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  1. Another of those wonderful FROG nostalgia blasts and a great registration - could be a travel agent's display model!
  2. Great nostalgia blast! Amazing you managed to get the decals to settle down over the rivets. Nice nose cannon as well - scratch built? My early teenage one is long gone but I finished a second one (de-riveted!) a few years ago as an AEW2 with the Aeroclub conversion set.
  3. Great! A real nostalgia trip - I still have my ~50 year old Lindberg Salamander and remember how much I enjoyed building it.
  4. bryanm

    SAAF B-26 Marauder

    It's curious that there are few decals for SAAF/RAF Marauders in 1/72 scale and none at all in 1/48. A gap in the market! My Monogram Marauder is waiting........
  5. Really good- love the subtle weathering.
  6. The first two dozen or so Whirlwind fighters had their radio mast attached to the canopy, before it was moved to the starboard fuselage side just ahead of the windscreen: http://www.aviastar.org/air/england/west_whirlwind.php https://www.raf-in-combat.com/downloads/november-2015-westland-whirlwind-23-photos/ I'm puzzled how this worked. Although difficult to see on photos, there was presumably an antenna strung between the mast and the fin, but when the canopy was slid back this must have gone slack and flopped around. Perhaps a good reason to move the mast - or is there another explanation?
  7. Super - spectacular model of a beautiful aircraft!
  8. Just right. I think the spinner looks much better than the Grand Phoenix release.
  9. Very nice - desert colours always look good. Good to hear about the sharkmouth as well.
  10. Great stuff - a real nostalgia blast......as a small boy, I remember being intrigued by the opening blisters on the Arifix kit. It has scrubbed up very well! Thanks for the serial info. I've re-checked the decals on my Revell 1/48 PBY-5 and the RAF option is for WO-Z, W8406! The serial will have to be changed if I do eventually build it as WO-Z, but the new Aviaeology sheet is very tempting.
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