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  1. Hi everyone! I decided to start something new on the side and get off the F-16 I am building for a while because I am getting a bit burnt out with it to be honest. I decided to start something fresher and I thought simpler.... naive I am!! So I decided to start with the Hasegawa Mig-27 Flogger D in the 1/72: This particular release is from 2003 although I am suspecting it comes from an old old kit as a quick search in Scalemates suggests. Also the combination of raised and depressed panel lines suggests. Furthermore there some significant flash in the kit pointing to a worn out mold. So
  2. Tramway “X” Series Mid Type (38026) 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd Trams have long been used for mass transport within built-up areas of larger cities, using rails set into the street and making a familiar dinging noise just before they run you over. They’ve made a comeback in some cities recently, but were far more numerous pre-WWII, and a lot of folks used them to travel deep into cities where the standard railways couldn’t reach before other cheap forms of mass transport such as cars or taxis came along. Soviet Russia operated these trams in their citie
  3. Hello everybody, as I'm quite new here I decided to finally contribute something meaningful and treat you all with a build of mine. Since I'm working from home at the moment I figured this to be the perfect time to start one of my long-term projects, a Sukhoi Su-17 (Fitter-C) in 1/48. The Real thing The Su-17 started life as a project at Sukhoi to improve the low-speed and take-off/landing performance of the basic Su-7 design. Liftjets proved to be a not feasible as they were dead weight most of the time and occupied much needed space in the airframe. Variab
  4. T-72M1 Russian Army Tank (35A038) 1:35 Amusing Hobby via Albion Alloys The T-72 was the successor to the T-64, having a larger 125mm main gun and a more reliable auto-loader that gave it an advantage over its predecessor. It was improved further by fixing some niggling problems that were initially present, and was given the name T-72. Unfortunately, problems with production led to delays that required substantial investments in the factory before full volume could be reached, continuing with modifications until the break-up of the Soviet Union in the early 90s.
  5. Mi-24V Hind & NATO Hind Interior 3D Decal (QD48026 & QD48036 for Zvezda Kits) 1:48 Quinta Studios When Quinta’s innovative products first came to our attention recently they caused quite a stir, as well they should. The replacement Instrument Panels and internal details are mind-boggling to look at, because we’re used to seeing simplified styrene instrument panels, or pre-painted Photo-Etch Brass panels with either two layers of etch, or laminated parts that can be tricky to glue together, even though they are pre-painted for your ease. But decals? Thes
  6. Soviet Firemen 1980s (35623) 1:35 ICM via Hannants These figures were originally released as a Chernobyl Fire Man set. The single sprue contains all four of the figures for this set of firemen, three wearing breathing apparatus.. There is a length of fire hose for one of the figures to hold, two clear sprues for the helmet visors. There are then 2 smaller spures with equipment, and some what look to be parts of the graphite elements of the reactors from the Chernobyl set. Conclusion It’s a shrewd decision by ICM t
  7. Hello to all of you.I present you my latest finished model.I hope you like it. https://youtu.be/2taa1w4awNE
  8. Hi, all. As I promise - Bereznyak Isaev (other version name Ближний Истребитель- Blizhniy Istrebitel /Short range fighter ) BI. It's my FOUR attempt build model this aircraft. First was finished, but it's was BI-1 from SportIndustriya. This kit was wrong so went to the garbage. On attempt number two, I think I spilled glue, and he went where the first one was. Attempt number three was almost over ... but as always, drawings appeared, after which it turned out that the model was not as accurate as we would like. Then a new model was bought for attempt nu
  9. So, inspired by the friendlyness of the forum I decided to try and start a build diary. Now, dont get excited. Its a ship Im not really that interested in so the passion level wont be at full steam. However, its was a kit that I bought cheaply, it will enable me to pick up where I left off as a kid and will enable me to try out new skills, and polish old skills. The plan is to build it to the highest level possible and see how it goes. It will use old skills, namely Gluing parts together Painting It will use skills that I have but never used
  10. I finally got a proper work station to build models on and I started with two easy kits, HobbyBoss 1:72 Soviet Tu-2 and HobbyBoss 1:72 Soviet Yak-3, I have to say having a place to work on models without having to bend over double makes for a much more enjoyable build. I was also able to paint my Henschel HS-129B, I decided to give it a tropical paint scheme using Humbrol Matt 63 as the top cover with Humbrol Matt 117 for the cammo patches. I used Humbrol Matt 23 for the underside. For the first model I've completely finished in quite some time, I didn't make a total balls-up.
  11. As probably someone's diorama plot. Last home Big Anti submarine ship "Kerch" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_cruiser_Kerch and the submarine B-380 (previously called "Gorky Komsomolets" and "Holy Prince George") https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Б-380 (From Wikipedia about B-380: "On December 14, 2019, the decommissioned large floating dock PD-16 sank with the B-380 submarine located in it. In the morning, December 15, 2019, the B-380 submarine surfaced on its own and lay down on its port side, resting its cabin against the floating dock in the Sout
  12. I got this just after I finished the 222 and Horch (Yes, I belong to the breed of modellers who live from kit to kit) because the neighbors were getting rather pesky with their renovations, so I thought why not get a demolition man tank to set them straight After getting it I thought that I might want to join a GB, but, I hadn't the foggiest idea how to, and so I approached the patron god of Israeli tanks and Shermans John (@Bullbasket) who directed me to the GB page, and there I found the Journey's End GB of which this will be a part. I plan to do it in the Berlin scheme with a white stripe
  13. Su-34 Fullback (KH80141) 1:48 Kitty Hawk The Sukhoi Su-34, known by the NATO reporting name 'Fullback' is an all-weather strike fighter, designed to replace the ageing Su-24 Fencer in Russian service. Despite being based on an existing design (the Su-27), the type endured an extremely protracted development, punctuated by the collapse of the Soviet Union. Eventually, 200 of the type are expected to enter service, replacing approximately 300 Su-24s. There are many differences between the Su-27 and the Su34, principal amongst which is a completely new nose, which ac
  14. I'm going to build a Soviet Mi-8 helicopter, as one during the 80s. But I'm not sure what correct shade of green it be in. I'm hoping to make it like how they were used at Chernobyl. If anyone can give me so correct colours that would be great!
  15. Eduard’s MiG-15 is a “Dual Combo” kit with two kits in the box and markings for no less than six aircraft. The upper half of the airframe comes with the wings already attached complete with the slight anhedral characteristic of the MiG-15. Surface detail is dead sharp and amazingly delicate. The cockpit comes molded as a single tiny piece with a seat, consoles, panel and stick. Nice! The first step was to attach cockpit to the air intake splitter. There isn’t much room for ballast to keep the MiGs from being tail-s
  16. This is my first completed model for 2020. I am trying to work on getting better photos but need to keep working on it. This is Zvezda's great kit of the Su-2. Fit as well as surface detail is fantastic. I used Eduard's mask as this involves quite a bit of glass. The only drawback is the decals are on the translucent side but other than that is was a great kit to build. People have wrote in reviews that the cockpit is a bit sparse but I think this is because they might have had some armor plate in there so you don't see the usual ribbing on the cockpit walls. Highly recommended
  17. M4 Quad Maxim AA Machine Gun (35211) 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd The Maxim machine gun was developed during WWI into a capable weapon, and was used by a number of nations, sometimes on opposite sides of no-man’s land with different names. By WWII it had been replaced to an extent by other more modern designs, but it still saw some use, often in Russian service as an Anti-Aircraft gun. One such use was a quad mount that were seen in use on trains, mounted to open wagons to defend against incoming air attacks. Mounted on a conical base that was fixed to
  18. Simple enough Guy's The Soviet/Warsaw-Pact T-55 chassis The model may represent any vehicle in service with any Nation/Army from it's inception to the present day Criteria: The model, as a basis for a Tank and associated vehicles (Recovery, enhanced Trucks, Emergency Vehicles) The model built must be based on a 'REAL' vehicle and not a paper project (unless that project reached a working prototype trials vehicle stage) If any offering is in-doubt, the builder should provide evidence of its existence The Host/co-Host decision is final Exclusions: Sci
  19. I recently got a Zvezda 1/35 Soviet 4.5 truck. It is my first truck build, so please help
  20. Hi all, I'm starting a Zil 131 soon and I'm just going through what paints I'll need for it. It says I'll need xf 5 for the green, does anyone know if this is the correct colour for Soviet military vehicles? I'm looking at doing a Zil 131 from the 1980s, would the green be different back then. I'm planning on spraying it. Either tamiya and humbrol paints will be perfect for me if anyone can help me out.
  21. KMT-9 Mine-Roller (37040) 1:35 MiniArt Mines are a problem for AFVs, softskins and foot soldiers alike, and there are different types used for different circumstances. Mines intended to disable tanks generally have larger charges to penetrate the thinner underside armour and tear off tracks and drive wheels, with a higher pressure required to trigger them. The resulting bang can cripple or destroy a tank, leaving crew killed or injured, a valuable tank out of action and sometimes blocking the way. Most Soviet and Russian tanks are fitted with attachment points
  22. Afghan Motorcade (1979-1989) 1:72 ICM The Soviet-Afghan War was a conflict fought over a nine-year period from December 1979 to February 1989. The origins of the conflict were rooted in a coup in which the Afghan Communist Party seized power and, supported by the USSR, began a series of deeply unpopular modernisation reforms. They were opposed, and eventually defeated, by a coalition of insurgents known as the mujahideen, supported by the CIA through Operation Cyclone. Casualties were heavy on both sides, but the mujahideen prevailed and the Soviet for
  23. What is the best MiG-19 kit in 1/72nd scale? I know of the old Heller and KP kits, and Mastercraft do one. Are there any others? I'm specifically looking for the cannon-armed version, as opposed to the missiles-only version. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Best Regards, Jason P.S. This is an aeroplane that cries out for a new-mould kit. Airfix? Zvezda? Anyone?
  24. German & Russian Tank Models 1939-45 (9781612007359) Casemate Publishers UK The 2nd World War in Eastern Europe, known as the Great Patriotic War by the Soviets, was total war, with no quarter asked or given, resulting in massive destruction of men, machinery, innocent civilians and the land through which operation Barbarosa was prosecuted. The Russians burned anything that would be of use to the advancing Germans, and the Germans did the same as they were forced back by the then-fully mobilised Soviet war machine. A broad range of equipment was used by both
  25. A bit of fun since I have a surplus of red stars.
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