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  1. Thanks Craig and you've been more than a good help Yeah you're absolutely right when it comes to research - you need to get a good balance. You need some research to help enhance your models but not to go too far so you spend all your time researching and not building anything! Kris
  2. Thanks very much to @jean, @basket and @modelling minion for your posts and information regarding this subject. I don't know whether or not it's just me - although Craig appears to corroborate this too, but any colour pics I've seen of 'Blue Blazer' Skyhawks are just like those that Craig provided links for - all seem to show that the bands on the rudder are blue. Admittedly there are varying degrees as to the exact shade of blue but they all show blue as opposed to red nonetheless. As well as the pics that Craig provided links for, here is another example below: So
  3. The pics may not show it so well but the tab colour is actually dark blue. Now I stand to be corrected on this one JR but this Skyhawk scheme is a Blue Blazer and the references I've seen as well as the airfix instructions show the rudder tabs as dark blue. Is this not correct? Thanks Kris
  4. Thanks JR - between Craig and yourself that's clarified that Absolutely - note to self - ALWAYS double check references - I should definitely have known better than to trust the instructions!! Yes, not much to do now JR - I'll correct the elevators and ailerons and I'm currently sorting the landing gear and then it will be pretty much all the finishing touches Kris
  5. Thanks very much Craig - much appreciated. No need to be sorry - I should know better than to trust instructions without checking other references Kris
  6. Thanks very much JR - that's very kind of you - much appreciated Thank you once again for keeping me right on some of the details - you have done so previously in the build and it's made such a difference so I'll certainly be taking your advice again and will make the necessary changes to the ailerons. That's what I get for going along with Airfix's painting instructions and not double checking references!!! Having now checked on a few reference pics since you highlighted this - is it also the case that the elevators are wrong too. I'm assuming the white needs to extend up to cove
  7. Thanks @basket - much appreciated - glad you like. The paint is AK Real Colors and as I've mentioned previously I really like these paints. I'm fairly new to trying them out but I think they're excellent and they leave a nice smooth durable finish too.
  8. Thanks very much for your kind comments @Smudge Definitely can't say anything bad about the decals - they performed fantastically. Not sure about the portrayal of an actual incident or whether it's just a case of choosing a general Skyhawk and a general MiG 17 that would have crossed paths during the Vietnam War. Maybe some further research is required. Kris
  9. Wow great minds think alike Adam - you were obviously uploading your pics as I was posting my last message. One word - STUNNING!! Cracking job Adam and you've really showed off what is a cracking kit in all it's glory - a fantastic example of modelling at it's best!! Thank you for sharing it with all us. Kris
  10. Superb build Adam - well done. She looks an absolute treat She looks right at home there in your cabinet next to the Victor Looking forward to seeing you get some more pics posted as it would be a shame to not see more of her. Thanks Kris
  11. Thanks @PlaStix Yes, made a good start on this one and will be due an update soon. Just busy working away on getting my Skyhawk finished for that GB too. Seem to have my hands full after finishing my StuG for your Panzer III GB Never mind - they don't build themselves do they lol Kris
  12. Thanks Craig - really appreciate your comments and feedback Yeah hope she won't take much more work now to get her sorted Kris
  13. Hiya folks, Hope everyone has been enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend and been getting plenty of bench time in. I've noticed plenty of activity in the GB and some cracking builds going on at the moment I, for one, have made good use of the extra time by cracking on with my Skyhawk build and getting her that bit closer to the finish line. In my last photo update, I'd basically completed all construction work and got her primed and pre-shaded ready for painting. So I've moved on a fair way since then and I've been busy getting the top coats of paint put on this w
  14. That's looking absolutely fantastic Adam and you've done a cracking job with the paint finish and the decals. I have this kit in my stash too and your build has certainly given me plenty of inspiration for when I get round to mine. Well done - can't wait to see the finished article Kris
  15. Hey @helios16v - it's never too late to get feedback from a fellow BMer so thank you for your comments. It just means that there's obviously even more us great minds thinking alike lol Kris
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