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  1. Well - the 'new' Revell MH-47 which includes decals for ZH903 landed on my actual doorstep this week. The real ZH903 has landed not far from my doorstep in the last couple of years. Also ZH900:
  2. The Frog Shack brings back many happy memories and I was totally thrilled when I received one for Christmas in the mid 1970s. Incidentally the rail tracks to slide a Shack into the hangar sideways are still evident at St Mawgan.
  3. Many thanks for the updates. Looking forward to this one.
  4. Sorry to bore you with another, but I managed to catch K (XW220) near home last week. Most impressed to see that it is as nimble and agile as I remember. It appeared almost from nowhere, unlike the Chinook which you can hear approaching from miles away.
  5. Very nice. Had the pleasure of a couple of these at Newquay during July. I thought one of them was a resident Royal Navy 'FOST Taxi' when I saw it approaching. Very similar colours.
  6. Thanks for the kind comments. I'd totally forgotten about this one I saw at Plymouth Hoe last year, ZJ956 / Y, so it seems the coding process has been ongoing for a while. A quick search of Flickr shows the following: XW220 / K XW231 / N ZA940 / V ZJ954 / W ZJ955 / X ZJ956 / Y ZJ957 / Z
  7. I managed to catch this on the Moors near home last week, on closer examination I've noticed that this machine (ZA940) carries the barely visible code letter V just to the rear of the defensive aids fittings. As I haven't seen one of these beauties for a while, I'm just wondering if the rest of the fleet have been coded?
  8. Great set of images despite the weather. In fact better than if it had been sunny as shooting into the sun at Yeovilton is even less fun. Merlin/Wildcat duo is the 'stand out' photo.
  9. I've just caught this thread. I have BW Model Kits of most of what you are after, also still have a couple of unmade 1/76 resin Mark 9 kits (Capricorn Miniatures). There are also dimensions and scale vehicle drawings in two old books called Encyclopedia of the Modern Royal Air Force. I'll see if I can dig them out. Your image on the first page is a Mark 9 taken by me at RAF St Mawgan in 1988. The image below is not mine but was taken at the same place around 1977 and shows a Mark 6, with what would have been a brand new Mark 9 in the background. Ace Models have just released the Mark 6 in 1/72 scale and is available from Hannants.
  10. Yes it is James, in fact it's my photo from St Mawgan IAD 1985. Coincidentally a couple of weeks ago I had a request for the image from the Pilot who saw the photo on Air Britain.
  11. I've had a look at some of my photos of later HC4s (crop of the area attached) and they are not spherical. I seem to remember them being football shaped on the original Mk 4s.
  12. Looking forward to the Argus, my Britannia is waiting
  13. I also have a pic from Fairford 97 of a RAF Hawk, I reckon it was conspicuity trials.
  14. I have photos of XX205 wearing these markings at Culdrose in 1996. By the time I saw it again at Culdrose in 1998 they had been removed. I also have photos of XX346 wearing these markings at Culdrose in 1997 and 1998. From what I can see it is just the upper surfaces marked with the white wing tips/roots. If you are modelling an aircraft post 2000 I wouldn't bother with the white bits.
  15. Spotted during a quick gap in the cloud over Newquay this morning.
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