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  1. Hi Pat, So you were serious!!!! OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! Anyway, as repentance is not one of your strong suit, let me give you some paint info, so that you can hang yourself without fail. The Argentinians S.E. were painted like the French Navy ones at the time, that is dark blue over white. Pete has already given you his take, so as usual I will muddy the waters with my interpretation, all in Humbrol enamel, of course: -Dark blue: Hu 104 + a touch of light grey (any light grey will do, but the touch has to be very, very subtle) -White: that's up to you, as long as it's in a spray form... If you think it looks rubbish, send me more hate mails! Take care mate! JR
  2. Hi Jerzy, your self discipline is staggering, only equaled by your dexterity. Congrats to you! JR
  3. Hi Steve, this is truly big and beautiful! Well done! So is it true that you bought your neighbors' home for all the 1/32 kits you are going to mass produce? We don't mind at all, as they all look great. JR
  4. Hi Andy, I am not a great fan of Chipmunks, and I am sure I am missing out a lot, but I can recognize a great model when I see one, and yours is truly outstanding! All my congratulations! JR
  5. Hi Jerzy, Italian aircraft are always special, and you have the knack of always finding the ones that stray out of the trodden path. Impressive collection that you have. Congrats!!! JR
  6. One Concorde is a challenge, but three makes me wonder how you got out of the institution where everybody was so nice to you... Sanity or lack thereof notwithstanding, this line-up is fantastic! Congratulations Sir! JR
  7. Very nice Corsair! From the look of these planes on period photos, just dirty did not come anywhere near! Some were plain filthy, with fuel stains from the front of the cockpit and along the length of the fuselage. So next time, don't be shy! Great show! JR
  8. A dainty model, built and painted to perfection! Congrats!!! JR
  9. I like your Spitfire very much. All has been said on how you can improve your next build a lot, with minimum fuss. From what you are saying, you are one of the very few of us blessed with an absence of stash... Brother, for your own peace of mind, strive to keep it that way! And do not ever tell me that I never warned you... Great show on your first kit after all these years! JR
  10. Hi, absolutely brilliant 190! I will need to check Exito to see if they do 1/72 decals. Congrats!!! JR
  11. Hi Pat, congrats on another very orange build looking terrific. Especially as you risked your life had you been discovered! Far worse than being caught smoking behind the shed... Great show. JR
  12. I eventually did what I threatened to do: I removed the ailerons and re-glued them flush with the wings and trimmed the trailing edge so that everything would align. I looks much better that way, or so I think... I tackled as well the wing tips, far too rounded in view of the photos I have looked at. So a good sandpapering did the trick and then I notched the two wing tips lights. Because I was a bit too overenthusiastic with the forward one, I glues a shim of plastic card, since then filed to the wing profile. Last, I started on the wheel wells, building sides to avoid the usual cavernous look. Front and rear of the wells to follow. This is ridiculously slow progress, but I always said that if one day I were to build a Hampden, I would not rush it. So I am happy! Have fun. JR
  13. Hi everyone, the wing elements have been glued, including the ailerons where I have used stretched sprue to represent the structure. Not bad, but the stretched sprue should be even thinner. The fit of the parts is not the best, and I realized too late that there is too big a gap between aileron and wing... So I may have to removee the ailerrons and reglue then right against the wing, and then I will have to remove a fraction of the trailing edge to bring everything level! The never ending story! Here is a photo of the wing: Keep having fun! JR
  14. Hi Pete, Not a straightforward kit, and I agree with you that the underwing tanks look somewhat iffy. But all in all, the model still screams Dagger! So all is good, and with a semi gloss varnish, everything looks much better. Well done! JR
  15. Hi all, although I should not have, I have committed some glue to the Do 17. Lack of self disciple is a terrible affliction! The build is moving quite fast, which is rewarding. The fit is typical early 70s Airfix.... Definitely not Hasegawa! There is a fair amount of trimming to be done around the engines in order to get everything streamlined, as can be seen on the photo below. And above is a photo of the wings along with the completed tail structure. Next, the fuselage. Have fun! JR
  16. Hi Pat, for your information, today is the first time we have seen the sun since well before Easter! I have taken note of all your good advice about bleaching the decals in the African sun... Our weather has been bearing a remarkable similarity to the Scottish weather I remember. A lot of sun, but in its liquid form... Rats! So the bleaching will have to wait a bit. Thanks to all of you for caring!!!! JR
  17. Hi Pat, tremendous build! Build and paint job are brilliant. I will make a phone call and ,you will receive your honorary Italian citizenship in the post! You deserve it!!! Congrats. JR
  18. Hi, I believe the ICM Do 17 is a beautiful kit and a pleasure to build, or so I have read... For sure you will have a lot of fun. I wish I could say "Shame on you for lurking!", but I suspect we are all closet lurkers. Damn! JR
  19. Fantastic build! I am not sure though, whether you are very brave or very foolish to try and apply such extensive decals on a fuselage!!! But it paid off, as the stripes look pristine. Congratulations! JR
  20. Great show and a huge amount of work involved! But it definitely was worth it. Congratulations/ JR
  21. Hi everyone, this entry in the Do 17 GB confirms that I am not playing with a full deck. Considering all the builds I have in progress, I should crawl back into my burrow and keep on modelling. But... So here is the Do 17 E/F from Airfix in 1/72. I bought this kit when it came out, in the early seventies, When I opened the box, the other day, my jaw dropped. On the wings the panel lines are very delicately engraved: definitely not the run of the mill, rivet-crazy Airfix kit of the days. The air vents have razor sharp lips, etc. Only a few minute rivets on the fuselage, easy to erase. This kit is a revelation! Bar for a few additions in the cockpit, it will be built OOB. Unfortunately the decals seem good for the bin. I will see if anything can be salvaged! Here are a few photos: A very surprising kit indeed Have fun! JR
  22. Hi everyone, here is the result of my attempt to transform the moving wing surfaces from metal covered (as suggested by Saint Airfix) to fabric covered (as they should be). After a serious sand papering of the plastic strips I glued and a coat of primer, I am not unhappy with the result. It is possibly still exaggerated and I need to sand everything down a bit more, but once that is done and after a couple of coats of paints, it should be acceptable. Definitely better than the plethora of rivets initially displayed! I will treat the ailerons with thin stretched sprue and then I will be able to compare in situ which method works best. Here is a photo: I will need as well to pass a scriber in the panel lines to clean them up, and be careful not to break the landing gear that has to be fitted at this point, unfortunately. Have fun! JR
  23. Following the marking of all the stringers, I decided to try something that would be quicker and possibly more even than stretched sprue. I am using 0.5 mm wide plastic strips. Once dry I will trim the extra length and then sandpaper the strips to reduce both their thickness and width. If I am happy with the final result, I will carry on. If not I will remove everything and go back to plan A and the thin stretched sprue! I really hope I am happy with it... Here is a photo of the work in progress: JR
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