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  1. Actually ordered this a week ago along with BOAC VC10 decals - help get two stalled airliners completed
  2. Halfway through the build. Plastic is probably typical FRSIN soft and panel lines a bit indistinct. Shape is ok maybe the nose should be a bit blunter and I made my own airbrake hinges as these were not great on the kit. Sitting ready for primer. Air Anglia decals may be not as sharp as I would like. Overall with a bit of care it will be a decent model of the F28
  3. Very smart pair of models! I like the Vega Gull scheme and the DH60 is another favourite. Great work in 1/72 scale!
  4. Paul apologies for dreadfully late reply! Thanks for your comments. Paint used was Vallejo Game Effects Verdigris 72.135 - no idea how I arrived at that but it is a lovely paint to spray on and is a close match to the decals. JP
  5. Thanks Chris. I used a chrome pen for the window framing after masking it. Haven't seen a Proctor flying for ages - I must come down from the North sometime! JP
  6. Thank you John. Paint used was Vallejo Game Effects Verdigris 72.135 - no idea how I arrived at that but it is a lovely paint to spray on and is a close match to the decals. Do like the DH Moths too 1/72 and 1/48. Cheers Whirly. See above on the paint Just got to look for another model to use it on!
  7. This one was part of a twin build, the other being DoraWings Proctor qualifying for the Anzac GB which is just finishing. I felt that building two similar kits at once would be efficient........we all know that thought probably! Any way I present the Vega Gull representing VP-KCC the aircraft flown by Beryl Markham who flew across the Atlantic solo in 1936. DoraWings kits, the three I've built anyway, are quite frustrating - decent representations of the aircraft, but minor errors in the instructions and parts make for a more troublesome build than they might be. Overall happy with the results though. I scratched the long range fuel tank and placed this where the rear seat would have been. No reference photos for this, so artistic licence used. Also scratched the exhausts which probably cant be seen in pics but are surprisingly not represented in the kit..... And in the company of the Proctor built at the same time. WIP thread Hope of interest JP
  8. Model: Dora Wings 1/48 Percival Proctor III, ZK-ATW, New Plymouth Aero Club 1951, NZ Extras: Built out of the box, scratched navigation lights Paints: Mr Hobby H33 Russet acrylic, AK Metal Xtreme aluminium Weathering: None - factory fresh! WIP thread Thanks for looking. JP
  9. Cheers Cliff. Not perfect but what model ever is? Pleased with the colours. JP
  10. Calling the Proctor and Vega Gull finished. Some quick pics before posting in the gallery. Decals are thin and care is needed when applying but they lay down well, Not a bad match - paint and decals. Complete and with sister build Happy with the completed builds and liking the old colours of these civil birds. Dora Wings would really do themselves a favour by proof reading the instructions - otherwise an enjoyable build. JP
  11. Bill According to Scalemates this was a new tool in 1998 and has since been reboxed by Heller and Italeri in more recent times. JP
  12. A placeholder if I may, while I finish off two builds for the ANZAC GB and progress two more for the Anything but Plastic GB. Acquired this kit in Spain before they changed from pesetas to Euros - so a while ago! Using this years various group builds to shape what I am making in 2021 and now a fine excuse to build this one. Will be Spanish AF but not done any research yet. Box shot only as I haven't even opened the contents. Cheers JP
  13. Davey your Vega Gull looking very smart. Like the 1/48 version the glazing proving to be more difficult than it need be. You say nav lights to be added - are these clear or, as in the 1/48 version, solid?? JP
  14. Progress and racing to completion on both Proctor and Vega Gull. Apologies I should have posted before now but here we are up to date. Proctor all together now with canopy/cockpit being put together. Unneccesarily comes in 6 pieces and with the Proctor, a part that is not correct as far as I can tell. As you can see I glued each side to the main fuselage and then the front main cockpit window. I found the 2 rear sections too tall for the fuselage, so the usual fettling. Not 100%, but its acceptable for my standards. Here you can see the white plastic insert that is not present as part of the kit. White primer on top of red to allow the frame colour to be seen from inside.... Also sand and fill and sand again to remove seams.... The kit comes with vinyl masks for the glazing but this does not sit on curved windows so I masked with foil tape and cut with sharp scalpel. And here we are as of 30 minutes ago. Silver which is AK Metal Extreme aluminium which looks OK for for silver on fabric. And using the new airbrush today the Mr Hobby acrylic wine colour. No decals for any of this - so some involved masking. Canopy better on the Vega Gull! Let the paint cure until tomorrow then its suddenly decal time! JP
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