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  1. Brilliant - I think they were used as pillboxes in the battle for Berlin?
  2. Hi All Here's the ICM 1/35 KHD Maultier half track truck. This was my first ICM kit and all went well apart from the strangely soft plastic it is moulded from. The chassis flexes a bit which has made the cab ever so slightly off. Overall an enjoyable build though. I used Tamiya Lacquer for the first time and its certainly a bit more durable than acrylic. The truck is meant to represent a vehicle of the workshop company of 24 Panzer division but the load itself may have some US items in there as I just raided the spares box for workshop type items. Unfortunately the link and length tracks are impossible to sag and I didn't want to resort to Fruils. Usual C&C welcome Cheers David
  3. Hi All, Here's the Tamiya Marder 1 which was based on a captured Lorraine artillery tractor. Fantastic kit making for a very enjoyable build Used the hairspray technique sparingly as I always usually destroy the white coat. Figure painting the ongoing issue. C&C welcome Thanks David
  4. Hi All, Here's the ancient Tamiya kit which is pretty cheap but as is often the case it's not that cheap when you've had to add gun barrels and PE Kit which i did. It probably also needs resin wheels and aftermarket tracks but then its not a cheap kit anymore... The ammo trailer was good value though with 2 in the kit for about £10. Everybody builds this with the sides down so i thought I'd show it in transit rather than fighting. Easy to build with a couple of screws and metal axles to add to the fun. Usual C&C welcome Cheers David
  5. Fantastic job Thanks for your help with mine
  6. Would be interested to see how the 511 turns out - appreciate the feedback cheers David
  7. Ah, I see re the OB markings. I take it 511 is the command version? you do get two other decal options - just liked the look of that one cheers David
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