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  1. I lay claim to getting Al Murray back into model making when he was in Edinburgh for the festival a few years ago. Totally not bitter he now buys from the Bovington Tank Museum... Only joking of course. The museum benefits from every penny they can get to keep their amazing collection of military vehicles for all of us armour nuts to enjoy. If only it wasn't 400 miles away from here.
  2. Nice build. Unless you are trying to accurately represent a specific veihcle from a specific point in time don't worry about the camo pattern. They were all painted by the crew and there wasn't any specific pattern they had to follow.
  3. Nice and clean for your first build. It can be really tempting to try and do every technique on your first model and get frustrated with it. Starting simple and addine more techniques as you build up experience is deffinitely the way to go.
  4. In the latest of our Meet the Team articles, get to know Roderick. One of our model kit experts he is the man to see when you need to know exactly what the colour is on obscure aircraft. Name: Roderick When did you start? In 1975 I got a job at Wonderland Models for the summer between school and University. Somehow, I ended up working Saturdays and holidays for the next 7 years until my career took me away from Edinburgh. Returning to Edinburgh many years later, I became a customer at Wonderland. In December 2009 I was asked if I could help them out for a month during the Christmas rush. Over 12 years later, I am still here. Role/Department: As an assistant manager my duties take me to every department. Specialist Subject: Aircraft, particularly UK Air Arms. Hobbies: Model making and photography. Initially naval subjects, in fact, the bulk of my job application in 1975 was to build a wooden model kit of the Golden Hind. This went into the shop window for a few weeks before one of the then owners decided he wanted it and took it home. Working in the model railway department back in the 1970s sucked me into that area of model making but my real interest is in aircraft and aviation which developed in the 1980s when I lived in Cambridge. At the time the area was home to many airbases such as Bentwaters, Lakenheath, Mildenhall, Coltishall, Marham and Wattisham and I went to dozens of Air Shows at these and other bases in the region and there are about 40,000 photographs to prove it.
  5. Really nice build. Did you have the issue with the suspension alignment on one side? I am a little obsessed with the Tortoise. I've built the Accurate Armour resin kit and two of the Meng kits, and I have another two of the Meng ones to build.
  6. See, that's why I really like the Amusing Hobby kits with their tracks that clip together.
  7. Get to know us though our Meet the Team articles. Meet Dan, our resident pilot. Name: Dan How long have you been with Wonderland Models? My first shift at Wonderland Models was 18th December 2020, so not too long ago. I joined after previously working as a commercial pilot for the regional airline Flybe, with over 1500 hours experience. Unfortunately, something called COVID (whatever that is) meant that Flybe went bankrupt. Thankfully working at Wonderland was the next best thing, although the aircraft are quite a bit smaller! Role/Department: Sales assistant and web order processor. Specialist Subject: With my background in aviation, with this starting from a very young age, I’ve always had a big interest in the plastic aircraft kits. However, I also have a huge interest in cars and motorsport, so anything from plastic car kits to Scalextric also works for me. Favourite Food: Cannot beat a wood-fired four cheese pizza with a sourdough crust! Favourite Biscuit: Custard creams, every time. Favourite Film: Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Favourite Character: Bane – The Dark Knight Rises Favourite sport, who’s your team? Formula 1 (although any form of motorsport is fine with me). McLaren would be my favourite team. Hobbies: As an extension of being interested in aviation, visiting military airfields and going to airshows has always been something I have enjoyed. If I’m not found at an airfield then I tend to head to race circuits. My passion for amateur photography has tied in with both of these activities quite nicely as well! For more articles check out the blog on our website - https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/
  8. Really nice work on this Adam. I've built a ton of Warhammer stuff myself so 1/56 is a familiar scale for me. Whose kit is this? It looks much nicer than most of the Warlord Games kits I've seen, but that could just be because your paint job is so well done. I have a few of the lovely resin kits from Die Waffenkammer to build.
  9. At Wonderland Models we have created a Buyer's Guide to Tools For Model Making. I'm sure most of you will already be familiar with most of the tools on offer, but it can't hurt to take a peek. This article is a big help to anyone just starting out in model making, someone looking to get a model kit as a gift and unsure what tools they will need, or someone just getting back into model making and finding everything available these days a bit overwhelming. Feel free to share this with anyone you think will benefit from giving it a read. We also have a numbe of other useful buyer's guides to read, and plan to add more.
  10. Hi guys. thought I'd chime in to help clear up the details with the spray paints. Where we have stated both water-based and solvent-based in our descriptions, we had taken this from the descriptions from Humbrol when they came out, but it doesn't make it really clear (I'll start going through and changing the descriptions). The acrylic paint itself is non-toxic and solvent free, so once it has been painted onto something you don't have to worry about children playing with something that contains toxic chemicals. However, when put into a spray can there needs to be a load of extra chemicals added to stop it drying in the can and in the propellant, and these are different for enamel and acrylic paint sprays. What's causing the issue with the acrylic spray varnish damaging the enamel is that the acrylic spray paints contain acetone. It is best to use enamels with enamels and acrylics with acrylics, especially when it comes to spray paints. While all of the coloured spray paints in their range are now acrylic, Humbrol do still produce enamel spray varnishes to be used with their enamel paints.
  11. Albion Alloys are out of stock and waiting for a delivery from the main European importer in Germany. Albion Alloys hope to have their re-stocks at the end of March.
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