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  1. Hi Steve. well it's nice seeing someone enjoying a kit to that extent! Italian schemes are really cool. Good choice. The funny thing is that the box artwork looks much older than 1978. Aren't we picky?!!!! Have a lot of fun! JR
  2. Hi, I have finally glued the fuselage to the central wing section: only 90 % complete due to a couple of joints that are fighting back around the leading edge, and need stronger handling! I must have misaligned something, somewhere by a couple of microns. Several people mentioned tight tolerances, and they were not kidding! Anyway, the fuselage joint will be cleaned and a dry fit shows that the wings fit perfectly. So all should be well!!! JR
  3. Hi Pete, the more plastic, the better! Have a lot of fun with it!!! JR
  4. Hi, the rear half fuselages are now glued together, so from now on it will only be gluing bits and pieces without any time spent on painting lilliputian details. Hopefully this will shortly look like a Stuka! I can't wait to see how this kit will shape up! Cheers. JR
  5. Hi Pat, long time no hear! So where have you been eventually? Re the 406, I think there is progress as I look at it every couple of days, and often more frequently! I have come to the conclusion that there is precious little work to do in order to finish it!!! Unfortunately Karen is yielding a mean whip and work on the Chateau is progressing faster than on my models!!! Furthermore I really WANT to finish a GB kit at least once in my lifetime, so I decided to tackle the Stuka to that effect. Believe me, life can be hectic! Take care. JR
  6. Hi Scargsy, your Stuka does look good! Indeed, we live and we learn, or try to... I hope the mask curling was post printing! I personally only use alcohol for cleaning a model before painting. It tends to dry much faster than water. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you. Have fun! JR
  7. Hi Steve, it is a really nice kit, despite the few gripes mentioned along the way. Never 100% satisfied, we are! I figured out that the only way to fit the fuselage to the wing centre section is to glue both fuselage halves together from the rear of the cockpit to the tail, leaving the front end free of glue, so that it can be opened up. That way the roll-over bar will fit in! Lateral thinking at its best. So it's all go now, hoping there won't be another curved ball along the way! Are you building more Stukas for this GB? Cheers JR
  8. Hi Greg, Excellent paint job! I take it you are an acrylic man? The camo is splendid! To play it safe I will use a mix of enamel and acrylic paints. We'll see. What paint did you use for your RLM 65? Cheers JR
  9. Hi everyone, the cockpit and half fuselages are ready to add to the wings' center section. I will add the control stick after, as I know I will destroy it if I glue it beforehand! I did try to dry-fit the half fuselages held together to the rest of the cockpit, and it seems to block and refuse to fit, thanks to the overturn structure and radios I glued in advance... Plus the front of the fuselages seem to wide for the slots in the wing center section!!!! I am going to take a long and hard look at the parts, before I start hacking and filing... Once that unexpected hurdle is behind me, the rest should go pretty fast... for me! Thanks for looking. JR
  10. What an outstandingly well built yellow wing beauty!!! I have never heard of Luckgraph, and 1/32 is not my scale, but I am definitely impressed! Congratulations!!! JR
  11. Hi Peter, all this looks super good, and the illusion will be perfect once the fuselage is closed. These little details are Oh so important and make all the difference. Great show. JR
  12. The snake is supposed to be sand colored and possibly only on one side.... Life is too short for this type of scheme! I will join the general chorus: "Do it red, and do it on both sides!!!!" I have always dreamed of doing such a Stuka. Enjoy. JR
  13. Good evening, I am now calling the main cockpit area finished (bar the control stick to glue). The roll-over structure behind the pilot seat could have done with some thinning out, but once under a closed canopy (with the usual fingerprints of model glue), it should look just fine. Fingers crossed! A few small paint touch-ups remain, and then a coat of mat varnish all over! Not sure yet about the weathering. Port side of cockpit almost finished. Cheers. JR
  14. Hi, Smudge, good progress!!! This old kit is quite surprising, as it offers the occasional very detailed parts. The IP decal is actually spot on: a perfect rendition of the original, at a time when few manufacturers offered more than a flat piece of plastic or some crude, raised lines supposed to look like dials! The wheels are actually better looking than the ones in the "new tool"Airfix I am busy building. As for the ailerons and flaps, I did separate them from the wing... Although it allowed me to make everything razor sharp, I have regretted my decision ever since... My advice: if you want a fairly quick build, don't! Keep having fun with this Stuka JR
  15. Hi Greg, stealing the kits would save you having to go and work! I am a genius! Keep having fun, whether honestly or not. JR
  16. Hi Scargsy, you sure bought a kit full of Gremlins! It does happen once in a while to all of us. My kit is boringly normal, I hate to say! Re the exhausts, what I am planning in doing is painting the sides of the cowling and the exhausts stubs before assembly, put everything together and then finish painting the whole cowling, but not right by the stubs! In theory it should work.... Future will tell. Keep having fun! JR
  17. Hi all, moving on slowly, as usual. Finished the starboard side of the cockpit. As always, poor quality photos with the phone, but it gives an idea of what has been happening! Still thoroughly enjoying this build! Cheers JR
  18. Hi everybody, I am sure other Bmers have made the same remark already, but I am a very happy little boy, having discovered by accident on the sprues that Airfix had indeed included the Stuka siren, which appears nowhere on the instructions' sheet! Happy days indeed. Here are the two upper landing gear legs before clean-up, just as it should be! The small siren propeller needs a lot of thinning up, but that's OK. What a fun kit! JR
  19. Hi Greg, here is a photo taken a couple of years ago. Despite the size differential, the mongoose is the boss! She is called Squiggle. Cheers JR.
  20. Hi Basilisk, do you really think using an IP meant for another kit is likely to cause problems? My feeling i that nobody would notice if it is slightly too small, etc. And Yahu tend to offer better IP colors than Eduard! Whatever, Yahu is good! JR.
  21. I did not know such an animal had existed! Should be nice! JR.
  22. Did you say hyper-active?!!! You are nowhere near! She is a brown blur most of the time. A blur with teeth! I failed miserably adapting the control stick of the old Revell Ju 87B (I am going through a clumsy phase! Ask my wife...). Then I had a Damascene moment and I am now using an Airfix Me 109 E stick. Perfect. This one will be mongoose unfriendly. In the meantime I am preparing all the sub-assemblies I can think of. Hopefully that will pay dividends one day. Cheers. JR
  23. What would our world be without the proverbial party pooper?! I LOVE SNAKES!!! And I have drooled liters in front of a model shop with this box in the window, when I was a kid!!! Then you did not wear a face mask, so drooling was made easy! I would have built it with the red snake, wrong as it may be!!! What a beauty of a plane!!! Well have fun anyway! JR
  24. Hi Ed, just looked at my kit... Yes, I see what you mean. Cute! I had intended using the closed canopy, so I will not stress. But if I were to use the "open" one, I would use thin painted strips of clear decals on the inside of the canopy. Painting the internal frames seems rather hopeless! I sure will be watching. JR
  25. Hi Greg, tastes and colors.... I like the BoB decal option in the Airfix kit but I am using the Xtradecal BoB sheet as I do not agree with the yellow unit shield. Xtradecal supply it in blue, and although possibly incorrect, it is nonetheless more likely than yellow... And Xtradecal make better transfers than Airfix! I would not even try and order from Hannants, as it would take over a month to arrive... if it ever arrives! I hope you realize how lucky you are! Have a lot of fun! JR
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