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  1. It looks great - nice neat job, subtle colouring and weathering - it really looks the part.
  2. That single round In the second picture is an AP Practice round - hence the yellow band.
  3. Paint/markings were standardised - so that you knew what you were getting! So 2pdr AP is marked the same way as 17pdr AP - black, with a white tip; the white tip has a red band within it. The driving band is copper coloured.
  4. Thank you! That’s probably enough info to scratchbuild something plausible. Yeah, it looks to be made out of angle iron. Pretty crude really - more like unit fitters than the workshops if you ask me... Though given the parlous state of supplies almost any time during the North Africa campaign, it might have been all the workshops had ‘to hand’.
  5. I am currently building the Asuka/Tasca Direct Vision Sherman II (35-014), as used at the Battle of El Alamein, and I’ve hit a wee snag. According to the instructions, and the odd photo I’ve found, 9th Lancers’ Shermans carried a jerrycan on the left rear of the hull. The problem is that the instructions simply show it ‘stuck’ in place - which, obviously, it can’t have been in real life. All of the photos I’ve seen are too small and/or grainy to really make out what sort of method was used to secure the can in place, other than that there’s a strap running up around the can and under the handles. Does anyone have any definitive information on the ‘holder’ for the can please?
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