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  1. A very nice set. Very true about the light. Quite often I don't even bother to lift the camera for one if it's dull. On a sunny day the shade of green can look totally different depending on the time of day.
  2. Nice selection, thanks for sharing. I actually like the look of the machine.
  3. Very nice. The first image is very pleasing, and the Osprey is always impressive.
  4. That's something a little different, nice to see. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Yes, according to their website they are all ex military. I'm not sure who they are training, seem to be mainly foreign Military but I heard a rumour that they'd taken on some UK students as a sort of 'Shawbury overflow'. They seem to be very busy at Newquay, Griffins are up daily, Squirrels most days and they also have some tiny little Cabri G2s. The AW139 (ZR283) is still in the Hangar but hasn't flown for a while, the 2 AW109s (ZR324 and ZR325) left the Newquay fleet earlier this year and are now on the civilian register somewhere. I think there is still an 84 Squadron Griffin in the Hangar.
  6. That's one of the Cobham Helicopter Academy Griffins based at Newquay. The Wife and I were out for a walk on the North Coast this week and could hear one very nearby, couldn't find it for ages and when we did we couldn't get to it. Very close to the cliff edge:
  7. He was just hanging around
  8. Thanks for the kind comments. One more to add from a walk with the wife/dog on the North Coast today. ZH834
  9. 847 Naval Air Squadron (Perhaps better known many years ago as 3 Commando Brigade Air Squadron) share a pool of Wildcats with the Army Air Corps. All Wildcat AH1s are based at RNAS Yeovilton. The only way to tell who is flying them is probably the callsign.
  10. Great selection. I visited 115 Sqn at RAF Benson many years ago, a fascinating unit but their routine tasking meant they were often ignored. I have to say the sand/dark earth scheme suited the Andover (and Hercules). I have an S&M Andover in the stash and am waiting for someone to do 115 Sqn decals, could be a long wait I reckon.
  11. This year began with a reasonable mix of aircraft, mainly caught visiting my local at Newquay Airport. The Fleet Air Arm seem to feature prominently so here is a FAA themed topic. Of note: 1. The Merlin HM2 was using an 849 Squadron Callsign 'Guardian' last used by the Sea King ASaC7 . 2. Probably the last time I'll see a Junglie in proper colours. 3. All taken not far from home in North Cornwall (Airport/Moors) before Lockdown on the 23rd March. Merlin HM2 at Bodmin Airfield: Wildcat AH1...847 NAS
  12. The only airshow log I have to hand for that period is Culdrose. 56(R) Sqn provided the Tornado displays in 2000 and 2005. In between the Tornado displays were a mix of 15(R) Sqn and MFG2. ZE339 was used in 2000. ZE258 was one of the spares that year. I seem to remember ZG774 and ZE736 were a pair marked like this for the 2005 season.
  13. I should emphasise that the majority of times, all I come away with is a shoe caked in horse or sheep Poo Many thanks, I think many people had their first driving experience at Davidstow, me included. In fact I vividly remember driving my brother-in laws Mini into a ditch up there in the mid 1970s, and the two of us trying to lift it out.
  14. Situated on the North West edge of Bodmin Moor is the disused airfield that was RAF Davidstow Moor. Not much happens there these days, activity is limited to learner drivers, dog walkers, model aircraft flying, limited flying by the local microlight club and sadly fly tippers. The name Davidstow is perhaps better known for the local creamery which produces a number of well know cheeses. Very occasionally military helicopters turn up unannounced and use the airfield for training, the following images were taken during dog walks over the last 2 or 3 years . 1 2 3 (while editing, I zoomed in on my wife in the car in the background....she's reading the paper, didn't even look up ) 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 And finally...one that just didn't want to be found:
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