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  1. Neked wimmen ,cor .
  2. Very nice ,i have the Zvezda boxing in the stash .What is that thing at the rear of the canopy ?
  3. Thanks for the reply ,i wanted to add did the kit ones go on ok?
  4. Very nice ,did you use the kit's decals ?
  5. Good news ,finally got my modelling she in order .Just got to get the tool shed sorted ,most of the stuff that is going back into the tool shed is under a plastic sheet . Got to make some low table type things with the shelves ,can't face using the London brackets again .The tables will go one on top of the other . A bit difficult to explain ,i will post some photos of my modelling shed .Here we are ,they just need a bracket to attach then to the vertical uprights of the shed and they will be nice and secure .
  6. "Stop taking the medicine, it's not doing any good ..." I fink it is withdraw symtoms from not breathing in Tamiya extra thin cement wot did do it .
  7. You may well laugh ,i have amongst other stuff 5 Tamiya 1/48 Japanese fighters that i have been working on for a few years ,can't decide what colour to do the cockpits . They are two Zeros ,a Frank ,a Rufe and a Raiden ,all going to be done wheels up ,well all except the Rufe ,hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ,sorry don't know what happened there .
  8. Those of you who have been paying attention to my shed drama ,will be pleased to know i have moved my old modelling shed ,so i can park my three motorbikes in the space . Going to use my old modelling shed again ,it has been the tool shed for the last 6 years ,just got to repair the one side then lay some vinyl flooring . There are gaps in the floors boards ,so lose a part and it is lost for ever . Now for the M,B G, part .It is mid March and i have not done any modelling at all this year .
  9. cocky05d

    Sheds .

    Bad news on the new shed front ,it seems i did not get permission to put another shed on my allotment /wildlife . So it has to go ,sort the old shed out and i think i can get all the made models on the shelves ,plus all the plastic storage boxes full of unmade kits . The white condi board shelves i have laid on the floor of the shed ,as the plastic boxes get emptied and kits made up i will use the shelves . Not going to bother with brackets ,going to nail short bits of wood to act as legs ,so they look like low tables . I really cannot do with all this stress ,got other things to worry about .
  10. cocky05d

    Sheds .

    Hi ,managed to get all the boxes with the unmade kits in the new shed . It is not very far from where i live ,you can just about see it here. The garden is a bit of a mess ,Suzuki SV650 under cover . Here it be ,got to stick some preserver on it when i can get round to it .
  11. cocky05d

    Sheds .

    Hi ,finally got my shed on my wildlife garden put up .Started to transfer all my unmade kits .They are in plastic storage boxes ,got rid of the boxes but they are still in their plastic bags . Got a storage box full of decals in ziplock bags ,keeping them in a cupboard indoors .
  12. cocky05d

    Sheds .

    One is a T reg Suzuki SV650 ,the other is another SV650 ,03 plate .
  13. cocky05d

    Sheds .

    By feather board ,do you mean the nearest shed next to that heavy Honda VFR750 ? Not going to touch that .It is the two sheds side by side ,they are both T&G and are solid ,although they seem to be leaning a bit . I meant to slap some brown gunk on them in the summer ,but it was too hot .They haven't been done since 2013 .
  14. cocky05d

    Sheds .

    Hi the two shed are held together with bolts ,so they are not going any where .It is a bit hard to describe how i am going to join them .I will take photos ,don't know why ,but i am looking forward to cutting the sections from the two inner walls . Those of you who have been paying attention might remember i dropped the Honda motorbike in exactly the spot where it is in the photo ,broke my left wrist in late Oct . It still hurts sometimes ,so i will have to take my time building wise .
  15. cocky05d

    Sheds .

    Got a message from the guy who is going to put the shed up for me ,he said he can do it next Saturday ,so i should be able to start moving my models in next Sunday . Going to store my unmade kits up there as well ,most of them are in those big plastic storage boxes .Apart from the decals that are in a plastic storage box in my cupboard . I would like to line the inside walls with plywood ,like wot brother Timmy has done ,but i can't afford it .The only plywood i buy is the ones from B&Q where someone ordered a piece and found they got their measuring wrong ,so the store has to sell it off cheap .Once got a 4ftx4f bit for £4 .
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