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  1. Your server host has the ability to block IP's/providers. Especially if DDoS attacks have come from certain IP's. Used to happed to me all the time when I had 4 servers of my own.
  2. Dark dirt is probably an overkill on such a light paint scheme. Grime, thinly airbrushed on would not be as brutal. Also, Flory does a 'Light' wash that can be mixed in to tone it down more if required. Two nice Fw 190's you have there
  3. I was looking for pictures, then I saw the link at the top As already mentioned, looks better than you described
  4. That's a beauty! I'm into the Luftwaffe stuff atm so will have to add this kit to the list
  5. I am using them with Vallejo Model Air and they are fine for me, although I do have forearms like Popeye
  6. These are the Mig stainless ball bearings I have been buying from Amazon. Over 100 bearings per pack on average.
  7. I have this in the stash. Looking forward to seeing how it goes together
  8. Absolutely, hasn't failed to impress. Looking forward to the end result
  9. Thanks. I have the Flightpath A-10 ammunition loader and cart to build at some stage in the future to go along with an A-10 build. It's basically a box full of etch!
  10. Nice, unusual colour scheme
  11. Just returned from Cosford Model Show, had to get one. At only £55 it was a right bargain
  12. Looking good so far. I have the GWH F-15E in 1/48 and that is superb in the box also. Looks like this kit is going to be added to the ‘to buy’ list. Watching with great interest
  13. Hi Frank, that looks great. What kind of soldering iron are you using? Electric or a small gas pen type torch?
  14. Very nice, that's a great collection of aircraft
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