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    inordinate fascination with strap ons.

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    reading about u.f.o,s,jack the ripper,paranormal,space.
    recently aquired a metal detector,thinking of partaking in thatjust love buildingspace models,love folk,rock,any songs with a story?53 years old and feel like it,i would of looked after my body a bit better,when i was younger,if i,d known how long i was going to live!....i have built all these models before,but they have long gone,so this time im doing it my way? cheers Don ps...Gordon Lightfoot is god.... and harvey andrews,is a close second...

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  1. ROLL OUT.. LINK................. http://spaceflightnow.com/2016/08/23/photos-ariane-5-hitched-to-tug-for-rollout-to-the-launch-pad/
  2. . LINK http://spaceflightnow.com/2016/08/23/ariane-5-go-for-launch-with-all-american-payload/
  3. Dont know about kreiger,but heres my reference pic....
  4. I WAS JUST GOING TO MOUNT a recoiless rifle on the side ,but the couple of photos i have ,the gun looks a bit different than a standard gun,so ive found this old turret and am going to mount the gun on this...
  6. ITS A WET DAY,trying to finish off this little baby...ive only got a couple of b/w pics to work off,so going to do a combination of views and bits..
  7. and speak of the devil, just went on facebook.......and..
  8. even the tracks were a nightmare.. but when you get mouldings on the sprue that are not complete...as these storage locker things are.....its time to move on....go with the zvezda one.....imho
  9. ITS A GREAT PIC OF THE PACKED ONE............as for your question.......ive done panda kits before,they have been ok...but for some reason this one was a real pig........my honest advice would be get the skif /ZVEZDA one,which i think is the same kit,but somehow was better..
  10. I do love all this new rocket/missile tech coming out.... link http://sputniknews.com/russia/20160820/1044458810/russia-missile-system-test.html
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