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  1. According to FlightGlobal, RAF Pumas will be replacing the AAC B212s in Brunei this year, and replacing 84 Squadron's B412s next year.
  2. Yes, shame they are so anonymous looking. They are fairly regular visitors to the UK, I saw one on VR tracking across England earlier this week, not sure where it went. This one paid a couple of visits to Newquay in Oct and Nov last year.
  3. Wonderful to see the Tracker, and the Neptune is sublime. Thanks for sharing. Pete
  4. Thanks Mark, it's a great place, it even featured on a Michael Portillo program a few weeks ago. Shame it isn't used very much. Pete Many thanks, I've seen a few pick ups at this location and was thinking the same thing. Pete
  5. Earlier this week I met a friend on Bodmin Moor where we spoke to a lone driver looking after a couple of Army trucks (very friendly but he didn't give much away). Putting 2 and 2 together, with some local knowledge and a bit of a trek we eventually found a group of Commandos about to stage an attack on an abandoned building. They told us where we'd be safe to watch so we did some climbing and found a suitable spot. The Wildcat provided some recce (from a long way away) and then some top cover during the attack. Interestingly one of the Aircrew has been in touch with my friend after seeing his photos and said he could see us and the dog on their camera, we weren't even aware the helicopter was there at that stage! As an aside, has anyone got their hands on the Airgraphics Wildcat conversion yet?
  6. 2021 has been a good year for seeing Pumas and I've been lucky enough to see a few on the local Cornish Moors. One evening earlier this week I was told that one had landed at Newquay Airport so I decided to dig out my tripod and give it a try. Not knowing what to expect after dark at Newquay I was encouraged to see that the horrible orange floodlights I'd seen there a few years ago had been replaced. Fortunately the young lady at the Airport had parked the Puma facing the fence almost under the lights. The rest was up to me, taking photographs on a tripod through a fence and on a soft muddy surface wasn't easy.
  7. Thanks Mark. They do see to break more often than more conventional Helicopters. Earlier this year a US Marine at Okehampton was overheard saying he'd managed 15 years in the service without flying in one, a record he was happy to proclaim. I think some of the local Hotels are accustomed to short notice extensions by aircrew Many thanks Andy, That was the first time I've seen a Spanish Navy Citation.
  8. Last Friday CV-22B 08-0047 (Knife 71) made a planned visit to Newquay Airport, a rare sight in Cornwall and something worth getting the wife to keep my dinner in the oven for. Things didn't quite go to plan for the crew who ended up staying in Cornwall for five nights. I popped by the airfield the next morning hoping to catch its departure but it soon became obvious that the Osprey was going nowhere. With rumours that another one was on the way down with parts I decided to hang around for an hour. While waiting this Spanish Navy Citation arrived for a quick stop, surprisingly either unnoticed or ignored by others waiting to see the second Osprey. The second Osprey, 11-0059 eventually arrived for a quick gas and go.
  9. Lovely selection. Such a shame they've been an increasingly rare sight in recent years.
  10. Thanks for looking and commenting. At the moment Newquay is excellent for photography with access to locations that could only have been dreamt about when it was RAF St Mawgan. Unfortunately this will change in the near future with the advent of Spaceport.
  11. It certainly felt like the USAF had taken over Newquay Airport for 2 and a half weeks in June. I decided to stay away from the Airport during the four days of the G7 conference, the road closures and other restrictions would have meant viewing from a considerable distance with the associated frustrations of either low cloud or heat haze to contend with. Instead I decided to concentrate on the week before and after the conference when there were no such restrictions. I lost count of the total number of C-17 movements but I think that I counted 12 different serials, some visited two or three times.
  12. Superb set! Almost tempted to risk sneaking in a new Airfix Vulcan pass the Mrs.
  13. That's very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Many thanks for looking and taking the time to comment. Many thanks. We seem to be seeing more Pumas this year, a consequence of their Afghan tasking coming to an end I guess. The 84 Sqn Griffin was a lucky catch, just two days later it was bagged up and loaded on to a lorry. Thanks Mark. I'm sure the USMC visit will be the highlight of the year, something none of us thought we'd ever see so close to home. I spent 4 days up there - 2 blank days and two days watching these fascinating machines coming and going. Some folk spent the entire week there and it appears I missed a Venom and Viper on the Saturday.
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