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  1. Evalman

    Canadair conversions

    Looking forward to the Argus, my Britannia is waiting
  2. Evalman

    regarding white areas on black finished Hawks?

    I also have a pic from Fairford 97 of a RAF Hawk, I reckon it was conspicuity trials.
  3. Evalman

    regarding white areas on black finished Hawks?

    I have photos of XX205 wearing these markings at Culdrose in 1996. By the time I saw it again at Culdrose in 1998 they had been removed. I also have photos of XX346 wearing these markings at Culdrose in 1997 and 1998. From what I can see it is just the upper surfaces marked with the white wing tips/roots. If you are modelling an aircraft post 2000 I wouldn't bother with the white bits.
  4. Evalman

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Spotted during a quick gap in the cloud over Newquay this morning.
  5. Evalman

    1/72 SAR RAF Leconfield

    I just looked at his website. I think Mr Air Graphic may have put the wrong name on his product. He lists it as a Douglas Super Taskmaster which is this His resin prototype, which does look nice, is of one of these which as far as I'm aware is a Massey:
  6. Evalman

    1/72 SAR RAF Leconfield

    Air-Graphics (in conjunction with L'Arsenal) have the Massey on their future list. Test shot looks good. The Mk5 GPU - most commonly seen with the Wessex is available from Flightpath.
  7. Delighted that it may soon be possible to build a CP-107 Argus, unfortunately I've noticed that CanMilAir no longer produce their decals. Does anyone know a source for old sets? I seem to remember they were 'made to order' so I'm not hopeful.
  8. Evalman

    Hardened Aircraft Shelters

    I volunteer at the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre once a week, let me know if you need any particular photos or measurements. I had planned to build a 1/72 HAS but the concrete arch structure itself is a far more complicated shape to replicate accurately than it first appears. The doors and exhaust chamber are probably the easiest bit. I've measure and photographed the SOF building which you would have passed on the way in, a much easier project !
  9. Evalman

    Tornado GR.4 No. 2 Squadron 100th Anniversary

    She is now on display at the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre (Newquay Airport), still owned by JARTS but loaned to the museum in return for them being able to use the VC10 and BAC111 for training. Seen here just after arrival at Newquay in June, being put back together by JARTS before being moved over to the museum in the background.
  10. Evalman

    1/72 Rosenbauer 'Panther' Fire Truck kit by Hasegawa

    Unusual but welcome subject. With three real ones at my local I'll certainly be buying one or two.
  11. Evalman

    Sea King "Orange Crop" antenna mounts

    Ah yes, I found a few more images showing the different greys. It seems to have been discontinued in recent years, with overall MSG common on the ASaC7s. One of those where references need to be checked.
  12. Evalman

    Sea King "Orange Crop" antenna mounts

    Would that be all the way through their 'grey' period? I've been 'chasing' them around Cornwall for the last 4 years and looking closely at my photos I can't see a difference in shades.
  13. Evalman

    Summer in Cornwall

    Thanks for looking. Indeed, apparently the fin top radome identifies it as a recently modified R1A. The Global 6000 'Sentinel' lookalike is destined for the UAE Air Force. A second painted aircraft was rolled out at Cambridge this week.
  14. Evalman

    Summer in Cornwall

    Unfortunately no shows for me this summer, Grandchild minding duties at weekends has kept us busy doing other things. So here's a selection of photos from Cornwall so far this summer, mainly from Newquay where I volunteer one day a week at Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre. The other images were taken around Bodmin Moor. If you are considering visiting CAHC it is worthwhile packing your scanner and camera (as I always do), as you can see you never know what may turn up.