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  1. I think you can see that in the photo I included in my post above. I tried to increase the gamma in that photo to try and bring out any other details inside the intakes, but was not successful. The horizontal lines in my photo seem much wider (when compared to the width of the intake) than the fairings in John's P-59 pic which is why I initially thought they might be piping of some sort. Cheers, Bill
  2. That's a keeper - very nicely done! I think your painting technique really nailed the look. Cheers, Bill
  3. "Ah, my valve is opening." Many years ago, I set myself to the task of generating a screenplay, but despaired at the unavailability of Charles Laughton for the lead role (he's dead you know) and Katherine Hepburn as the Minx (she was badly wrinkled at the time and may have been dead). I thought I would have to resort to Sean Penn and Madonna! Argh!! I would rather consume my weight in Paradise Vendors Inc. wieners. Cheers, Bill PS. What does any of this have to do with 3-D printing a Sea Vixen?
  4. Tony Kline's translation of the Iliad is quite good, one of my favourites. I think I have downloaded everything he has at his Poetry in Translation website. Highly unusual in today's day to see someone have such a passion for what he's doing, and then give away his work for free. Makes me feel guilty every time I download something. Thank goodness he has a Donate button. **** I'm anxious to see how you like this new kit. I have the old Sword Vc, which doesn't look half bad but I don't know about its fit or accuracy. I don't like the sound of the puff-pastry plastic you
  5. Can't wait for that! Anyone want to buy my Anigrand kit? Deep discounts... Exquisite work on the model, Seversky! As usual, of course. Cheers, Bill
  6. I just received the F-4EJ Kai 2020 Special Marking (Blue). In my experience, this is the finest F-4 kit I've ever seen in this scale. Haven't built it yet, of course, so I don't know how it goes together. But it sure looks sweet! I can't wait to see how many more versions FineMolds produce. Cheers, Bill
  7. Well, cheating doesn't always work. I packed what was left of the forward fuselage with all those tiny ball bearings, and there is just not enough room for the required weight. What I got in will help, but I can guarantee that she'll still be a tail-setter. So, I'm going to repeat the solution that I used for my Tigercat: Namely, wheel chocks. I just so happen to have this PE set: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/pp-aeroparts-ac703-raf-wheel-chocks--183403 The question then is - would these be appropriate for the Tucano? The photos I have seem to show
  8. Hmm...over here, that was a Mercury Capri I think, I built a model of one of those when I was but a wee lad. You say resin fairy like it's a bad thing. At times, I curse it, but at other times I love it. I guess it's like everything else - there are good kits and bad kits. One thing is for sure though, a proper resin kit can have much finer detail than an injected moulded one. Especially in this tiny scale that I build in! Miming and wriggling, eh? I guess I need to know what old timey song you're using before I can complete this picture in my mind.
  9. Really hard to tell, but this photo doesn't seem to show a bullet fairing. Cheers, Bill
  10. One of the most overlooked aspects of scale modelling, and indeed one of its most pleasurable, is...cheating. Faced with the nigh impossible task of adding 7g of Liquid Gravity into significantly less than 7g of space meant there could be only one answer. Add more space! With my eagle eye always on the lookout for ways to cheat, I saw that the nose gear doors are not only split into two longitudinally, but also into two laterally. Hence, there are four nose gear doors. The aft set of two doors are closed when on the ground. That means that the rear half of the nose gear bay ca
  11. Just arrived from the Land of The Rising Sun: And: And a little something I'm going to attempt to use to spruce up the old Fujimi FG.1 A&AEE XT597 kit: It's made for the Airfix kit, but I'll get my hammer out and make it fit the Fujimi. I've done stranger things. Cheers, Bill
  12. As my modern art teacher used to say "for those of you on LSD this must look really interesting!" Cheers, Bill
  13. That sounds nice, especially the Harvard Mk.IIB-IV. I better stock up on yellow paint. Cheers, Bill
  14. Thanks - I think I can see it. And I can remember de-gaussing the old cathode ray tube displays to clean up the "colour smudging." I think I'm old... Got it - thanks. Nice cutaway drawings. They are a big help to me since I basically don't know squat about airplanes. No worries on the hijack, that was quite a story. My brother flew Jolly Greens during Vietnam, and he has some similar stories. Yikes! ***** Does anyone know why the front side of the Tucano prop blades have that crazy late-night TV sign-off test pattern paint
  15. I sent an email to the members of my local modelling club asking if anyone had a 1:72 F-111E or F that they were willing to sell. (I was actually looking for the old AMT/ERTL F-111F). Ken, the President of our club was crew chief on an F-111D back in the day (the very same aircraft that is now at the USAF Museum), and he responded right away offering this kit. I asked him how much he wanted, and he asked me what I wanted to pay. I suggested $40, and he said no but he'd take $10. I tried to talk him "up" but no luck. So I reluctantly paid the $10. Apparently, his stash has sever
  16. Very nice indeed! This reminds me as well that I have one in the loft somewhere... Cheers, Bill
  17. What a great job! And what a beast! That has to be a big'un in 1:48 scale. The 3-D printed instrument panel "decals" are quite intriguing - and look fantastic. Cheers, Bill
  18. Truly exceptional modelling, Roger. Bravo! I have the 1:72 Valom kit, but I have reason to doubt it will turn out this nice! Cheers, Bill PS. Good movie too. I have it on DVD.
  19. Great news! I shall be on the lookout for a stockist. Thank you! Hmm...methinks there is no blast screen in this kit. I guess I'll have to make one. Anyone have a photo? I see. Well, what do I know? The closest I ever got to flying was jumping my snowmobile over a creek. (Um, I ended up IN the creek.) Cheers, Bill PS. Oh, I almost forgot. I cut out the kit's rudder by following the panel lines. Well, guess what? The panel lines were not in the same position on each half of the fuselage, so I've got some fixin
  20. Excellent PE work, Nikolay. Extra fun in 1:72 scale! It will really add to the model. Cheers, Bill
  21. I managed to get my hands on one of these: For $10.00. That's 10 US dollars. Sometimes the piper pays you I guess... Cheers, Bill PS. Now I just need the new Caracal decal sheet with the nose art birds from Upper Heyford.
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