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  1. Hello everyone, I have a large bottle of tamiya x-20a. I am going to paint a 1/24 car in a lacquer paint. Do I need lacquer thinner or will the x-20a work? Also, what sort of ratio would you suggest?
  2. Yes most people have said that a tank is important however I am only going to be using this for 2 or 3 years so I am not sure I would be willing to pay an extra 50 pounds for a compressor with a tank. As for the airbrush I was looking for something between 20 and 50 pounds. Really just looking to spend around 150 pounds.
  3. Hello all, I was looking to buy an airbrush either an affordable AK airbrush or a cheap scale model shop one. Dual action of course. I do mostly car modelling in 1/24th scale. Are those tiny compressors worth buying at all? If i wanted something like an as-18 should I get one with a tank? What beginner setup would you recommend for around 100 pounds maybe just over?
  4. Hello fellow modellers, I have been dying to ask this question but haven't got many answers. I want to attempt a custom wideobody on a 1/24 scale car. It is virtually impossible to get tamiya 2 part epoxy putty in the uk from my experience. If you know anywhere that sells it please let me know. I have looked around and milliput seems to be coming up a lot. Which type of milliput would be the best for my purpose as there is the standard, turquoise, black, white etc. If not milliput what else could I use that would work well. I have heard about greenstuff but it seems to have mixed reviews.
  5. Ok I will try out novus next. Also I have built 5 models now on my 6th and still havent invested in an airbrush. What kind of setup would you recommend. I really like the look of the zero 2k clear.
  6. Wow that really looks great. I think I have some 3000, 4000 and 12000 sponges and cloths lying around somewhere. May invest in the Alclad II micromesh set, Thanks for the advice!
  7. Excellent thanks. I think for the polishing I will use a couple of cloths used to clean glasses, I think they should work or maybe some old bits of T-shirt. I know Mr super clear is meant to have excellent shine and coverage but if the ts13 works well that would be nice to save some cash as Mr super clear was 8 pounds from scale model shop although it does come in a bigger can. Yes that would be a great idea to test the procedure. Thanks a lot, Matteo
  8. Hello modellers, I just ordered a few things from ebay and scale model shop as well as an Aoshima aventador SV. The main things I am interested in with my order include a can of Mr super clear gloss clear coat and the tamiya polishing compound set. I am in the UK but managed to find the tamiya compounds at a reasonable but still quite expensive price. I understand that a clearcoat should be sanded to create a smooth surface and get rid of orange peel and then the compounds will buff out and remove scratches giving it a great shine. 3 questions: 1. Are the tamiya compounds the best and if not should I get some meguiars or something else? 2. Does anyone know of a good hobby store near london? 3. Can the compounds be used safetly on a 1k clear like mr super clear or is it too easy to burn through?
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