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  1. That's a fantastic 111 - they're definitely one of my favourites and you've done the type justice - well done
  2. Thank you Mark - really appreciate that. Definitely give it a go - you'll do a great job - I'm not even close to the skills of everyone else on here!!!
  3. Thanks Clive - definitely recommend giving it a go - I actually started to enjoy it once I got going
  4. Thank you - that's why I went for the desert scheme as it was a bit different and it was going to make me practice my mottling skills
  5. Thank you so much Sky although I'm a mere novice compared to a lot of the members of BM
  6. Thanks Crane - I'm sure you could do better than me - would love to see your version of the kit if you get one built
  7. You're too kind Valkyrie - now I've managed to do my first mottled aircraft, I've got no excuse to do more lol
  8. Thanks viper - that's very much appreciated
  9. Thank you opus - you're too kind and your feedback with regards to the mottling is much appreciated.
  10. Thanks Greg - really appreciate your comments. The paint I used for the sand colour is Revell Aqua Afrika Braun - I've used this colour a few times for desert schemed aircraft.
  11. Thanks Farmerboy - that's really appreciated
  12. Great build Stew - I built the Revell boxing of this and really loved putting it together. It may be basic compared to kits these days but it looks great once it's together.
  13. Fantastic Mossie - excellent job Roman. Love the paint job.
  14. Thanks for your feedback Neil - I'll have to have a look at the muzzle
  15. Hi all, After having had a bit of a hiatus, this is my second posting within a few weeks so I can get on with it when I put my mind to it This time round, I chose a kit I've had in my stash for a while - the Italeri Hs 129. This is actually the first Italeri kit I've built and apart from the odd bits here and there that took more effort, the kit went together well and I think it has really good levels of detail for 1/72. I bought this kit because the Hs 129 has always intrigued me - purely because of it's shape - as it has an almost triangular fuselage which is very unusual. There was also a good choice of schemes to complete the kit in - a couple of Eastern front schemes, a Romanian version and then the one I chose which was Hs 129 B-2 - 4 (Pz.)/SG, Castel Benito, Libya 1942. I was drawn to the mottling for this scheme used to blend the aircraft into it's surroundings in the desert environments. I've never done any amount of mottling before so decided to bite the bullet and give it a go - hopefully I've done it justice So here goes - my Libyan tank buster - hope you like it and as always you're feedback and comments are greatly appreciated. Kris
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