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  1. Fantastic builds there Tony - absolutely stunning. I've always had a soft spot for the Defiant and love to see them being represented on BM. I agree with you about the airfix kit - I made the 1/72 and it's probably one of my favourite kits I've ever built so if the 1/48 is the same it's no wonder it's good. So nice to see a defiant in the Grey/Green camo - really seems to suit and you've done a cracking job with the paint finish Well done for the top work on an often underrepresented aircraft as I think they deserve far more appreciation. Kris
  2. Thanks Wulfman - really appreciated. Glad you liked the Belgian markings - I did too and thought it would make a nice change from the more usual offerings
  3. Thanks for your kind words Mark. I recently completed the ICM SB 2 which was posted the same time as the hurricane if you want to check it out. I'm currently working on the Italeri Ju 86 so hope to get that posted up when complete
  4. Totally lost for words - what a stunning diorama!! The Stuka is such an imposing aircraft and both your model and its surroundings show this off to the max. Superb
  5. That's an absolute stunner - it's like you're stood next to a museum exhibit - it's so life like and realistic. Fantastic workmanship!
  6. That's a fantastic Dak - looks even more impressive with its invasion stripes. Job well done that man!!
  7. Great job - that's a cracking Whitley - inspired me to make a start on mine asap
  8. Wow - thanks Jack - can't get a better compliment than that
  9. Thanks again Aces. I'd definitely recommend the kit - sometimes it's nice to have a kit that does need a bit of work - gives us modellers a challenge
  10. Thanks very much Markus - really appreciated. I can sympathise - I'm still working full time too so not getting as much bench time as others either - explains why I struggle to get things over the finish line
  11. Thanks Val - as you say definitely not the easiest kit but enjoyable nonetheless
  12. Thanks very much Aces - really appreciate your kind comments
  13. Wow - that's a beauty Peter - really an eye catching piece of modelling!!! You've made me want to build my Meteor even more now
  14. Thanks for your comments Harold - much appreciated. I agree, these are not often seen in modelling forums and WW2 soviet aircraft generally which is why I like to do something a bit different every now and then
  15. So if you managed to join me over in my post for the SB 2M, I told you that I had also completed a Hawker Hurricane and would be completing a separate build thread - so here goes. As the title suggests, I decided to go a bit off piste with the Hurricane and rather than build as the usual RAF machine, decided to mix things up a bit and go for the Belgian scheme within the box. I'm really glad I did as the all silver underside and the black, yellow and red of the Belgian Air Force roundels really makes it pop. This is the Mk 1 (2 bladed prop) boxing of the Airfix Hurricane and unli
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