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  1. I reckon they will be down your neck of the woods chap.
  2. I have finally checked through the thread to see if I have replied before.... Cessna 172 out of Lydd in the 70's, tenner for a flight... Chipmunk as a Cadet out of Cambridge 727 - American Airways 737 - Brittania/BA/Dan 747 - United 757 - Brittania 767 - United Shorts 360 - Not sure who it belonged to..Stanstead to Dusseldorf ATR42 - Not sure who it belonged to..Southampton to Guernsey Viscount - Virgin Airways DC-3 Air Atlantic Scout Gazelle Sea King S-61N Puma Chinook Wessex Hercules C1 & C3 Tristar VC-10 UH-60
  3. Great model, lovely paintwork. Having initially not read Fritags comments above, I was about to say whoever at the Air Ministry or on the Sqn came up with the gunner stripe on the tail idea needed shooting LOL....
  4. Chris, brush paint yellow, yeah, did that once !!!! Good work to keep on it though. Trust me, we all have kits with smaller problems than that hidden in the back of the cupboard. I don't airbrush, so all yellow, especially on my Yellowjacks Gnat was/is curtesy of a rattle can. Although, the Games Workshop yellows are nice to brush.
  5. Said it before Fritag and will say it again, theres a market for the stuff you are doing here. To be fair with six bikes in the garage you probably ain't got time.
  6. That is a lovely build. Always enjoy looking at the Russian built Airliners, always looked so elegant...... And checking my logs, I saw LZ-BTX at Heathrow 28Aug91...
  7. It is amazing how these things are changing the battlefield, it will be interesting to see how forces look to counter this development, and how these developments shoot off into the Civilian sphere. You can be sure some smart boys and girls are having bright ideas as we speak.
  8. I feel the sarcasm force is strong in this one Skywalker..........
  9. Reckon the fuel containers were A.P.F.C's (Air Portable Fuel Containers ?), carried 1860pitres of fuel I seem to remember from my 1985 course !!!), also known as 'bo@@@@ks' as they look like, well, you get the picture.
  10. There is a hell of a draft from a Chinook, but the Merlin really caught me out when I was out with the SHF. I was expecting Puma Plus downdraft and got Chinook minus if you see what I mean. Puma and Sea King were okay to go in under the blades while turning to refuel. Oddly I disliked the Scouts and Wasps the most, the refuelling point was on the decking on the starboard side of the engine, and you had to put your arm upwards with basically a normal Petrol Station refuelling pump. Never felt right.
  11. Lovely set of Phantoms there, well done on having the patience to do all those stencils.... Not sure your thoughts around the FG1 being more suitable for the fighter role than the FGR2 have any real basis. 23, 56 at Wattisham, 19, 92 at Wildenrath, , 29 at Coningsby ,1435Flt down South all coped with using the FGR2 rather than the FG1. As I understand it, 111Sqn went to FG1 from FGR2 mainly so both Leuchars Sqn were flying the same variant, nothing more. Just re-read the thread above, hand painted...wow, great work.
  12. Good stuff. Something proper ugly about a P-47, always looks like it means business.
  13. Not sure where the pictures are chap ?
  14. Yeah, I like the looks of that, coming on nicely.
  15. And on the brightside, MEK is great for getting rid of Wasp nests......
  16. So you have been selling paint that has been known to have a problem since 2013 and thats Humbrol fault.....
  17. 'Customers are advised not to continue to use Humbrol enamels until further notice, and to seek alternative paints'. I have been using Humbrol paints for I guess 48 years, where do I claim.....
  18. Sorry, yep you're right, Gripen was in with a shout but I was thinking more about Typhoon and Rafale which were ruled out for integration issue I believe. I suspect anything other than American was never going to happen to be honest.
  19. Wasn't the choice really only down F-18's, or F-35 due to the rules regarding integration into the North American Air Defence system.
  20. Pravda, fake ? Tell me it ain't so......
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