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  1. Very accurate and neat surface and nice-looking livery as well. Congratulations with completed work!
  2. That's the main thing I like this forum - where anyone can present something interesting and may be not well-known in other countries and discuss the models out-of politics. Though I think there are still some USSR-made weapons and vehicles in east-European countries still in service Respects, tMikha
  3. I think that she is wise woman)))) Really NIVA is the car that came from 1970's with all it's problems. Though it's really good as a small 'outlander' it needs a lot of service.
  4. Wow, stuning result! very neat classic “civilian”
  5. You know, there are many modellers from different parts of the world here Really, I’ve not dealt with GRAD, but diuring my 1 year of military conscription, I had dealt with Ural and GAZ “Sadko” as well. And always was impressed how tough are theese all-terrain vehicles. Especially Ural. Sometimes I thought “No, guys! It’s impossible to drive over this on the car!” But as a result it was possible for Ural
  6. Wow! Here I can say that that's really great result considering that it's your first civil airliner. I can tell once more that the surface looks nice. And what about the gap, all of us are getting our skills through our mistakes, my first civil liner looks very scare if compared to this work!
  7. Pretty good model, I like the surface you did very much. What about livery it's just the matter of taste, anyway the livery is not usual and boring like a white fuselage with something printed on the tail And it would be nice to see more photos I can't see whether there is a gap between wing and fuselage on the second photo...
  8. Nice one model and interesting historical fact, I didn't know before about Mustangs in Chinese airforce. Hah, and it has reminded me one old joke: Over the fields - over the forests flies the brave pilot Li Si Tsyn (Lisitsyn)
  9. Continuing with the model let me show some progress made during last two days. First and the most unpleasant task was to make smthg with the gap between transparent windows and fuselage. For this purpose I've applied some Tamiya putty. And while sanding it was worringly about masks. Really I can't say the result is great, but I've done as well as I can. After some more sanding, a few more putty was applied, because shrinkage. Sure, the final sanding is necessary. Now cockpit looks like this. Though it needs final sanding, the gap was removed Also I've sanded the grids on the rear edges of the wing, before glue the wing and the fuselage together. Here I must say that though I've read a lot of positive feedbacks, I can't say that connectivity of the kit is very high. Normally, ok, but all seams needed some putty and sanding. And the connection of wing and fuselage is the most complicated for me. It really needs a lot of putty and a lot of sanding in the future. Here you can see the scale of the problem The tail stabiliser glued and sanded too. This part didn't become a problem Also I've started with the engines. First, the inner parts were airbrushed, then I've painted engine cokes in accordance with prototype. Engines connectivity has turned out to be better than fuselage Also little by little I've started with painting works. First, I've painted the wheels and the undercarriage details (the undercarriage I've painted right on the frame, without disconnecting). The wheels looking just a light gray. But after rubber black paint and some wash, the appearance will change to better As a result, till today I have almost finished fuselage, that needs some more sanding for wing-fuselage connection and the engines. I hope I'll be not too lazy to bring the airframe to mind tomorrow, and after this will be done, it will be time for finishing primer applying. On that stage I have to take a pause in the built for about two weeks because of my vacation and travel to my home-city. But I hope, a pause will give me some enthusiasm to complete the built more accurate, when I'll return to the kit. Respects, tMikha
  10. Amazing work! Ural with MLRS “Grad” looks very neat and realistic. But with stand and purple flowers added it becomes 99% like a real one!
  11. Hmmm, I never have met such trouble. Gray Tamiya corrodes plastic when applied. So after it dries up, it’s well suited for sanding, or other operations. I’ve thought about some insert in that gap. Will try to fix it. And sure, -600, -1000, -1500 and finally -2500 sanding paper is something you can’t do without, when you work with transparent windows! Thank’s!
  12. Some progress I've did today. First, MGr version has big cargo door from left side. So as I understand, all other passenger windows were replaced with stubs. But on thet part of fuselage, where cargo door is placed, some insert was done, and you can't see outlines of windows there. Here you can see outlines of windows and their absence on the cargo door. So I've counted nine windows from the first door and covered others with Tamiya putty. And yes, I felt myself like a barbarian, covering transparent windows with putty Then I've continued with wing detail. There are two grids on the front edge of the wing near fuselage. ICM gives them as separate small details, and their connectivity not ideal, So I've used some more putty. In the evening I've applied KV-models masks for cockpit windows and passenger windows that will stay clear. There I've discovered one interesting fact: the masks turned out to be bigger than outlines of cockpit windows. KV-masks initially made for Zvezda kit. So there are two options: either Zvezda or ICM has tricky cockpit windows. And I'm leaning towards the version that Zvezda gives more correct forms. But in my situation I was nothing to do but take new sharp blade for papaer-knife, and to cut off masks to make them match with the cockpit windows. Finally I've sanded putty on the fuselage to remove windows in the area of cargo door. And the last step for today is draft primer. As always I've used Decorix white primer from a can. Sumarry, I've satisfied with quality of seam between two parts of fuselage. But sure, some areas need more sanding after primer will dry up. And YES I was feeling myself like a barbarian with a club once again, "killing" almost all windows with primer And the surface in cargo door area seems well and neat enough. Also, as I've noticed, that on the right side there is no first passenger door on IL's cargo variant. So I've removed it with sanding paper. Area of cargo door with removed windows So, it's enough for today. Next time I'm planing to bring the seam to the finish, also to work over wing-edge grids, and to mount together wings, fuselage and tail. On this stage of progress I can say that quality and connectivity of ICM is good enough, though Zvezda a little more neat. And there is also one task that I have to decide. After I've mounted cockpit windows, I've seen that there is a small gap between it's upper edge and plastic fuselage. So I'll have to remove it somehow. And I'll have to be very careful not to "kill" transparent windows. To be continued as always Respects, tMikha
  13. Thank’s! Though I never delve into the details too deep, this time I’ll try to make more complicated paint works to show consequences of exploitation. Unfortunately ICM out-of box decal is poor for technical stencils…
  14. Despite all the troubles you had to overcome, the result looks pretty nice. And the surface is really fantastic for brush-painted model. Congratulations!
  15. Hello comrades So, let's get it started! After one not easy work with Amodel short-run kit I want to take something high-quality and easy to assemble and just to build model without big problems, half a kilo of putty and pare meters of sanding paper. After I've have built enough modern Boeing and Airbus aircrafts, I think it's time for something from USSR civil aviation. From the other side, I prefer to make models of machines, that still in service. So, when I've chosen the prototype, I've noticed that in Sheremetyevo you can meet one unique machine.It's IL-62 MGr still flying in small Belarus cargo air-company Rada airlines. The main interesting fact - there is monument near airport with IL-62M mounted there. And it looks amazing for me when I can see one old girl on the monument, and turning my head I can see the same one machine moving on taxiway. The monument of IL-62M near Sheremetyevo in hot evening of July 2022 (some smoke from forest fires in neighbour Ryazan region) And her "sistership" still in service onto parking slot of Sheremetyevo. August 2022. A little info about prototype. EW450TR was produced as usual passenger version of IL-62M in 1985 (wow, it's older than me!). First was delivered to Interflug company in GDR (eastern Germany). This machine was the first one performed flight between Western and Eastern Germany. B/n DDR-SET After Germany became united the machine was returned to USSR Uzbek civil aviation administration. СССР-86576 A year later USSR was disintegrated, machine was re-registrated in Uzbek republic as 86576 (later UK-86576) In 2007 the plane was returned to Russia (B/N RA-86576) and was converted to cargo version. Todays modification IL-62MGr or IL-62МГр means IL-62M "Gruzovoy" that translated as "Freighter" Since 2015 plane was delivered to small private Belarus company Rada airlines with new B/N EW450TR. I can't say certain, how many IL-62 still in service. Maybe some another machines are in a state of airworthiness in reserve of ministry of defence, and maybe some another also still exist in North Korea or Cuba. But doubtless this unique plane is one of last "dinosaurs" still flying. What about kit, there are two good kits of IL-62M are available in 1/144. First is Zvezda, well known for it's ultimate edition, and another one is Ukrainian ICM, also well known for good quality. I've chosen ICM for experimental reasons. I've assembled some Zvezda kits, but never had a deal with ICM aviation kits. So, after reading some positive reviews, I've decided to purchase ICM kit. And there is one intersting thing that ICM IL-62M is available in two versions of livery - Aeroflot USSR and Interflug GDR airlines. And the joke is that GDR version is about 1000 rub (EUR 15) cheaper. Sure I've bought DDR version, besides I'm not going to use out-of box livery. ICM plastic is well-looking enough, I like it. For me, it's something like Revell's plastic, also white and thin enough, with high detalisation. Assemble without glue is also neat and I hope I'll do not need much putty and assemble will be not an exhausting task. So, I've started from protecting windows that will stay transparent. I've used a few masking tape for this purpose. Then I've covered inner surfaces of fuselage and wings with Decorix dark primer from the balloon. This method prevents model of transparency when situated under bright sunshine. To be continued as usual Respects, tMikha.
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