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  1. Very nice silver finish. How did you get on fitting in the nose weight?
  2. Well done - must get round to refurbing mine sometime. I think 'basic but accurate' sums it up, like many of the Frogs of that era.
  3. Excellent model of a little known aircraft. My fingers are getting too big for 1/72, never mind 1/144!
  4. Great set of Lightning builds - this was one of my favourite colour schemes. Quite a collection! Very impressed by how your silver schemes have turned out.
  5. Excellent - brings back memories of internal flights on Air Kazakhstan 20+ years ago.
  6. Thanks for the comments and 'likes' That brought back some memories - the model is long gone but found this..........
  7. Classic Monogram kits are always a nostalgia blast for me. Anyone brought up in Rugby in the 1960s may remember the George Over store on the west side of the Market Place. The facade is still there, now merely the front for an indentikit shopping mall, but back then it was the entrance to a treasure house for a small boy. Primarily a stationer and bookshop, upstairs there was also a good modelling section with a selection of the hallowed Monogram kits. Very occasionally I was allowed to choose one and slowly built up a small collection, all long before I discovered 'paint'. The first was the Helldiver, full of magic with its retractable undercarriage, folding wings, working bomb release and sliding canopies. We mock such things today, but then........ They stocked Profile Publications and I was also able to build up a small collection of those, sadly lost in a house move a long time ago. It was a great shock when the shop closed, because it 'wasn't making any money'! What, I demanded, did that have to do with it? I have since wondered whether there was someone in their management who was a modelling enthusiast and set up that part of the shop. One I never made was the Typhoon, but found a second hand example for £10 on a stand at the Modelkraft show in Milton Keynes a few years ago. It was the 1995 Revell-Monogram release, moulded in a rather hard dark brown plastic which turned out to be remarkably workable. It's a simple kit, with nothing to stop it being 'see through' around the radiator moulding, so that was blocked off with a generous fillet of black painted Kristal Klear. The fit was good, there was little flash and the shape looks right. It is from the box apart from tape harnesses and is brush painted with Humbrol enamels. The decals were thick with yellowing backing paper but aftermarket decals were thin on the ground and I wanted this to be a Monogram Typhoon so persevered with them. The result isn't too bad, from a distance. In the stash is the Eduard Tempest, which I'm sure will be a very different build experience! Also a few years ago, I found a reissue of the Monogram Mosquito on a visit to the Mosquito Museum at Salisbury Hall. The accuracy issues of this kit are now well documented, but when first released it was a sensation. I couldn't resist it and built it in short order, this time around as a B.IV (rather than an FB.VI - removing the bomber nose was my first attempt at kit surgery) and with 'paint'!
  8. Excellent - a better kit than its reputation suggests and you've got a great result!
  9. Great nostalgia blast - I remember the excitement when it was first released and still have the now rather tatty result on the shelf.....
  10. Excellent - in that so difficult silver finish.
  11. Beautiful - love the factory finish! I didn't know they were used by the RAAF.
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