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  1. Great Job - Lot more practical domestically to build it in 1/72!
  2. The two cannons might disuade any traffic wardens from issuing a ticket
  3. Hi All, Here's the Takom Flakpanther with the twin 37mm turret. You also get a much less attractive looking 4 * 20mm option turret but I'd imagine most people will build this as at least a wooden mock up of it was produced. I can't bring myself to glue on individual track horns so went for Fruils both sides have about 1 link too many when i look at it now. Otherwise a great kit which I enjoyed immensely. Very simple "diorama" just to give it a bit of context - still struggle with faces as you can see. Would appreciate your thoughts Many Thanks David
  4. Thanks so much - its the trumpeter kit I have on the way. I picked up the soviet drivers today and will order the RB Barrel. Cheers David
  5. That's really interesting thanks - I think it will look better towing the howitzer rather than a T34
  6. Hi All, Here's the Trumpeter Voroshilovets tractor. Great kit with excellent detail and good tracks. I have ordered the 203mm tracked howitzer to go with it. Painted with Mr Colour Russian Green and weathered with the kitchen sink. Unusual looking vehicle much coveted by the Germans apparently. Usual C+C welcome. Thanks David
  7. Saw this last weekend - its at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, UK. Comically enough it broke down half way through it's first lap. I've built the Finnish Marksman which is a great kit.
  8. Great job on the mesh cage - I lost patience with it. Great kit if you give it time.
  9. Thanks for you comments - I've read the Dragon kit is a bit easier to go together but maybe not just as detailed in some areas. If I was to do it again I would close up the side panels to make it look a bit meaner I think. would be interested to see how the Dragon kit turns out. cheers David
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