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  1. cocky05d

    `Repeat Please`

    Hi ,already have that book ,haven't got around to reading it yet.
  2. cocky05d

    `Repeat Please`

    Hi ,after i had posted my comment i had a look on youtube and i saw there were three 109s in the shot . Going back to the film ,did that happen in real life ?I know the Poles and the Czechs were mad keen on getting to grips with the Germans . Anyone heard of a book called "Airmen In Exile"? Seems the high ups in the govt and the RAF were not keen on European nations having their own separate squadrons ,they wanted the pilots to be split up and fly under normal RAF squadrons .
  3. cocky05d

    `Repeat Please`

    Very clever ,but i thought there was only one 109 masquerading as an Hurricane ?
  4. cocky05d

    Something strange going on?

    Be on the safe side and ditch the snow.
  5. Very nice ,Eric Lock a Shropshire lad .Richard Hillary mentioned him in The Last Enemy .
  6. cocky05d

    Photobucket at it again

    Imgur works fine for me.
  7. cocky05d

    Spray Booths

    Hi ,thanks for the reply .I have seen 10in fans on ebay for around £50 ,might get one for Christmas
  8. cocky05d

    Spray Booths

    In another thread ,i posted about taking my spray booth apart ,this is the fan out of it ,is this powerful enough ,i plan to put it in the wall of my shed.
  9. cocky05d

    Wot have i dun

    Hi ,could not wait until tomorrow ,i wired a plug and tried it ,it works . Now just got to make a grid to go across one end of it from the grid thing from the spray booth .
  10. cocky05d

    Vallejo Model Air Issues

    Well i am out of ideas ,i take the top of the bottle off and stir the paint ,now i am out of ideas .
  11. cocky05d

    Wot have i dun

    Found this on ebay ,it is the same as the one out of my paint booth ,might try wiring mine up to a plug tomorrow ,it will only trip the switch if i don't do it right . Going to ditch the switch .
  12. cocky05d

    Anybody else 'obsessed' with one particular aircraft ??

    For me it is the P47 ,no connection to it ,and the FW190 second place .
  13. cocky05d

    Vallejo Model Air Issues

    I should crank up the air pressure .Also what size nozzle are you using ?I had a lot of problems with a 0,35 ,when i changed to a ,050 it was a lot better .
  14. cocky05d

    Vallejo Model Air Issues

    I do find that spraying small items such as aircraft spinners or wheels ,then VMA is a bit of a pain.
  15. cocky05d

    Vallejo Model Air Issues

    What are you mixing it with ? It is already thinned as you know .