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  1. I have a feeling 1/48 is where the future of Airfix lies anyway, year on year they are making more at that scale.
  2. Aftermarket is optional.................
  3. Looks lovely, and while £72 is a bit hot for me, I suspect it is a decent price for a modern tooling of a Cold War Jet. Tamiya Phantom £80.00+ anyone. Perhaps time has moved on and it just is the way the world is nowadays....if it comes to price I probably struggle with the £24.00 for a 1/72 Meteor more than this......but then Revell were knocking out the Hunter 1/72 for £18.00.........stop now, my head hurts...... This look great......
  4. But you are only an hour away from the Mecca of Modelling in Oulton Broad....
  5. I have been thinking of selling my 1/72 stash and going 1/48 only. but recently I have been looking at the 1/24 Mossie and Typhoon, and now this rolls across the screen.....
  6. @$@%@&@$@£@ If I had of known about that I would have gone down, looked a good day, thanks for the Photo's.
  7. I know where you are coming from ref models in the Newsagent. The Matchbox Rep in Colchester must have made a killing as all the little sweet/toy/corner/newagents shops were selling them.
  8. Blimey Enzo, I think you are in love
  9. I think it's a Hellcat to be honest. Size is an odd thing, 1/48 Mossie is probably as large as I can go at the moment however it would take a divorce to enable me to buy the 1/24.................................divorce it is then !!!!
  10. I suspect that if Airfix have made a Wildcat, the Hellcat must have been a success. 1/24 not being something I can fit in my house am interested in , but the Large Scale Plane site suggests there are people out who are.
  11. Airfix have a good range of RAF WWII, a decent range of RAF 50/60/70's jets, Harrier variant re-release, Jaguar, Tornado, Typhoon, F-35B will follow at one point
  12. Thank goodness for that, I was feeling particularly old at that point...... But back on track I think Hornby were hinting through out the recent TV series with regular shots of an F-35, which I hope would make commercial sense and fit in with the Carrier Picture as well.
  13. Good shout Sir, This x 1000. In fact, with a little change of words removing specific u/c door mention, it should be a sticky on the Front Page of BM.
  14. Well, he's down Ukaraine way now, will be able to see some interesting stuff on the borders down there.
  15. 50th Anniversary of 1982. A 1/6 Jock Taylor Sidecar would be a great memorial to his 50th year since passing.
  16. Yes, I am aware of that....... however I would suggest that post Gary Powers when the High Level Bombers became Low Level Bombers, the TSR2's would have subsumed the role in the log run.
  17. No, you are missing the point entirely. So you think ISIS are taking these things for a flyaround just for a jolly ? If taking this drone out prevents intel being passed that could lead to a single life being lost, it is a missile well spent.
  18. And now for a decent TSR2 model as I believe this was going to be the eventual replacement for the V-Bombers.
  19. Lovely looking model, and I have the decals to do my own build. It was 1985. 100% I flew in this aircraft when painted like this from Bristol Lulsgate into Fairford IAT. I think it was the first staging of Fairford as the IAT. The DC-3 flew in both days. I have a figure of £60.00 in my head for the flight. I know it was 1985, Fairford was the same weekend as Live Aid, I spent the Saturday with a bottle of Southern Comfort, no Coke or Lemonade for some reason so sank it straight, watched the whole show, woke up early on the Sunday morning to get a lift to Bristol and the Dak flight with a stinking headache. Great days.
  20. Phone Phixer is right, first time I realised the wing panels were different colours was when opening the Hasegawa 1/48 RAF Phantom box @1989 and having a look at the Paint Guide. I had been on 19(F) from mid 1987 without noticing the colour difference.
  21. So you went down South and I went to the Deci ACMI trip in 88. Happy days.
  22. Flashman, a bally British hero I tell you. Flashman actions during the charge of the Light Brigade, absolutely epic....
  23. Thats really good, and different, work. Like it.
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