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  1. Hi Dmitry, this is a clean and sober build. Great result. The sobriety is possibly a shame, as there are so many colorful Jugs. But your take does not detract to the fact that it is a very pleasant model to look at. Well done. JR
  2. Hi, new or old tooling, your build is splendid! Congrats. JR
  3. Hi, very well built and painted, and shall we say...different? Well done. JR
  4. Hi Pat, you must be kidding me! In your neck of the wood, they broadcast severe warnings when they are expecting 30 mm of rain in 24 hours... And yes, the roof of the chateau has held admirably. More worried about the river climbing too high! To be safe I removed the gold plated taps... As for Steve, he was two feet from Karen , at the kitchen door, the other evening, and the kitchen is sadly too small for him. It won't be the first time a hippo walks straight through a door. Right now I have warthogs grazing the lawn in front of my window. Mad house! And another downpour
  5. Hi Adrian, re the weather, we can barely hear each other, so loud is the river in flood below our house...We have had 85 mm of rain in 24 hours, including 42 mm in 1 hour this afternoon. Rather wet, what... Re the Nieuport, I am sorely tempted to finish it as a racer, as per your suggestion. I did a few dry fitting tests and there is an asymetry I am not sure how to solve. Some head scratching in perspective. If there is a will, there is a way... or so they say. Cheers. JR
  6. No Adrian, It just shows that the Brits are careful where they walk. The French on the other hand, need to be told at all time where to put their feet... Ask my wife. Great build, really! Heller have indeed come a long way with the quality of their decals. JR.
  7. Hi everyone, in between being swamped by the cyclone Eloise, I have been able to sneak a bit of modelling. So the Nieuport is moving along in parallel with the Etendard. I have repainted the aluminium panels and added the black panels on top of the cylinder heads. Just a bit of touching up left to do with the green and around the black segments. Rather finicky painting with the tormented shapes of the Nieuport . I have no idea what got hold of me to glue the foot rest... I will be amazed if it stays in place! Here is a photo showing some of the progress.
  8. The big problem with FROG kits, is that once they get under your skin, it is awfully difficult to get rid of the need to build more... I recently built the Morane Saulnier 406, and I just cannot wait to get cracking with another one. This was a simple kit that gave me a lot of pleasure building. JR
  9. Hi, naughty, naughty! You are not supposed to keep secrets from SWMBO... I am sure nobody else does! Great kits you got! I have the Frog Blenheim Mk I, and I dare say that the decals are miles away from the ones made in Soviet Soyouz. But it is still a great kit. Have a lot of fun! If your better half catches you out, tell her I sent them to you. Your nose cannot grow any longer. Cheers. JR
  10. Brilliant! Everything is so life-like!!! Congrats! JR
  11. Hi, nice start on a great kit! This is definitely one that is on my to get list, if/when I bump into it one day!!!! (Along so many others.... why is life so short?) Keep having fun! JR
  12. Hi, a funny nose Beaufighter, but exquisitely built and finished. Delicate weathering! Super well done. JR
  13. Hi, great model! You did a great job!!! I did build this kit in the same paint scheme, many, many years ago. I used a white paint spray. That is the only paint I ever spray. The rest is all brush painted with Humbrol. Easy in that case: mostly light gull grey. Have you tried the IPMS Stockholm web site? Plenty of color charts with equivalences between paint manufacturers! Try: http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/ Great model. JR
  14. Hi, congratuations! A very precisely built and painting D9, with tons of attention to detail! Superlative. JR
  15. Hi Pat, glad some good soul brought your B-17 back to the forefront, as it is truly a beautiful build. JR
  16. What a fantastic Stuka! Absolutely top notch model. Congratulations! JR
  17. Hi Alex, absolutely brilliant builds!!!! Congrats! All I know is that if I tried this stunt with one of our cats, the result would be a foregone conclusion... Give me the name of your taxidermist. This cat looks almost alive! Great show!!! JR
  18. Hi everybody, removed the masking tape and liquid mask this evening. I am not unhappy with the result. It could have been better, but things can be improved fairly easily. I realize though that removing the Tamiya tape removed as well the mat aluminium paint that I had applied on the adhesive aluminium panels... Oh well, more repainting with a very fine brush. From here on, the Nieuport should take shape fairly quickly, or so I hope. Here are a couple of photos: Thanks for looking. JR
  19. just as well you were not a smoker. Blaming Humbrol for the smoking pile of your house would have been tricky... To meet the mongoose, bring a coat of arms, lovely soul that she is! Cheers JR PS: I am happy with the third and last coat of green. Pheeew.
  20. Hi Pat, these Humbrol tinlets were purchased in the early 90s, so I am being profligate with the paint before it dries out! I would even paint the mongoose in Humbrol 3, if I did not know that I would die a horrible death shortly afterward... Last coat after lunch and removal of the masking tape this evening (on the Nieuport, NOT the mongoose!). Fingers crossed! Have a great day! JR
  21. Hi Exdraken, this two-seater is starting to look spot on! Looking at the above photo, I did notice that I did make the same (small) mistake than you. The end of the outer elevon actuator ends up a mm or two from the wing's trailing edge, when it should be level with it, like the inner one! I am still waiting for the earth to stop rotating... Thousand of models must have been built that way. Thank you Heller! Great show! JR
  22. Hi Jeroen, second coat brush painted today and everything looks much better, but I think that I need a third diluted coat to be really happy. I am a pain to myself! I suspect my masking was possibly a rushed job and that there will be quite a lot of touching up... Such is life... The masking tape will be removed tomorrow evening. JR
  23. Hi Ratch, I have never seen a He 112 in Romanian livery before. Quite flashy comes to mind, but I like it a lot. Great job on this not often seen kit. JR
  24. Hi Martin, you have put a hell of a lot of work in this kit, that much is obvious. To obtain something that good with a sixty-odd years old kit is not easy and requires to be a rather good modeler! Congrats! JR
  25. Hi everyone, today has seen the first coat of green going onto the model. It looks like hell, but the second coat should straighten things up, especially after a Micromesh swipe. What I am rather worried about is the masking. There may be quite a few (quite a lot) of touch ups to go through. I hope I am wrong! Here is a photo of the Nieuport: Second coat hopefully painted tomorrow. Cheers. JR
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