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  1. Jpthedog

    Nor-Fly DC3

    Cheers again - will check - but just primed the dc3 in gloss black.....
  2. Jpthedog

    Nor-Fly DC3

    Thanks - hopefully your DC3 turned out well. OK youre filling me with trepadation about the decals - at least I am warned - the stripes I think are now silk decals - whatever that is and the registration etc laser printed - wait and see how they get on when they hit the water!
  3. Jpthedog

    Nor-Fly DC3

    Thanks Col - yes Ive lernt that working on the small details makes a difference. Wing roots not too bad - mix of fillers for these....... Plastic putty is great for a thin even joint that you want to dissapear. The other two for bigger filling jobs - take forever to sand.....
  4. Jpthedog

    Nor-Fly DC3

    Cheers Ray Still conjouring with what best to do with it so will probaby develop it firther to try and disguise it. I could spend a bit more time really trying to remove all traces of cargo door and correct the passenger door shape - see how things go. Not checked LN-KLV history which I really should - then I will be changing this and that and checking engine types etc etc. Happy to crack on and get another build accross the line. JP
  5. Jpthedog

    Nor-Fly DC3

    Sundays update. Started by re-shaping the props from the 'paddles' that they were - went by eye on the Lima November decal instructions/profile. Prop cleaned up - I applied some Tamiya thin to the hub as thats easier that trying to sand.... Engines painted prior to assembly Another Assembled and painted - not too happy with the carefully masked de-icing strips.... - paint too thin and crept under the masking tape - as usual! Will re-do. Wings are on, but a gap at the wing route - similar underneath - plasticard strip has now gone in to fill and strengthen the joint. Last one for today - the exhausts needed hollowing out and here we see one completed compared to the original. Drilled with small, then larger drill, then scalpel to finish!! Apologies for the pics the wrong way round - in a hurry. Any way it will be ready for priming next week, Whats best for AK Extreme? I have used Tamiya white primer before and that is very difficult to cover evenly or at least to look even. I know gloss black primer is recommended, but never had huge success with that. Basic tips above but hopefully interesting enough build for others. JP
  6. Martin thanks for the comment. Orange and dark green - definitely not camouflage in the snow!!
  7. Cheers Col - yeah was a good Club night - maybe looks better in the photos! Catch you next time!
  8. Jpthedog

    Nor-Fly DC3

    Dave Thanks for the kind words. Coming together without much problem. Considering some additional scribing and riveting - thoughts before i glue on the wings (more difficult to work on!)? Looking for good references to see if it is worthwhile/desirable.
  9. Thanks Pete - enjoyable simple build of a really nice 1930's aircraft - my favourite decade in aviation!
  10. Huma 1/72 Klemm 35/Sv 15 of Swedish Air Force, Sweden winter 1941. Taimya X6 orange and Sovereign RLM dark green, AK semi gloss clear coat
  11. Thats all I'm doing with its final coat of AK sheen sealer coat. Made new glazing, finished the base, pitot tube fitted under-wing (not seen). Really bright and an enjoyable quick build makes the Nordic GB a great place to be. Pics on the gallery.
  12. Jpthedog

    Nor-Fly DC3

    Sundays update. So a start today with the aim of getting the fusealge closed up today - that meant no scratch-building of passenger seats or even searching out civilian pilots..... First task cut our 2 new passenger windows as shown of the Lima November detailed decal instructions - this is the method I adopted from Brett Green's modelling book - Dyno tape keeping my favourite Olfa scriber on the right track! Halfway through - just slowly with the scriber until you go through the plastic.. And we are through! Tidy-ish window aperture Cargo and passenger doors to be inserted - trying to disguise the cargo door.. Scribing in some panel lines... and cargo door hinges cut off with scalpel Some plasticard to hold the doors in place Went with light gret interior for a civvy DC3 State of play by late afternoon Flushed in doors.... Decal sheet No2 is laser printed so needs a coat of Klear - brushed on for speed Apologies for photo heavy update - hopefully of interest to fellow Nordic GB followers
  13. Stuart thanks - yeS the aircraft it self always was an attractive type in my eyes and ive decided to keep the base very simple/rustic as it dosnr need much more. That base actually came away from the base so i prepared it properly this time adding pva and recreated the snowy ground. Cheers Rich Dave - agreed the bright orange against the green is very pleasing. Not sure which other Swedish aicraft were similarly schemed? Thanks for the compliments, often its quite rewarding spend a bit of time on a small 1/72 aircraft - eyes complaining tho!
  14. Very nice wee mini diorama base and model TT. Quite evocative which I guess was the aim. I built the fox moth last year in Spanish cw scheme and rudimentary base and finishing a model for the Nordic GB just now with a 'snowy' base......
  15. Jpthedog

    Nor-Fly DC3

    Thanks Rich The DC3 is always a winner! Yeah a MAD boom is one of the options - presume must have carried out survey work at some point - was a straight passenger aircraft when I saw it in Aberdeen - i recall the puff of smoke at startup and the squeaky brakes......seemed vintage even in 1974!
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