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  1. PhilHendry

    IDF 'Droids'

    So-called 'Droids' on modern IDF armour... Obviously, I'd like to know what they do and how they work, but everything I've read suggests that, unsurprisingly, the Israelis are keeping that info under wraps - and I don't blame them. I'm fairly sure they're a different system from the 'Trophy' active defence system. I assume, from the look of the thing and its positioning, that the Droid is the 'visible' component of some sort of 360° warning/surveillance system. Leaving all that speculation aside, there are conversion sets aplenty available from the likes of Legend and
  2. Hi all! After getting ready with my Spitfires I decided to start a quick and easy project. I looked through the stash and picked this one: Some goodies that I have are CMK wheels (really only front wheel is a reasonable replacement but I will use all three), Pavla seats (bought them because no seat belts are in the kit. Unfortunately Pavla seats are too narrow and have wrong harness anyway so likely I'll not be using this), and Isradecal set for training Magisters. Kit contents: Quite a few parts for a small airplane? In fact
  3. Hi everyone, Here is one more project I completed back in 2020 somewhere mid-year but it took me a while to post an RFI report here. This time this is Kinetic's F-16I Sufa naturally in IDF colours: I do have a lot of interest in IDF aircraft due to their operational history but more importantly because the Israeli were always trying to sqeeze maximum of the assets they were obtaining which resulted in aircrafts' versions with the ultimate characteristics. F-16I modification of the famous Viper is a perfect example of that approach.
  4. Hi all, Today I'm posting the last one of my Spitfires trio. This time I've got a little non-typical one - this is a clipped-wing mk.IX in Israeli markings. The War of Independence (or the 1948 Arab-Israeli War) was the last conflict where Spitfires saw air-to-air dog-fighting - most paradoxically a lot of this action has been happening between Spitfires flying in RAF, Egyptian Air Force and newly formed Israeli Defence Force. The prototype that I've chosen was one of the aircraft flown under Velveta I operation from Czechoslovakia in late 1948 that arriv
  5. Finally completed this one. WIP can be found here: I picked the old Heller kit up at a Euromilitaire show some years ago. I think I paid around £5. It's not a bad old kit but required some work, especially around the hull sides and turret areas, to get a half decent job. I'm especially pleased with the canvas area between the turret halves. This was made from milliput, and numerous small plastic fasteners using scrap card and minute bolt heads obtained from MAFVA. Paint was mostly Vallejo, which was a first for me, and I was very pleased with the results. I picked up a
  6. How to Paint IDF Vehicles (Solution Book 03) AMMO by Mig Jiménez Over the last few years we’ve been treated to a mini-explosion of models of Israeli Defence Force (IDF) vehicles, figures and even aircraft, and given the environment that they usually operate, painting and weathering is quite important if you want to depict their hardware in anything other than a factory-fresh state. Dust and sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. AMMO have a range of Solution Boxes designed exclusively for carrying out the painting and we
  7. How to build an accurate 1/72 IDF A-4 Skyhawk these days? The Esci, Matchbox and Frog kits are gone since many years ago. And even the Fujimi and Hasegawa kits are selldom seen. Can something be done with the Italeri and Airfix kits? Cheers / André
  8. Well, with virtually no modelling throughout the summer, it's finally back to the bench. I suffer abrupt changes of modelling polarity and feel the need to put aside my 1/72 boat projects for the time being, to do some more armour. One of my favourite tanks is The Brit Centurion and it's hard not to be mesmerized by what the IDF have done to modernise and adapt their venerable Shot Cals. (I saw Michael Mass has written that it should be Cal not Kal?) The Nagmachon was a project using old Centurion hulls to construct APCs. This will the early version without the later "Doghouse" t
  9. Hello Folks. Today i introduce my Centurion Shot Kal during Yom kippur war 1973. This model was built four years ago. Best regards. Michael.
  10. Magach 6B Gal Batash Israeli Main Battle Tank (TS-040) 1:35 Meng Model via Creative Models The Magach name has been used for a number of tanks over the years, based upon the numerous Patton tanks from the M48 to the M60, which is probably the cause of some confusion, although calling four tanks Patton confuses me already, so why not continue? The 6B was based upon the newer M60A1 chassis, with modernisation from the base model, the fitment of the Gal fire control system, and passive appliqué armour that gave it a rather Merkava-like profile. These were in respons
  11. IDF K-9 Unit “OKETZ” ICM 1:16 ICM continue their releases of 1:16 figures that don’t fit in with their World of Guards series, is this figure of an Israeli Defence Force soldier and his K9 companion. The kit comes on two sprues of grey styrene and one of black, with a separate black pedestal. The parts are very well moulded with no sign of flash or other imperfections, and while the build is relatively simple, the painting is what makes these figures stand out, both with the figure and the dog. Being 1:16 scale it’s large enough for the detail to be seen and painted, yet
  12. Hi All, Here's the Tiger Models late Nagmachon. Having built the Hobby Boss one earlier, this is definitely the better kit especially in terms of the "Droid", glass, bar armour and headlights. Goes together very well and Instructions look just like Tamiya's - are they related companies? Painted with AK Sinai Gray then covered in dust as all of the ones in service seem to be. Love the look of this AFV - I think you'd feel safer in one of these than any lighter wheeled vehicle. Usual C&C welcome Cheers David
  13. This is the third F-16, the F-16 D (Barak). I built the F-16 D Block 40 "Barak 2" No. 687 from the Scorpion Squadron. The kit in 1/48 is from Kinetik. Additional parts are from Aires (cockpit, wheel bay and exhaust), Dr. Pepper (Sidewinder), Isracast (fuel tank 600 gallons) and Eduard (masks and etched parts and the ladder). External stores are: Station 1/9: 2 AIM 9 L Sidewinder Station 2/8: 2 Python 4 Station 3/7: 2 JADAM (GBU-31) Station 4/6: 2 Fuel tank 600 Gallons Station 5: 1 Fuel tank 300 Gallons The original is fro
  14. F-16 C Barak This is the second F-16, the F-16 C (Barak). I built the F-16C Block 40 "Barak 2" No. 531 from the First Fighter Squadron. The kit in 1/48 is from Tamiya. Additional parts are from Dr. Pepper (conversion set), Wolfpack (litening Pod), Isracast (fuel tank 600 gallons), Aires (exhaust nozzle), Flightpath (Siedewinder), Eduard (masks and etched parts). External stores are: Station 1/9: 2 AIM 9 L Sidewinder Station 2/8: 2 Python 4 Station 3/7: 2 Rafael Spice Station 4/6: 2 Fuel tank 600 Gallons Station 5: 1 Fuel
  15. Merkava Mk.4M w/Trophy Active Protection System (TS-036) 1:35 Meng Model via Creative Models The Merkava name has a long history with the Israeli military, and the Merkava IV is the latest in a line of main battle tanks that have been in service since the 1970s. The design has evolved over the years into the Mk.4, which bears a family resemblance to the earlier vehicles. The Mark.IV is a product of the new millennium, and builds upon the shoulders of the Mark.III, incorporating all the latest protective and offensive systems that are necessary to improve survivab
  16. Happy Easter All - Here's the Hobby Boss Achzarit APC (Early). Pretty good kit overall with good PE which was easier to work with than many I've come across. I used the new AK Real Colours paint which I was very pleased with. When the Achzarit first came into service the IDF was just moving over to the grey Sinai Grey from the sand Sinai Grey if you see what I mean. Last photo with it's ugly sister. Usual comments and criticisms welcome - the left had track does need a re-tension but it was too late when I noticed Cheers David
  17. Lining up my next build, utilising this old beast that I found on ebay just before Christmas. M106 - 1 by phil da greek, on Flickr A classic (that is old) Tamiya kit, some modification and scratch building will hopefully turn it into a Israeli "Keshet" M106A2 carrying a 120mm mortar. Work will begin soon on completion of my "240 Robert" build in the non military vehicles section, so probably by Easter! Thanks for looking.
  18. So, I've finished it - more or less. It still needs figures, and I may still 'tweak' the weathering here and there. The first photos aren't great - the colour balance is a bit off, and I don't seem to be able to fix it - just like the Achzarit... What this probably means, is that I've got the colour right... IDF Sand Grey/Sinai Grey doesn't seem to photograph very well. I've just taken another, which is a bit better. That side-on shot, shows the 'down by the stern' trim - these vehicles all seem to 'sag' that way, so I 'fixed' the suspension so it did too.
  19. Alongside the mojo restoring airplane builds, my next big build in 1/35 will be this, the IDF Puma (Frankenturion?) with Nochri mine roller. Basically because it looks such a fearsome bit of kit. This will be, by my standards, a somewhat involved project, as you can see from the obligatory box shot: Untitled by jongwinnett, on Flickr
  20. Hi Guys, I'm not sure, as these are tank crew, whether I ought to be asking here or in the AFV area... But here goes anyway. I'm building a Meng Achzarit kit, and I want to add three crew figures, for which I'm using the Meng tank crew - which are very much better looking figures than I'd expected. I'm not new to painting figures, but it's been a while. I'll probably stay simple, and use three (or perhaps five) tones on each area - a shadow, a base, and a highlight, which I may blend with the use of a drying retarder (I'm using Vallejo Model Color). Anyway, the reason for asking is
  21. This is Academy's now old (and hard to find) M163 Vulcan SPAAG, modified a little to become the Israeli version, called the "Hovet" in their service. There is external stowage and fuel tanks but little else really. Along with the Academy kit there is some Tamiya, Meng, Accurate Armour and other bits and bobs. The original idea was to have the commander stood on top looking out but the case wasn't tall enough so I had to rethink. As always she was brush painted in Humbrol enamels. She is depicted here in an early 80's pose. In real life in US service, she was due to be replaced by the Sgt.
  22. Hi All, Here is my Academy Merkeva 4 LIC. I added the Legend turret basket but largely used the Academy ball and chain set as I have sausage fingers. The kit is well detailed and goes together well apart from the tracks the individual links of which just don't want to sit together. I got the concrete blocks and wire from FOG models which I'm really pleased with. PLO posters I just printed from the net. I used the AK Sinai Gray which went on like a dream. My whip antenna could have been better I think Couldn't resist a photo with the much more beautiful Nagmachon.
  23. A kind friend in the USA bought me this old Academy kit. I won't build it quite 'OOB' - I'll definitely add the Eduard brass set - or part of it - and i need to move the crane, which is in the wrong place. I may also decide to use the 'late' bin-fit, rather than the early as on the picture here - but to begin with it doesn't make any difference to the build. So here we go. Out of order, of course - who needs instructions?
  24. Hello Everyone! I've just finished this amazing kit. Well close to amazing. It had few bits I didn't like but overall it is a really nice kit. Painted with Tamiya mix of Buff, Dark Yellow and random Grey in proportions 33%+33%+33% and then just a bit of grey. This is very first time I've used oil paint to do shadows and highlights and must say it's soooo easy! I hope you'll like it and you can see the pictures!
  25. Finished. There is a WIP if you care to go look for it. Sgt. York was an early 80's mobile anti aircraft gun system to be known as DIVADS, a complicated system ahead of it's time it ran out of money before it reached service where the next generation of attack helicopters were waiting for it out of 40mm gun range. But what if someone, say the IDF, had taken the system and made it work? Enhanced it, so to speak. So a bit of a what if with extra scratch built stowage and skirts and other little bits and pieces. First up, the box art; M247 - 1 by phil da greek,
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