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  1. Very nice completed model of a favourite aircraft of mine. The zvezda kit is quality and you have done it justice. I have one completed a few more in the stash.....
  2. Tidy model and smart scheme. Interested to see how you sort out the nose on the Airfix F27 - mine has been on the buffers for a while now!
  3. Ray slowly progressing. Has been painted to a degree with AK metal extreme, but as usual I amaze myself at the order I seem to paint things - only to have to go back and re-mask etc! Here we are at todays date: First pic shows 737 primed and the photocopied decal positioned so i can mask for the variying colours to suit the stripe And todays photos - model suitable masked so you cant see whats been done! I have this area to spray light grey - 3 paint candidates - never seem to get a light enough shade. A week to go just over - any chance of completing??
  4. Very smart 737 - good result on what initially looks like an 'easy' colourscheme!
  5. Inspiring build and superbly presented model! John
  6. Excellent and thanks Col. Will liaise with you on the reference book collection
  7. Col could I join in with the Airfix 1/48 Fury - will be the Spanish fury so requires sime mods to undercarriage and air filter. First 1/48 biplane for me! John
  8. I will be adding the gravel deflectors to my Cruzeiro 737, so and interesting comparison, John
  9. One step forward and one step back! I was going to rescribe the fuselage so marked the existing raised panel lines with fine marker - then decided no I wouldnt bother and eventually got new supplies of Tamiya white fine surface primer - primed the fuselage only to remember that the marker bleeds through! So scrubbed off the nice smooth primer with Isoprop alchohol and have now started priming again. Any way here is a pic of the stripped fuselage - so not a great lot of progress for the last couple of weeks! Doors and seams filled though and now primed. Wings and engines also primed with Tamiya grey primer as they wil be grey/silver. Other 737's have all been filled and sanded so some progress behind the scenes!
  10. Cheers Ray I will add the Minicraft 737-300 in the defunct but cool KD Avia scheme. New topic I presume? Better get on with the Airfix one first though as some of you will surely be finishing soon!!
  11. Sorry for lack of progress, but at least I have managed at least to locate my decals And part built kits........ I have a production line of 73's most probably not allowed to enter this GB - fuselage glued, wings on buy no engines, The Minicraft 737-300 would probably qualify? as the wings have not been fitted. The current GB Aifix 737 is closest and is ready for primer. I am using the GB as incentive to get all of them finished. Next set of decals: Minicraft will be KD Avia - PAS decals! 'Proper' progress will follow!
  12. Dave Thanks - model room is taking shape, less space than there was tho! I'm hot and cold with the Airfix 737 - it is an old kit with raised panel lines etc but shape is OK and it will build into a decent model I think. Have a F-RSIN F28 on the go too, while waiting for things to dry etc!! I may have mislead you on Aves Apoxie Sculpt (correct spelling)- it hardens pretty quickly - but I placed it at night and trimmed it after pushing through the windows - but sanded the next morning when cured - so i guess its still 8 hours+ - thats why you need a few on the bench at once! Bought online 2/3 years ago but cant remember where from - no odour really, so it is 'wife friendly'! A quick check online and JHT supplies seem to supply 1lb (a lot!) for £17 - which i think is reasonable - the blub says 24 hours to fully cure. I see you are doing the HLX 737 for this GB - always wanted to make one of those since a visit to Koln when they just started up - so interested to see the finished machine. Cheers John
  13. Jeff - only joking, happy sharing the room with my wife - and I know how lucky we are with that space - compared to a kitchen table or a cold shed!! I only catalogued the kits so i could find them more easily in the boxes - which worked out well for this build as most of the kits are still in storage boxes. Now to locate the said decals! John
  14. Wee update Window openings need to be filled, so its Apoxie Sculpt - a two part mix that hardens in a couple of hours Just in case you are not familiar with the routine.. Add some nose weight too Filler scraped and sanded back Fuselage glued together and the 6 access/baggage doors fitted - when i say fitted.... Cockpit glazing is now in and removal of seam lines begins - the secret to building airliners! Cheers John
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