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  1. have been busy weathering and adding different colors to various areas
  2. Took out the digital camera and shot again! This time it looked good...
  3. The in-flight-trio in my cupboard: it is a real fun to build aircraft models as they are in flight, rather than be on the ground
  4. it is time to move onto some silver parts: is it supposed to be anti ice devices in the leading edge of slats and engine intake cowls? Also the pitot tube, gun vent and muzzle is painted with silver https://wx1.sinaimg.cn/mw1024/5140406agy1gh71lkq34uj21hc0u07ba.jpg
  5. It's time to put the big cat in front of a sky-and-water background again!
  6. Painting of airbags and fairings for afterburner cans. For the airbags, i used gunship gray. For the fairings, i added black and super stainless steel into gunship gray.
  7. I used Gunze GSI paint for most of the painting work. I started to painted various smaller parts after painting the three main camoflage tones. The first to paint is the red edges on the slats and trailing edge flaps. And this is what it look like under the sun
  8. Different tones of gray applied, still need to high light the edges between different colors
  9. Primer is on! Pre-shading
  10. The gears got their colors: As for the wheels Step1: I used a mixture with Gunze C33 (matt black) and a drop of white to paint the tyres Step2: Apply masking tapes to the wheels and press the tape so as to follow the edge of wheel rims Step3: Use a sharp modeling knife to cut out the shape of rims, and make the rims exposed, then spray paint the rims with white paint As for gear struts: I just masked the oleos then painted the strut white. The hydraulic lines on the torsion links, landing lights and the marks on the tow bars are hand painted
  11. Look alike??
  12. Time to work on the main landing gears. Adding drag struts, hydraulic adaptors, downlock actuators, jack pads(right beneath the gear shock strut). Also added are the hydraulic lines for wheel brakes (connecting outer tube of shock strut and the brake units) The hydraulic lines are metal pipes that are pressurized to 3000psi, so they are rigid. When the shock absorber strut moves, there are rotating adaptors between every movable parts: such as upper torsion link, lower torsion link, and inner tube The landing gear extension/retraction actuator has not been added yet. As shown below, pic from DACO's Uncovering Grumman F-14A/B/D Tomcat
  13. I worked on the exhaust nozzles. Giving it a black base before applying super metal colors. I applied the paint by spraying with the nozzle masked Not weathered yet...
  14. Time to install the windshield and canopy. I painted both inside and outside of the frames As for canopy, I applied some putty to the bottom of it to make the seam not so obvious Sanded it, this time it would be OK
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