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  1. Superb - I finally got a flight in a Chippie at a Moth Club day at RAF Halton quite a few years ago.
  2. Great build of an unusual bird in unusual colours.
  3. Excellent! Great detail and I think the first 'Crikey' kit to have correct trailing edge radiators. Perhaps they will scale it down to 1/48..........
  4. Very nice and crisp - my favourite mark of Lightning!
  5. Well saved - haven't seen one of those for years!
  6. Brilliant - love the finish and the way you have displayed them.
  7. Excellent result from an old mould. Mine is the biggest kit I've completed and as you say, it went together very well although I remember the engine nacelles weren't a brilliant fit - maybe they have been updated in later releases. A good candidate for airbrushing - brush painting took ages!
  8. Very good - the black/white/silver undersurfaces have come out really well. Surprised to hear about the windscreen - the 1/48 one fitted perfectly.
  9. Great build, nice colour scheme, wonderful finish!
  10. Very nice silver finish. How did you get on fitting in the nose weight?
  11. Well done - must get round to refurbing mine sometime. I think 'basic but accurate' sums it up, like many of the Frogs of that era.
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