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  1. Very nice - mine will be in the same colours. Love the background! What did you use for rigging? Another BZ!
  2. Great pictures and build story - thanks! Mine is quite a way behind yours but is making some progress. I keep getting stuck and then thinking of a way round the problem - the last one was the tail turret fairing and eventually I did much the same as you. It's not quite symmetrical now but not far off. If you make any more canopies from your master, could I put my name down for one?
  3. Very nice - one of the RAF's forgotten fighters slowly coming back into the light. I will wait for the Airfix one. I wonder why they put the paint demarcation line so high on the forward fuselage? I go that wrong when I made the 1/72 Airfix one.
  4. Excellent - love the invasion stripes!
  5. Lovely - a model I really enjoyed building a few years ago.
  6. Excellent build and interesting comments about the scheme. I bought the military version at Telford last year and good to know it goes together well.
  7. Excellent! What paint did you use?
  8. Great to see one of these built - a forgotten kit of a forgotten helo. I had one for years but never made it and guess I must have sold or swapped it. There's a series running on Smithsonian at present called 'Aviation Warriors' and one of the episodes has some period footage of the Cheyenne with a section on the story, but I can't remember if it's the one about the A-10 or the one that covers several attack helos including the Apache - probably the latter but they're all worth looking out for.
  9. Excellent - great builds of very characterful aircraft.
  10. Spectacular silver and sure you're right about the roundels. Xtradecal instructions sometimes aren't 100% reliable.
  11. Very nice! The working parts on those kits were great fun for a youngster. I didn't build the Avenger but remember the Helldiver very well.
  12. Lovely build of a great little kit. I still have mine from many years ago, long before I tried rigging.
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