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  1. Some mudguards which will be totally hidden behind the wheels, but I like the detail it adds.
  2. To be honest, it wasn't easy, EpicPlastic. I used pliers for photoetch and tweezers. I used also a bender, but for two parts only, as they are really tiny.
  3. Well, now it looks more like DShK
  4. The machinegun is ready for painting
  5. I started OKB Grigorov's Su-102 in 72 scale. First built the DShK from the kit. It was over 20 resin and photoetched parts. I suppose this is the finest and most accurate DShK on the planet in 72 scale
  6. This is my Soviet submarine project 701 NATO name Hotel III from OKB Grigorov in 1/700 scale. Very nice kit, the only bad thing was that the build finished very quickly, as they were only few parts but I enjoyed all the 2 minutes of it
  7. @73northBecause AT2 is with a fixed gun. What I've built here is AT1 In this thread is my build of AT2:
  8. The old heavy "prime minister" (Churchill) was outdated and urgently needed a replacement. Sawed by the Americans, the T-14 did not cause much joy among the British, as it looked like an ordinary tank. Then the task was given to design an assault tank with the most thick armor. The development was commissioned by Nuffield. On March 13 (Thursday), 1943, the first drawings version of the tank, called the AT-1 (Assault Tank-1), was issued. Weight 45 tons, torsion bar suspension, weapons in a rotating turret, either a 75 mm gun or a 95 mm howitzer. In general, the project was normal and quite
  9. @OutcastJoel , I used this picture for reference, I don't know what the story is: @gamevender , very nicely looking Nuffield A.T.2 you have made. I also made A.T.2 you can see the build here:
  10. This is OKB Grigorov's What if interpretation of German 3 cm Flak Panzer IV Kugelblitz on 9./B.W. chassis in 1/72 scale.
  11. The paint scheme is painted, now it needs a little bit more weathering and the Nuffield isready
  12. @Bullbasket It is part of the kit
  13. @Silenoz I don't think I widened the muzzle, just drilled it inside. I put together all the small parts. Now it is ready for priming and paintint.
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