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  1. I have a couple of destroyers, from Poland I think, that I suspect were originally Frog moulds. My record in group builds is not good, but please include them as my entry. Thank you.
  2. I am aware of this incident. My understanding was that the aeroplane was shot down, to prevent it defecting to East Germany.
  3. I read somewhere (no idea where,sorry) that the Tallboy bomb doors worked on bungee cords, that opened from the weight of the bomb then were pulled closed afterwards.
  4. Thank you, that is useful. I also agree with your slogan: 1/72 is the best!
  5. This set will provide the next 4 models that I shall make. I will use the 3 kits included, but each will have a European operator. The P-47 will be French, the P-51 will be RAF (Cheshire, 617 Squadron) and the B-17 RAF (214 Squadron, 100 Group, Bomber Command). The extra kit is an Airfix B-17G which will be made as the Sally B. I have sourced the relevant decals, but I am unsure of the difference between the P-51B & C. Note: I have posted photos before (from Flickr) but I cannot do this now. I will submit the picture later.
  6. I will have to take part in this as December 16th is mybirthday. AT
  7. Correction. That should read that Leonard Cheshire flew a P-51! Whoops
  8. Thank you, that is a very detailed reply. You are correct in your assumption ref the P-47 and P-51. The P-47 will be a bubble top variant, from late or just after the war, in Armee de l'Air markings. The P-47 will be the one used by Leonard Cheshire of 617 Squadron for target marking. I have decals for it from the xtradecal 617 Squadron set. My intention was to show where the US markings had been on the French P-47, I have not decided on the P-51 although I once read that some RAF aeroplanes used US colours rather than fully replace them. I think I was going to see how the French P-47 looked f
  9. I have some US aeroplanes, a P47 & P51, that I intend to complete as French AF and RAF. I intend to us Humbrol paints, but something slightly different for the areas on the wings and fuselage showing where the US markings have been covered. I am looking for something slightly lighter than the Neutral Grey and slightly darker than the Olive Drab. I do not want to mix colours. Any suggestions?
  10. Done it now, thank you.
  11. Thank you. I am a member of Flickr so I should be ok. Watch this space!
  12. OK, I give up. How do I upload a photograph that is on this i-pad?
  13. Here are a few Lancaster kits waiting to be made. I think there are 21 altogether. From the front, they are: Frog, Airfix (new), Hasegawa, Revell, Revell, Airfix (1979), Airfix (1979), Airfix (1979), Airfix (1979), Airfix (1979, Dambuster version, in masking), Airfix (1979). In the boxes, from bottom to top: Airfix Mk II, Airfix (new) x 2, Hasegawa (contains 2 x Revell Lancasters), Revell (contains a Hasegawa Lancaster). In the box on top are an Airfix (new) and a Revell kit. The almost complete model on the right is a 1979 Airfix. It is completed as the 2 VC winners' aircraft of 5
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