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Defiant Mk. I Airfix 1/48

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  Since long time the Definat was one of my favorite subjects; years ago i sweat a lot with the Classic Airframe model, finally i salvaged only the gun turret and trow all the remains in to the garbage. The Airfix model is nicely tooled and require pratically no putty, the lone missing are the seatbelts, but is not the problem. The real worst part are the decals, very well printed, good and saturated colours but NO GLUE ! I used a lot of Daco 'strong' setting solution, but, after a layer of flat paint,  the decals fly away alone....

  The decals are from my "bank" and the letter are painted using self-made masks ; after the final touch i discover Montex produce a set of masks  😨😩😩

  Here one of the first operative Defiant of the 264 Sqdn in Febraury 1940, as drawn at pag. 176 of the Ducimus Book  Camouflage and Markings n.8

Roberto from Italy













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That's a lovely job you've done there of this fine Defiant kit Roberto. A nice crisp paint job and smooth even final top coat will always get many ticks from me. 


Cheers and well modelled.. Dave. 

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Nice Defiant. Good job.

I think this one also had the Type A roundels on the underside unless these were added slightly later - my reference is from March 1940, not February.

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