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  1. Lovely - mottled finish is great and nice detailing on the antennae as well. Maybe my favourite WWII German type!
  2. bryanm

    TSR.2 Which kit?

    There's a summary of TSR2 kits here...... https://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/tsr2/models.php
  3. Thanks for the comments. I've not used decal solutions yet but may have to if Airfix decals continue as present. Interesting re watered down PVA as I've used that to restick peeling decals on old models built before I discovered the Kleer -> decal -> varnish sequence. A good business model - buy PVA cheap, water it down and sell it expensive!
  4. Thanks for the comments. The photos flatter the finish! By 'finishing two models in two days' I don't mean 'building two models in two days' - I finished the Spit XIV on Monday and the Fulmar on Tuesday, but started the Spit in November on return from Telford and the Fulmar last summer. I'm not a quick builder! I prefer 'factory fresh' - weathering can look good if done gently but can ruin a model if done with a heavy hand and it's not a skill I've wanted to acquire. It's also always an interpretation, whereas you know that an aircraft was fresh early in its life. Photos of Fulmars in service often show them pretty tatty, no doubt as a result of hard work in salty conditions. Photos of real parked aircraft often (not always) show the control surfaces centred and the flaps retracted (you pull up the flaps as soon as you leave the runway to minimise FOD and give more space under the wings). The Buchons at Duxford last year were all parked with their flaps down (everything else had them up) and photos of Westland Whirlwinds often show them parked with flaps partly or fully down, probably because the flaps and cooling system were linked - I don't know if the Buchon also has its flaps linked to the radiators..
  5. Finishing two models in two days is something of a record, but that's what has happened so here's my MPM 1/48 Fulmar Mk I. Apart from wanting to build it, one reason it got to the top of the pile was the enormous box and the amount of space it was taking up in the stash! It's from the first release without any etch fret or other add-ons. It is one of the best limited run kits I've built with generally good fit, apart from slightly vague locations for some of the cockpit detail. The exceptions were the leading edge inserts for the gun ports, which needed shimming and filling; the landing light transparency, which I could have done much better; and the pilot's canopy. Short of blowing a new one, the solution was to separate the windscreen and canopy with a razor saw and much trepidation. It worked OK and although the sliding section sits a bit high I'm happy with the result. It's from the box apart from boxing in the landing light aperture, harnesses and a stretched sprue antenna, and is brushed with Humbrol enamels. The Fulmar was one of those endearingly inadequate aircraft which nevertheless played a vital role in the war and I'm pleased to have this one as a companion to my Grand Phoenix Firefly. Thanks for looking!
  6. I nearly bought one of these when they were released but eventually got one from the Wonderland stall at Telford last year. First impressions were a bit mixed, with very thick sprue gates and obstructive ejector pin towers which meant it wasn't easy to get a clean cut at them. There was a moulding flaw on the port fuselage half which needed filling and the edges of the front fuselage halves curved inwards slightly so the joint needed filling as well. The port upper wing half fitted almost perfectly but the starboard one........it was a choice between a good joint at the wing root and the whole panel swept back, or the panel lining up at the leading and trailing edges and a wedge shaped gap at the wing root. Obviously I went for the latter and more filler. I guess it was a 'Friday afternoon' moulding. Although I've heard of them before from Airfix, this was the first one I've experienced. The plastic was rather nasty - both soft and brittle, and I managed to break a couple of parts getting them clear of those sprue gates. I didn't like the transparent wing tips - the fit was poor and it wasn't just clumsiness on my part removing the elliptical tips! As with the Hunter, adhesion of the decals was very poor. I lost one of the stencils before the matt varnish went on and a couple of others started to fall off as I was varnishing. It must be very disappointing for a youngster to spend ages decaling and then find some of them fall off! In the days of transfers, they stuck on so well you had to scrape them off with a fingernail. It was all faintly disappointing after the Defiant, Walrus and Hunter, with some QC issues and some design problems. Whinge over - other than that it went together well and looks every inch a Spitfire. It's from the box apart from the harness, is brushed with Humbrol enamels and makes a nice pair with my now-rather-ancient F22, built from an Eduard boxing of the Airfix plastic which I bought second hand from a stall at a Duxford air display. That put up a fight as well - several of the major parts were badly warped, which is perhaps why it was on sale second hand! Thick sprue gates and ejector pin towers [/IMG][/URL] Moulding flaw and filler The model......
  7. Very good - mine is a little behind yours. I'm also very lukewarm about the kit.
  8. Great! I bought one at Telford and the parts look beautifully moulded.
  9. Fascinating - I have this kit in the stash and the story sheds a new light on it. What a shame about the fate of the model!
  10. Very nice - I bought the 152 from their stand at Telford so inspiration to get it started.
  11. Great result from a brilliant kit - Airfix at their best.
  12. Brilliant - the scribed panel lines are excellent as is your vacform canopy. The markings are Netherlands East Indies Air Force?
  13. Well done - excellent result. I bought the Mach 2 Valiant when it was released but sold it on after seeing what was in the box - you've done a great job on what they provide.
  14. Beautiful! If it has engraved markings, it's ex-Merit.
  15. It is still available on special offer from Hannants - I got one a couple of months ago...... https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AX12008
  16. Excellent - like others, I had no idea the FAA used the Buffalo so thanks for the info. What an excellent finish and love the fine canopy framing!
  17. Very nice - shame the real one hasn't been more of a success.
  18. Yes - looked very good, in the early all silver scheme, at (I think) £80. I didn't take the plunge. I wonder if the decals will be for the later colour scheme (as shown on the AMG picture) or just the early one?
  19. Excellent! I was looking at a real one at Cosford on Saturday and there is most of one standing as gate guardian at the old Westcott aerodrome (former Rocket Research Establishment) north of Aylesbury.
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