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  1. Okay. How about the photos from scalemates? Did they appear properly? I am going to share them from there from now on. Or I can create a Flickr account
  2. Very nice start, I will be following your WIP!
  3. I forgot to post the building procedures of air intakes and exhaust nozzles, here they come:
  4. For friends who can not see images from weibo, I am sharing images from my scalemates albums here https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=67957&p=albums&album=71524#3 And you can also visit my IG or Facebook page as I share the WIP photos there first
  5. The nose gear has a trailing link suspension with a mud-guard. I studied some photos to determine the length of exposure of mirror-finished-piston. Approximately 4 millimeters for 1/48 scale. 2 millemeters in diameter. As I re-configured the nose strut into in-the-air position. It really needs some strength as I cut the torsion links, trailing link and shock strut apart. I drilled 1-mm-diameter holes and placed thin steel tubes as the backbone of the nose gear assembly A temporary mock up with all control surfaces, canopy and R-40 missiles in
  6. The main undercarriages of MiG-31 was unique. Each of the undercarriages consists of the main strut and a two-wheel-bogey. The main wheels are placed in a staggered way, each of which has a single shock absorber piston. Modification focused on the bogey mainly. Here is the drawing of main gear bogey with ground load and without ground load. When modified. The bogey should be cut into two pieces. The forward part carries the forward wheel, and the aft part carry the aft wheel. Absorber pistons and link mechanism are re-positioned as without-ground-load-configuration
  7. Looking forward to the series! The MiGs are just fabulous jets! In fact I am making my own in-flight-series, I have already built four and this is the fifth:-)
  8. Here are some WIP photo of modifying MiG-31 main undercarriages to depict an aircraft in air, with gears down and locked. 1, I removed the link mechanism temperorily to make it easier to cut the main gear trolly apart 2, The main gear trolly were modified to a 'no ground load' configuration. 3, Place the shock absorb piston of the forward wheels in extended configuration 4, re-install the link mechanism and aft wheel pistons
  9. fitting is superior to their F-14D kit. I don't know if accuracy are okay or not. It seems to be a nice kit
  10. Pilots painted with Tamiya acrylic paints. Cabin spray painted with Mr. Color C391 Emerald Green. All other details were brought out by AMK kit decals
  11. AMK MiG-31B/BS with Aerobonus MiG-31 Pilot and WSO, here are photos of the project now
  12. This is a massive conversion that I don't dare to try! Looking forward to more progress!
  13. Very smart build! Look sexier than the CEO models with those big LEAP engines!
  14. For some reason I can not see the picture clearly. But the bright colors you applied make this the sexiest Hunter aircraft!
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