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  1. Wee friends at frienshipmodels.com do various sets of British AFV crew and soldiers in both 1/76 & 72 scale.
  2. Depends on if you mean the LAV II or III? The Canadians really only used the LAV II as the basis for the Coyote recon vehicle, the main fleet consist of the LAV III Kodiak, the only kits available are of American versions, although you can get Resin models from modeltrans no idea of the quality though.
  3. I do have the correct thinners and isopropanol which I tend to use on vehicles, for aircraft levelling thinners seem to give a far smoother application, which for me is important due to the small scale (1\144) I’ll just have to stick to the correct paints or add way more thinner which seems to work for Revell Acrylics. cheers
  4. Has anyone had problems with mr hobby levelling thinner and other paints besides Tamiya, namely Acrylic Hataka, Revell, mig? I am finding that it is thickening the paint rather than thinning or in the case of Revell causing thick sticky parts, which can be rectified by adding way more thinner?
  5. Personal opinion trumpeter have improved vastly since their early releases
  6. Old pro

    FV432 with M2

    Probably not if you joined in 90, that was my wind down period doing the cushy job of Brigade recce! No more radio stags. I went 4 Div, RLD, 21 sigs, 1 Div then 212 in Osnabrück and now i feel old
  7. Old pro

    FV432 with M2

    Having served 15 years in the signals all the rebros I served on during the gulf war period both at Div and Bgd level were fitted for ptarmigan, although we only had two masts externally fitted front and rear right hand side, gennys were also mounted on the front, of course I didn’t serve with all Brigade’s so some variation could have existed. Also served at an Arty RLD we didn’t have bates, it was reserved for the gun Btys.
  8. Old pro

    FV432 with M2

    Me too, that said all signal 436s at the time would have been fitted with ptarmigan connection boxes, certainly all 1 Div HQ vehicles and brigade HQ vehicles were even the rebros, as well as penthouse frames (although not all were fitted with the penthouse the mounting would still be there) the bin’s are not the armour i mentioned this was added at a later date and consisted of Challenger bazooka plates not used after the challengers were uparmoured, as far as I can remember it belonged to the REME QM hence all the extra kit, I will dig out my other photos besides 24 is not a signals c/s
  9. Old pro

    FV432 with M2

    It’s not a signals 432 but belongs to the REME attached to the tankies, once the upgraded armour was issued to the challengers it got fitted with the old bazooka plates along the side, I have quite a few pictures somewhere on my PC of it and actually talked to the commander of one of the FB BAOR sites about it.
  10. Old pro

    NATO Green Paint

    Maybe but still in 87-89 there were distinct differences in army and RAF vehicles on the same camp, that said, the RAF probably had better painting services than the Army which could account for tonal differences can’t say how many times we had to use gloss paint and try to get rid of the sheen only to add it again for inspections, kerosene and oil anyone?
  11. Old pro

    NATO Green Paint

    That being said RAF green is not the same as Army green, all RAF vehicles around wildenrath in the 80s were distinctly a different shade and finish to Army vehicles on the same camp.
  12. Old pro

    NATO Green Paint

    I wouldn’t get too hung up on the exact colour match, as had been said many times before, method of application and thinning produced a staggering amount of tonal variations from one tin, especially for the 80s time period.
  13. https://thinkdefence.wordpress.com/british-army-medium-weight-capability/the-eighties/ https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=cvrt+falklands+scorpion+scimitar&client=safari&hl=en-gb&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjD5av1m8flAhWIgVwKHWuQBQMQ_AUIESgB&biw=1100&bih=1039 although the second link shows a lot of vehicles not in the Falklands it should be pretty easy to work out which ones are
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