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Defiant I and Kittyhawk IA - Airfix 1/48


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Just finished, my Airfix Defiant and Kittyhawk.


The Defiant is the outstanding kit that I've tackled recently, maybe ever.  Beautifully designed and detailed with near-perfect fit, it was a pleasure to build.  The turret is an extraordinary model in its own right.  The decals are very good as well.


The Kittyhawk is the old Otaki mould which has been in the stash for years.  I can't remember where I bought it - I guess secondhand, maybe I was sorry for it with its squashed box.  I thought it would be a quick and easy build but both fuselage halves were distorted around the removable engine bay hatches, so I had to use the hatches to coax them back into shape.  Then I dropped it on the kitchen floor!  The impact shattered the filler on the wing roots so I had to start again there.  I did think of the Japanese toolmaker making the zillions of tiny countersunk rivets - what dedication.  The worst part was the cockpit glazing which was not very satisfactory.  I was surprised that the kit decals were fine after so long.


Both are from the box apart from an Eduard harness in the Defiant and a tape one in the Kittyhawk and are brush painted with Humbrol and Revell enamels.











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Lovely pairing,agree I found the Defiant one of their best to date,and the Otaki kit has been released by a good few companies over the year'and still look's good today,great job on both kit's.


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56 minutes ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

wish i could still get any Arii/Otaki kits. 

You can, cheap, from Japan


Scroll down, has all the WW2 fighters.

though the only ones with really accurate outlines are Hellcat, Corsair and Fw190.

IIRC they were boxed by AMT in the US at one point.

In the UK they ended  up in Matchbox and Airfix boxes!

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Thanks Troy ... I should’ve been a little clearer. Im Disabled and with a severely restrictive budget. Which sadly prevents me from being able to do much of any shopping online. I get to do it maybe twice a year for my B-day and X-mas. Yes i know 😪 sob story. Im only working on the current batch of models i have, because an old friend didn't want to pay for his Storage unit Stash. He likewise didn't want to ship everything 1000 miles to his current home. So he said i could take anything/everything i wanted. I wound up getting 18 kits with all the A/M goodies he had to go with them. So in summary i meant i wish i had the freedom to order anything online. 

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