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  1. Your server host has the ability to block IP's/providers. Especially if DDoS attacks have come from certain IP's. Used to happed to me all the time when I had 4 servers of my own.
  2. Dark dirt is probably an overkill on such a light paint scheme. Grime, thinly airbrushed on would not be as brutal. Also, Flory does a 'Light' wash that can be mixed in to tone it down more if required. Two nice Fw 190's you have there
  3. I was looking for pictures, then I saw the link at the top As already mentioned, looks better than you described
  4. That's a beauty! I'm into the Luftwaffe stuff atm so will have to add this kit to the list
  5. I am using them with Vallejo Model Air and they are fine for me, although I do have forearms like Popeye
  6. These are the Mig stainless ball bearings I have been buying from Amazon. Over 100 bearings per pack on average.
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