JR
  14. Hi Pat, I see that you are back to your flawless Mephisto impersonation... Vade retro... And keep having fun! JR
  15. Hi Steve, like others have said, we all have bad days and each of us thinks we are having the baddest day of all. That's what's happening with my Bf 109 that is 15 minutes away from completion. Every time I touch it, I stuff something up. As I said before, some kits are haunted! A poltergeist threw the liquid cement bottle at your kits. Nothing to it! As you say, there is so much in our world that is testing our resilience daily, that feeling sorry for ourselves over a melted kit would seem unreasonable. And we all are reasonable, right? Right? Say something! So what's
  16. Hi, this is starting to look like the real thing. Super well done to ave conquered all the curved balls this kit has thrown at you. Do not forget to weather the passenger seat to show the sweat stains left behind by terrified passengers!!!! Great show! JR
  17. Hi Richard, absolutely beautiful. Congrats are in order! JR
  18. Hi, a stunning build! Congrats! Are the rivets part of the kit, or did you go feral with a riveting wheel? I am not a rivet man, but in this instance it is rather catching. Super well done. JR
  19. Hi Pat, well this looks the part. The bits and pieces are obviously coming from a Mirage 2000D! I recognize the seat you have put at the front. Unfortunately, your IP is so wrong! There should be FIVE yellow donuts, NOT just four.... Tsss Tssss... But behind windows with some glue fingerprints artistically smeared upon, nobody will notice this glaring error. I like it very much! JR
  20. Hi Vinnie, when I use Revell ENAMEL varnish, it is on top of Humbrol Gloss Cote, and that Gloss Cote is brushed over both acrylic and enamel paints, without any problems. Some acrylics' reactions may differ, and I am not really an acrylic man. I use Xtracrylics, Gunze, Tamiya and some old Model Masters. I have never used the likes of Vallejo, etc. When given the choice I try and paint in enamels. I actually do not see why Revell enamel mat varnish would glaze or create problems with acrylics. The answer to that is to do some testing on a paint mule and see what happe
  21. Hi Julian, now you are talking! This is one of the most charismatic plane of the French Air Force in the last fifty years. Everybody loves a Noratlas. Every time I see one I am shivering. From the memories on being on night guard duty in winter at Evreux Air Base, guarding a couple of 'marguerites' (dispersal areas) absolutely empty bar for a lonely Noratlas.... I can't say that the thought of cracking a match under the plane to get warm never crossed my mind... Is it going to be the Luftwaffe unit with the Elephant badge? Have fun! JR
  22. Hi, beautiful Karas! Congrats. Sorry to hear about your problem with Humbrol varnish. I use Gloss Cote from Humbrol, using a flat paint brush, and the secret with this varnish is to dilute it with turpentine to a very high ratio. As high as 75-70% dilution, otherwise it is a sticky mess and disaster is usually not far away. Two coats of highly diluted Gloss Cote are usually necessary, and I have never had any problem over acrylic paints. For mat varnish, I use Revell Nr 2 (mat varnish), and there as well a high dilution with turp gives very good results. It is a
  23. Hi Steve, I have never seen the Heller Gazelle before. It looks mighty good, especially with these posh decals. Glad you are doing the Froggy version: they sure look mean in their camo. Have fun! JR
  24. Hi everybody, finished the cockpit: added PE seat belts and scratched built a throttle quadrant for the left side of the cockpit. After a coat of mat varnish, I am very happy with the way it looks. This evening, the fuselage will be closed and then things should speed up. I will only take some photos on Sunday: I have learnt not to push my luck! Apologies for the text only update. Cheers all JR
  25. This is a great start. We can see that you know what you are doing, and I am going to tag along, as I can do with a crash course in figurine painting! I nonetheless shiver at people carrying a grenade on their belt! A bit like walking with a hand gun in the waist band... That's maybe why we lost the war? Great show! JR
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