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Another DC-10 retirement thread - RNLAF at Newquay


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Seeing Radleigh's DC-10 thread has prompted me to post a few from another recent DC-10 retirement. On the 11th April 2014 Netherlands Air Force DC-10 T-255 made its last flight from Eindhoven to Newquay Airport where it will be scrapped. Fortunately the DC-10 arrived and parked directly outside the Classic Air Force enclosure, unfortunately it only stayed there a couple of hours before it was towed away to its final resting place. A RNLAF C-130H accompanied the DC-10 to collect the crew and some equipment.

Final landing at Newquay



Crossing the Runway:


Heading towards the CAF enclosre.


Unloading equipment:



C-130H arrives.


Crew munch some sandwiches before the flight home:


C-130H leaving:




DC-10 is towed away to be scrapped:


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Hadn't realised that the range of activities at ex-RAF St Mawgan had expended to include aircraft scrapping. Could you give us a few more details? Who does it? What have they tackled so far?


A company called Apple Aviation are scrapping this DC-10, this is their first at Newquay and I understand that the large Hangar emerging on the old Nimrod Line is being built for this purpose.

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I flew out of St Mawgan last night and the KDC-10 was already looking a bit peaky. Couldn't be sure, but it looked as though the engines had come off and there were lots of panels flapping around in the wind.

Interestingly - especially to someone who occasionally has to rely on FlyBe - three of their Embraers were lying around idle near the Dutch thingy. I've just seen some boasting from them about new routes out of London City, but they still give the impression of an airline slowly deflating into a rubbery blob.

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Very sad - I noticed the Tristar at Kemble has been towed over to the scrap area the other day when I drove past and is now minus its wing engines :(

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A week later and scrapping process is well under way. I was able to get close courtesy of the VW Club, who had an event on the airfield (£2 entry). I was asked to stop taking photographs of the aircraft (WHY?) which I agreed to do because I already had some! I took some more from behind a barrier when they weren't looking :)

14267370772_2f13979f5b_s.jpgT-255 McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF(cn 46987/255) KLu. by ATom.UK, on Flickr

14289623923_c6cf878810_s.jpgT-255 McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF(cn 46987/255) KLu. by ATom.UK, on Flickr

14082805259_030a10279c_s.jpgT-255 McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF(cn 46987/255) KLu. by ATom.UK, on Flickr

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Nice photos, they certainly aren't wasting any time.

Since she arrived there have been two further visits from Dutch Air Force C-130H Hercs to collect parts.

Newquay, 14th May 2014:


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