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  1. Best looking of all the Meteors and a great result.
  2. Great result! I guess trying to mask into the corrugations must be a nightmare but it has come out very well.
  3. Great piece of history and a wonderful finish.
  4. Great - a real blast from the past, complete with opening bomb bay doors!
  5. Very nice - finished mine earlier this year and agree with your comments about the kit. But when you get to the end it does look every inch a Spit XIV!
  6. Great model of a weird plane and love the story!
  7. Beautiful silver finish and well done for getting the transfers to settle down into the corrugations! Love the control cables as well.
  8. Beautiful - love the way you've blended in the nose glazing, and the turret.
  9. Superb - great result and from a Mach 2 kit as well! One of the all time great might-have-beens and a last fling near the end of the USN's flying boat era- shame they didn't earmark one for preservation. I remember the old Revel 'box scale' prototype but always through the P6M-2 with its redesigned nose looked much better, although for the pilots it was supposed to be a bit of a greenhouse.
  10. Great result and nice early splinter scheme from a near-forgotten kit.
  11. Excellent - love the pre-war silver - and the rigging!
  12. Very nice - return of 'The Lindberg Line'! I've never seen one of those before and it looks very different to the production Tiger.
  13. Beautiful - Buck Rogers by Handley Page! Great white finish - well done.
  14. Great - a real blast from the past! I know what you mean about the decals and good to know they can be persuaded to sit on the corrugations.
  15. Excellent - mine is inching along a bit behind yours. Nice to see the white nose scheme - I'm doing the earlier one which will mean moving the aerial mast to the canopy so I'll be leaving it shut. The later mast position makes it much easier to have the canopy open and you've done a nice job there.
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