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  1. Hi Gary ,welcome from a fellow Shropshire lad ,only i live under the diktat of Shropshire council ,not Telford .
  2. Hi ,found this in my search for tips on how to do the PE parts for the shield ,the top one i need help with ,your photos are not shown ,any help you could give me would be great.
  3. Hi ,thanks for clearing that up .Started removing the road wheels and stuff , most of the A sprues are bound for the spares box.
  4. Hi ,just found your build on the interweb as i am just about to start this kit ,it turned out very nice ,but what are the bits in the back of the tank for ? I am guessing it is there to stop the front end dipping downwards ,it that correct?
  5. Thanks for all the advice ,I think I will ignore the wing issue and just build them as BOB RAF Aircraft . I can get two Finnish Mk1s ,the rest of the Mk1s as above .
  6. Hi ,is it hard to convert FW to metal wings ? It seems i have to put a little bit of Mr Surfacer on ,sand it smooth then do a bit of re scribing . The FAA and the SEAC dcals are Mk2c ,so i can use the Revell's for them . These are the decals i am most keen to use ,the top one is from 1940 captured in France ,no problem with that one . The bottom one is a Mk2c ,so again no problem with that one . It is the other two that there might be problems with ,you can see the second from the top ,the camera pod thingy i mentioned .
  7. Sorry ,like Dowling in 1940 i need all the Hurricanes i can get .There is a small model .trophy shop in Bridgnorth Shropshire ,he sometimes has stuff from Academy . Next time i am in here i will have a look .
  8. Hi thanks to those bods at Aldi ,i have 9 Mk1 Hawker Hurricanes ,also got 6 Mk2cs .Lucky i have got a load of after market decals . One lot of decals are for Four Luftwaffe captured Hurricanes ,one of which is a PR Hurricane ,it seems to have a camera pod? thing under the fuselage . Anyone got any info about it ? It is a Mk1 Trop with Rotol prop captured in the desert .Also kept the Sea Hurricane decals and the SEAC decals from a Airfix kit . The rest will be Finnish and Rumanian places ,and maybe a RAF one or two .
  9. Hi ,are you the bod that wants some 1/35 scout  decals ? I have found the ones i mentioned .

    The Zvezda set is numbered 3519 ,and the Hobbyboss is numbered 82452.

    Hope they are what you want?

    David .

  10. Very nice work so far .One thing about Amodel they do tend to have models fof Aircraft that other people don't
  11. Amongst the many 1/4 Aircraft kits on the go ,i have the Tamiya Me 262 and the Dornier 335 plus the Mossie . It is mainly the latter i am having problems with ,there is a lot of detail on the center line that i might lose if sand it . You can see what it mean by the panel just behind the cockpit ,anyone got any advice ?The fuselage is not glued in the photo.
  12. Is the smoke the reason they call it a Coffman starter ?HAHAHAHA
  13. Tut ,tut ,tut, tut ,this should be in the wanted section .
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