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"Far From Home"
BE2e (A10817) 67 Squadron near Gaza 1917.
Oil on canvas (mounted on board 23.5" x 19")
Lt Gerald C Stones (observer) from Wisbech Australia and 2Lt Joseph A Morgon (British pilot attached to 67 from the RFC) where both killed 30 May 1917 flying A1807 when their aircraft whilst on an artillery observation mission was brought down by anti aircraft fire near Gaza.


Thanks for looking,


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Wow, that's not quite what I expected to see (not actually sure what I did expect to see, mind), but I love it. The setting is spectacular, the light superb and the off-level layout seems to work very nicely. These just get better, Terry.


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Great stuff Terry,......great subject, the landscape is superb and the BE.2 is well detailed yet small enough to lend scale to the vast desert surroundings,........all making it very atmospheric and a fine memorial to the two crewmen who died along with everybody else who served in this oft forgotten campaign.



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Superb! A very dramatic painting - I love the slight tilt to the arrangement. I imagine observing from another plane, with neither one of us flying straight and level. When a painting immediately instills such a "you are there" moment, it has succeeded! It also brings to mind the phrase "magnificent desolation" - the desert is stark, foreboding, yet ultimately beautiful.



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As usual Terry, your work is outstanding!

The aeroplane is lovely, & that background is just ...... scary! Imagine flying something like that over somewhere like that...!! No thanks!

Really excellent painting!


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