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  1. Progress update. Its been slower than I would like but both Vega and Proctor (ZK-) progressing. The kit is annoying as there are many mistakes, in usually the instructions, which slow things down whilst i figure out what is right/wrong. Shame as the kits could be so much better with those corrections and colour call outs. First of all the Vega Gull VP-KCC I scratched a fuel tank for the Atlantic crossing in the place of the rear seat - no info but took a guess Now the qualifying GB Proctor. The wine colour
  2. Pat Agreed a fine general aviation aircraft from the 30's onwards - I have a couple of the Frog kits, which I imagine will be a lot quicker to build than the Dora Wings versions - which are slow due to various reasons. Will hopefully post up some progress shots this weekend. JP
  3. My second (third) completion for this GB, after the earlier pair of Taifun's. Heller 1/72 Caudron C635 model using one of the decal options in the box. Great wee aircraft from the 1930's and looks so French and something that could slot right into a Tin Tin story! Simple build with no issues straight out of the box. I added a couple of scribed panel lines etc and a pitot tube. Xtracrylix yellow airbrushed on and I decided on zero weathering for this scale of civil aircraft. Thanks for a great GB!
  4. Finished and photographed - just not uploaded!! Will do tomorrow, JP
  5. Progress has been a bit slow on the Proctor, with some main parts cut from the sprue and wing components glued together carefully, to minimise sanding. I must say the kit is soft plastic (fine) but so is the detail. Should that ridge be there or not?? My second Dora Wings kit, having made the Dewoitine D510 before and the same old issues - a bit of clean up on the parts plus instructions that are wrong, mis-numbered and even parts not mentioned. Hey ho not massive complaint, its just slowing me down a bit. Not much to show for a weeks work... No
  6. Kiwichappers - thanks - all noted and I had read that previously. They sounded like a couple of chancers looking to make a quick profit, but it seems their costs spiralled. Having said that I would agree that it was unlikely that they repainted (think of the cost!) but I am happy with the proposed colour and have the paint purchased and ready, so it will remain wine? and silver and will compliment the light turquoise VP-KCC. Now why didnt they have digital cameras back then?????
  7. No pressure then! Will do my best and wondering what the interior colours would be - thinking similar to the wine/red colour. Not had a chance to start yet, but will cut sprue tomorrow
  8. A busy GB by the look of it and the Australian and New Zealand GB presenting a fine opportunity to build something from the stash. Last year I seemed to build mostly 1/72 so time for a change and build something in the bigger 1/48 scale and the DoraWings Proctor fitting the bill. The Percival Proctor was a pretty successful export to both Australia and New Zealand and he dceal options that come with the kit include an NZ version, ZK-AKW from 1951 and the New Plymouth Aero Club. Any way here are todays pics before starting: Box art and intended colour scheme
  9. Tony well done with the rattle can. I have Halfords gloss black in a can but trying to move away from rattle can primers etc as they are too vigorous after the control afforded by an airbrush. Agree leave to cure before polishing etc
  10. Looking good and very shiny - what black paint are you using? JP
  11. Looking good Pat. The decals are great but the wing markings with the clear pieces were tricky. See you in the gallery!
  12. Apologies for lack of updates - Christmas preparations got in the way! Here is where we are with a couple of minor bits n pieces to complete the model. Its yellow.... Xtracrylix sprayed on And with decals applied and masking removed Prop and spinner have been painted leaving pitot tube to add and we are finished. Decals went down well - well done Heller!
  13. Finally photographed the two Bf108 Taifuns in daylight. Built OOB and using mixture of Hataka and Revell paints and Techmod decals. Lovely simple kit of an attractive aircraft. Thanks for looking, JP
  14. Bjorn that is looking very nice. The Safir is now on my wanted list....JP
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