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  1. cocky05d

    Sheds .

    Bad news on the new shed front ,it seems i did not get permission to put another shed on my allotment /wildlife . So it has to go ,sort the old shed out and i think i can get all the made models on the shelves ,plus all the plastic storage boxes full of unmade kits . The white condi board shelves i have laid on the floor of the shed ,as the plastic boxes get emptied and kits made up i will use the shelves . Not going to bother with brackets ,going to nail short bits of wood to act as legs ,so they look like low tables . I really cannot do with all this stress ,got other things to worry about .
  2. cocky05d

    Sheds .

    Hi ,managed to get all the boxes with the unmade kits in the new shed . It is not very far from where i live ,you can just about see it here. The garden is a bit of a mess ,Suzuki SV650 under cover . Here it be ,got to stick some preserver on it when i can get round to it .
  3. cocky05d

    Sheds .

    Hi ,finally got my shed on my wildlife garden put up .Started to transfer all my unmade kits .They are in plastic storage boxes ,got rid of the boxes but they are still in their plastic bags . Got a storage box full of decals in ziplock bags ,keeping them in a cupboard indoors .
  4. cocky05d

    Sheds .

    One is a T reg Suzuki SV650 ,the other is another SV650 ,03 plate .
  5. cocky05d

    Sheds .

    By feather board ,do you mean the nearest shed next to that heavy Honda VFR750 ? Not going to touch that .It is the two sheds side by side ,they are both T&G and are solid ,although they seem to be leaning a bit . I meant to slap some brown gunk on them in the summer ,but it was too hot .They haven't been done since 2013 .
  6. cocky05d

    Sheds .

    Hi the two shed are held together with bolts ,so they are not going any where .It is a bit hard to describe how i am going to join them .I will take photos ,don't know why ,but i am looking forward to cutting the sections from the two inner walls . Those of you who have been paying attention might remember i dropped the Honda motorbike in exactly the spot where it is in the photo ,broke my left wrist in late Oct . It still hurts sometimes ,so i will have to take my time building wise .
  7. cocky05d

    Sheds .

    Got a message from the guy who is going to put the shed up for me ,he said he can do it next Saturday ,so i should be able to start moving my models in next Sunday . Going to store my unmade kits up there as well ,most of them are in those big plastic storage boxes .Apart from the decals that are in a plastic storage box in my cupboard . I would like to line the inside walls with plywood ,like wot brother Timmy has done ,but i can't afford it .The only plywood i buy is the ones from B&Q where someone ordered a piece and found they got their measuring wrong ,so the store has to sell it off cheap .Once got a 4ftx4f bit for £4 .
  8. cocky05d

    Sheds .

    Hi ,very nice .I hope it is spider proof and you have AC
  9. cocky05d

    Sheds .

    Wow that is a BIG shed ,any chance of a look inside ? I bought a shed in Nov ,and i had to wait a few weeks for someone to up it up for me (wrist in a cast ) he came back to me and said there were Parts missing and no instructions ,the walls and floor were in sections .Finally got shot of it last Friday ,waiting for a refund . The new 10x8 shed id T&G ,much better than the overlap shed .Can't afford a new shed ,the two sheds are sound ,part from 3 or 4 panels at the front on the right hand side which i will replace The width will be around 13 ft and the length 8 ft on one shed and 7ft on the other . Was getting my older brother and nephew to put it up for me ,but my nephew kept letting me down so i will get someone to put it up .
  10. cocky05d

    Sheds .

    Hi ,you see the two sheds in the background ?The one on the left is full of junk and tools it is 7x5 .The right one is 6x8 and it is where i store my built models . The nearest one is where i make my models .I have just got a 10x8 sshed and am going to put it on my allotment /wildlife garden ,then then put all the tools junks and mad up models in it . WOT ABOUT THE TWO SHEDS THEN ? Good question ,i am thinking of turning them in to a big shed ,i will cut the two inner walls out ,leaving the upright and long ways supports and box them in with some sheets of plywood . WHAT ABOUT THE RAIN ? I was just coming to that ,i will get a length of guttering for the two inner slopping roofs ,going to put my three motorbikes in there . SO ,WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING US ? I would like to hear your views on the matter .
  11. I put some decal film on the HB decals and they were fine .
  12. Very interesting topic ,i have started to become interested in French WW2 aircraft ,i recently finished the HB MS406 & D520 ,plus the Smer Bloch 152 ,the HB decals are a bit fragile . Also got on the go 2 Smer 1/72 French bombers ,the Amoit 143and the other one i can't remember the name .
  13. cocky05d

    `Repeat Please`

    Hi ,already have that book ,haven't got around to reading it yet.
  14. cocky05d

    `Repeat Please`

    Hi ,after i had posted my comment i had a look on youtube and i saw there were three 109s in the shot . Going back to the film ,did that happen in real life ?I know the Poles and the Czechs were mad keen on getting to grips with the Germans . Anyone heard of a book called "Airmen In Exile"? Seems the high ups in the govt and the RAF were not keen on European nations having their own separate squadrons ,they wanted the pilots to be split up and fly under normal RAF squadrons .
  15. cocky05d

    `Repeat Please`

    Very clever ,but i thought there was only one 109 masquerading as an Hurricane ?