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  1. It might be worth persuading AA to release the wheels seperately.
  2. I'm really looking forward to this. I've been wanting a plastic kit of it in 1/35 ever since it first appeared in photos... It's such a beast of a thing!
  3. They do indeed, and it fits a treat.
  4. I dunno about the 'tank', but the character with the umbrella isn't Frost - rather it is Major Digby Tatham-Warter - who was famed for carrying an umbrella in battle - he said he carried it because he could never remember the password, and "only a bloody fool of an Englishman" would carry an umbrella into battle.
  5. Potentially great news, and good on them for taking the job on - the Tamiya kit is a bit limited in possible applications. Plenty of 'options' for cross-kitting between the two, and for the after-market guys to make add-ons - wide tracks for one thing. It certainly opens up the possibilities. The hull types are useful too - type D (or E?) on the IV, and type F on the VI, add to the possibilities. Presumably, it wouldn't be beyond the wit of man to convert the Tyoe D/E to a welded hull variant either. Is it just my imagination, or are the sprocket and/or idler mounted slightly too low - th
  6. That’s brilliant. Hard to believe it’s not 1:35.
  7. Thanks! Yes, you’re right - the body appears to be steel too, rather than made of wooden planks, and has that grab handle on top - all of which rather gives away that it’s not a Scammell - how did I fail to spot that? Anyway, that in itself is interesting, as it shows that there was a diversity of towing vehicles for that trailer besides gantry lorries and the Scammell. I don’t recall having seen a Diamond T with that style of jib (which right now doesn’t mean anything, given my memory and that I’m away from my library), though the Mack LMSW definitely had it, though there were als
  8. Being in possession of the Thunder Models SV/2S and Resicast Light Recovery Trailer, I am pondering the idea of making a combination roughly like those shown in the photos below: Once upon a time, before I lost all my marbles, I’m sure I had a series of tables showing me the equipment held by various RAOC and/or REME Light Aid Detachments, Workshops, and suchlike - which would have furnished me with sufficient information to make a decent stab at deciding on a set of markings for such a combination. Alas, though, my marbles have rolled away, and though I can find the
  9. It's a seriously impressive scene - great modeling, great eye for detail... And yet, unlike some dioramas, it's not 'overdone'.
  10. That's a seriously impressive model. So well finished too.
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