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Vulcan B1a XH498 Doing A Display in the 60s......

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I like messing about with photoediting software as well, and as far as I'm concerned, this is THE shot of the bunch. I'd be hard pressed to tell it from a real aircraft, I don't know about anyone else...

Nice work,


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That is beautiful! The way you have shown it in the pictures are superb, especially the climb up with underside showing. How did you do these? Fantastic!


Many thanks here are some the originals. using blue tak and a pen photos were taken on an iphone 4





The files were opened using the free to use programme GIMP. I first zoom in and use the clone stamp with a soft edge to remove the pen and gradually zoom out and clone my hands and the skyline. I then do various things like rendering for the smoke, motion blur in the right direction to the whole image by a very subtle amount, and then I desaturate the photo a little to grey all the colours to ad a little age and atmospheric distance into the mix.

here are a few other vulcans i have done.

B2 XM650



B2 XH558



B2 XJ783



Its really good fun doing this I think. really brings the models to life. thanks for all the nice comments guys

What is this sorcery?! Seriously, great pics but I'm with Dean's choice. Great stuff. :thumbsup:

Many thanks. I have just added a new post with brief explanation. I only wish I could say a time machine.. lol

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Many thanks guys. I will have ago with some other builds. I can only imagine your getting sick of all the Vulcans I have been and will continue to make.

But I really ;)

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Great post Rob ,I can almost feel the ground shaking.

HAha I know what you mean. Thanks mate. I think I saw your pit road vulcan on display at cosford. I think its yours anyhow, xm597 or 598 in falklands colours. Damn nice finish on it mate. stunning work

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Many thanks general I just realised I have another I have built which I completed I early June totally forgot to post it here so I will once I have done the photos. Cheers Rob

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Hey Rob nice to see another of your Vulcan models. Great work on the photo's especially the smoke trails, keep it up buddy.

Hey Nimrod54 great to hear from you and thanks very much.

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