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  1. Hi everyone, this model was made for contest. Theme of this contest was to give 15 same corvettes for peoples, and make some scratchbuild to make "what if" UAF corvette in Mad Max style. On my model i use parts from Trumpeter stryker, ICM King Tiger, and Trumpeter M1117. Hope you like it!
  2. In the early 70s the USAF started receiving their first batch of C-10 Jetstreams ordered from the UK company Handley Page. With the US still mired in the Vietnam war, an urgent requirement was identified to replace the EC-121R "Batcat" sensor relay aircraft that formed the aerial segment of Operation Igloo White - the monitoring of traffic on the Ho Chi Minh trail. The EC-121s were deemed too vulnerable so a smaller aircraft was sought. The newly arrived Jetstreams fitted the bill perfectly. A special operations flight was formed within the 166th TAW/Delaware ANG to operate a small number of early conversions to the role - designated RC-10B "Rivet Jenny". These Jetstreams were modified by E-Systems Inc in Greenville to have a number of highly specialised workstations in the cabin. This necessitated the need to blank out all the windows on the starboard side. The aircraft were flown by a flight crew of two, plus 3 mission specialists in the cabin who operated the sensors and relay equipment. This is the Airfix Vintage Classics Jetstream, bought from Sywell Aviation Museum - they sell them to raise funds for the restoration of their own Jetstream G-RAVL. The kit went together pretty well, its taken me over 6 months mainly due to the building of the interior, plus a break to decorate the spare room! This was my first ever "what if" and proved very enjoyable. I started out just doing the aircraft, but then @TEXANTOMCAT offered me a PSP base that he didn't need and before I knew it I was trawling the internet for jeeps and oil cans 🙂 Also my first time spraying camo - so might as well make it a 3 tone camo, right? Paints were the ever reliable Mr Hobby, except the black was Tamiya I think.. Build thread is here is anyone's interested: Some pictures: (Lets all ignore the sink mark on the front landing gear door!! 😲) After suffering a technical problem on a mission over the trail, aircraft 67-362 had to divert to a US Army forward operation location as a precaution. Here the flight crew are attempting to ascertain the location of the nearest 5* hotel with a pool 🙂 They appear to have stepped in some very strange animal droppings as they left the aircraft. As ever, thanks to the community for the support and ideas along the way, its been a blast, and quite refreshing to not have to care too much about reality! Al.
  3. This Mirage 2000 I-012serves in Grupo 8 de Caza of the Fuerza Aérea Argentina. The aircraft wears the test camouflage used on the IRL Mirage IIIEA I-003. What if from the Monogram 1986 kit with Condor Decals decals.
  4. I've finished building Tamiya's 1:48 Meteor F.1 i used an Aerocalcas decal set dedicated for the Meteor F.4 and modified the numerals to make this plane as Meteor F.1 C-104.
  5. Hello all, Here is another Flanker "what-if" project I would like to share with you. After casting the front upper and lower halves of Su-27IB modification, a funny "what if" project came into my mind: Su-27KIB/Su-33IB!... A little update to original post: Су-27КИБ/Су-33ИБ "корабельный истребитель-бомбардировщик" Su-27KIB/Su-33IB "Korabyelny Istrebityel Bombardirovshchik" - "Shipborne Fighter Bomber" The idea is to combine Su-27IB nose with Su-33 rest parts left from T-10M conversion butchery: The casted Su-27IB parts seem to fit Su-33 rear fuselage halves without having big issues: To be continued 🙂 Serkan
  6. Inspired by an A-4F Skyhawk 'What If' profile by Damian, I thought to myself, why don't I try something similar but base my profile on a scheme that could be easily modeled with easy to get hold of decals too! So what I've come up with is an A-4F Skyhawk in RAF colours of Dark Green and Dark Sea Grey in a wrap around pattern using markings from a Lightning F.6 of 74 Squadron based in RAF Tengah in Singapore in 1970. We all know the scheme of a silver Lightning with a black fin. I'm not going to bother with a backstory for it. It is, as they say, what it is! Cheers Richard.
  7. Hello all – here’s another completion just off the bench; a ‘What if” Fokker Dr.1 seaplane, based on the 1/48 Eduard Dr.1 kit. This one was just for a bit of fun (so apologies to those who aren’t fans of ‘what if’ subjects). I added floats, extended the cowl to fit a Oberursel Ur.III twin row rotary engine (from Small Stuff; this engine is a kit in itself), added a vertical stabiliser, added some cockpit details, and replaced the guns with some from Gaspatch. I also scratch built the beaching trolleys and trestles. The German naval lozenge is from Aviattic, and decals are from the Eduard kit and the spares box. Some in-progress pics (the full build log is here - https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.php?topic=12812.0 ) This was an enjoyable little project, and looks rather unique in the display cabinet. Thanks for looking! Cheers, BC
  8. This is a very late refugee from the long-finished What-If III Groupbuild, but only just finished today. The build and very long, but I hope entertaining, backstory thread is HERE It was built from the Heller 1/400 Richelieu kit with Atlantic Models photoetch for the Frog/Novo 1/415 HMS Tiger, plus lots of scrap PE, scrap parts, and scratchbuilding. It depicts the RN Battleship HMS Bellerophon in 1982, just before she led the Falklands task Force as flagship. Hope it meets with Your Whifferness' approval All the best, Al Also if you haven't seen it already, you must check out @ArnoldAmbrose's companion piece, a superb rebuild of Airfix's HMS Tiger as HMS Minotaur in 1/600 here:
  9. Hello everyone, For my first post in Britmodeller I have decided to start the year with a quick build 'what-if' to cleanse the model making palette. I decided to build it as I would have done in my youth. Therefore I would only use a scalpel, styrene glue and a brush to paint it, using only whatever Humbrol enamels I had one hand. So this is out of the box with no files, putty, sanding. A Matchbox 1/72 Helldiver was lurking in the stash in a bag with no instructions or decals - a perfect basis for a whiffer. A rummage in the spare decals box only offered the possibility of a low-vis modern US Navy scheme but that wasn't colourful enough. Then my eyes alighted on the decals in a Italeri 1/48 Hawker Hurricane box. And so to invent a story... As the Second World War crept across Europe neutral Ireland found itself among the storm. When Ireland declared 'The Emergency' the Irish Air Corps was lacking in modern aircraft with which to enforce its neutrality. In 1943 an order of British Hawker Hurricanes was delivered to supplement the offensive power of the Air Corps Gloster Gladiators and Hawker Hector biplane light bombers(!) To deter any belligerent from the idea of using Ireland as an unsinkable aircraft carrier anchored off shores of the United Kingdom the Dublin government went on the search for a solution. The Royal Navy had ordered the Curtiss Helldiver but cancelled their substantial order, retaining only a few aircraft for research purposes. Some back room haggling ensued with the British top brass and a quiet agreement was hammered out to swap a number of the Helldivers for much needed supplies with which to boost the morale of the war weary British populace. Some weeks pass... Late on a long still summers evening at RNAS Anthorn in Cumbria flying had finished for the day. But members of the officers mess were drawn to the door when the sound of approaching aircraft drifted across the field. To their surprise two Irish Avro Ansons and a Lysander touched down and taxied over to the front of a far hangar. This hangar had been off limits for a week and guarded by men in trench coats. As the hangar door opened the sound of radial engines starting emerged from within. Eye brows raised as flight-suited men scurried from the aircraft idling on the taxiway into the hanger. and a number of men emerged from the hangar and replaced them in the Ansons. Engines revved and three Curtiss Helldivers taxied out, resplendent in freshly painted green and orange insignia. Pausing only to warm up, they made for the far end of the airfield. With a radial whine they took to the sky followed by the Ansons and Lysander which waggled its wings cheekily as it cleared the macadam and turned westward into the sunset. A little later, amid a hubbub of speculation, the Base Commander stepped into the mess. "As you were Gentlemen. What you just saw was some... Americans... going on a test flight. That's all you need to know. Understood? Need I remind you of the Official Secrets Acts you all signed...?" Early the next morning a neutral Irish coaster ship docked at Bristol and started unloading a hold full of crates marked 'Guinness - government stocks' and 'Irish Whisky - Whitehall Inventory'. And so with the United Kingdom's (government) morale shored up, the Irish Air Corps added some Helldivers to their fleet. Cheers Andrew
  10. After finishing my Spitfire, I decided to build this little kit that I found at Hobbies Moròn for a good price. Only three sprues inside the medium sized box, two in dark green and one clear sprue. Instructions are of the pre-2017 Revell style, I.E a photocopy with very clear construction steps. Decals were printed in 1996, making this kit as old as I am. I tested a small decal on my paint mule, and it didn't break, so I'm relieved I won't be having to look for 1:72 German insignia (I mainly build 1:48 akd 32). Boxart: Sprues: Decals and instructions: My main attack plan will be to paint all the small parts while they're on the sprues, and then assemble them.
  11. Hi all, Finally I had a bit time to take some pictures of recently finished "what if" project MiG-37MFI "Super Ferret". I had a lot of fun during this build and like much with the result. I hope you will like too... The entire progress report can be found here: Serkan
  12. While I was sorting out the kit rest and spare parts left from massive kit butchery for various Flanker conversions reported in my other topics here, I have realized that I can build my own Flanker version by combining these parts. It will be a kind of creating a Frankenstein, therefore I have called this project as "Flankerstein". I hope you will like it. Serkan
  13. I’m spoiled for choice here as I have at least a dozen biplanes in the stash, a Fokker DVIII a Tornado and a Lysander, I also want to build a Junkers parasol a South African AHRLAC and a Fokker DXII. But I think I’ll kick off with the Junkers. An all metal parasol fighter concept with a jettisonable fuel tank ( even up to WWII pilots were terrified of burning up) A prototype was started but never finished. Details are sketchy so it will be based on the plans above and detail from that Junkers JI/10 and DI. The wing will be corrugated and I’ll probably mold the fuselage. I want to get my four little jets complete before starting in on this but roll on August 7th.
  14. Hi dear Britmodellers! Here is my last build, a Do-335 in 1/48 scale from Tamiya. This kit was a gift from a friend and as I am not a fan of german WWII aircrafts, I decided to go for a what if. My story: April 1945, a german Do-335 was short petrol and landed in Luxembourg-Findel airport. The luxembourgish recovered the plane and have fight with the americans in the Korean war and later in VietNam. The US General Patton who died has his grave in Luxembourg and had a son, W. T. Patton who was the pilot of the A-335. The kit was painted with MrPaint SEA colors and weathered with oil paints and several other technics. I hope that you will like my build. It was fun to turn this german Do-335 into a what if. Lolo
  15. Kit - Hobbyboss AMX A11 / Ghibli Paint - Tamiya acrylics Decals - Gekko Graphics & Kit Extras - Brengun LAU-131 pods, Revell Iris-T AAM's, 'unknown' resin designator pod. Scratchbuilt radar nose & RWR. AMX Kaitiaki (Defender) 2 Sqn Afghanistan 2012 Ok, I know that there's often been some erm... 'resistance' to What If modelling in the past and that used to bother me, but I'm too middle-aged to care nowadays so here's my plastic model of an aircraft that doesn't actually exist in this form and let's move-on. I cannot prove it, but I've had this idea bubbling since before we decided to move to NZ in 2012, the fact that we did move here, simply made the the idea even more real, just a case of when not if I was going to do it. The kit is not great, but I couldn't find a Kinetic kit at a reasonable (to me) price, so you work with what you have, right ?. I made three or four experiments with old drop-tank noses and putty to get the radar nose but ended-up by using the kit nose that I'd removed and changing the length and rear contours with plastic card discs - odd isn't it how sometimes it's the simplest 'fixes' that solve the problem. The RWR pod at the bottom of the fin is plastic card and an old Sparrow missile head cut and shaped to how I wanted it to look. I did think about adding some 'warts' to the ECM bar at the top of the fin and may still do this in the future. The designator pod is an anonymous resin one was in a kit I bought off eBay a few years back, I cut down an old pylon from something I couldn't Identify from the spares box as HB doesn't provide one in the kit - strangely tho' it does provide FOUR droptanks for some reason. The LAU-131's were an indulgence, but they aren't expensive and were exactly what I needed for the 'Armed Recce' / FAC feel I was aiming for. For the paint scheme, I tried as hard as I could to NOT think about [other] contemporary aircraft and just go-my-own-way, now that It's done, it does seem to owe a lot to the CAF & RAAF Hawk 127 scheme, (again) I cannot prove it, but that is entirely coincidental. I've used Tamiya Ocean Grey & Medium Sea Grey with a lot of post-shading and XF-24 Dark Grey for the radome, RWR and fin tip. I have a whole back-story to go with the build but I'm not going to bore folks here with all of that. It's 'just a model' as mein Frau says, it was a great fun project that had a few hiccups along the way, but was definitely a shed-load of fun... pretty sure that's what the hobby is supposed to be about, right ? - Feel free to make any comments, ask any questions or hurl any abuse. All the best from NZ. Ian.
  16. Another model has reached escape velocity from my project thread The Fairey Delta 3 or Fairey Large was a proposal which came fairly close to being ordered as an interceptor for the RAF to the F.155 requirement but sadly wasn’t to be. Drawn up in Fusion 360. 3D printed (FDM printed in PLA plastic on a Creality Ender 3 Pro) and finished as per a normal kit plane with conventional fillers, paints and decals. Not as nice a finish as you’d get from a resin printer but good enough to get a sense of the size and shape of it. I’ll refine this and do another better version in due course.
  17. Squirrelled away in the “They also serve” GB but repeating myself here as it is too interesting an oddity to not share widely Drawn in Fusion 360, printed in sections on Creality Ender 3 Pro and finished in a what-if scheme. Looking like something even Burt Rutan would consider a bit of a stretch
  18. TLDR: Hitler is assassinated, the new non nazi government comes to terms with the west and declare war in the Soviet Union. Materiel is short so existing German designed are adapted for the new war. Backstory: ( the longer version) The July 20th 1944 assassination plot has succeeded. Von Stauffenberg decided to use the second kilo of explosives and the bomb didn't get moved. Hitler is no more having sustained fatal injuries in the blast. Carl Freidrich Godeler has been installed as the new civilian Chancellor and Erwin Von Witzelben is the new chief of staff. The Reichstag is restored and the first directive of the new government is to outlaw the Nazi party, disband the SS and stop the Holocaust. The new republic successfully sues for peace with the Western allies an armistice is declared on the western front. War on the eastern front continues, the aim of the new western alliance is to destroy Communism. World ware 2.5 commences...... Under the new Aviation minister Adolf Galland, the roles need ed for the new offensive are examined. Almost all of the new designs on the drawing board are high speed short range interceptors, however long range escort roles in support of the Ural bombing campaign and ground attack types to support the 1945 spring offensive in the east are now required. Having determined the stop gap measures thought go to producing a new type that leverages existing designs but is specifically for long range escort duties,. It is intended as a replacement for the USAF P51,s P82,s and Luftwaffe ME109Ls. Messerschmidt having explored various upgraded 62 designs return to the three man night fighter design based on the 262 (see below, afaik this was a real Messerschmidt project ate in the war) more or less preserving the proposed design but removing the radar operator thus shortening the canopy to accommodate the two man crew. Note the second seat is to allow long range flights with the pilots alternating flying duties. From the basic 262 the fuselage is lengthened by 1.5m the engines are the lighter uprated Jumo -004J and are housed in streamlined pods now attached to the fuselage and the fuel load is increased to allow longer range operations. As the primary role is escort rather than bomber interception main armament is reduced to 4 7.9mm caliber guns housed in the nose. Although a successful design the 462/ P52, saw limited service owing to the surrender of the USSR following the nuclear attack by the US on Volgograd and Murmansk in the spring of 1945.
  19. Two designs proposed in A 1952 RAE report “An Investigation into an Aircraft to Fly at a Mach Number of 2, Aero.2462” 3D printed at 1/72 scale, painted with acrylics decals from spares First up, looking like the results of a liaison between an EE Lightning and an F-104. Design with engines in the fuselage which they really didn’t fancy
  20. How about this for a what if kit!? From an old April Fool's article I believe, found it on Facebook.
  21. Hi all and just finished this one for a 'What If' GB elsewhere. Build thread is here but to recap: Kit: 1/72 PM Models Ta-183 Build: Mostly OOB Extras: Tape for belts and some plasticard in the u/c bays. Cut the one-part canopy open Paints: Revell Acrylics by airbrush, mottle effect with some kitchen sponge. Panel line wash. Decals: Some from the kit, others from the spares for JG7, 1945 A small kit...here beside an Airfix Fw-190 Not the most detailed kit by a long-shot but as a blank canvas to try out new skills or for those just getting into the hobby, I think it makes for a nice little build. Thanks for looking! Dermot
  22. This is OKB Grigorov's What if interpretation of German 3 cm Flak Panzer IV Kugelblitz on 9./B.W. chassis in 1/72 scale.
  23. Well, how about another “what if” history project? This started off as just a regular build of the Hasegawa Kyushu J7W1 Shinden. This aircraft had long fascinated me, with it’s unorthodox canard design and sort of “Star War”ish appearance. I wanted to build the prototype which actually was test flown in the waning days of the war. I've read that it made three 15 minute flights and grainy film from that time seems to confirm that. The build was progressing along nicely when disaster struck. I was using a desk lamp to speed up the paint drying. I left the plane unattended for a few hours and when I returned, the lamp had dropped down several inches and had melted the upper rear fuselage. Yeah. Ooops! After much gnashing of teeth, a “fix” came to me. I could try to adapt the aircraft to turbojet power which was a long-term plan for Kyushu anyway had time allowed for this development. I used body shop spot filler putty to build up the damaged area, deleted some features, added a few more and jumped whole hog into this conversion process. I used the canopy from some long lost P-47, cutting it in half and using the rear-most section for the windscreen. A drop tank from an unknown source was pressed into service too. The prototype had featured some rather long and spindly landing gear to provide ground clearance for the six-bladed prop on the pusher radial engine. I didn’t need that clearance now and so decided to shorten the three landing gear. That led to another problem. When gear were shortened, the wheels wouldn’t mate with the recesses in the wings and forward fuselage. So, I had to relocate the attachment positions for all three. I also shortened the rather tall vertical stabilizers/rudders and created new broader rudders. I envisioned that the J7W1 would’ve evolved into the J7W2 with jet power and then later into the J7W3 with the bubble canopy, shortened rudders and lowered stance. The planes would’ve been delivered to units in an unpainted form with Hinomarus intact and field expedient camouflage then applied. This model was built back in 2004 and upon close inspection, reveals a lot of flaws. I had a bit of trouble blending the new canopy into the fuselage and in general, the build shows my limits then as a modeler (and those haven’t changed as much as I would like now, lol 😉). But, it was my first conversion of any kind and my first “what if” project too. I imagine this aircraft based in Korea, circa spring of ’47. It’s wearing 5 kill markings, 3 American victims and two Soviet kills, making her pilot a “Japanese Jet Ace”. I hope you enjoy my little World War II fantasy exercise. Thanks for stopping in and taking a look! Gary
  24. Following discussion in the What If IV thread, and inspired by Pacific at War's success in getting several popular proposals that didn't quite reach critical mass together under a broad common theme, here is the group build for all things either film and television, fictional or speculative...or both. The plan is to run it as one group build, with entries going in any one of three subcategories: What If IV: The only rule is the subject can't have existed (in completed form) in reality. The departure from reality can be as subtle as fictional markings on an otherwise Rivet-Counter Approved (TM) Spitfire, P-51 or Bf.109, or it can be a completely fanciful kitbash. Real projects or proposals that didn't reach the hardware phase (including incomplete prototypes), fictional subjects from media other than film and television (novels, comics, video games, etc.) and original speculative or creative concepts are all included. Sci-Fi & Fantasy III: Any subject goes here if it fits the science fiction or fantasy genres. Obsessively screen-accurate, casual OOTB build, non-canon original paint scheme, kitbash or completely original design independent of any published source material...it doesn't matter, as long as it fits in the science fiction or fantasy genre. Movie and TV II (aka Big Screen, Little Screen): Anything from TV and movies goes here...animated or live action, and it doesn't have to be a fictional work. I'm going to tentatively suggest that news coverage wouldn't usually count, but real equipment featured on series such as Top Gear, Mighty Ships, etc. is fair game. The one restriction here is that it has to be at least reasonably close to screen-accurate for the source material: A Top Gun F-14 or A-4 wouldn't necessarily have to match the exact serial numbers, but it would have to be the right version with the appropriate camouflage scheme and unit markings, for example. And most importantly...let's have fun! Who's interested? 1) Sabre_days (Host) MIA 2) Corsairfoxfouruncle (Co-host) Onboard 3) whitestar12chris (Co-host) Onboard 4) SleeperService Onboard 5) John D. C. Masters Onboard 6) Kallisti Onboard 7) Mancunian airman Onboard 😎 Jb65rams Onboard 9) Max Headroom Onboard 10) Col. Onboard 11) Arniec Onboard 12) nimrod54 Onboard 13) trickyrich Onboard 14) CliffB Onboard 15) Robert Stuart Onboard 16) MarkSH Onboard 17) Hockeyboy76 Onboard 18) dreadeddrew Onboard 19) wimbledon99 Onboard 20) Pin Onboard 21) Ale85 Onboard 22) Erwin Onboard 23) Valkyrie Onboard 24) Dazzio Onboard 25) Stevej60 Onboard 26) theplasticsurgeon Onboard 27) Greg Law Onboard 28) Carts Onboard 29) moviedrone Onboard 30) HoolioPaulio Onboard 31) Shin Onboard 32) rumblestripe Onboard 33) Angus Tura Onboard 34) pabbi Onboard 35) Worms Onboard 36) Brad Onboard 37) Peterairfix Onboard 38) Specky Onboard 39) Dermo245 Onboard 40) PhantomBigStu Onboard 41) ColinW Onboard 42) Zebra Onboard 43) Troy Smith Onboard 44) Doccur Onboard 45) 825 Onboard 46) Scargsy Onboard 47) Beazer Onboard 48) FG2Si Onboard 49) Ernie Onboard 50) Enzo Matrix Onboard 51) Lanmi Onboard 52) AaronKSJ Onboard 53) Adam Poultney Onboard yet to join 23) BIG X, SimonT, vppelt68, stevehnz, Skids, Romeo Alpha Yankee, jrlx, adamcoffman, Thud4444, JackG, Knight_Flyer, Bonhoff, Panther II, Meteors, GliderGuider, Mig Eater, Moggy, Tony Oliver, philp, Andre B, helios16v, Tim R-T-C & Prenton
  25. So with 2 group builds just finished I figured I needed some more styrene on the workbench. I had this in the stash and figured hopefully it will fit into the GB as what if/speculative, since there were only 3 prototypes ever built, the first an engine less glider (which crashed on landing), the second crashing due to engine failure on a test flight and the third prototype being captured at the end of WWII whilst still in construction. None were ever fitted with weaponry and probably never had camouflage markings. More information here on wikipedia. I'll be doing a camo scheme of my own devising, also building the kit as in flight as it looks a bit goofy with the over-sized tricycle undercarriage and without the sensor (pitot?) that the kit has underneath, so keeping the clean lines. 7 All the parts (including clear) come in one sealed plastic bag. There's very few sprues / parts - one sprue being entirely taken up by the wings. Instructions are typical of Revell at the time, just 2 sheets of A3 printed in monochrome, folded together. The decals don't look great, the transparent parts being particularly bad - maybe I'll be able to find something in my bits box to replace them?
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