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  1. Heinkel 111B-2 Pedro 25.7, Pedro 7 Condor Legion March 1938 Kit: Roden Paint: Hataka and Sovereign Decals: Steeworks DE Well I had heard that the kit was a difficult one so i was prepared, but it is frustrating more than anything with not much (anything) fitting but I battled on knowing most kits are buildable and here we are. A fair representation of the real thing form what i can see from old photos etc. and overall I am happy with it. Nominal weathering as I always bottle it and loose my way on this stage. Apologies for inside l
  2. Last minute matte coat and adding of aerials etc. Will be finished in time! And here we are - one shot of the finished model. Some wee details I may still add..... And relax - good to finish another GB entry. JP
  3. Cheers Heather - nice aircraft from the golden age. I have the Eduard 1/48 boxing too, so may dig that one out as reference. I noted that some were impressed into RAF service - camo schemes I think.
  4. Dave thanks - yes plastic is decent in both kits. I agree, just a little detailing in the wheel wells at that scale will suffice. I am studying pics of the real aircraft as little details at that scale can elevate the finished model - he said!
  5. Our local modelling group have started 'meeting' once a week via zoom for a build night which has been great for catching up, banter, nonesense and of course some actual modelling! I like to pick something that doesnt require painting, too many tools or concentration, so the perfect opportunity to crack open new kits and the Bf108s. Building both in unison - this is my progress for the 2 hours in between the banter The early 'instructions' - the newer ones provide a bit more guidance and give an order, but the old ones looked 'typed up' and very quaint, if y
  6. Obligatory box and sprue shots Two different boxings My favourite of the two - easily! Great artwork and of course the old Heller box style. Old moulding - and dried up bulb of glue! New moulding not so appealing in 'peely wally' sand coloured plastic! Raised panel lines and fabric surfaces but we will live with that - its classic Heller after all! So another GB about to begin. First evenings progress to follow. JP
  7. Nice one Steve - I am building two for this GB - started this week but not 100% of schemes. Good to see another one here, JP
  8. Thanks Pat. Have looked both boxes out from the loft - box 1 - and ordered some Techmod decals - thinking one civil and one SCW but cant see any decals for the Condor Legion version. Hopefully simply builds!
  9. A placeholder for this GB from me. I put my name down for this build earlier in the year and here we are without a definite choice of kit until today! I have the stash on a spreadsheet (!) so I listed all the Heller kits - 24 in total with a couple of duplicates. I thought about a smaller kit as I have a few other build on at the moment and not sure I am need a big build - Constellation, DC6, Noratlas taking up the bench space just now - a Stratoliner has that privilege! OK enough of the waffle - not sure I saw any other Bf108 Taifun's on the list, so I will build at least one of t
  10. Great result Adrian. Really like it and when you consider what the kit started out like, the completed model shows great work. You opened the side vents and I did the grilles in the top - should have done both! Next time I am really tempted to do a civil version from the KP kit which I think is fairly available. Well done again.
  11. Oh well GB end date and here's where we got to. Stumped by the undercarriage arrangement for both kits. Each having 10 pieces of plastic/metal (not shown) that somehow fall together. I will crack them and probably scratch build a new undercarriage to replace the white metal but I think it will be a challenge to get them correctly aligned and level . Enjoyed the first part of the double build.
  12. Cheers Adrian. Yes Mil 4's seem popular. Green and blue not hugely interesting scheme, but hey ho. The civil one is really different and turned out well from the original kit.
  13. Last day completion for me with my Mil 4 Hound from KP. The inspiration was an old Hound sitting at Chernoye, Moscow with various panels off and having been sat outside for probably years, heavily weathered and rusting away, but I bottled out of doing a similar treatment for my model presented here. I used Hi Decal Line aftermarket decals for the very simple and standard Russian AF scheme. Tamiya paints generally, but I went for Sovereign enamel for the underside. Opened up the vents in the nose and used a metal mesh as I felt this was prominent on the real aircraft. I maybe should have opened
  14. D Day! Last day of GB and as usual I am working to the deadline! State of play Saturday afternoon.... My preferred wheel painting method..., cut out masks and then spray the hubs... my brush painting skills not good enough freehand! And we are finished.... well as far as I am going with this one today One pic as a teaser. Quite difficult to photograph the helicopter with the blades on! Panel wash, then an average attempt at weathering with some oils. I think to do the weathering well you need to let go and
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