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  1. Today I received my package containing a full set of Javelin goodies from @TeeELL. They look great! And, thanks to the superb packing, everything looks to be in good shape - none of the parts came loose or broke during shipment across the pond. I am so happy to get these parts so I can make an accurate FAW.9 out of the old Airfix kit. I'm planning on the red and white bird that is at the IWM. I have about 100 photos of her. With those pix and these new 3D printed parts I'll have no excuse when building the model! Thanks for all of your hard work. Cheers, Bill
  2. Wheels and tyres so she can stand up: The mud guard brackets are simple solder. Luckily, the 5g of weight up front that I calculated earlier is enough...barely. If I had used 3g as the instructions say, she'd be a tail-setter. Gear doors and belly tank are on. The tank needed some TLC to get it to follow the contours of the underside. At least that's what she said. The instructions would have you paint the exhaust rings copper - I thought that was odd, so I used Alclad Pale Burnt Metal. I'm not sure this flavour lives up to its name - it looks more like a pale gold to me. Whatever, I used it anyway. My photos of the real thing don't show the colour of this piece much different than the nacelle, but they are all from restored birds. Let's see...what else did I do today? Oh, right, I masked and sprayed the windscreen and canopy. The IFF antenna was sanded and sprayed but I really didn't like how it came out. The moulding was bad to begin with...some nasty seams and a big sprue gate. I decided to just build my own using a circular punch and die set and some small diameter rod. My IFF antenna is on the left, and the kit part on the right: No babysitting tomorrow, but I have to go the hospital in the morning for my monthly IVIG infusion. After that, wifey says my glacial progress may proceed. Cheers, Bill
  3. Lots of tiny capillaries etc. in your head. Even the smallest cut or gash will bleed like crazy. I can't tell you how many times I thought I killed all of my kids in similar circumstances. Now that I'm old I figure if I can't see any grey stuff or a bone sticking out, they're OK. Give 'em an iPad and a cookie. It's funny, every time my grandson gets a boo-boo. I ask if a bone is sticking out. I've said it so much that he now tells me without asking - I don't see any bone Grandpa! Cheers, Bill
  4. Yup, me too. Sign me up for the cockpit in 1:72. Are the pits different for the different marks? My remaining Javelin kit to be built is the FAW.9. Cheers, Bill
  5. Wasn't Lockheed Martin a partner with KAI in the development of the FA-50? There could be quite a bit of F-16 DNA inside. Cheers, Bill
  6. Very nicely done. Does the Polish Air Force still fly this type? Cheers, Bill
  7. I had to get out the big magnifier to read them, but they actually do say PRESS. I assume it's the way to open the panels on the spine. There are also six of them on the nose. I got lucky with how close the Testors Flat Yellow is to the decal. At first I tried good old Insignia Yellow, but it needed a bit of an orange tint to match and I didn't want to mix something up. I found that old bottle of Testors (amazing it hadn't turned into rubber yet) and it was a great match. Pentecostal? I always wondered what snakes have to do with the Naz... Thanks - I do like how the stickers came out. I have to assume that Cartograf printed these, as they reminded me very much of their decals. Strong, thin, and able to be "snuggled." Danke. I think she's just about finished. Not much to go now. Cheers, Bill
  8. Well, believe it or not... It was one of my daughter's favourite shows. She is still in her goth phase wearing only black unless she can find something darker. She has a custom built bookcase shaped like a coffin. Plus, she has a stuffed bat and, get ready, octopus on her wall. She has a 12 foot tall skeleton as a Halloween decoration for the front yard. I could on, but you get the idea. Cheers, Bill
  9. I can understand that. After all, look at all those flying buttresses holding up your 3D printed parts. Cheers, Bill
  10. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11509383-enlightenment-ain-t-what-it-s-cracked-up-to-be Pretty cool book. If you insist - I'm still freaked because I haven't stuck the wheels on yet. Anyway, the stickering is complete: I don't like tiny stickers that say "PRESS" in 0.01 point font. Just saying. I used a decal for the gun camera window. Probably should have made it darker, but I guess it's OK. Now on to the wheels! Cheers, Bill
  11. Don't forget to add the DACO Phantom book to your list, Edward. @Procopius Cheers, Bill
  12. I hate home repairs. Today I spent 6 hours disassembling and clearing a jammed garbage disposer then reassembling and reinstalling. Six bloody hours. Me, the guy who's had ten spinal surgeries crammed into the cabinet below the kitchen sink. This space wasn't big enough for Harry Potter prior to fertilization. All the while the missus was trying to get started on her Christmas baking plus we were babysitting little Dexter, whose was quite interested in swinging the pipe wrench around. Arghh...cue the Anglo-Saxon. Cheers, Bill
  13. While we're all speaking of wives, I must have drawn the lucky straw. I know I joke about it sometimes, but she has never hassled me about any of my hobbies. For the last show I went to (in October) I asked her to withdraw some cash for me in case I saw something I liked. Her response was "is $250 enough?" I think I'll keep her (50th anniversary next year...) Cheers, Bill
  14. Has that ever stopped you before, ye man of innumerable stashness? Cheers, Bill
  15. No luck, the dealer sold my old Sword F.3 kit at a recent model show. Sorry. Cheers, Bill
  16. Yes, continue your quest, young grasshopper. If you find enlightenment - it's not because of the BT. Cheers, Bill
  17. Thanks Stew! Amazing to think that it was all done with flat decals. Thank the big guy for decal solvents - better living through chemistry! Thanks James. For some reason I always called them tie-wraps, but folks nowadays say zip-ties. Beats me - cable ties makes the most sense! Come to think of it, the zip tie nomenclature comes from using the heavy duty jobs as handcuffs. Anyway - there is nothing I hated more than putting lights on the house, or all those other silly decorations in the yard. I didn't mind going up on the roof, but I didn't really have the right ladder for the job. Once up there I was OK, but getting there scared me to death. The kids loved it the first time the lights came on each year, so it was worth it. Nowadays I have one of those "high-tech" projectors that can display all of the original John Leech illustrations from the first printing of A Christmas Carol on the front of the house. No, wait, that's what I want it to project. Instead, there is falling snow and a display of red and green lights designed to induce epileptic seizures. Smart man. I tried with really thin strips of Tamiya tape, but I couldn't get it where I liked it. Then I remembered that I have a sheet of Kabuki tape that has spirals die-cut into it, and I figured it would work. Nope. Spirals were either too big or too small. No luck for the wicked. At that point it was just "Oh blast it, just paint the damn thing with a brush." I don't have essential tremor (yet) so I should be able to do it. It came out OK. I could tell you where I cocked it up, but I won't. Cheers, Bill
  18. Chess or checkers? It goes without saying that I'm happy to move on to other aspects of this build, but I said it anyway just for reinforcement. At the end of the day, the decals settled down nicely, even over the rudder actuator, and the cleanup with my trusty Gunze Mr. Brush Round 0/20 required little effort. I couldn't really figure out how to mask the front of the bullet fairing so I just winged it with the brush. I think you can see that Gunze H414 is an exceptional match to the red checks on the decal sheet. Lucky me, as I didn't want to screw around mixing up something. The rest of the stickers will take an hour maybe, instead of several days for the checks. I hope the yellow I chose when painting the tail matches the yellow in the squadron insignia - it looked pretty good when tested against the decal sheet. Against my better sense of what's right in the world, I used Testors Flat Yellow from one of those tiny bottles that I used to buy for 10 cents when I was, well, younger than I am now. I used Mr. Color Leveling Thinner with it, and didn't have too much of a problem with it clogging the airbrush. It still did, but it wasn't as bad. Anyway, I think she looks purty good. Onward... Cheers, Bill PS. Spent most of yesterday with the Christmas tree and associated decorations. Joy. Now I have to figure out how to get young Dexter, who we babysit four days a week and is 20 months old, not to eat it. The missus always insists on big trees, and this one reaches right up to the ceiling. To put the star on top would require cutting a hole in the sheetrock ceiling, but then you wouldn't be able to see it. So I just zip tied the star to the front of the tree's apex, and now it looks just like the star on an old Texaco gas pump. 'Tis the season for nostalgia.
  19. Just to be sure - is the F8U-3 Crusader III eligible for this group build? It was a further development of the F8U-1 and -2, but it's really an entirely different aircraft. As stated by Tillman: "Though based in spirit on the F8U-1 and F8U-2, and sharing the older aircraft's designation in the old Navy system, the two aircraft shared few parts." Only 5 of these babies were built. Cheers, Bill
  20. Me? You need to speak with my wife! I survived, and was quite pleased to have not overeaten. We had more than 25 people at our "feast" so there were two, count 'em, two turkeys. My son-in-law, my daughters, and my wife did all the cooking - everything was great. No disasters. Stuffing is usually my downfall, but I kept my composure - and now I've got leftovers for the next month! However, you can't get me near pumpkin pie or squash. I must have had a bad experience with orange baby food was I was an infant, and there is some suppressed memory of it in my reptilian brain stem. ***** Checks are almost completed! Photos to follow! Cheers, Bill
  21. Ha! Eisenhower vintage - that got me thinking about building the Aurora (or was it Lindberg?) kit back during my misspent youth. Now those were the days! Cheers, Bill
  22. Yup, that's it, said Mr. Self-deprecation Navy Bird. So you use the Canadian zed then? Let's keep the conversation about the decals shall we? My wife is off-limits. They should, many of them are! ***** I've added the stickers for both sides of the top portion of the fin - things will be much better here! I trimmed a bit more so that there is not much that wraps around the leading edge. This will make it much easier to link up the checks on each side, and it doesn't look like any checks will become rectangles. Cheers, Bill, who is not really looking forward to huge platefuls of Thanksgiving dinner today. Maybe just a nice glass of Doom Bar instead...
  23. Add to that list a nice modern 1:72 kit of the Republic XF-12 Rainbow. What a gorgeous aircraft. Our only choices at present are Anigrand and vacuform. Need I say more. Cheers, Bill
  24. A rather uninspiring set of photos considering how much time went into this! Ugh. First, after the top went on following a lot of trimming (the checks on the bullet fairing are a separate decal - the fore and aft part of the fairing still needs to be painted red): Und ze bottom - I've already "fixed" the trailing edge so it continues around to the top. You can see that some of the square checks are now rectangles. (Gonna be a bear putting a sticker over the rudder rod thingy though): Maybe it will be OK. If it means anything, the Airfix decals snuggle down very nicely with Micro Sol. They are not as thick as they look or feel. Here is where I ended up - the areas of yellow where it would seem a red check is required are unavoidable. If I added red checks in those areas they would be adjacent to neighbouring red checks and the problem would be more noticeable. There is no rest for the inept. Luckily I found red stripes from a Revell F/A-18E decal sheet that match the Airfix decals perfectly. The two decal sheets look and feel like they were made by the same printer. Whatever. I was able to use tiny bits of red decal stripe and tiny bits of red paint to clean up this mess. I found that Gunze H414 (RLM 23 Red) is a near perfect match, and that will come in handy when I paint the front and back part of the bullet fairing. If you think about adding just a single thin red stripe on the stabilisers that you want to be parallel to the longitudinal axis, and you wanted a single decal that carried the stripe around to the bottom, that stripe would be v-shaped. It would not be straight. And that is the problem here with the way these decals were designed. Off to waste some more time on the fin now... Cheers, Bill
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