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  1. Another one for my collection of special liveries. This particular 777 entered service with this livery in 2013 and will be repainted back to its standard scheme this year. EVA AIR's Hello Kitty aircrafts have proven to be vety popular among travelers,so they had many different Hello kitty planes in their fleet. The decals are from 8A decs and are very nicely printed allthough on a very thin carrierfilm,so application of the large segments has to be done very carefully. The kit is the well known Zvezda 777-300. The build was straight forward with no major issues.The installation of the landing gear and doors is the most tricky part. The fuselage was spray painted with Gunze white surface primer 1500,clear coated prior and after decalling with Gunze Premium Gloss. All other parts are also painted with Gunze paints. Light weathering and highlighting the slats and flaps was done with a sharp pen. Two more of this giant airliner are on the bench currently,both with special liveries as well. Stay tuned Cheers Alex
  2. Hainan Airlines operated 4-5 Dreamliners in different Kung Fu Panda liveries. I found the golden one from PAS Decals. Windows are from Authentic Airliners,details come from the Zvezda and Revell decal sheets. The PAS decals have no white backing,but they come with a set of masks for the panda head shape. For the fuselage I used Gunze copper,as the gold paint would have been much too bright compared to photos of the original. After application of the panda head decal,I realized that the masks were a bit off in shape and size,so after clear coating,I had to correct and fill the gaps carefully,so that the panda would be embedded in the copper. The rest of the build and decaling was troublefree. The only problem are the door decals,as they stand out a bit on the metallic paint even though I gloss coated the whole fuselage prior to decal application Cheers Alex
  3. That's it. Source: http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/message/1401462248/Zvezda+109G-6 V.P.
  4. The last of the batch. The decals for the Gulf Air version also come from an older Revell 767 release. Their 1992 kit with British Airways/Gulf Air decals and RR engine option. These decals were in similar condition as the Lauda ones,but at least they stayed on the model. Utmost TLC was necessary to get the decals layed down and around the nose.They were quite stiff and brittle in some places,even after the application of liquid decal film. Some touch ups with paint were unavoidable but it came out better than I expected. Same paints used on this as on my previous 767s. It was quite a task working on 6 767s simultaneously but also fun and I learned a lot about the type.The many door and window layouts in particular,which lead to careful research of the subject.A good thing that I have a very informative book about the 767,it was a massive help during those builds. Thats it for now with this type,3 more Revell 767s are in my stash,but they will be done another time. Now I am off to my 777s and 787s that are in production. Stay tuned Alex
  5. Finally my (for now) last batch of Boeing 767s are off the production line. It took a bit longer than planned as life got in the way. Now here we are again and I continue my Boeing 767 parade. This is the very good Zvezda 767-300 kit,which in comparison to the Revell version,is more detailed,esp. the landing gear and engines. The fit overall is very good,although for some reason the kit I used for the Qantas version suffered from a seriously warped fuselage. It took quite a while to straighten it out. The other Zvezda 767s were fine,so I assume this was an isolated incident. Qantas had often painted some of their aircraft in special liveries,so this came probably not by surprise when they promoted Disney's animation hit "Planes" The decals come from PAS decals and are of very good quality. The kangaroo logo is a white printed decal which is surprisingly opaque on the red paint. The decal sheet itself has many details but as they have no white backing,some of the details or the windows are useless as they will either disappear or become too dark on surfaces that are not white. Another note to be taken ,is to use any solvents sparringly or not at all ,while applying the decals.Much better to use only enough water to slide the decals into position. The paints are Gunze,the white for the fuselage was done with Gunze white surfacer 1500,gloss coated with Gunze Premium Gloss prior and after decalling. The windows are from Authentic Airliners. Cheers Alex
  6. This I had originally planned to finish in the old Lauda colors by using the decals from the 1991 Revell first release. But unfortunately the decals were beyond use,even after clear coating them prior to application. They simply would not stay on the model or were silvering very badly. So I had to use plan b and repaint the whole model and finish it in its last scheme. I had a decal set from BRAZIL decals,which offers a selection of different 767 liveries,among them this Lauda CS and the Lauda Air Italy. Those decals worked well and the project was solved. After completing I came to the conclusiin that this livery is actually more elegant than the earlier variant. Windows are again from AA. The most complicated part on each 767 was their respective door and windows arrangement used by ailines.During my builds I came across 4 !! different layouts All paints come from Gunze,the numbers I dont have in mind right now,but if anyone has questions about them,I can certainly recheck the exact Gunze paints I used. Cheers, Alex
  7. Zvezda is to release in 2020 a 1/72nd Lockheed C-130 Hercules kit - ref. 7321 Source: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235061306-zvezda-2020/ V.P.
  8. Those who have followed my recent builds will know of my affinity with the 747. Whilst my current 747-436 tribute build is stalled (I'm still waiting for replacement decals), I thought I would turn my attention to some more modern 747 kits. Hopefully they will be far less hassle and go together much more easily than the venerable Revell 747-400! The only modern version of the 747 is the -800 variant. Both Revell and Zvezda have 1/144 versions of this aircraft, but which is best? There's only one way to find out - build them both! To start, here are the two boxes: First impressions - the packaging on the Revell box is superior, as are the decals. The quality of the sprues looks pretty comparable - time will tell as the build progresses... More on that later! Regarding the schemes, I am going to venture into the world of custom decals and build these two as 'what ifs'. Both models will be finished in a 'Utopia' or 'World Image' livery, used by British Airways at the turn of the century and then dropped in favour of the current 'Union Flag' scheme. It was a bit marmite(!), but I quite liked it and thought it would be an interesting side project to design something completely different and previously unseen on a 747. One model will be finished in the 'Youm al-Suq' design, representing Saudi Arabia. This scheme was only ever used on two aircraft - an Embraer 145 (G-EMBJ) and a 737 (G-GBTA). Images of these two aircraft can be seen on the artist's website: https://www.shadiaalem.com/british-airways-utopia-project I purchased some decals designed for the 737 and set to work on photoshop, amending the design to fit a 747. Here's the original decal: Then after many, many hours of work, I created something 747 sized: The other airframe will receive a variation of the 'Colum' livery used on my tribute build. This design was quite well received and there were several different versions of this design in use. I am basing my decal on G-BGDR, a 737-236. I bought these decals earlier in the week and have a few hours of work ahead of me... Here's how they look, compared with the 747: Obviously they need enlarging and I will have to make a few modifications and additions along the way! I hope to turn my attention to these two models soon - I need a break from the endless round of filling/sanding/priming which seems to be happening with all my other projects at the moment! Just gluing plastic together will make a pleasant change...
  9. I have to make a confession first, I never finished a scale model of the Bf 109 So time to change this. As I had the three new kits in my stash, why not to do a "comparative" build of them. They are from largest to smallest box - Eduard, Tamiya and Zvezda. Upon opening the boxes, the Eduard box looks rather empty. The Tamiya box looks to have more in it. And the Zvezda box is full up to the rim! But this is a bit misleading as several frames are from the older F model. There are plenty online reviews of the three kits and they are all reasonably favorable. According to them, the Zvezda kit which is based on their F model lacks in details and looks rushed. Eduards Mk.II kit is now in 1/48 at last, but still has some shape issues. And Tamiya with the latest addition looks to be another shake the box kit to build it. So lets start the comparison with the wings. As can be seen, there is a slight variation in wing span. The Zvezda wing is actually a bit shorter still as it isn't casted with the dihedral in place. Here a close-up of the two bulges and the difference in shapes And here the a picture how these two bulges do look. Lets move to the top of the wing. Here the length diffrence is now more visible, with the Zvezda wing about 1mm too short. And the comparison of the undercarriage bulge. To compare the fuselage is a bit tricky due to the construction of the engine covers. The Eduard fuselage is maybe placed a bit too forward. Considering this, they are equal in length. Also note the different shapes and sizes of the bulge under the horizontal stabilizers. And these bulges on the real aircraft. It looks there was a bit of variation on the real aircraft too. But there are differences in the representation of maintenance panels. The res circle show the missing panels. I believe Tamiya has one too many, Eduard is correct and Zvezda has some missing. The Tamiya instructions have this to say about the panels above and the bulges below. And here the other side. The two bulges are very noticable on the Tamiya kit, very tiny on the Eduard kit and none existent on the Zvezda kit. Here a close up. One known issue with the Eduard kit is the fuselage height. In comparison with the Zvezda kit, it is 0.6mm too high. Comparing the Zvezda and Tamiya fuselage results in a perfect match. I am sure that all three kits will result in very nice models of the Bf 109 G-6. The Tamiya kit looks to be the easiest build. Eduard has some nice details and Zvezda needs a bit of work. My goal is to have the three models built in similar finishes prior painting. That means that I will rivet the Zveda and Tamiya kit. I may use after market parts for the wheel and exhaust which would also correct the other problem on the Eduard kit, the too wide opening for the exhaust. My next update will be a comparison of the cockpits ready for painting. I won't use the Eduard PE parts in the cockpit to have a fairer comparison. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers, Peter
  10. The latest build on the bench for me is the Zvezda 767-300. I typically like to finish a build before I jump to the next one but due to the weather being a consistent -50 Celsius with wind chill here in Saskatchewan and my less then stellar paint booth that really requires an open window my 737 is currently waiting for paint so time to start something new. I am working on building a better paint booth so I can paint without having to open a window so hopefully I can get that done in the next week or so. Anyways back to the 767 I will be building it with the zvezda kit and V1 decals pictured below. Not a lot of progress on the first day but I filled the windows with my usual method of placing a piece of tape on the outside and pushing Milliput through the back this leaves a very nice finish that requires little sanding and messing around. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the gear bay painted and fuselage glued together. I can still use the airbrush for small pieces with my current booth but painting a whole plane just overwhelms it. Anyways I wish everyone a Happy New Year and a good 2022!
  11. Hi folk's,ten days off mojo deserted a couple of months ago so time for a restoration build. Zvezda's new quick build Hurricane ii,don't be put off be the title this is a little beauty of a kit.Box art. Our own in house review here. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235097576-hawker-hurricane-iic-british-fighter-7322-172 zvezda-hobbypro-marketing/#comment-41605
  12. Zvezda is to release in 2020 a 1/48th Ilyushin IL-2 Shturmovik kit. Source: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235061306-zvezda-2020/ V.P.
  13. Hi All and seasons greetings. Here is my latest completed model: Zvezda kit with 26Decals and Druz144 resin early RB211 engines. Merry Christmas
  14. While the @Homebee sleeps, I'll crack his news! On Moscow "МИР ДЕТСТВА 2021" ( WORLD CHILDHOOD 2021) expo , has announced a 1/48nd of Sukhoi Su-25 from Zvezda in 2022. Greetings in Frogfoot world! B.R. Serge
  15. While the @Homebee sleeps, I'll crack his news - 2! On Moscow "МИР ДЕТСТВА 2021" ( WORLD CHILDHOOD 2021) expo , has announced a 1/72nd of Yakovlev Yak-9 from Zvezda in 2022. B.R. Serge P.S. On street @Learstang the candy truck has finally turned over!
  16. Most if not all the Zvezda's 2022 aircraft novelties are known (link) but... The catalogue 2022 will be downloadable on Friday 17th December. https://vk.com/doc6108131_622777878?hash=e07acf4c1c66ea1e5f Sources: https://vk.com/zvezdamodels?w=wall-29859496_2675650 https://www.facebook.com/Zvezda.ModelKits/posts/3923549547747820 A cover with the box art from the future 1/48th Sukhoi Su-25 "Frogfoot" kit 1/144 - ref. 7041 - Boeing B757-300 - new variant - link - ref. 7043 - Airbus A321neo - new variant - link 1/72 - ref. 7313 - Yakovlev Yak-9D - new tool - link - ref. 7325 - Lockheed C-130J Hercules - new variant - link 1/48 - ref. 4807 - Sukhoi Su-25 "Frogfoot" - new tool - link - ref. 4813 - Mil Mi-35 "Hind-J" - new variant - link - ref. 4815 - Yakovlev Yak-9D - new tool - link - ref. 4826 - Ilyushin IL-2M3 Shturmovik - new variant - link V.P.
  17. Next up in my 767 collection is LTU SÜD Boeing 767-300ER. LTU SÜD was a subsidiary of Dusseldorf based charter airline LTU,and had its base at Munich airport. It operated a fleet of 757-200s and 767-300ER to various holiday destinations. I remember the 767-300 standing next to our DC-8-63 in Mombasa when we were boarding for our return flight to Switzerland back in october 1992. I was still a teenager back then and as soon as we got home,I went to the local modelshop to pick up the Revell 767 kit with these markings. The result of my build was less than stellar,partially to my limited modelling skills and patience back then and also because of the mediocre decal set provided in the kit. Anyway,I had much fun with my model back then. Now,a good 30 years later,I thought it was time to rebuild this aircraft,this time though,I used the Zvezda kit as a base,just because the kit has the correct window and door layout for the LTU version and I also planned on using only the registration and the white LTU and LTU SUD markings from the afforementioned Revell kit. The whole livery was airbrushed and for the details I used parts from the PAS detail set and decals from my spares box. Compared to the Revell 767,the Zvezda kit is mire detailed and also more accurate in some areas. All panel lines are very fine and recessed,same goes for the flaps on the wings. They are a bit too fine for my liking,on the wings I think the Revell kit is better done. The landing gear and wheels are much better and more detailed on the Zvezda kit. Both kits are very nice and considering the fact that the Revell version came out a good 25 years before the Zvezda kit,it still holds up very well.A big bonus is also the engine option. PW or RR engines are provided on some Revell kits,alas Zvezda gives you only PW engines. Paints used are Gunze white primer,gloss coated with Gunze Premium gloss and Revell red 31. Wings are painted with Gunze light grey 315,and my Tamyia mix of 66 and 56 for the corogard. Metallics are from Gunze as well. Apart from the poir decals from the Revell kit,the build was easy and straight forward.The kit goes together really well. Cheers Alex Some photos to compare the Revell (BA) and the Zvezda kit (LTU)
  18. While the @Homebee sleeps, I'll crack his news - 4! On Moscow "МИР ДЕТСТВА 2021" ( WORLD CHILDHOOD 2021) expo , has announced a 1/48nd of Mill Mi-35 from Zvezda in 2022. B.R. Serge P.S. But if you think need to merge this branch with the Mi-24 from Zvezda in 1/48 - no problem!
  19. In 2021 Zvezda is to release a 1/144th Boeing B-757-200 kit - ref. 7032 Source: https://vk.com/zvezdamodels?z=photo-29859496_457589701%2Fwall-29859496_2617107 V.P.
  20. In 2020 2021 is to release a new tool 1/144th Airbus A320Neo kit - ref. 7037 Source: https://vk.com/doc-29859496_526077927 V.P.
  21. Here's one just finished, part of a GB on another site. Many thanks to JWM here for providing some references. Only aftermarket used were Kits World 3d decals for the seatbelts, eduard canopy mask and some uschi van der rossen rigging thread. Paint used were AK Real Colors. Note that there is krystal klear still drying in the fuselage port holes! Thanks for looking 20211210_180552 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20211210_180526 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20211210_180456 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20211210_180349 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20211210_180341 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20211210_180331 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20211210_180325 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20211210_180248 by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  22. Hi Pals, Now the turn for another old acquaintance, the Panther Ausf D, from the Zvezda brand. I bought it a long time ago on balance, and although there are now better alternatives (and more expensive ... lol), it is a fairly complete kit. It includes parts of the barrel, turret basket, accessories on the roof and internal sides of the turret, but really basic, so in the end it did not convince me, because it would have to be completed, and for what in the end it would look ... I gave up, and focused on the outside. It has transparent parts for the periscopes, although the motor grilles are "mosquito net", and the tow cable is not metallic. The tracks were somewhat complicated, since the internal "teeth" had to be included, and the resulting structure was really fragile and flimsy, so after early breaks, I decided to use vinyl ones from an old Tamiya kit ... I saw the camos schemes they suggested, but I didn't like any of them, so I assigned a tritone to it, as I had already done another (Kingtiger Zvezda). The intended appearance is that of a used but not "defeated" vehicle, with scratches and chips, dry vegetation on the underside and dry mud on the belly ... I added some spare parts helmets and an ABER metal antenna. I hope you like it, and thanks as always for watch and comment. Cheers and TC Francis. UPDATE: Pals, here I include a suggested painting scheme on a Dragon kit of a Panther D, from a historical unit. When I painted mine, I admit that I cared less about historical accuracy than about the final result. Reading the comments about the model, the main criticism (constructive, I hope ... lol), was not the final result, it is that this scheme does not correspond to an Ausf.D, and based on that, I considered changing its painting on the other hand, if it respected the historical period, although I don't know when, with so much material in the stash ... lol. Now, coincidentally, looking for new kits, I have seen this camo, and based on that, I will no longer change the model in the future, as it is perfectly plausible with reality. Thank everyone who has commented on that point, because "it itched me", until I found "the scraper" ... lol.
  23. Hi to all after period when i had no time for this beautiful hobby, first model finished in "speed" manner. New Zvezda model, easy kit of Hurricane Mk IIc. My impressions, snap kit...yes, with mistakes....yes, but in general great model to build. Very good fit, great details, and finished look is very convincing. Not to bother you more, i used decals from Arma Hobby box, add some details missing for this version, and unfortunately lost somewhere pitot tube..during the battle. Colors gunze, AK washes....end that is all Hopr you like it, till next one best regards
  24. Hi everyone thanks for taking a look at my first build in a few years. I built lots of models back when I was younger but have taken a break for a few years but now i'm in university pursuing a degree in computer science and need to not stare at a computer screen for every waking hour so i'm getting back into my old hobby. I have built a nice little bench and have been gathering some kits and supplies so i'm ready to go, and looking at all the excellent builds on this forum its easy to get some inspiration. First off here is the kit i picked up from my local hobby shop because i was impatient waiting for my kits from Russia to arrive and of course the day after i purchased this they all arrived from Russia but hey I cant complain because you can never have too many kits. And here are the sprues. So first thing in order for me was removing the fuselage parts from the sprues and cleaning up the injection marks and doing a quick tape test fit. Overall I happy with the fit, the fuselage seam is decent so some sanding and Milliput should take care of it. So after this I decided it was time to fill the windows so I placed a piece of tape on the outside of the fuselage and filled the windows with some Ultra Fine Milliput and made sure to really push it through the windows so when I remove the tape the putty will be proud of the fuselage so I can sand it nice and flush. So the final task of the day was to glue in the gear bay sides into the wings so i can airbrush the gear bays tomorrow hopefully. So that wraps up the first day of the build. I hope as I continue on with build I will remember to take pictures. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you have a great day!
  25. Zvezda is to release in 2020 a 1/48th Mil Mi-24 "Hind" kit. Probably the start of a family of Mi-24: D/V/P etc. Fingers crossed. Source: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235061306-zvezda-2020/ V.P.
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