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Found 24 results

  1. Simple proposal inspired by the above videos. Any car kit civilian or militarised civilian ( eg staff cars etc) any scale. Be an excuse for me to build that Airfix mini I have in the stash. 1. me 2. @Keeff 3. @theplasticsurgeon 4. @stevehnz 5. @Trevor L 6. @desert falcon 7. @CliffB 8. @Redstaff 9. @triumphfan 10. @Bobby No Mac 11. @Corsairfoxfouruncle 12. @Pig of the Week 13. @Black Knight 14. @RevDWC 15. @Mjwomack
  2. Hello Everyone.... Shall we give this one a third try ? If yes Im proposing the “Classic mode’s of Transportation” group build take two. This would cover anything transport (vehicles, trains, ships, and aircraft) related. Starting from 12 November 1918, 24 hours after the Armistice went into effect. It will end 24 hours prior to September 1st 1939. Any mode of transport used, designed, or operated in this time frame. This would include World War One transportation or aircraft still being used in this timeframe. Also includes anything that was into the advanced testing phase or in use as of August of 1939. This build does include civilian aircraft and all modes of transport types as well. Want to build a Spirit of St.Louis or maybe Amelia Earhart’s aircraft those both count. All civilian airliners (think Boeing Clipper) used in this era would count. The aircraft used by explorers such as Admiral Byrd also qualify. Not to mention any civilian types that were pressed into military service in places like Spain, Ethiopia, and China among other locations. I have decide to add other modes of travel so the options are now expanded to. Automotive, Aviation, Tractors, Railroad, Ships, and Armor of the period. Please ask if you have questions, I will research it and let you know if it qualifies. One offs and odd examples greatly encouraged to be built. If there is an written example, blueprint, or a prototype of something I will pretty much allow it. If anyone is interested in co-hosting please say so. 1. corsairfoxfouruncle (Host) 2. @Marklo 3. @JOCKNEY 4. @fightersweep 5. @TonyW 6. @Wez 7. @Redstaff 8. @Bertie McBoatface 9. @2996 Victor 10. @nimrod54 11. @dnl42 12. @galgos 12a. @Trevor L 14. @alt-92 15. @Pin 16. @Robert Stuart 17. @Old Man 18. @Ngantek 19. @TEMPESTMK5 20 @John Masters 21. @CliffB 22. @Toryu 23. @Ray S 24. @Bobby No Mac 25. @zebra 26. @vppelt68 27. @Mjwomack 28. @Col. (CO-HOST) 29. @TimJ 🏴‍☠️30. @Jb65rams 31. @LorenSharp 32. @malpaso 33. @psdavidson 34. @Colin W 35. @JosephLalor 36. @AdrianMF 37. @stevej60 38. @marvinneko 39. @Cammer625 40. @klr 41. @Whirly 42. @Quailane 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. ♦️♦️ Please remember to vote in November ♦️♦️
  3. 'Nuff said in the title, I suppose . Oh, just to make it clear, not the mighty cars, but the even mightier multi-role combat aircraft built by "Société Européenne de Production de l'avion Ecole de Combat et d'Appui Tactique" or SEPECAT, for short. I prefer the latter! Nope, not that, but all things Jaguar: Military aircraft, cars, tank destroyers... whatever was called a Jaguar V-P vppelt68 (host, of course) theplasticsurgeon Marklo Wings unlevel TEMPESTMK5 John Masters Wez Jabba JOCKNEY Redstaff Sam Colin W gingerbob reini trickyrich stevehnz CliffB RMP2 ...
  4. Looking at some of these with tens of builds, I feel as though my pace needs to pick up a bit. Generally I aim to build the same number as I add to the stash in each year. In 2023 I added three kits to the stash.... and have completed a grand total of two models this year. There is one which is borderline as to whether it will complete by the end of the year so not too much of a disaster yet. Incidentally, because I finished so few, I'm using the full four pics for each. So starting the year, I was halfway through Tamiya's excellent 1/24 Mercedes 300SL and managed to get it completed in March. This is bordering on being the best kit I've tackled yet (very close between this and Aoshima's Lamborghini Countach) so it deserved some effort to do it justice. Hopefully you'll feel it was worthwhile. Most of the rest of the next six months were taken up with another Tamiya kit, this time their Monte Carl Rally Alpine which, although decent, does show a few signs of its age and despite being a simpler kit took a bit more work to get a half-decent result. But by September it was complete and ready for its RFI. Much harder to see the interior on this one, so I'll use a WIP pic : As I mentioned, it remains to be seen whether I get the third model completed before the year is out, or whether it will be in 2024's set. I I do get it done, I'll add it here. But, despite not having a lot to show, thanks for looking at the little I did produce.
  5. Like in 2021 I forgot all about the yearbooks until now. Unlike 2021, I remembered it in time, so here's my builds from 2022. As the title suggests, I achieved my average of 3 builds for the year. None of them are terrible, but equally none will trouble some of the (very modest) creative geniuses who reside in the vehicle section. 2022 got off to a good start though, with a Jag XJ-S almost completed. It only took a few days to finish this one, so I got off to a flying start completing Hasegawa's excellent Jag kit: By Easter I had gone to the brown side and completed another piece of British automotive engineering, this time Aoshima's MGB. The rubber bumper cars were about the only ones on the road when I was young, so I had to go with that. And being a '70s car I felt I had to go with the most '70s colour imagineable. The wheels were a real sanity test - I ended up spreading them over 4 weekends to avoid going cross-eyed. And then things slowed down... a lot. Revell's VW van goes together surprisingly well for a multi-part body, but the paint scheme took quite a while as the green and orange needed different colour primers, not just colour coats. It's also not the simplest kit around, so this one took me until October to complete. As I'm only halfway through the next kit, there is a possibility already that 2023 may be below average. But I hope you all like 2022's offerings
  6. I thought i'd share this web site i've come across. It's dedicated to all things Group B, without doubt one of if not the greatest periods of rallying. https://rallygroupbshrine.org/
  7. Hello all, I was looking to buy an airbrush either an affordable AK airbrush or a cheap scale model shop one. Dual action of course. I do mostly car modelling in 1/24th scale. Are those tiny compressors worth buying at all? If i wanted something like an as-18 should I get one with a tank? What beginner setup would you recommend for around 100 pounds maybe just over?
  8. Bit of a weird one here. I've been cataloguing my loft insulation - a surprisingly arduous task. I came across six 'kits', for the want of a better word. Small little beasties, more or less snap together, moulded in bright green plastic. The only identification on them are 'Telegraph magazine' and 'Ford'. Me thinks these were a give away with the Telegraph magazine. One of the vehicles is definitely a Ford Capri - a splendid looking car. The other has the word Lotus moulded into it, and is obviously a F1 motor racing car. The final one is, I think, an middle era Ford Mustang; definitely not their early ones or, indeed, the later ones with all the emission stuff making them big and bulky. This is going back a bit....well probably three decades or more...but can anyone shed any more light on these 'kits' - or even remember them. I finally figured which URL to use As requested... Told you it was a weird question. Many thanks, Angus
  9. 2019 has been my most productive year so far, although I suspect most of you wouldn't consider four models particularly productive. But here goes anyway... For anyone wanting to see more detail, the links to the RFI threads (with further links to the build) are in my signature. The year started with an almost completed piece of East German engineering. As such, before January was out, Revell's Trabant Universal marked my first completion: After that, (which was quite a long build), I decided to rebuild a Dodge Charger (but probably not the one you're thinking of) which wasone of my earliest models first made back when I was a kid. Needless to say, I hope you'll agree that my skills have moved on a bit since then. It started out like this: ...and ended up with a better background looking like this: After that relatively quick build, I spent the next five or so months on Tamiya's excellent 'Hasuoka' Skyline. After that one, it was time for a quick build, and again I looked at rebuilding a car from my youth, this one the silhouette Lancia Stratos race/rally car. This one was built when I was in my teens, so the original standard of construction was a bit higher than the Charger, but time hadn't been kind to it so a full refurbishment was in order. Caked in dust and grime and with plastic yellowing, it had looked like this: This one was my final completion of the year in late November, and the end result was this: I'd love to say that 2020 will be as productive, but I'm already expecting it to be more of a lean year. Thanks for looking.
  10. Hi all, Sorry for the delay in posting these, I was busy last night and have been running around a bit today as well. I found out this year about a car combat racing game called Gaslands, played with modified Matchbox and Hot Wheels toy cars. It's reminiscent of GW's Dark Future from the late '80s, but with a scrappier DIY feel to it, and the movement takes some inspiration from other template games like X-Wing. I finally took the plunge a week or so back and picked up a copy of the rulebook and a couple of die-casts to play with, and here they are armed and ready for battle: The Corvette (Laser Raptor) is a Hot Wheels Grand Sport Roadster, and the dozer (Mortar-Della) started off as a Matchbox Dirtstroyer. They're both modified to some extent, with more work on the dozer as I think it's supposed to be a double-wheeled tractor. I know I had to cut away quite a lot of nasty inner wheel moulding from the chassis! Weapons are made from a mix of AFV spares and 40K spares, and I wound some wire for the laser's power cable as I didn't have a fine enough guitar string. I painted both cars with Tamiya lacquers from the new range after stripping the original paint and re-priming with Alclad. The top coats have had a round of hairspray chipping, which probably wasn't worth it on the car as it's quite low-contrast, but looks good on the dozer. They're sealed with the Tamiya flat lacquer, which is not that flat despite my vigorous stirring, and the car has had a bit of Alclad Flat on the non-bodywork areas and lower body sides. Details and wheels are all painted with GW acrylics and washes, and a touch of the Molotow chrome pen. I'm really pleased at how the bulldozer blade came out - it's basically noodling with a sponge and different orange and brown acrylics over a metal basecoat, and it looks way better than it has any right to! I feel that way about the whole thing really, it was very organic in both the painting and building and the finished result seemed to fall together of its own accord to some extent. Quite relaxing, although I probably need to get back to some of the various longer-term things I've been working on before I'm allowed to do any more. I do have a jar of lacquer thinner in the garage with several metal bodies steeping in it though The next one (when it comes) is probably going to be a jet-propelled VW beetle on dirt tyres. And I'm tempted to get a set of templates and try out the game! BTW thanks to those who chipped in on the brief WIP thread, you can find it here: If anyone's tempted to try this, I definitely recommend it as a cheap and rewarding diversion You can drill out the rivet heads to separate the body from the chassis, lacquer thinner and a scouring pad will strip the thick paint, and you can superglue plastic and metal parts to the mazak castings pretty well. Just don't try and strip the paint with bleach as it eats the zinc out of the metal (as I found to the cost of one 917LH...) Cheers, Will
  11. Adding another to my list of Matchbox kits needing built The pre-WW2 Jaguar SS-100 Here's a bit of trivia for you; Jaguar cars started out as Squire Sidecars, building motorcycle side cars, then building car bodies on to Austin 7 chassis, then Triumph chassis. As car builders they were SS Cars. The Jaguar series was built on a Triumph chassis, the number was indicative of the car's maximum speed. Post WW2 the letters SS were associated with an evil regime so William Lyons [the company founder] dropped the SS and took up the name of its most famous pre-WW2 sports car Most of that chrome will have to go. I'll do this as one of the 100s in my motorclub; one is very dark midnight blue and the other dark red.
  12. Hi everyone CARS-TOONS.MATER.Zvezda manufacturer, scale 1/43. I made a vignette for the customer. Kind regards Martin
  13. Hi all. I have been working on a 1/35 diorama lately but found the time to do a quick 1/24 diorama while taking a break from my present 1/35 diorama. This one is not all that. I'm not really a car guy but I had these kits on hand because I had planned to use them in a truck diorama. But, something else came up and I just decided to make a separate diorama for them instead. The diorama depicts a pedestrian crossing with two automobiles and a Lady, with a dog, crossing the street. The story tells a tale of a very impatient driver in the van trying to tell the driver in front of him;who is checking out the lady with the dog, crossing the road, to drive on; and if you look closely in one of the pictures, you will see a sign warning pedestrian to update Facebook, before crossing the street. The diorama is pretty simple. I just wanted to have a display base, that' pretty much it. Hope you guys like the results:
  14. Miniart have four new items from the kits, figures and accessories ranges out this month including: A Personenwagen Type 170V Saloon and Soviet SU-85 Mod. 1943 with Crew. https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/blog/article/new-miniart-sept-2016/
  15. Ok this was something I originally suggested way back in 2013 but then it was just for the airforce, this was a bit restrictive. It got into this years vote and I had completely forgotten about it and didnt remove the earlier restrictions. But it seems like there is still a lot of interest in this so its now opened up completely. So if it was made in Italy or wore the Italian colours then bring it along. I have always liked the flare and passion the Italians put into their designs and if that wasnt enough then add a few more cylinders or even an extra engine!! Which would you rather listen to a Ferrari 250GTO a Lamborghini Miura or a 60s Renault or 2CV!! So lets go for a drive around Tuscany, a cruse over Lake Como, sail the Tyrrhenian Sea, or a flight along the Amafi Coast. Lets live the good life in 2016! ok the list..... 1, trickyrich - Host 2, Mitch K 3, vppelt68 4, JOCKNEY 5, Lex77 6, CliffB 7, Giorgio N 8, Prenton 9, milktrip 10, Arniec - Co-Host 11, Bonhoff 12, Caerbannog 13, Paul J 14, swat11 15, TallPaul 16, Chimpion 17, Doug Rogers 18, hgbn 19, feoffee2 20, Ettore 21, SleeperService 22, iJones 23, Shermaniac 24, Mitch K 25, maltadefender 26, JackG 27, RobG 28, 06/24 29, Enzo Matrix 30, pinetree_fella 31, Hardtarget 32, SAU 33, Blitz23 34, usetherudders 35, wellzy 36, wimbledon99
  16. The latest plastic model car kit releases from Ebbro are now in stock. The brand new 1/24 Citroen 2CV Pickup and the iconic 1/24 Citroen DS19 accurately recreate the real life vehicles with Ebbro's characteristically high level of detail. For full details, please see our newsletter HERE.
  17. We've just received our stock of Belkits highly detailed 1/24 Scale VW Polo R WRC Red Bull Plastic Model Kit! This fantastic kit comes with photo-etched and night race parts included! Available while stocks last, so get your order in early! For full details, see our newsletter here.
  18. Laaaadies and Gentlemen Gather round, gather round... Its time for those of us from the dark side of modelling to come to the fore, with a GB of magnanamous proportions! Yes, alone, we fight against the dragons with a mere toothpick , but together, we can nuke the buggers!!! A Civilian Motor Vehicle GB, is just the answer we need. You name it,we want it in here, as long as its a Civilian Vehicle Cars, Bikes, Trucks, Racing Cars, and yes, even buses (gasp) The aim is to bring ALL the dark side genre's together, for one big mega GB This is your chance chaps, you never see enough car, bike, truck, racecar GB's?, well this one is for EVERYONE! Any kind of Car, including Racing Cars, Any kind of Bike, including Racing Bikes, Trucks, Buses, you name it. As long as it is a Civilian Motor Vehicle, its welcome here. Somebody is bound to ask, what about civilianised military vehicles like trucks etc, as long at they are not in military colours, they are allowed (Wheeled Vehicles only) And someone is bound to ask as well, what about civilian aircraft??? What part of Motor Vehicle did you not understand? Very Simple guidelines - Cars, Bikes, Trucks, Buses, Race Cars of any description - No Miltary vehicles allowed unless they have been civilianised (for example, big Scammel trucks after the war) - Any kit, any medium, any scale from any era, and as much aftermarket stuff as you'd like. - The usual standard GB Rules will apply. I'll volunteer as Host, but I think we might need a Co host on this, have a feeling this might be a big one... We need the usual 30 bodies, to be put through for consideration for next year. The List, has been started 1) Mad Steve (Host) 2) hgbn 3) Caution Wake Turbulence 4) Black Knight 5) Milktrip 6) Paul J 7) Rob G 8) Dazdot 9) Cliff B 10) Doug Rogers 11) iJones 12) Bonhoff 13) Bootneck 14) Andy C 15) Mark 16) The Cameraman 17) Shermaniac 18) Chimpion 19) Richellis 20) Aimees Dad 21) Rich G 22) 06/24 GO FOR IT!!! Steve
  19. While trying to pass the time on shift I just happened to think about another possible group build, which is bound to have some interesting and very colourful subject matter, an Italian Air force Group Build. The Italians have produced some wonderful and very colourful aircraft over the years, from the early flying boats of WW I and the 20s, the interesting and varied aircraft of WW II. Plus the modern stuff is well catered for as well. There are a good range of Italian aircraft and aircraft operated by the Italian air force so subject matter should be too hard to find. Though if numbers dictate it could be expanded to all military equipment, civilian, or only to WW I to WW II aircraft, just depends on number and interest. Even have something already in mind, have a Flashback (Classic Airframes) 1/48th Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Im just dying to build. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok Ive started a list so we can get an idea whos interested and the numbers so far. Here we go; 1/ trickyrich (me guess Ill be the host with the most!) 2/ Giorgio N co-host 3/ Lex77 4/ Enzo Matrix 5/ Paul J 6/ John W 7/ usetherudders 8/ Alpha Delta 210 9/ PaulR 10/ Radleigh 11/ Wez 12/ Paolo6691 13/ Jockney 14/ wellzy 15/ vppelt68 16/ Arniec 17/ SimonR 18/ Sgt. Squarehead 19/ Jinxman 20/ Prenton 21/ CliffB 22/ Tornado 23/ Misterfriend 24/ paganpete 25/ nimrod54 26/ wyverns4 27/ Mottlemaster 28/ Doug Rogers 29/ bobster 30/ swat11 This could....will be lots of fun so try and drag a few more bodies, preferably alive, a long for the fun. Fingers and toes crossed this gets up!
  20. Hi Everyone, I have a pair of Formula 1 cars in my stash which I intend to paint and build at the same time. I have the Revell 1/24 Red Bull Racing RB8 with decals for Mark Webber's version and a Revell 1/24 Mercedes GP Petronas MGP W01 which has decals for Rosberg and Schumacher (I will be building this one with Schumacher's decals). Here are the pictures of the box art as I haven't taken pictures of the sprues yet as these kits were washed at the same time as the F-14A. Redbull RB8 : Mercedes Petronas: Once finished, these 2 builds will join my McLaren F1 car which I finished last year in my display cabinet. I will update with sprue pictures later on. Rick
  21. Hi Everyone, Here are my efforts so far in 2013. According to the number of photos I uploaded I have completed 11 models this year which is quite shocking for me. I know its not the end of 2013 yet, but I am still hoping that I might get 1 or 2 more done before the end of the year. I have HMS Astute, a Red Arrows Hawk and USS Ronald Reagan underway so hopefully once I get my workshop back to normal this weekend, I can make some progress on them. Anyway onto the photos. HMS Illustrious R06 - Completion date 13/01/13 HMS Daring D32 - Completion date 14/07/13 Dragon Iron Man Mk VII - Completion Date 13/10/13 Revell McLaren Mercedes F1 Car - Completion Date 12/10/13 Airfix RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat - Completion Date 13/08/13 Airfix Vulcan XH558 - Completion Date - 02/09/13 Revell SR-71A Blackbird - Completion Date - 03/09/13 Airfix Royal Navy SAR Sea King HAR.5 - Completion Date - 28/07/13 Airfix RAF Benevolent Fund Hawk - Completion Date - Unknown Revell B-1B Lancer - Completion Date - Unknown Revell Typhoon class SSBN - Completion Date Unknown HMS Astute, Royal Navy SSN - 1:350 scale - Completion date 26/12/2013. All comments gratefully received. Hopefully add a couple more kits to this thread before the end of the year. Thanks for looking, Rick
  22. HI,i dont normally venture here but,saw this listed this morning on the dragon update,so thought id pass the details on?,but was going to link it,but tried it and could,nt so heres a brief synopsis...i thought Aoshima,would have had some Real space listed but no? So all from Aoshima, June release 1/12 Dead ringer v-twin custom motorcycle.... 1/24 Knight Rider 2000,Kitt,season 4-with front scanner unit 1/12 Coyote v-twin custom motorbike July release Mini thunderbird 3 Mini thunderbird 5 Mini thunderbird 2 Mini thunderbird1 1/12 kawasaki police bike 1000cc Cowling type,chips los angeles dept. 1/12 kawasaki police bike 1000cc window shield type chips san fransisco dept august release,s 1/24 knight rider 2000 season 1 kitt with electronic front scanner unit, LIMITED EDITION re issue 1/700 Gigant space ship "Conan the boy in the future" 1/24 knight rider kitt, in scan mode mini thunderbird fab 1 mini thunderbird mole mini thunderbird 4 also a 1/350 thunderbird 3 so your well catered for cheers Don
  23. Can't speak with authority since I've completed only a few car kits in 1/24, but wanted to have a therapeutic moan about Monogram. I've done a couple of Fujimis - OK albeit slightly crude in some ways - and Tamiya, which are of very high quality; and currently I'm building the second/third Monogram. First, the instructions are crude and basic, indeed in some ways they are inadequate, not showing clearly where the mating surfaces are supposed to be exactly. this can be ascertained after lots of fiddling, but frankly i'd expect better. Second, on this NASCAR racer I have a couple of parts the exact location of which I cannot determine; and worse, I have two or three parts that try as I might, I cannot find any reference to in the instructions or illustrations! Third, the fit of parts is in some cases very poor (not helped by loads of flash everywhere): even with great care, alignment is out in places, requiring modification. This current build has front and rear bodyshell parts separate, that need to be mated to the main body, and their mating/connecting surfaces are so poorly constructed or vestigial that I'm having to assemble the whole body very slowly in stages, glueing one side first, clamping overnight, glueing another bit, clamping overnight - followed by reinforcement with strips of thin plastic, and much use of filler to deal with sizeable gaps... It's a pity, since there are so many interesting cars that seem available only from Monogram, often older kits too that can be found only on the Internet. I'd very much prefer to build only Tamiya, for quality, ease of construction, and very clear instructions. Phew! Rant over. I wonder what other more experienced modellers think of Monogram... Tony
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