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  1. A great return! Very nice McLaren . What safety belts did you use in the cockpit? Were they in the kit or aftermarket? Mark.
  2. Rear wing looks very smart indeed.
  3. Beautiful B-17. Really loving that first picture especially.
  4. Thank you all so much for the comments - really appreciated . Thank you. The 'rivets' on the underside didn't need going over with any kind of wash. Because I primed in black, when I put the sky coat on, the rivet holes stayed quite dark, so I didn't want to accentuate them any more. The ones on the upper surface and fuselage got some Ammo panel line wash, but I kept it quite light. There are a few spots where I used a slightly darker shade to create some variability and suggest a bit more wear & dirt. Thanks Tony. I know my cutting mat doesn't make a very convincing airfield . I am planning to make a base for the purpose of taking pictures, but not got round to it yet. Some of the shots I've seen in the RFI section with bases and proper backdrops really make you look twice to check it's not the real thing! Several comments on the gun barrels... It's the first time I've used AM barrels, so I wasn't sure if they would be worth the money. Now, if I had to chose just one aftermarket to boost the kit, it would be the Master barrels. With a Defiant, the eyes are drawn to that turret, so they make a visible difference. Having all the PE in the cockpit is nice, but hardly noticeable on the finished model. Here's a pic from the WIP showing the difference:
  5. Done , only a few months behind schedule! RFI now posted here:
  6. Finally staggered over the finish line with this which was started almost one year ago as part of the RAF Centenary GB. Only missed the deadline by a few months or so . This is the Airfix 1:48 Defiant which needs no introduction. I found the fit was generally all very good, though putting the turret in was rather tight. The plastic is very soft and I managed to break one of the aerial masts while trying to sand it, though managed to stick it back together ok. Aftermarkets were Quickboost resin exhausts, Master .303 barrels and Eduard PE set. I replaced the tip of the pitot tube with some brass tube. I also added rivet detail using a Rosie Riveter as the Airfix plastic looked very bare indeed. Decals were from the kit except for the aircraft identification codes which were from an old FCM Battle of Britain set I bought ages ago during my modelling wilderness years. They just about behaved themselves. Paints were MRP. I'm still very much experimenting with paints being new to airbrushing. I'm not wholly convinced by the MRP DG/DE/Sky colours. This marks the completion of build #3 since I returned to the modelling fold, so i feel I am still learning a lot with each build an adapting my technique and style with each one. There are plenty of mistakes and things I would do differently next time, but this is all part of the learning experience. So far I haven't got round to posting pics of builds #1 and #2 (a very heavily battered Tamiya Corsair and an Ebbro Tyrrell 003), so this is my first RFI... The build log is here should anyone be interested: Thanks for looking, Mark.
  7. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your builds of Mansell's mounts. Please do post your WIP. I have the 1:12 FW14B in the stash, but am saving it for a special occasion
  8. Fast jets aren't my thing, but this is such a brilliant model I feel compelled to comment! Very nicely done. No WIP thread we can delve into?
  9. Nice neat finish & the Mission Model colours look great. I've just finished a Defiant using MRPs DE/DG and I have to say I'm not convinced. I missed the memo on yellow prop tips - what's inaccurate about them?
  10. One of those aircraft that's so ugly it's beautiful. Your model is superb - extremely realistic finish. The fading and weathering is spot on.
  11. Nice Defiant. Good job. I think this one also had the Type A roundels on the underside unless these were added slightly later - my reference is from March 1940, not February.
  12. Welcome Will. I was also a long-time stalker before joining up. I do mainly aircraft and F1 cars. Would like to have a bash at a tank someday and I have an urge to build a U-boat after watching Das Boot recently! Nice work with the armour models - you can really see a good progression there with each build in terms of the complexity of the finish and the techniques you have employed. Mark.
  13. Welcome to the forum. Two thumbs up for your avatar! Mark.
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