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  1. Excellent progress so far Mark - you're doing a cracking job. I really love the technique you used for the red doped linen - looks so much like the real thing - definitely a technique I'll be stealing from you Would have loved to have tried this on the interior of my Wellington build. Keep up the good work and will be following with interest Kris
  2. And we're off.... Hi folks, hope everyone is keeping well. Finally getting round to posting an update on the Bloch. I've been busy with all the cockpit parts which are all now complete and just ready to all be brought together when the fuselage halves are closed up. Here's some pics of where we stand as of today: I've scratched up some seatbelts from a mixture of Tamiya tape and a couple of pillaged bits of PE - they aren't 100% accurate by any means but at least look better than an empty seat. The instrument panel has been hand painted as there aren't any decals in the kit. The instrument panel had some nice raised detail so it lent itself to be being hand painted anyway. All the cockpit parts were painted with Ammo by Mig's Intermediate Blue (A.MIG-0228) then gloss coated and then given a wash with oils. A flat coat then followed to finish the parts off. So next job is to get everything brought together by buttoning up the fuselage so hope to have another update for you soon Best wishes Kris
  3. You are making a cracking job of this Steve - the paint job and then the addition of the decals has really made the model pop and brought it to life. Couldn't agree more that it's so nice to see a tank in something that isn't just olive drab, German grey or dunkelgelb! You've totally inspired me to make a French tank one of my next projects. Like yourself, I also have the Somua and the R35 to choose from and the schemes are so eye-catching with both. Spoiled for choice. Keep up the good work Steve and can't wait for the next instalment Kris
  4. Excellent job on the paint work Steve - really starting to look the part now Those French schemes really were very unique and you're showing this off superbly. I'm still engrossed and awaiting your next steps. What do you think you'll do in relation to weathering as many of the French tanks wouldn't have been particularly battle hardened? Kris
  5. Thanks Col. There's hope for my build yet - I've made a good bit of progress over the past few days and was hoping that I may still get it done within the deadline but an extra week should hopefully guarantee it gets finished Kris
  6. Thanks Craig - you're too kind as always - think your 109 knocks spots off anything I'll do!!!
  7. Thanks Col - I think you're right - sometimes it's no problem keeping to the GB deadlines and other times it just doesn't work out - I think this will be one of those times
  8. Thanks @Jasper dog - really kind of you to say so. Think I just need to stop faffing and get on with it
  9. Hiya folks, Hope everyone is well. I'm really coming late to the party with my Bf109 build - what with life getting in the way as always, not to mention the inordinate amount of faffing I did to get my entry finished for the Unarmed GB - I'm well and truly behind. I doubt I'll be able to get her anywhere near finished by the deadline but I'll crack on and see how far I get - wish me luck So in order to give you all some sort of an update I've managed to get everything pulled together with regards to the cockpit in readiness for getting the fuselage all closed up in readiness for the main part of the build and the painting. So here's where the build stands at the moment: As I mentioned right back at the beginning of my thread, I'm using an Eduard PE set to add details to the model - mainly in the cockpit with the main additions of the seatbelts and instrument panels. I haven't gone wild on a couple of areas - particularly the section behind the main instrument panel as I'm doing the closed engine version so none of this detail will be visible - might help to speed things up too. So hope to have more updates as quick as I can and will try my best to make some progress but as I say I've a feeling she won't make the deadline but I'll carry on regardless and put her in the RFI section if all else fails. Keep up the good work everyone - some cracking builds in the gallery at the moment - think my late offerings would only be overshadowed anyway by the quality of the workmanship already in the gallery Best wishes Kris
  10. That's looking fantastic Steve - you've really made a cracking job of this so far. Can't wait to see her once she get's some paint on!! Kris
  11. Such a shame you didn't get her into the gallery Pat but you've done a fantastic job and would be a shame to rush when you don't have to. I can't wait to see the finished model and will be keeping a look out in the RFI Kris
  12. Oh wow - thanks for that feedback Pat - I'm sorry if I've thrown a spanner in the works in your decision making process but I'm extremely grateful for your comment - really appreciated
  13. Thanks Brad - much appreciated and thanks again for all your involvement in organising and running the GB
  14. Thanks very much @JeroenS - really appreciate the feedback and glad you like it
  15. 1/35 German Staff Car Type 82E (Ryefield Model) 'A Kübelwagen in Beetle's clothing' For full WIP CLICK HERE
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