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  1. Fantastic result! How was the kit when compared to its Hasegawa counterpart?
  2. Thank you! Thank you! Actually I have been practicing in-flight-pose five times:-) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you. I am glad that you like it! Thank you. I selected Sony A7R3 and FE24-240mm lens for the final reveal and it proved right:-) Hope you enjoy your new build!
  3. Thank you. Finally being about to post on Imgur and the links work better than before OK! Thank you! Thank you! The Foxhound is an impressive aircraft:-) Glad to make the model impressive too:-p Yes, I had to admit this is a powerful aircraft thank you! thank you! FE24-240mm lens is really good at depicting an incoming aircraft model! Glad that you enjoyed this post! This is a good book, I wished that I had come to this one earlier
  4. Let's see if the photos show properly now, after almost seven months...now the photos are uploaded on Imgur...
  5. Thank you! Are those photos loaded properly? I thought that there may be some problem with weibo photos linking into britmodeller forums... Trying to register an Imgur accout now...
  6. Try this link. https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=67957&p=albums&album=77129#3 I have uploaded the whole album there
  7. Hello there! I am proud to introduce my newly completed project, an AMK MiG-31BS interceptor in 1/48 scale. The kit is AvantGarde Model Kits | No. 88008 | 1:48 and I created a building thread in the WIP sub-forum here: The fitting of the kit was fine and the building was straight forward except for my modification on landing gear struts. The MiG-31 nose gear is trailing link suspension type and main gear has staggered mounted wheels on a movable bogey on each gear. I managed to modify them as the aircraft was in the air right before pilots raise the gear retraction/extension handle. The painting was done with Mr.Color lacquer paints. To my astonishment, the R-33 and R-40TD missiles took more time to paint than the airframe itself. Subtle weathering was done with Winsor Newton Oil Colors thinned with Zippo lighter liquids. The final photos were shot with a Sony A7R3 digital camera with a 24-240mm lens, the lens were really awesome to provide extreme realilty! For more photos, and in case of 'space.png' problems, you can also visit my album on scalemates: https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=67957&p=albums&album=77129 Regards, Kun
  8. thank you buddy! I am doing a final updating. Once the background paper and camera is ready, I will take the final reveal shot I had improved the blurred effect by adding a few more stripes to the runway And I took the model to the balcony to verify the effects under the sun and 35 degree celsius day with my good old Canon E850D camera (18-55mm lens). This should be the last time I put this model to the edge of balcony. The final reveals would be taken inside the balcony
  9. I would like to post this before the final reveal. I bought an extra wood base and decided to paint it as the runway display base. The runway pattern was painted based on the size of Russian PAG-14 concrete plates. To make everything look dynamic, I made some blurred effect with my airbrush. I stuffed two mini LED lights in the afterburner cans as to make the afterburner effect. Now the Foxhound has roared into the air! And today is the mid-autumn day in Chinese tradition, I wish every modeller here a happy mid-autumn! Happy Modelling!
  10. Yes it really takes courage! Now the 31 is in the cabinet and I am working on a new display base with blurred runway on it
  11. literally this project is complete. Stay tuned for final reveal:-)
  12. Very brilliant build! I like it! The Russian air-to-air missiles really takes a lot of time to paint, and you did a fine job!
  13. I thought they did their research and came to the idea of painting emerald green.
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