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  1. Hi everybody, It has been a long long time since I have post anything in this thread or in the other I have opened. It is amazing how quickly time flies! Most of my models have been sitting on boxes waiting for me to sit down with them and finish them off. A lot has passed since my last post but I am coming back to the hobby and I am trying to invest some time in the models I have already started before beginning new project. Anyhow, hands to businessm! I have been preshading the Panther tank, using primarily Vallejo model air paints. I would like to try the B&W technique as described by Jose Luis Lopez. I will add a few more shadows to the darker regions. I also need to add the armour skirts to the tank and the machine gun to the commander's cupola. I was thinking of using the stripped tricolour pattern for this model. I don't seem able to use Google Photos with the "Insert other media" button so I will just copy the links if you have any suggestion on how to post pictures stored in Google Photo please let me know. https://photos.app.goo.gl/d9Luq9aK37nQn7kH6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/RCXXnNT6j3huXFoEA https://photos.app.goo.gl/yexQBGW4Qmr3E16v5 https://photos.app.goo.gl/3gVQAJeLcWmCuHrm6 All the best, Alex
  2. Hi everyone, It has been a long time since the last update. I have been working on the panel lines, there are almost ready to go. I have been working on independent pieces so I decided to join the main two pieces of the fuselage when the wings were ready. Now I gotta tell you, this thing has bolts! It has been tedious getting them done with either the riveter or with a steel glass scribber. I am now joining the lines and rivets from both part of the fuselage. I have also been working in the cockpit section, I have done from scratch all the instruments on the dashboard using: Milliput, plastic card and lead wires. It was easy to get the bulky stuff done although there are almost no pics of the Mig-27 cockpit, and specially almost nothing of the dashboard section so the cable work was totally at discretion of my imagination. Also as you can see I have been painting the avionics in the panel I opened in the nose. I decided not to open more panels as it is already taking its sweet time to be built. 1) I think next steps will be to finish off to join panel lines, rivets etc etc from both sides of the hull. 2) The machine gun has a couple of guards on both sides of the nozzle. I will be scratch building those 3) Working on the landing gear. The is plenty of work to do here! 4) I really wanna do something with the engine exhaust. It looks as dull as it gets, although not sure exactly what or how to do it. 5) Start doing some painting on the beast! Anyway guys as always comments / suggestions are always welcomed! All the best, Alex
  3. Hi everyone, Just a quick update on the Flogger. I keep on scribing and riveting the whole thing. I have been having troubles riveting some parts with my riveter tool (the trumpeter one) as the wheel does not reach some places. Any suggestions on this? I also have to figure out how I am going to detail the engine as it looks too flat at the moment, any model/thread for inspiration? I also want to thank Dave for letting me use his canopy as I manage to loose mine! THANKS SO MUCH! Cockpit is already mounted, I still have to scratch-build the electronics on the dashboard Front wheel bay has been primed in light grey and will do the painting soon I have also mounted and started to paint the avionics on the side. I will add some minor cable work once finished. The green stuff on the panel is the cushioning on the avionics, it was made and sculptured with Milliput. On with the panelling and riveting I have also carved out the gun bay so it does not look it is sitting on the top of the hull. As I expanded the front wheel bay to its correct shape, I had to shorten the gun as it was too long for the current dimensions... I will add the lateral guards of the gun once I finish with the hull. Also as you can see I have painted the main wheel bays. Primed in light grey and painted on the top with GW Boltgun metal. Will start to do the landing gear soon and will apply some washes to the bays. Another thing I will have to make from scratch in this lateral holder (see the ref pic) as the piece provided by Hasegawa is just literally a handle... REF PIC: Hope you enjoy it. As always if you have any comments/ suggestions please do not hesitate to post! All the best
  4. Ohhh calamity!! It seems I have miss-placed the canopy!!! I will keep with it and hopefully it will appear at some point! I have sent an email to AMERANG to see if the can supply a spare but no answer back so far.... Upper section of the fuselage is done, cockpit assembled and will start with the lower section of the fuselage.
  5. Great Job! Looking forward to see it through!
  6. Hi everybody, I am just bringing you a quick update. I keep on working in the paneling and riveting; most of the upper hull has been re-scribed I may open some of the avionics bays on the top of the hull by the cabin. upper part of the wings and ailerons have been scribbed and riveted. I still have to finish the tail and will move to do the lower side of the hull. I want to do some scratch build of the flaps, does someone has a reference link to a thread where someone has done some scratch-build work on similar flaps? As always thanks for following and comments are always welcomed! Cheers, Alex Lower side of the wings (before and after) Upper side of the wings (before and after) upper general view Aileron detail Wing detail Tail detail upper hull detail
  7. Looking great! Awesome ref pics for a later build on my own! All the best, Alex
  8. The panelling in this plane is a nightmare!!! And I haven't even started with rivets!
  9. Tom, I was thinking on a nice shade of pink or violet maybe! ;p I still haven't decided on the paint scheme, I'll have to do some research glad you like it!
  10. Hi everybody! It has been a long time since I could dedicate some time to the build. Anyhow I was doing some research and trying to get some more detailed pics of the Mig-27, which is proving difficult... I decided to scratch build the air-brakes and I have done the wheel bays. I am thinking whether to scratch build the parachute hub and definitely want to do something with the engine exhaust as it looks flat as a table, I am working on something regarding this but I am not sure if it will work out at the end... we will just have to try and see. I will also start to do the paneling, I got a pretty good idea now on how it goes. So far I have sand down the raised panel lines and do some preliminary drawing with pencil on where are they going to go. I have also started to paint the cockpit but I will have to do some last minute fittings to get it done. I will also start soon to prepare the avionics from the nose. This should be relatively straight forward. Here are some pics: (Hope you enjoy them) AND as always comments are always welcomed! Upper Air brakes: I had to saw through the fusselage piece to get the sockets done. The internal structure of the bay is done with plastic card. Upper and lower air brakes: Air brake: I will have to do from scratch the hydraulics of the fin. Main wheel bays: I will add the cable work and the piping once painted. Paneling: Cockpit:
  11. Hi Harvy, I know about that TV screen but that one goes over the top of the front of the sights. That's why I left that top right corner without a detail on it, so I can mount it later on, once the cockpit is finished. Thanks for the link!
  12. P.S. Forgot to include a detail pic of the stick head I sculpted with green stuff
  13. Hi everyone! It's cockpit timeeeeeeee! I have been working on it the past days and it is now 90% finished. I may add some more buttons and some cable work. Still have to correct small issues with fitting and add another plate at the back of the seat so it reaches the fuselage frame. As I said this kit has no cockpit whatsoever so everything had to be built from scratch. The base of the stick has some fabric around it, hence the smoking paper. Just realized that one of the arm rests of the seat has fallen off This are some pics I took earlier in the week before doing some extra detailing: The aiming sights will be built from scratch once the cockpit is painted and mounted. Also regarding the avionics, I will have to sand down that section as the plastic looks too thick. Just a last detail of another section I had to file for cockpit fitting: Anyway hope you enjoy it! As always comments / suggestions are always welcomed! Best regards, Alex
  14. Hi Giorgio! I have already noticed plenty of inaccuracies and I am just focusing on the first section of the jet! I am not going to be super-crazy with accuracy, don't want this to be an everlasting build. Gonna finish the cockpit, nose, landing gear bays and some avionics. The rest I think it will be OOB. I just need to gain a bit of momentum to encourage myself to go back on the F-16. I am glad you like it! Cheers, Alex Hi Tom! Also glad you are following! Please let know if you want to see something more in detail and I will make a post of it. Yesterday I was doing some fitting of the scratch-built cockpit, there is plenty to remove and modify so it fits in a realistic way. Cheers, Alex
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