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  1. cocky05d

    Soviet Guards Aviation B-25, 1/72 Airfix

    Wot others have said ,what did you use to mask the canopy and the other clear bits?
  2. cocky05d

    1/72 Seafire F.45

    Hi ,don't know if you build a lot of resin kits ,but there is a product called tricky stick ,it helps superglue stick to difficult surfaces . I have used it on rubber tank tracks with great results .
  3. cocky05d

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Hi ,i live near Iron bridge in Shropshire ,Hawker Hurricane just made 3 passes over the village . Cosford Airshow is on tomorrow ,never been, but often see the aircraft flying the day before .
  4. Is it possible to move the decal when using KOE ?
  5. Hi ,this is the first time i have had any problems with decals ,haven't heard that KOE is god for sticking decals down ,i spray a coat of it before i start decaling !
  6. Hi ,thanks for the reply ,i found another thread about using Tamiya extra thin ,i tried it and it worked ,but i did loose some of the decal ,so i am reduced to yellow and black paint.
  7. Hi ,just found this thread ,i have posted a question about the decals in wip ,might try using super thin .
  8. Hi ,finishing up said model the one with the yellow and black checkerboard tail .Having a job getting said decals to stick to the tail . Using solvaset decal setting stuff ,the decals just shrug it off ,i can even move the decals that's how little effect it has . Earlier i used solvaset on a Airfix 1/73 BF 109 e and it worked ok . Anyone have any suggestions as to a different decal solution.
  9. cocky05d

    Photobucket...what happened?

    PB have always been a butch of poo pants ,Imgur are ok .
  10. cocky05d

    Masking aircraft

    I thought i had posted the above post already . Anyway ,finished painting the Airfix P51D and Spitfire ,also the Revell P47D .Going to start with the decals after i have given them a coat of klear
  11. cocky05d

    Masking aircraft

    Hi ,thanks for the reply ,i was thinking about doing what you suggest .The Spitfire PR in Swedish markings just needs touching up the paint work and the prop spinner painting red . Same with a P51D Red tails and a NMF Super Sabre . Trouble is i like making kits don't like painting.
  12. Agree with the guy above ,the last shot looks like a real Aircraft . Seen this kit for sale in a few places ,thinking of adding one to the stash . (YOU SAID YOU WERE NOT GOING TO BUY ANG MORE KITS.) Who said that? No i did not say that ,that doesn't sound like anything i would say.
  13. cocky05d

    Ukraine visit

    That's good to know ,would like to see that big monument ,they have ,the nickname i don't think the mod would allow me to say .
  14. cocky05d

    Ukraine visit

    I would love to visit Ukraine or Russia ,but i am a bit concerned about the way they drive east of the Vistula .
  15. cocky05d

    Masking aircraft

    Hi ,i have mentioned before i am in the middle of finishing 19 1/72 aircraft ,having trouble masking on 6 of them Hurricane Hawker Typhoon Tomahawk and 3 French ww2 aircraft ,that i forgotten the names !. The RAF ones have the typical 2 colour upper camo schemes . Don't know what it is but the usual methods of masking is making my head spin ,paper masks ,Blue tack ,even tried using a pencil to lightly draw the shape of the camo . Found out that even if you spray over them you can still see the lines ,Doh . Don't know if it is a loss of mojo ,whatever that is .so i spent yesterday and today spraying the props and wheels ,even sprayed the road wheels on a 1/35 Panzer four . But every time i try to mask ,my poor old brain shuts down .It not as if i haven't managed it in the past. Don't know why i am posting this ,any help would be welcome ,as long as you don't tell me to pull myself together .