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  1. thank you , looking forward to final reveals
  2. Lovely build so far! This little airplane really need a lot of ballast at the engine bay! Looking forward to more progress! Regards, Kun
  3. The weather in Guangzhou is not very good as rainstorms and high wind is hitting here. I put the Tamiya F-14D into the cabinet and am waiting for sunny days so as to take final reveal photos outside. Here are some comparison photos between Tamiya and AMK F-14D Tomcat builds
  4. I had done a little adjustment to the bomb heat retarding coats by some washing, with oil paint. This time the coating look better For this model, most of the decals are spare AMK F-14D decals. I used Tamiya's own decals only on some places where there is no supplement (such as the AAQ-25 LANTIRN pod). The Tamiya ones are shiny and did not react to Mr. Mark Setter very well. For the nose section, the VF-2 Bounty Hunter bands also came from AMK's spare sheet. Due to the bulged shape of AMK's nose, the colored bands should be reduced in length in order
  5. And literally this model airplane is complete, I did not hesitate to take some quick shot befor leaving the workbench The starboard slat just slide off its rail...opppps Put the slat back to rail:-D
  6. This was the start of painting bombs. I didn't bother to make the cook retardant coat using putties. Instead I depict it with pre-shading and some oil wash. the first step was to give it a preshading with a mixture of brown and black lacquer paint I was using the Galaxy Model masking tape for AMK F-14D kit. So I had to paint Olive Drab (Mr. Color C12?) first And then, apply the masking tapes to the shell of bombs Mask all Olive Drab area and prepare to airbrush Mr. Color C308 Gray The gray color was ready
  7. Thank you!!! I am updating now on the munitions.
  8. Now, everything is in place except for external stores...
  9. This one is really near the finish line. Here are some photos I took when I was working on smaller parts: Gear bay doors: I paint gloss white (Mr.Color C107 Character White) inside by airbrush, then hand brushed the red edges(also Mr. Color, Character red). Gray (Mr. Color, C308, the underside fuselage color) was the last color to apply, by airbrush. This method needed the least repairing. If the red color goes to the back of the panel, gray color will cover it and make the edge neat. The gear bay doors were easy to attach, Tamiya's engineering was great, you don't have to worry a
  10. Really anxious to see what this plane would be like, that I took it to the balcony with my wife's sony digital camera. The oil paints on the airframe was just still smelling in the sun! Looks like the outcome is good!
  11. WOW! Do you have an Instagram or FB account to follow? I would definitely be following! Your colleagues were flying really awesome 2016 in Zhuhai, I was working then beside the Zhuhai airport, I saw their rehearsals, really AWESOME!!! thank you! I will be updating soon!
  12. Now I put everything I painted back on: slats and flaps, vertical fins, landing gears, drop tanks, TCS/IRST pods and the F110 engine nozzles:-D
  13. Update: Weathering...I originally planned a cleaner build but have to weather a bit heavier due to the decal issue. But not too heavy, the F-14D was well maintained during its service life. I applied a thin layer of mixture of Mr. Color C46 clear coat and C181 semi gloss coat to protected the decals. Then, Winsor Newton Oil Colors thinned with Zippo Lighter Liquid was hand brushed to various areas on the airframe. The hand-brush was tied to the pivot of wing rotate axes to draw curves that depicts the rubbing between the upper and lower surface of wing and seal plates
  14. Thank you! I managed to get autograph from the flight crew and ground crew when they came to Guangzhou before the 2014 Zhuhai Airshow. I am interested in what your position was at that time with the aerobatic team
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