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  1. monsjmse

    Ebbro Tyrrell 1/20

    I will get round to putting up some pics eventually. I found the same - some parts were fine, but a lot seemed as though they were never designed to fit together. Especially where there were holes that locating pins were supposed to fit into, the hole invariably required widening. The front part where the radiator connects to the axle assembly I was sure was going to snap as I fought to get it into position. It was only my second model back after a long break and I had pre-painted a lot of the parts before finding they didn't fit together, so it took some extra time to fix the damaged paintwork after handling everything so much. That said, I'd still make another Ebbro kit as I love the classic subjects, but will take heed of the learnings from the first one! I'm with you re. the Ebrro McLarens. That colour scheme and lack of sponsor logos doesn't do anything for me either. If Ebbro have an affinity with modern Honda F1, I wonder if we'll see a 2018 Torro Rosso model. That might be worth a look as the blue/silver scheme is at least attractive.
  2. Beautiful work so far. Is this the first WNW not to require any rigging?!
  3. monsjmse

    Ebbro Tyrrell 1/20

    Nice job . I made the 003 last year which is very similar - keep meaning to take some pics and post in the RFI section. Those number decals on the sides gave me nightmares! I learned a lot whilst making it too - hoping to put it into practice when I make the next Ebbro in the stash... I too wish there were more decent F1 models on the market, though I'm more interested in the classic F1 cars than the current crop of cars. The MFH models look stunning, if only I could afford one How did you find making the kit?
  4. monsjmse

    Afternoon chaps.

    Welcome. Your story sounds familiar... . I always did 1:72 too and anything 1:48 seemed absolutely HUGE. Now I have buckets for hands anything less than 1:48 seems fiddly. You're right, things have certainly moved on, but you're in the right place to pick up advice - folks here are very knowledgeable. Check out the Alclads for a metal finish on your Lightning. They stink, but give a great metallic finish.
  5. monsjmse

    A new member here!

    Welcome! And good luck for the exams. A long summer of modelling ahead after those
  6. Right. A bit of progress - 'bit' being the key word in the sentence. Finally got the time to add some colour to the cockpit. First I added some white to the black base in some areas to vary the tone of the grey-green for some shadow effect. Then on with the RAF interior grey-green. I'm using MRP's Mr. Paint for the first time. First impressions are very good - it's gorgeous stuff .
  7. Wow. A month has gone already so I really need to be getting a move on. Not much progress to report recently. Primed the interior black last weekend. There were a lot of areas that the spray seemingly couldn't reach very well without me flooding the thing with paint, especially with the PE parts. I touched it up here and there with a brush. Not very exciting I'm afraid. Hoping that the Bank Holiday weekend will bring more time for some modelling action.
  8. Lovely. A few weeks ago I bought the same kit with half an eye on the upcoming Eleventh Hour GB. Whether I build it this year or leave it a while is dependent on many things - one of them being overcoming my fear of rigging (I wonder if there is a medical term for this ). Have fun with it. I'll be watching with interest.
  9. I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone else's Defiants go together . Some progress this weekend. Doesn't seem much, but it used all of my available modelling time. Adding PE takes me a while. The cockpit sidewalls were stuck in after scraping all the raised detail off in preparation for the PE. As these panels are pre-painted, I'm going to paint the rest of the cockpit first before adding them. I did add all the unpainted stuff and this is now ready for some primer. Port side.... Starboard side..... I've also done the Eduard IP, but struggled to get a decent photo. About the best I could manage is below. The details aren't nearly as sharp as the Yahu, but to the naked eye when it's half buried in the recesses of the cockpit I don't think I'll notice too much.
  10. The Yahu IP does look spectacularly good from the pictures I've seen. The Eduard PE version is nowhere near in comparison. I will try to remember to post a close-up of it once I've put it together. The other after market I considered getting were the Master Model Browning gun barrels, but I still haven't decided if parting with over 7 quid for 4 tubes of metal I can barely see is really worth it .
  11. Well it has been nice to put together so far. With some of the pieces it seemed a waste of glue - they almost just clipped together. Thanks for the tip on the canopy. I have managed to get some sticking in this week, so some of the PE parts have gone into the cockpit. The seat assembly hasn't been glued in yet as I think I will at least prime this part separately otherwise it will be awkward to cover. I've also started scraping the detail from the plastic cockpit sides ahead of applying the PE, which is a little awkward. The PE is pre-painted mostly though, so I'll probably stick it on after laying down the grey-green interior colour on the other parts.
  12. Thank you Robert. For anyone with an interest in Defiants, make sure you check out this extraordinary collection: Back to my single Defiant and I made some progress last night getting the cockpit parts ready. There's not much to clean up on these parts, just a little tickle with the knife here and there. I've opened up the hole in the rear bulkhead to accommodate the seatbelts. Not bothered with the 2 marks on the bulkhead piece as these will not be visible behind the seat. And before I start snipping, here are the PE parts from Eduard which should add a little more interest:
  13. monsjmse

    1:32 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IIa

    Oh, and apparently I'm officially not a 'newbie' anymore as I celebrate over 50 posts
  14. monsjmse

    1:32 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IIa

    Thanks Matt . I forgot to mention my first attempt at using chipping medium (Vallejo). I only did this on the port wing root, layering some dull aluminium on top of the primer and adding the medium on top before painting the camo pattern. I had to attack it fairly vigorously to get the paint off and when it started coming off it didn't feel very controlled. As the top paint layer is a bit thicker than I would have liked, you can definitely tell that the aluminium colour is underneath, rather than above as it would have been if I had dabbed it on. It certainly seems more random than I could have achieved with a brush or a sponge and some alu paint. I've made a little progress and managed to get all the decals on now... Gone for 65 (East India) Squadron markings. The underside roundels gave me a few headaches with all the lumps and bumps they are 'painted' over. At one point I seriously considered binning them and trying to paint them on, but in the end I opted to cut a hole to accommodate the worst of the protruding parts. A load of Microset later and the result was satisfactory. I'll paint it white later.
  15. Fantastic set of Tornados - thanks for sharing. I hope that they survive the dinner intact .