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  1. Hey Ian! Here's a photo of VH-VYH "Queanbeyan" in Brisbane not too long ago. Granted, she is probably the most in need of TLC.
  2. Thank you for all your advise. It is my favourite livery variant. I've just noticed I havent painted the red antenna stripes! Time to get them done.
  3. Thank you! Oh I've never heard of them before. I might give them a call soon and see what he has in stock. Thank you for the recommendation!
  4. Hey Ian! Well, the VY-series and VXM are covered in soot, and dust, and the paint job has faded to a lovely patina and I wouldn't have them any other way. In fact, those are the rego's i spot and chase every week! Yes!!! I struggled looking for the kits, and also a handsome amount for the two I got and I reckon it'd be difficult to source two more at reasonable prices. I've been looking at the Authentic Airliners kit but the 738 is always sold out. Hmmmm
  5. Hey Ian! Thank you for your wonderful feedback. Well, I am going to start on VH-VXM "Mount Hotham" in the same livery but this time attempt weathering. I just need to source another Revell Boeing 737-800 kit!
  6. Good morning BerndM, I don't have an airbrush, and after sampling a few different spray cans, I settled on Tamiya's AS-16 Light Gray. It seems to be the closest one I can find. I'll be investing in an airbrush for my next project.
  7. Good evening, After around 70 odd hours of work, I've finally completed my first built in over a decade. It was certainly a testing model kit, and despite some gross errors, this built has taught me so much about patience, taking time to ensure the intricacies and details are done as best as possible. I hope you enjoy the photos. I would sincerely like to thank TrojanThunder for the overwing decals. The default Revell ones were flimsy to say the least for this rookie. The Qantas 90's Livery was by DrawDecals and the details were off the default Revell decal sheet. Feel free to let me know what you guys think and I look forward to my next built. Yup, it does resemble and Boeing 737! Whew! I went with the default winglets and engines. One of the more testing parts was reprofiling the winglets to reflect the correct chord and height, followed by assembly, and hand painting the winglet, gold stripe and leading edge. TrojanThunder, the decals arrived in time! Thank you so very much! Another challenging part, getting these individual decals in the tailplane. Thank you and kind regards, Charlie
  8. Thank you everyone for the encouraging words. Here are some updated photos from today. Close enough! A lapse of judgement after working several early mornings saw me painting the golden stripe instead of using decals. Despite numerous practices in masking the area, there was excessive bleeding of the gold paint. I couldn't recover.
  9. Good morning everyone, Here are some photos of the Revell 1/144 Boeing 737-838 kit that I am building. The last kit I built was a Minicraft 733 in 2005, so I'm quite rusty, to say the least. Ordered my decals from DrawDecals, and happy to see that it is the VY series, the range of regos I often spot. I have noticed that the set is missing the landing gear door rego. First thing I did was to use the Tamiya Putty to fill in the window holes after a styrene strip was secured on the inside. The two fuselage pieces were warped significantly. A hairdryer was used in low heat and weights were used to straighten the warping. The infamous winglets of the Revell kit. I couldn't source the various after market kits, and after careful consideration, I decided to hack it off and shave it into shape. Easy does it, with a lot of patience for the CFM56-7's spiral cone. I've stuck with the default engines, they do have a distinctively high angle! Probably the most nerve wrecking part, painting the distinct red tail. I don't have an airbrush, and used Tamiya's Italian Red spray can. There was some minor bleeding but nothing too difficult to repair. This is where it is currently at. The winglets have been painted with the golden stripe, engines are attached. The next process is to paint the gold strip on the leading edge of the red tail, and decals time. Feel free to leave any comments, and suggestions. Looking forward to learn off others and fine tune my techniques. The decal set did not include the lines above the wing, and I'm looking at masking the wings and painting the lines on. What methods do others employ? Kind regards, Charlie
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