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  1. Prompted by the discovery of a Revell B412 bag of sprues inside a 1/72 Merlin kit (no idea how it got there!) I thought I'd look through some of my photos. Sadly it would appear that the writing is on the wall for these beauties. I haven't seen all of them but have been lucky enough to catch 'Hearts', 'Spades' and 'Clubs'. During 2019 and 2020, both ZJ704 and ZJ705 passed through Cobham at Newquay for servicing. ZJ704 in various states of undress and test flight.
  2. That's very true, the same can be said for Pumas, Chinooks etc. You can just about get away with it when they are land-locked. Very nice images. They certainly look good in that light.
  3. Only 4 Avengers in total. You'd be lucky to see three on the flighline on any given day. Merlin movements - more than three up would be a busy day and that doesn't happen often. Culdrose is a lot quieter than it was just 3 or 4 years ago.
  4. I agree, they should be green (and look better in green). From a photography point of view green looks good in sunshine, but dull as dishwater on a typical British overcast day.
  5. There are a couple of good museums. Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre at Newquay Airport. Cornwall at War Museum at Davidstow (there is a smaller museum dedicated to RAF Davidstow Moor next door).
  6. Thanks for the comment Mark. I'm glad someone finds them interesting.
  7. It's been a very quiet start to the year for me with not much happening at the local airport (Newquay). I've also had to turn down the offer of a couple of what turned out to be productive trips to the loop due to finally attending concerts which have been rescheduled several times in the last two years. Anyway, I have been lucky catching a few helicopter movements on the local Moors. They appear to have been assisting DSTO with one of the least popular courses that all aircrew have to attend. You never know what may turn up but it seems to run in phases. The last 2 years have been mostly Pumas, before that Chinooks, this year seems to be the turn of the Junglie in January, March and April. The weather has been mixed but the Moorland colours and gorse in recent weeks have been a joy. ZJ121 'Echo' last week. Bravo on a wet day in March Delta descending into a dark valley just before sunset in January And finally this CP-140 paid a brief visit to Newquay in March. The first time I've seen one of the Block IV modified Arouras.
  8. There are some photos on Modeldecal set 25 and 26 showing 45 and 58 Sqn Hunters with asymmetric outer wing stores of SNEB under one wing and CBLS under the other. This was I believe quite common on these two Squadrons.
  9. Lovely set of images. A sad week all round with 736 NAS disbanding as well.
  10. I seem to remember the demarcation line between the cammo and black in the early days wasn't a straight line but wavy.
  11. I was going to delete it. Heavily cropped, taken just outside Bodmin. I reckon the B52 was just NE of Padstow so a distance of 8-10 miles away.
  12. I managed to grab a pic of it , It's gear was down as it flew slowly up the North Cornish Coast.
  13. Looks very clean compared to the ones I've seen recently.
  14. According to FlightGlobal, RAF Pumas will be replacing the AAC B212s in Brunei this year, and replacing 84 Squadron's B412s next year.
  15. Yes, shame they are so anonymous looking. They are fairly regular visitors to the UK, I saw one on VR tracking across England earlier this week, not sure where it went. This one paid a couple of visits to Newquay in Oct and Nov last year.
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