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  1. Really was dispointed that Hobbyboss could not distinguish Short Tucano from Embraer Tucano. Fourtunately, the configuration and size of the two Tucano remain the same. The fitting and detail of Hobbyboss's EMB-312 Tucano were quite decent, so it make it not quite difficult to do the conversion work. Hobbyboss provided four propeller blades, one only need to convert the nose cone to make a four-blade propeller. I made the jet pipe out of some spare sprue and place them in holes I made under front fuselage. The detonation cords were made from spare decals from Hobbyboss's Red Arrows BAE Hawk. Airbrake was made of placards
  2. 1/48 Short Tucano converted from hobbyboss EMB-312. The following parts are modified: 1\ the original three blade is converted into a four blade propeller 2\ jet pipes are moved to lower front fuselage 3\ the nose section is slightly modified to represent a smoother cross section on the Short Tucano rather than Embraer Tucano 4\ Added a frame and detonation cord to the original canopy 5\ Added the ventral airbrake, leaving it at closed position
  3. Finally finished! Also added to the fuselage is the ventral airbrake!
  4. Decals applied. Next: Gloss coat and polishing!
  5. Thanks for the recommendations. I took a look at gear bay photos, yes they were white indeed. One more question: I have been converting a Hobbyboss EMB-312 Tucano into a Short Tucano (https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235049777-148-short-tucano-converted-from-hobbyboss-emb-312/). Are the wheel bays of Short Tucano also white ? Googled for a long time but can not find photos who show wheel bays clearly Regards
  6. Nice build! How was the fitting of this kit?
  7. Nice build! Hope to see completed work! I've been building exactly the same type.
  8. The old type of seat did exist on Hawks in 1980s. By the time I realized the type was wrong , I had already glued the seats in place. It would be better find some aftermarket seats or spare seats from other kits. Regards
  9. Nice and neat build! LOVE IT !!!
  10. Some more WIP photos that covers the modification on gear legs and air intake ducts for environmental control systems..
  11. This kit does have some problems. As far as a know, one may work on the seat and the wings to make the Hobbyboss Hawk more accurate The first thing would be the wing Hobbyboss provided wings with a pair of large wing fence and 3 pairs of small wing fences. But the small ones only appears on certain types of Hawk, rather than those who serve in Royal Air Force. So I removed them. And there are small stall strips on the leading edges of wing, I used placard to make 2 pairs of them. the second thing is the size! Hobbyboss one is too large! Here's the comparison between Hobbyboss one and the Italeri one I built a few years ago. You can read the size from the grids on the cutting mat. I could do nothing with this. It is a pity : The third thing, Hobbyboss provided a vintage type of Martin Baker Ejection seat. As I know, Hawks nowadays use seats with cubic headrests rather than triangular ones
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