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  1. Hi All, Here is the Tristar (now hobby Boss) Flakpanzer 38(t). This is a pretty challenging kit with a full interior, engine and gearbox none of which can be really seen when completed unless you have all the hatches open which spoils the lines somewhat. The 20mm cannon is very intricate and I would challenge anyone to get it 100% right first time round although most people could make a better job of the PE spent shell cage than I've done. Kit tracks are supposed to be workable but just kept snapping so I relented and bought Friuls. Almost all of these were lost in Normandy and made it clear to the Germans that one 20mm cannon was not up to the job of taking down Jabos. Usual C&C welcomed Thanks David
  2. Fantastic - is that field applied extra armour or did it come like that?
  3. Thanks - I think squeezing in a 105mm cannon into that little turret is quite an achievement. This one has additional armour bolted on that unsurprisingly took away it's amphibious capabilities!
  4. Hi Folks Here's the Tiger Models AMX 10 RCR Separ. Its a pretty good kit with just some occasionally vague instructions and some thick seam lines to spoil the party. I saw one of these on the back of a transporter at Saumur and it really looks mean in the flesh - the French always seem to like what is effectively a tank with wheels. Ignore the periscopes - made an almighty hash of them from start to finish! Painted with AK real colours then dusted with a thin mix of Tamiya buff. Usual C& C welcome Cheers David
  5. Hi All, Here's the Tiger Models late Nagmachon. Having built the Hobby Boss one earlier, this is definitely the better kit especially in terms of the "Droid", glass, bar armour and headlights. Goes together very well and Instructions look just like Tamiya's - are they related companies? Painted with AK Sinai Gray then covered in dust as all of the ones in service seem to be. Love the look of this AFV - I think you'd feel safer in one of these than any lighter wheeled vehicle. Usual C&C welcome Cheers David
  6. Looks great - I saw one at Saumur last year - French had used it well into the 50s.
  7. Lovely The Atak is worth every penny
  8. Hi All Here's the Trumpeter T62 in Iraqi service with ERA. Easy and pleasant kit to build and came with a metal barrel. Painted with a cocktail of Vallejo acrylics as they seem to have a million derivatives of sand colour. The figure (badly painted) came from the Tamiya T55 Enigma; he's looking out for A-10s. Any comments and criticisms welcome Cheers David
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