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  1. Thanks very much Stix - really appreciate your positive feedback and I'm glad you like the additional details. I've really enjoyed it Stix and it looks like we've got a good selection in the gallery Kris
  2. Thanks @Corsairfoxfouruncle - your feedback is much appreciated
  3. Thanks very much Ed - glad you like it - really appreciate your feedback
  4. Good evening folks, Well that's it - I've finally made it to the finish line and with another week to spare so proud of that if nothing else I've literally just finished adding the crew to my M-51 and taking the photos. My very capable crew, Avraham and Yitzhak are now the proud owners of the M-51 Super Sherman. I was really quite impressed with the figures in this kit - much better moulded and defined than you often find which is why I wanted to add them so hopefully I've been able to do them a bit of justice although I'll never profess to being a figure painter So since my previous post, I was able to get everything ticked off the list including adding the final matt coat, adding the tracks, bit of dust weathering, adding the figures, the radio antennae etc etc - just any finishing touches I could think of before finally calling it a day. One of the things I still need to learn when it comes to my models is when to stop fiddling and faffing and just get it finished and move on So I've added 5 pics into the gallery - they're in there now as we speak so here they are along with some more pics to try to show off as many views as possible: Massive thanks to @PlaStix for his hosting skills on what has been a thoroughly enjoyable GB - again it's given me a perfect excuse to do some more armour modelling which I don't do as often as aircraft but always really enjoy it when I do Also, well done to everyone who took part in the GB - there's some fantastic builds in the gallery and hopefully some more to come before next week comes to a close Best wishes everyone and I'll look forward to your next GB @PlaStix Kris
  5. 1/35 IDF M-51 Super Sherman (Academy) 'Another Sherman - Super!' For full WIP CLICK HERE
  6. @Corsairfoxfouruncle - I couldn't agree with you more. The gun definitely looks like it means business! Kris
  7. You're definitely way too kind!
  8. Thanks very much Craig - glad to be able to take part Yeah the Revell kit does seem to be a nice one and should make up into a nice little model, especially in those colours. Thanks Kris
  9. Thanks very much for the warm welcome Paul - much appreciated Hopefully I'll be able to produce something that will be worthy of the gallery by the end Kris
  10. Hi all, If it's ok with @Dansk and @modelling minion - I'd really like to join in this GB - I hope I'm not too late to join I have the following kit in my stash that I'd like to use for the GB: and will be going for the following scheme: There's also not a lot to the kit - only 3 sprues in total - one of these being with the clear parts: as well as a very nice decal sheet: Hopefully I'll be able to post an update with some progress shortly Good luck to everyone with their builds Kris
  11. Good afternoon folks, I'm finally able to get back to you all with an update on the M51. In my last update I'd pretty much got all the main elements painted and was looking to start to bring everything together so that I could crack on with the weathering. I think I've ran away with myself a bit since then so apologies that it's only now I'm doing an update as I should have done one sooner although a recent bout of covid didn't help with things there The model is now right up to the stage where the next steps are to give everything a flat coat and then add the tracks and do the final weathering steps such as oils/pigments/oil stains etc and get her nicely dusted up. She's already had a gloss coat and washes added to highlight details as well as chipping to help give her that well used look. All the stowage has been painted and added as well as the machine gun so painting the figures is now the only painting I have left to do As I say she hasn't received a flat coat yet so please ignore the sheen that the model has at the moment and also the glass on the searchlight isn't meant to be blue - that's just masking fluid to prevent the glass being covered in matt varnish in the next step - that will be removed afterwards So here's a good few pics with the latest progress to date: So all being well my next update should be my last one for this project and all being well I'd like to have her pretty much finished by the end of this week which should have me over the finish line a good week before the GB end date. Once the flat coat is on it's really just going to be a lot of extra little details to finish, mainly weathering like dust, a few subtle rust effects, engine exhaust staining etc, but also as I said previously the tracks are to add, figures to finish, and radio antenna to add etc. So my next pics should find her in the gallery and ready for final inspection. Well done to everyone who's got their builds in the gallery so far - there really are some cracking builds and such a good variety too. Keep going to those of you who like me just need to get their model finished off and lets get as many as we can into the final gallery Best wishes all Kris
  12. Thanks very much for your kind comments Stix - my armour models will never be in the same league as yours but I appreciate getting some positive feedback from the expert Kris
  13. Absolutely fantastic work as always Stix - completely faultless as always and your painting skills will forever leave me picking my jaw up from the floor Well done Stix Kris
  14. Much appreciated @Corsairfoxfouruncle- glad u like the progress so far. Yes, I know what you mean, I also have a keen interest in Israeli hardware, especially that used during the Arab-Israeli war, Six Days War and Yom Kippur War
  15. Thanks very much for your kind comment Ed - it's getting there. Will start to all come together once everything has been fully assembled and weathered in
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