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  1. My favourite tank done in a different way. Love it.
  2. Nice work, one observation if I may? Don't forget to tie down the items on the rear deck or you will lose them all.
  3. What a beauty, one small thing if I may? On the Starboard side of the tail fin the Red, White and Blue stripes should have the red stripe facing forward. As on the Port side.
  4. Very nice and I agree, it is good to see items tied down.
  5. Very nicely done, one question? What does the barrel/tank at the back contain?
  6. A great build, the Gato/Balao class are my favourite WWII boats, there were so many variations within the class.
  7. Definitely a Sherman, I like the texturing on the turret, the solder securing the rear stowage and the personalised box on the Glacis plate. One question if I may? What is securing the 'Jerry' cans onto the glacis plate?
  8. It looks good with the Swastikas……Just one small point, the tailplane should be horizontal and not at an angle.
  9. Very nice and still serving in the Royal Navy.
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