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  1. Hi folks, Thought I'd best get my contribution to this GB set up in readiness for making a start at the weekend when the firing pistol goes. My kit of choice from the stash (mainly because it's the only Scooter I have), is the 1/72 Airfix A-4B offering. However, as you can see from the obligatory box art shot - mine also has a friend in the form of a MiG-17 to keep them company: I bought this set after spotting it in the Chester Model Centre (back in the good old days before Covid-19 and you could still visit places). I had been wanting the new M
  2. I'll look out for your next update - love to see the work people put into dioramas Kris
  3. Looks like the beginnings of a fantastic diorama there Ozzy - can't wait to see how it's going to look Kris
  4. No exactly Bob - I get the same from the wife - those disapproving looks when the postman brings another addition to the stash. I firmly believe it's a medical condition and we shouldn't be given grief over it lol Kris
  5. Thanks Hewy - really appreciate your feedback. I'm following along with your build too - it's looking fantastic - love the work you've done on the camo scheme Kris
  6. Thanks Craig - much appreciated - looking forward to what should be a really great GB - good job on hosting it Kris
  7. Hey MM, Can you count me in for this GB please. I also have the airfix kit in the stash which I'd like to liberate from the cupboard and get it built so this GB provides the perfect excuse Thanks Kris
  8. Absolutely Bob - sounds like a great plan. I normally have more than 1 model on the go at once but just take my time - too long sometimes. That's why I like the challenge of a GB as it gives you the motivation and impetus to get a model started and finished within a deadline. I'd like to think GB's help with clearing out the stash too but mysteriously something always takes its place - its the work of the devil Kris
  9. Another build to keep you busy Bob - I've got to admire your stamina. I usually end up struggling to get the one finished so I'd have no chance for two. Although I seem to be on track for a change at the moment. Will be following both your builds with interest and will be learning from you as I do as I love the knowledge of the subject you have Kris
  10. Thanks for the kind feedback Bob - it's really encouraging and much appreciated. Thank you also for the answers to my questions regarding the colours of those items - you are a wealth of knowledge and a true gent and you're really helping me with my own learning I know exactly who to turn to when I have any queries - you'll be sick of me know Bob Thanks again Kris
  11. Thanks for the kind feedback Stix - very much appreciated. Yes I've been busy - really enjoying the build and have surprised myself as to how quick it's all come together. I'm hoping that once everything is finished that needs added and I've been able to get everything weathered in - it should at least look like a StuG Although there's some cracking builds going on in the GB (including yours Stix) which will no doubt leave me standing Kris
  12. Thanks Ozzy - much appreciated Kris
  13. Happy Sunday folks - hope everyone is doing ok and making good progress on their builds. I've been busy most of yesterday transforming the 'cranberry with a gun' into something resembling a Dunkel Gelb StuG. I used Tamiya XF-60 Dark Yellow as the base and then added some XF-2 Flat White to tone the colour down to use on panels and hatches for a faded 'worn' in look. As you know, I was trying out the hairspray chipping with this one and I'm reasonably happy with the result. I think it's offered some authentic looking wear which I've tried to keep to a minimum and conce
  14. Thanks Stix - much appreciated. Yes the chipping is going to be very much a wait and see. Like I said - I won't be going wild with the chipping but just saw this as an opportunity to give this a try - fingers crossed Kris
  15. Thanks very much for all that information Bob - really appreciate it. It's reassuring to know that people that are much more knowledgable, like yourself, are also having discussions with regards to such questions and it's not just me being baffled. I think you're absolutely right - there were so many variations and changes throughout the war - with all the added pressures and differing circumstances and timescales this brings that there often isn't a right or wrong answer. All we can do is try to make them as true to originals as possible with probably some artistic licence thrown in for good
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