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  1. Tracks & troops is a source for the barrel from ( still wrongly titled as 35mm), Hauler seem to have taken over the Extratech range of PE, wouldn't worry about CMSC as both Revell and Trumpeter do the up armoured versions better, other than that, they might pop up on eBay from time to time.
  2. Aftermarket is hard to come by these days, schatton do a turned barrel ( wrongly listed as 35mm) Eduard and Extratech made PE sets that don't seem to be in production anymore with the Eduard being the better, CMSC are no longer in business and OKB no longer do the bar armour. Black dog do make a stowage set for the warrior and Cromwell makes two conversions into the MRRV and MRV
  3. Oops not TS-10 but TS-3, don't know if the numbers have changed or my memory, probably the latter
  4. For the colour, White ensign Models did a gulf war light stone, or Tamiya TS-10 are both good matches, a close match that can be adjusted is Tamiya Desrt yellow, I forget the XF number, the latter is acrylic, with the other two being enamels. hope this helps.
  5. Might help a bit https://www.onthewaymodels.com/articles/SBarnes_A_Better_Warrior.htm
  6. The ICM zil 157 would be a better start, certainly more refined than the Trumpeter kit (although I only have an early one) it is quite an undertaking to turn it into a tow vehicle, lots of changes are needed, I started one years ago, was going to use the airfix model as a guide for the trailer but gave up on that idea as there were too many faults and ended up using the Trumpeter 1/35th as a better guide (and lots of photos) I will have to pick it up again someday and finish it off. Have the Gran models SA 2 that also requires a bit of work but is better than either the Airfix or Planet models version.
  7. Nope, that's a washing line, hanging down the side, nice find on the picture though, something unusual on the elefant
  8. Tamiya XF-65 field grey works well for me, although this is only a 1/72 scale model
  9. Same green inside as outside, unless it was an FFR where you could actually get a white roof in the rear, cab was always green though.
  10. Oh, there's even more bad new, not sure you can handle anymore, the generators and crane if you get them, don't fit onto the platform as they have done in he ready built model, the crane fits to the chassis bed and the generators directly behind the engine ( offset to the left) the same height as the fenders, and your front wheels are wrong, the hubs of the wheels on the front two axles are not as recessed as the rear axles, not sure if you have an old kit or someone just messed up, as Modelcollect have corrected this mistake ( although not on their ready built one?) i have a funny feeling that the correct wheels came with the Patriot, but who knows why they haven't added them to the Pershing, at least later releases? edit just checked, my Pershing also had the incorrect wheels.
  11. The reason is mainly because Modelcollect had the tractor from theit Patriot kit, then put it together with their patriot without taking into account the differences, they either didn't care or didn't know, I would like to think the latter. They obviously did a bit more research on the Man tractor which came out a lot later and included the missing items, obviously this is where the ready made parts come from. My own Pershing build stalled for the exact same reason, although at the time the Man wasn't an option as it had not been produced and I haven't touched it since, maybe one day!
  12. The generators and crane were included in the Man tractor version, I presume that they have just taken the parts from that and put them on the ready made, maybe if you ask nicely they will send you some parts?
  13. its about the only image you'll find of the HEMMt and Pershing together, you can see the generators and crane mounted behind the engine, the same as the MAN tractor, which Modelcollect have correctly included in that kit, this one is overall forest green, but as the kit tractor is not a dedicated Pershing tractor, you could put it in NATOflage
  14. Images of the combination are few and far between however either is correct, overall green or the tractor in 3 tone and the trailer green, both are possible, not seen any pictures of the trailer in NATO colours. Note also that the model can only really be built in the launch position, the warhead should not really be mounted for transport and the front of the trailer folds up and away as the actual tow point is further back than depicted on the kit, also in reality the tractor was very much different, mounting Generators and a HIAB crane.
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