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  1. Hello today! I am keeping up with my work in progress. Finally closed the nose section with the nose gear bay and crew compartment inside. For mates who can not see the pictures, sorry for inconvenience but I would be grateful if you click the link below and take a view at the pics I uploaded there! https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=67957&p=albums&album=65250 Here comes the updates: I saw the GWH F-14D VF-31 post by @viperbite at arcforums.com , it was a very brilliant build and a former maintenance crew relied so I learned that F-14s
  2. A little update on the canopy jettison handles. I cut the handles out of some plastic sheet And then simply painted them yellow. Yes I know for the real thing only the hand grips are yellow, yet this is too tiny for a model airplane:-) This is what the cockpit looks like now I really missed the AMK decals since they are of decent quality, yet I have to check if the edges of large decals matches Tamiya airframe. Also some stencils are absent since I used them when building the AMK Tomcat
  3. Ohhhh noooo.... but i think you can check my uploads here: https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=67957&p=albums&album=65250
  4. For those who can not see the pictures, you can check up my uploaded pictures from here: https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=67957&p=albums&album=65250
  5. Test fitting with airbags and air seal plates, it seems OK. The plane is supported with a steel tube whose diameter is 3 milimeters. No inner tube added yet, this is going to be planted in the fuselage later on. Next I am going to wait till putty dries, then sand the wing until it is neat and clean. Also ahead is assembly of fuselages and intakes. I am also waiting for my replacement exhaust cones from Res-Kit, hope those cones work better than the ones from KASL Hobby. Steel tubes are ready for modification to main landing gear shock struts, really lookin
  6. Maybe you can try refreshing the page several times. I also experience similar problems reading posts in this forum, but refreshing the pages works everytime
  7. Adjustment has been implemented: steel pins re-located to achieve a better fit. Epoxy putty applied to the upper surface of port trailing edge flap as to make the slot width constant
  8. Although still a little messy, the pins I inserted worked to hold the wings, slats and flaps together. There is still some deformation to deal with, more work is needed before the assembly
  9. As for the KASL resin exhausts, they are way too small when compared to original parts or spare AMK exhaust cones. Thus I ordered RESKIT 1/48 480068 ‘’F-14D Tomcat closed nozzles for Tamiya kit‘, hopefully the RESKIT package may come in a few days And this is a try with the AMK closed cone, the exterior worked out OK but it lacks detail
  10. I have talked about the mis-align of wing rails and the slots, which was somehow tricky when you attach the slats and trailing edge flaps to the wing. I considered moving the rails (slats) and hinges (flaps), but it was difficult to do a clean cut with modeling knives. I decided to widen the slots instead after halting for a few days, so an acceptable alignment is achieved. i am going to prepare the holding tubes and main gear legs for an in-flight configuration on the following weeks, just as what I had done t
  11. Nose gear bay assembled. I am wondering if the wires are supplying electric power to the AN/APG-71 radar and its processing units. Since power lines are vulnerable to hydraulic fluid that leaks, are they put in bundles and covered with yellowish tapes for protection? I freehanded the wires and clips with Tamiya acrylic paints, also freehanded are the piston of the hydraulic actuators for gear and doors retraction/extension Hope this aircraft-in-flight fleet would expand soon
  12. A little update. Added some bundles of wires to the nose gear bay since they are so obvious. I referred to the AMK instruction when placing the copper and tin wires. Tamiya preferred to simplfy the detail to achieve a pleasurable build, while AMK chose to pursuit abundant details. The former even molded the hydraulic accumulator together with nose gear retraction/extension actuator, I don't think it right and divded it back into two components.
  13. Sometimes it also happens to me. Trying refreshing the page may help! The resin wings are really expensive(2/3 of the price of the kit) , but they do fix the problem that Tamiya did not mould wings with high lift devices
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