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  1. This was one of the first releases by Revell of their 737-800 kit. It had no winglets added back then. The provided KLM markings are very nice and provide almost everything necessary. Painted with Revell enamels,sky blue 52 with a few drops white 04 for the upper fuselage,grey 374 for the rest. The corogard panels are decals provided with the kit. The usual conversions were made to the engines.Otherwise straight from the box. Thanks for looking Alex
  2. These 2 kits are the Revell offerings of the Boeing 737-800. Revell were the first to offer the -800 Series,first release in 1999. Its a nice kit that goes together easily but suffers from some errors. Too low cabin windows,wrong shaped engines ( more of the -300 to -500 types) and on later releases,completely off shaped winglets. I tried to adress these issues on my Revell 737s as good as possible. What was not possible to be corrected on those 2 were the cabin windows,because of the design of the decals.Otherwise they wouldnt fit.But its not so noticeable,so i oversee that matter. What I spent the most work on were the engines. I found a very helpful guide here on BM regarding the Revell 737s flaws. So the engines were mostly corrected by the ways described in that BM thread. The winglets were cut and sanded to shape. TUI FLY is well known for their many different Logo Jets and the Haribo liveries are among the most popular. Revell issued both of those liveries in 2010 with superb decal sets by NAZCA. I planned to go with the open window option but as no silver frames were included in those sets,the windows tended to disappear,esp. on the blue one. So in the end I used the provided cabin window decals. All painted with Revell enamels. The blue one with Revell blue 54 and the golden one with Revell copper as the gold paint was way too bright. Thanks for looking Alex
  3. These are 2 of the great DACO 737 kits. Beside the -300 also the -400/-500 series were offered,but sadly they are now sold out. I found those for a bargain at a aviaition fair,one without markings,the other included the TEA decal set from Liveries Unlimited I guess. As I wanted to do a TEA 737,this came in handy. Back in 1990,when I went to Kenya with my grand parents,I saw a TEA 737-300 landing as well in Mombasa. I was surprised to see them there with that kind of aircraft. Later I found out that TEA Switzerland not only flew from Zurich via Luxor to Mombasa,they also offered flights to Malindi as the only international airline. TEA Switzerland ordered factory fresh 737-300s from Boeing in 1989,fitted with additional fueltanks to be able to use them on long haul routes. As a reminder of those childhood memories,this 737 has a special place in my collection. TEA Switzerland was incorporated in Easy Jet and flies nowadays as Easy Jet Switzerland using a fleet of A320CEOs and A320NEOs The other one comes in the beautiful livery of Air New Zealand in their all green "Holliday," livery. As a base coat for the green,I used Gunze white primer 1500,then 3 thin layers of Tamyia mustard yellow. The decal set comes from PAS decal and is nice to work with. The build of the kits was mostly straight forward,just the wing to fuselage fit proved a bit problematic. Otherwise really beautifully designed kits. Thanks for looking Alex
  4. Hello there! Today I've uploaded one more of my B-737's park 😀 Model from Eastern Express well-known for it's poor quality. But it's the only way to built 737-100. First, I used half a kilo of Tamiya Putty and one meter of sanding paper to get normal surface and to fill all the junction points 😃 After Zvezda kits that was really complicated work but interesting as well. I've built 737-MAX8 (presented on this resource a few days before) and decided to make "grandfather" for it. 737-100 looks really interesting and a few funny when compared with NG or MAX. It's so short, and seems "fat" but with the same nose part. Old-school livery is amazing with shine of aluminium on the fuselage. I don't understand, why such liveries with shine naked aluminium are not used by carriers today. First commercial flights of 737-100 were performed in Lufthansa in 1969. So, it's 53 years history and 4 generations of 737 till today. Model packed in pretty box with interesting box-art of 737-100 with steps and flight crew getting out from plane to crew bus. Inside the box there is only one pocket with dark grey plastic, looks sad... Also scheme of assembly and decal-sheet for LH included. As i've said, the most difficult part was to sand all the joints. Also it was a big task to assembly pilot's windows. There are only one piece of bad-looking plastic in the kit. Also, there is no windows for passengers in the kit. Really I always try to make gloss windows as it possible, and much less I like decals for windows. But this time I had no skill and enthusiasm to drill the windows. For cockpit I used masks from KAV-models. ZIP-maket primer and Mr. Hobby H-1 for white colour. And here I must to say few words about livery. I do not pretend to be one 100 % historical compliance with the prototype. Firstly, apparently different planes and in different periods of time were painted differently. The border of gray and metallic on the bottom is located differently on different sides and in different photos. I took as a basis a certain averaged version of livery. Silver is Tamiya X-11 "chrome silver". Grey colour mixed from Mr.Hobby H-1 and some dark-grey Tamiya. The decal is high quality enough, easy to apply. But the other side that it's very poor, with no technical inscriptions at all. So I've used the rest decals from previous 737 and also realistic windows instead of included in kit. The silver edging of the windshield was made by myself from scraps. It was another one not easy job. In the end I added ligts in the wing-edges and beacons on fuselage. Also I redesigned the hubcaps of the outer wheels of the main landing gear - what the EE gives in the set looks really toylike. Pledge Future as first lacquer layer prior decals and after as well. Mechanization of wing and engines got a little dirty with oil-paints. Final lacquer is mix from Future and about 5% of Tamiya X-21 flat base. Summing up - it's not the best of my models, but taking int account quality of EE-kit, I was satisfied with the result. Respects, tMikha.
  5. Welcome everyone involved in modeling and just interested as well! So.. this is my first "adult" airliner model. All previous attempts better to be called just "baby-toys". It was finished in fall 2021. Since my first practice in aircraft modelling I was in search of the way to get smooth gloss surface on my models. So finally I've discovered the way, that I use till today. It's easy enough - for gloss white surface I use airbrush with Gunze (Mr. Hobby) H-1 paint plus thinner for acrylis paints mixed up to the consistency of milk. Boeing 737-MAX is well-known and popular airliner. Most of us know about some difficulties with this type, that caused two air crash episodes. The main visible differences between MAX and NG are new big engines and new form of IPU exit hole. There are also some additional differences, but they're clear only for technical or flight staff. This built take a lot of time - more than one month - it's really long for me. The reason was that I've ruined first decal-sheet and had to wait till new order will be delivered. Zvezda kit is well-known and really neat and easy-to build, needs just a few putty (I use Tamiya Putty basic type) for connecting wings with fuselage. Unfortunately, my kit had manufacturing defect: right wing was twisted. I tried to solve the problem using hot water. It was successfully for about 50/50. It's not rule for Zvezda, but an exception. Also I know, I'm "lucky" guy 🤦‍♂️ First I've used ZIP-maket primer (really cheap but low-quality thing, later i refused from using it) Basic white, as I told upper, was Gunze H-1. Red-nose and winglets is master-acryl #12 Wing edges are painted with Tamiya X-11 chrome silver Undercarriage and wheels are MAKR #6 aluminium and Tamiya XF-85 rubber black. Flaps were highlighted with soft pencil. Gray color of wings mixed from Gunze H-1 plus a few dark gray Tamiya paint. Pledge future prior and after decals plus one additional layer for extra-protection. The livery I had choose once, while surfing model-store site. In my opinion it's one of the most interesting liveries (though some colleagues told it's odd and ridiculous). Very interesting idea with portraits of different famous persons on the tail. And mr. Oscar Wilde - is one of my favourite writers. "The picture of Dorian Gray" I've read two times, and saw cinema as well. His sharp quotes are brilliant! So it wasn't a long choice of person for Norwegian livery. Decals manufactured by Ascensio. Well and reach enough but too fragile. And another story that I've purchased two same sheets but white color of them was different. You can see it in word "Norwegian" for example. Technical inscriptions from default out-of box decal. Also there are some visible disadvantages I have made: -Sloppy painted engines - it was the most difficult part of painting for me - APU inlet is the same as 737-800 has. But really it's different. -Headlights on the wings also looks sloppy because first painted with brush in aluminium, then black and clear detail from the kit was mounted finally. - Too shiny (caramel effect) on the surface (That time I didn't use any flat base and covered model with 100% Pledge Future) Anyway, it was first warmy welcomed model on local thematiс resources. And now I'm glad to introduce it here. Feedback and criticism are welcome! Respects, tMikha.
  6. Hey Folks, this one is almost OOB. I just masked the livery and only used the small titles for winglets and engines. All paints are Mr.Paint MRP slovakia and silver parts alclad. Stencils from uprise decal and titles from nazca decals. The wheels are add on resin parts, other than that it has no major upgrades. I must say, i regret a little bit the missing cockpit, should have done one. This Model took me a year, it was stored for a while and then i continues. We usually kept our aircraft clean, but a bit of dirt was still visible usually. I scratched all Antennas and clear lights and thinned down + opened the pack inlets. Back then Air Berlin used to be germany's 2nd biggest airline. I was proudly flying for them, allthough in A32X aircraft. Was a great chapter of life. @coneheadff i promised you this one hope you like it...
  7. Today, I put the finishing touches on my Zvezda Boeing 737 MAX 8. Not perfect, but it looks great, and I'm quite pleased with it. This livery gets a knocking from some, but personally I think it looks great, especially on the MAX. Build - kit went together very well as per Zvezda kits Paints - Humbrol and Halfords spray cans, details with Humbrol enamels and acrylics Decals - Livery decals by 8Decs, windows and details from Authentic Airliners. There was a mismatch between these which led to some windows being misaligned, but it's not hugely noticeable and the overall look destracts from it. A few homemade details - Pitot/static made out of spare plastic, have since found a better way to do with paper card, but will save that for next time. Static wick dischargers made from flakes of an old plastic Christmas tree. Weathering done with HB/2B pencils. The shelf is getting a bit full! Next up I'm heading to widebody town with the Revell 777-300ER. Opting for the baby blue Air Canada livery and an aircraft I travelled on back in 2014. Suggestions and feedback welcome. Chris Tip if using bits of Christmas tree for static wicks... they fall off.
  8. Working on a MAX in the new Icelandair blue/blue livery (it gets a knocking but I like it). Kit went together like a dream and in spite of a fee imperfections I'm happy, mostly humbrol spray cans but hand painted engines. Awaiting decals from the US to complete the livery. Particularly happy with the static wick dischargers made out of strands of an old fake Xmas tree.
  9. Hi everyone thanks for taking a look at my first build in a few years. I built lots of models back when I was younger but have taken a break for a few years but now i'm in university pursuing a degree in computer science and need to not stare at a computer screen for every waking hour so i'm getting back into my old hobby. I have built a nice little bench and have been gathering some kits and supplies so i'm ready to go, and looking at all the excellent builds on this forum its easy to get some inspiration. First off here is the kit i picked up from my local hobby shop because i was impatient waiting for my kits from Russia to arrive and of course the day after i purchased this they all arrived from Russia but hey I cant complain because you can never have too many kits. And here are the sprues. So first thing in order for me was removing the fuselage parts from the sprues and cleaning up the injection marks and doing a quick tape test fit. Overall I happy with the fit, the fuselage seam is decent so some sanding and Milliput should take care of it. So after this I decided it was time to fill the windows so I placed a piece of tape on the outside of the fuselage and filled the windows with some Ultra Fine Milliput and made sure to really push it through the windows so when I remove the tape the putty will be proud of the fuselage so I can sand it nice and flush. So the final task of the day was to glue in the gear bay sides into the wings so i can airbrush the gear bays tomorrow hopefully. So that wraps up the first day of the build. I hope as I continue on with build I will remember to take pictures. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you have a great day!
  10. Boeing 737-400 Thai. 1:144. Siam Scale Decals. This is the Daco/Skyline Boeing 737-400 in the previous livery of Thai Airways, which I think is one of the best ever. It looks lovely on all aircraft it has ever been applied to, it is a shame they replaced with a new livery. My Thai friends very kindly obtained the decals for me from Siam Scale, and I collected them on my last visit to Thailand. They look to be screen printed on moderate thickness carrier film, (rather like those in many Tamiya kits). The colours are spot on, and they go on to the model with no trouble at all. I was quite impressed with them. The only thing I did was to also apply the standard window decals from the Daco kit as they have the fine silver surround that the Siam Scale ones lacked. I hope you like it, this is the only 1:144 Thai 737 model I've seen, so it is something of a rare bird. As usual I cut away the solid cockpit section and replaced it with the clear part. This obliges me to scratch build a cockpit to fill the interior. My 3 Thai friends are crewing this flight, complete with the captain wearing the red LFC cap! The model awaiting the application of the decals: Thanks for looking, John
  11. Boeing 737 Airfix 1:144 Braathens decals from Lima November I've developed a liking for taking an Airfix 737 out of the box and improving it. I must have done 5 or 6 now. Basic changes are: Lengthen the engines by 6mm Build up the pylons from the early skinny style to the more common fat type, Cut out the shallow main and nose wheelbays, and build new ones Cut away the cockpit and install a Daco Clear part from one of their 737 kits. Scratchbuilt a cockpit and out in a couple of N gauge seated figures for pilots. The basic mods make a huge difference to the appearance of thee model. Decals are from Lima November, and absolutely superb. The sheet gives you this style and he later one where the cheatline was dropped below the window level, but I prefer this. You also get every registration and fleet name for all Braathens 737-200's to choose from. (BTW, it is pronounced Brawtens, a double A in Norwegian is an 'AW' sound, There - my educational point for the day!). I really enjoyed building this, for once I didn't make any major bloopers. Can you see the co-pilot? The scratchbuilt wheel bays The crew are really difficult to photograph, but you can make them out here. In real life they are quite easy to see. And it wouldn't be complete without 'Something else' alongside! In this case a Welsh models Vac F-27 also with Lima November Braathens decals. The scratchbuilt cockpit Overview of the most obvious mods during construction. Thanks for looking John
  12. Boeing 737 Wedgetail Airborne Early Warning & Command version of the veritable 737, pics thanks to Steve.
  13. Hi All These two are my first entry Hopefully they will be finished on time I will put them in one thread if that is OK Martin H
  14. Boeing 737-300 Norway Airlines. Daco/Skyline kit This will be my second entry, the superb Skyline kit paired up with a set of equally lovely LN Decals. Norway Airlines only lasted about 3 years from 1989 to 1991 operating 2 737-300's, only LN-NOS wore their complete livery. LN-NOR wore a hybrid Air Europe livery due to Norway Airlines having a subcontract with Air Europe, resulting in some interesting combinations of the 2 liveries. The kit ready to go; Th LN Decals sheet with 3 permutations of livery; I'll be doing LN-NOS in the full Norway Airlines Livery. John
  15. Well 2018 is well underway and I can re-start my kit building after a year re-building a 1:1 house! All my kits and model making stuff were packed away in a storage unit and yesterday, having just about finished our dedicated model/craft room, I used the 737 GB as an excuse to go and get some of my kits! Its the attic of our cottage fully insulated and re-lined with a fine bench space at the dormer window for natural light. just the floor to finish painting. Checked my list and Box 8 contained the selected Airfix 737 ..... I see a few others have picked this old faithfull but not many options for a 737-200. Handy label printed from my kit list on side of the box! The boxing is marked Special Edition - really?? Lets get that box open!! It seems to be a popular kit for the GB so I wont bother with more that the obligatory sprue/box shot I have quite a few decals for the first generation 737 but have selected what I think is a really cool and colourful scheme from the 70's/80's - Cruzeiro with decals courtesy of FCM. Decals not quite so handily located in the storage unit but this is what they look like........ image linked from Scalemates which I hope is OK The Airfix kit is OK and I will build it pretty much OOB , maybe rescribe the fuselage and few little tweaks as it looks much like it should, apart from the slightly off nose. I have 2 other Airfix 737's in long-time production but like all of us thes have stalled and I want to use this GB as the inspiration to get them finished - both probably more that 25% completed. The only Airfix 737 I did finish is shown below - from 20 years ago when I had few modelling tools and used a brush freehand for most of the painting! Looking forward to taking part! John
  16. So this is going to be a first for me as I've never built an airliner model before. Therefore, when I saw the 737 GB I thought 'why not - let's give it a go'. As I haven't built an airliner before, I had nothing suitable in the stash so decided to treat myself to this: Even with the little amount of knowledge I have of airliner models, I can tell this kit is a belter! The parts are perfectly moulded with no flash, crisp fine panel lines and excellent decals make for a perfect baptism of fire. I've decided to go with the scheme on the box which is the only one in the kit as I want to keep my first airliner build as straightforward as possible. Within no time I was following the instructions with gusto and she was just falling together. I can honestly say this is the fastest I've ever started putting a model together - it almost builds itself. I made a start on the wings and underside of the plane: Within 30 mins I had made so much progress I had to stop and take stock - as I said I've never built this quickly before which is testament to the ease of the kit. So within no time this is where I was: I'm really impressed with this kit and it has certainly made me keen to make more airliners in the future as I've really enjoyed working on a completely different type of aircraft. So next steps are to get the cockpit glazing masked and fixed and to tidy up the fuselage with the odd bit of sanding. Engines will be next so hope to have some progress on these for you soon.
  17. Back in 1980, FatCawthone was an ExtremelySkinnyCawthorne and having just entered his teenage years was heading away for a school skiing trip to Foppolo in Northern Italy. Ah the panache of speeding across the slopes, the apres ski (or going on the piste as even then was how I'd prefer to see the piste!) and obviously being 13 and all that goes with it, copping off with as many 13 year old lasses as possible, taking advantage of the romance of the foreign field!!! But first was the flight. Master ESC had one flight under his belt at this time, a trip to Malta and back on a Boeing 720B, but this flight was special; there were no parents! A shortish coach trip from Chingford in East London to Luton Airport (cue the many many attempts to reproduce that classic Campari advert featuring the delectable Lorraine Chase - "Did you truly waft here from paradise?" - "Nah, Luton Airport!"), where having been checked in we were led off to a Britannia Airways Boeing 737-200 that would fly us to Milan from where we would be coached up into the Dolomite mountains. Now using my Kodak 110 camera I would have used up my entire film for the week's trip on a Walkaround Shoot before I even knew what one of those was (and didn't they know how to charge for stuff in skiing villages when I wanted to buy a new film!), but like all grown up men all their photos are in their Mum's loft. I might see her over this Easter break so I might see if she could dig them out so I can 100% model the actual plane I flew on. Now having picked up the Airfix rendition (I think rendition in this case probably refers to the Guantanamo definition of the word as this kit is soooooooooo old and poorly detailed that it must be up there with waterboarding on the list of top torture methods!) during one of their Last Chance to Black Friday sales for a fiver or something, a small germ of an idea to build one of these had formed. I later saw that 26 Decals did a Screen Printed sheet for Britannia schemes of this era so added that to the stash. As I'd heard from here that the engine pylons represented an even earlier version of 737 I also added the Braz engines to the cocktail. I did also purchase the Bren Gun wheels for the -300 but may save them for a second build in this GB if I get that far. Then along came this GB and a chance to push myself gently out of my comfort zone (1/48 RAF WW2 to date) was presented and duly grasped with both mitts (but not with skiing gloves on - though what the excuse for some of my work is I'll never know!). This is what we started with: Now being used to having "construction began with the cockpit" as a stock opening line, not having a cockpit was a bit of a culture shock. Construction began by filling the over square open windows so kindly provided by Airfix (along with a tool to push through any cheat line decals to give a professional finish) as the 26 decals have a far more realistic representation compared to the kit offerings. The cargo and cabin doors were also added and as they fit like a glove (an oven glove that is) plenty of filler went on those too. This was done with my homemade sprue and cement gloop concoction. As you can see the sanding, filling, sanding, filling, repeat repeat repeat had already started and will be going on for quite a bit longer too! Next up the fuselage and the wings were cemented together. Once at this stage I decided that I couldn't live with the lack of wheelwells, despite originally planning this as a very quick build to see if my sausage-like fingers could indeed cope with this scale. I therefore created rough representations of the wheelwells from evergreen sheet and then spent a few hours researching what would actually be seen in those wells. Now there is no way on god's earth that I could miniaturise what actually lives there and stay sane so I took a pragmatic view to create something that looks busy enough but realistic without testing my sanity. Yes I know everything is fictional and overscale but it's my model so ner ner ne ner ner (yes I have regressed to the spotty ESC for the duration of this build). These were cleaned up and after priming were given a coat of very very light grey mixed from Tamiya white and Sky Grey. Next the engines were cleaned up from their casting blocks and Araldited to the wings. Now having just removed only the scrap resin from the engine I could not get the engines to fit the wings unless they pointed outwards at 20 degrees or so, which if it was the prototype might have perturbed the passengers in the rear rows! I worked out the datum for the centreline of the engines and pencilled a line across the top wing to help line things up. Then I chipped, scalpelled and sanded away at the top of the engines to try and get a better and straighter fit. Now the port wing engine might have received a bit too much of this, so needed a bit of filler once attached, however am happy with how the starboard one finshed up. The last things that I've done are the rescribing of the tailplanes (the top surface of the wing and the fin had already been rescribed), and a good sanding and polishing of all the fuselage's filler, ready for a priming once the wings and tailplanes are on. Anyways that's where we are, am pleased I've finally got a chance to upload some pictures and get something written down as it seems to be my habit of getting quite a way into a build before starting my WIPs. The intentions are good but the application rarely matches them! Until next time, thanks for tuning in.
  18. Boeing 737-130 Lufthansa. Airfix kit modified. My first entry will be the 737-130 in its Lufthansa delivery scheme. My understanding is that although delivered like this, the tailfin was repainted in the then new scheme of overall blue, with the yellow Lufthansa 'roundel' before it was put into service. The fuselage will need shortening, and the engines will require a fair bit of rework. The very early 731's had engine pods developed from the 727 nacelles and were much shorter than the later ones. I'm still looking for some good drawings of them if anyone can help! I'll also be cutting away the cockpit roof and replacing it with the excellent clear part from a Daco/Skyline 737, as it massively improves the look of the Airfix kit. Here's where we start; Nice laser decals from Nick Webb at http://www.classic-airlines.com/ Note the short engine nacelles with the 727 style 'bump' on the rear underside for the thrust reversing mechanism; Should be fun, and will complete my collection of 737s from the -100 to -900. John
  19. After some time away from BM International, I'm pleased to announce the arrival of Aerolineas Argentinas 737-200 from Buenos Aires : Airfix kit finished off with F-Dcal markings, Authentic Airliner windows and modified engines / wheel bays courtesy of plastic card, Milliput, sweat, tears and a few naughty words. For some unknown reason, I embarked on a mini group build involving three 737s in 2017, and let's just say that the trio nearly tipped my modelling career over the edge. (Just glad that one of them has made it over the line and that the troops involved in the current 737 STGB are providing me with plenty of inspiration to finish off the other two) Rolling past the terminal building : A couple of standard shots : Time to head back to BA Thanks for looking. Mike
  20. How close are the Boeing line of fuselages? mainly the 707 and 737. I heard somewhere they are they same aside from length. Are windows and doors the same size? I have a strange idea to build a 737-800 using a 707 and 737-200 for parts. I know Welsh makes the P-8A which is an 800 series, but I'm looking at cost and windows to deal with. I could do the Revell kit, but thinking about 1/72. Any comments are welcome.
  21. Hi all, So this is a couple of firsts for me, I've never done an airliner before and I've never took part in a group build. So I'm going to keep this as simple as possible and do the kit straight out of the box. If anyone has some wisdom for a newbie please please share it with me!
  22. Good evening, After around 70 odd hours of work, I've finally completed my first built in over a decade. It was certainly a testing model kit, and despite some gross errors, this built has taught me so much about patience, taking time to ensure the intricacies and details are done as best as possible. I hope you enjoy the photos. I would sincerely like to thank TrojanThunder for the overwing decals. The default Revell ones were flimsy to say the least for this rookie. The Qantas 90's Livery was by DrawDecals and the details were off the default Revell decal sheet. Feel free to let me know what you guys think and I look forward to my next built. Yup, it does resemble and Boeing 737! Whew! I went with the default winglets and engines. One of the more testing parts was reprofiling the winglets to reflect the correct chord and height, followed by assembly, and hand painting the winglet, gold stripe and leading edge. TrojanThunder, the decals arrived in time! Thank you so very much! Another challenging part, getting these individual decals in the tailplane. Thank you and kind regards, Charlie
  23. Hi all. My most recent project has come to an end. Minicrafts little 737 kit is rather simple, but also a joy to build. Added antennas, and beacon lights. Decals are from Max decals. Paint from Xtracolor (Maersk blue) Humbrol ("Boeing grey", corroguard, nose) and Alclad for leading edges of wings and vertical/horizontonal stabilisors. Here goes: Cheers Robin
  24. Hello all, Here's my entry, I was drawn to it by the markings. It will be a nice challenge to spray the blue and red paint job. I'm somewhat scared of the kit decals though, there is an aftermarket for a -800 I may have to use if the kit decals fail. ee14423 by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr\ } Ryan
  25. Airfix 1:144 Boeing 737 TwoSix 'Air Europe' Decals. Airwaves Etched brass galleys Plus my own scratch building Ok, I went a bit mad here and didn't know when to stop. It started out as an attempt to improve the old 1960's Airfix kit of the Boeing 737-200, and just kept going and going as I had more ideas. I already posted what the improvements were in my second attempt but which got finished first. Basically it was; - Replace the cockpit glazing with the part provided in Daco's 737 kits. - Scratchbuild some interior detail for the cockpit, including the flight crew. - Open up the main and nosewheel bays, which are just shallow opening on the kit - Improve the engines. They are too short in the kit, and have the early 'skinny' pylons only applicable to the first 100 or so machines produced. - The passenger cabin windows are just little square shapes. I filed the all top and botton to open them up to oval shape. - I had a etched brass set for the forward integral airstairs, so they were added. - Adding the Airwaves etched brass detail set, which consists of the forward and aft galleys. - Then I decided that a few rows of passenger seats were necessary. - I though a base would be nice, so made one. - As I had opened the luggage bay and fitted a floor, it really needed a loading vehicle to park there. - I has a set of etch brass luggage wagons, but no tug. Both this and the luggage wagon are scratch built, and generic rather than replicas of actual vehicles. - A tow bar on the nose would be nice. So I scratched on up from rod & tube. Must make a tug though! - Finally, it needed some passengers walking out. These are unpainted from Noch, and its taken me weeks to paint them all. The model represents G-DDDV known to its crews not as 'Delta Victor' but as the 'Dirty Vicar'. She followed my father around after he retired from British Airways, and made subsequent comebacks with Air Europe and then Gulf Air. G-DDDV appeared in all 3 liveries. There is a little figure of 'Viking dad' sitting in the left hand seat, just visible through the cockpit. Enough talk, on with the photos; Crew visible in cockpit; The little scratchbuilt vehicles; Improved wheelbays; Some of the interior bits; Thanks are due to member Skodadriver who supplied me with the Daco clear cockpit part and silver frame decal, enabling me to go a bit mad and do this! Cheers John
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