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  1. The really stuning MAX, congratulations! and the livery is difficult enough to realise it on the model! Pretty looking scheme, for me it associates with dolphin or killer whale. once again, nice work, thank’s for sharing!
  2. Thank you for kind comment! This is first time I've tried with two-colours livery, and though it's not too nice-looking, but it was a very useful practice for next models.
  3. So, well or not well enough, I've finished it! You are welcome to rate it in RFI Respects, tMikha.
  4. Hello dear colleagues! Today I'm happy to show you my last finished project - Revell kit A-320NEO. It's the 3-rd of my 320-series "parade", and one more is in progress for today. The progress of assemble you can find here. Also I've done a short music video of main steps of building progress And there is a really exciting coincidence that I've finished my build almost at the same day with another one BA-Revell 320NEO kit from @lomasca So what can I say about the kit? Really it's not bad at all - well in joining of parts, neat moulds (except of really bad main landing gears). But actually Zvezda 320s are better IMHO (and cheaper twice in MSK)))) But that's no doubt - I enjoyed building new Revell product - it's really well-done. So about building: First I've used dark-gray primer for inner parts to prevent translucency of fuselage under bright sunshine. Later all antennas were removed due to neat sanding of seams between parts of fuselage. The engines that are common to be difficult to paint in Revell kits A-320 doesn't seem too difficult for me. And there was the main task to remove the seam between transparent part and fuselage, that made me to use some Tamiya putty and some sanding paper. Painting That was my first attempt to paint bi-colour livery... And what can I say - it wasn't fully successful. I've used some masking tape, but the border of colours that I've made first was incorrect: the border was rising up from wings to nose, though it's strictly parallel to ground on real plane. And the worst of all is that I've noticed that fail only during first photo-session of the model. So, that was a big choise 1) to drop-off the model to garbage (no-no, really NOOO - there is too much invested labor) - or 2) to remove all the paint and to give it new (and easier) livery or 3) to try to save the situation. I've chosen 3-rd way. So I've lost 1/3 of wonderful decals, BA logos over doors, and sanded nose part till the plastics. Then I've used plasticine masks to save remaining stencils (TNK over the windows for example), and painted once more with new borders of colour. In result it's not very well done, but it's sure better than first attempt. And after all - that was a new problem to find decals for BA one more time. Red-blue strips and a lot of stencils were destroyed as well as front doors. I had to purchase one more decal-sheet from Brazilian manufacturer. Though the decal was really thick, bad in applying, and the main thing that it was developed for early BA-320's with ethnic tails. So if today there is a logo of crown after BA stencil, that time there was no crown after it. I've used Mr.Hobby H-1 for white colour, some mix of H-1 + dark-gray Tamiya for wings, MAKR aluminium for wings and stabilisers edges, MAKR royal-blue for bottom of fuselage (maybe it's really not the same as on prototype, but it's somewhere near IMHO) Also the out-of-box red part of decal isn'n enough - that made me to turn to my reserves and to cut a little pieces from Aeroflot red flag-colours (tail part) of decals. Otherwise decals are stunning, even I can say they are too detailed for 1/144 scale! I really enjoyed it, though I've spent half a day while applying it. Additions Usually I am "out-of-box" builder, but this time poor realisation of main wheels made me to purchase resin wheels from "I-modelist" manufacturer. Really they look lovely for me and not too expensive. Also I've added beacons, lights on the edges of the wings, and applied masks from KV-models. In place of conclusion: Really - that's not the best one of my models, and I see a lot of disadvantages looking at it. But I really glad that it was enough of my patience to get this finished. And (to tell truth), I like it. I hope you'll enjoy watching this))) Criticism and remarks are welcome as usual! Respects, tMikha.
  5. Well done, enjoyed watching the model! It's an interesting coincidence - I've finished the same one 320NEO BA just yesterday (But in lack of time to make good photo-session for it) And also I had the same problems as well - on the tail I've used some decals from my reserves in place of painting. You have made straight and correct border of colours on the front part, but that was my biggest fail that made me repaint 1/3 of the model. And BTW one little thing that caught my eye: on the right side BA stencil moved left. Symbol of BA doesn't cover emergency door on the prototype. Respects, tMikha.
  6. So, step by step the progress goes on. Fuselage was sanded, than masks on the windows were applied, and first primer was covered. BTW problem with missing slat solved successfully For pilot's windows I've used sanding paper from 600 to 2500 and covered with Future in the end. Now windows are transparent enough. As usual the worst seam is between transparent detail and fuselage. There is actually good surface on the top, but down part is to be sanded or maybe it needs some putty at least. Also while while fuselage dries up, I've made some progress with engines: Today I need to correct seam on the nose part and tomorrow I'll be able to start with painting. About Aeroflot colours I think to do some experiment with mixing light-gray with a few aluminium. Sure, it's first for testing on leftover plastics. This way I hope to find out correct proportions. But the main disadvantage of the method that it's a mix of paints and in case of repair of the surface it could be a problem. Respects, tMikha.
  7. An interesting theme I've revived in result
  8. Stunning model! Both TU-144 and Concorde are great machines that proved 50 years ago that people are able to achieve supersonic passenger flights! (not taking into account economy side)
  9. Thank you! As I've mentioned, civil liners are not as popular theme as WW-2 planes (for example). So I'll try to give full step-by-step story about it And thank's for reaction!
  10. Hah, really interesting theme, I have to support so.. trying to remember! 1st I can’t tell exactly. Some MD .. I was 16 yrs old youngster TU-134 TU-154B and 154M (Last one 154M in Aeroflot!) 737-200 (about 2005-2007 years) A-320, A321 (a lot of times - Aeroflot, S7, NordWind and others) 737-400 (Peggasus-Asia) 737-800 (also clear many different companies, RoyalAirMaroc as the most unusual))) A320 and A321 NEO (both Pegasus Turkey) Sukhoi SSJ-100 (Azimuth) And only once wide-body, 777 RoyalFlight (Usual tourist charter to Bodrum) I think that’s all for today, but I dont gonna stop ЗЫ I must update: plus I've forgotten - B757 also RoyalFlight (charter flight back from Antalya)
  11. Hello all! A couple words for the start. This kit was purchased by me about 2 years ago. Now Zvezda produces it as "A-321 CEO" and gives nice-looking Condor livery in the box. Maybe if I've purchased it with this decals, I would decide to built it with out-of-box livery. But that time A-321 was availible only with Airbus home livery. It's too boring for me and I prefer to give my models liveries of air-companies who really operates or operated in past (at least) with passengers, not prototypes or test-flying machines (Hello to MC-21 - after it will arrive to any one company and carry it's first commercial passengers, I'll buy the kit on the same day) So when I've purchased the kit, my idea was to build Metrojet Ei-ETJ, I've even bought decals from PAS for it. But that was one big problem - my skill was drastically low. And i wanted to built serious, neat and lovely model in tribute to victims of that terrible air-crash in Sinai. But the further the more I have doubts about ethic side of making this model. I never want to get any feedbacks or praise on human tragedy. And last one circumstance that made me to decide not to build Metrojet was well-known events in Ukraine. There is no any communication between two this events. But I said "enough blood, enough sad circumstances, life goes on anyway!" By the way the kit was in progress of cannibalization - when I built other Airbuses, I used to loose different small parts. And now I've told myself that kit is to be built now or other way it will be cannibalised till the end. I've some doubts about livery. But once I decided to give a challenge to myself and to built kit in Aeroflot livery. Really - it's not my favourite Russian company (my favourite S7 and it's even more difficult to built it, ha-ha) But it's something like a shame - to work in Sheremetyevo, to handle hundreds Aeroflot flights, to be their passengers for many times, and not to have at least one Aeroflot liner on the shelve. But the livery is really complicated, so I'll have to be very careful with paint-works. So, start is usual for me. I'll built model with transparent windows as always, some weight of plasticine and coins in the nose (though there is no word about it in instruction, but I've decided to be safe). So for today I have painted cockpit interior, and connected two parts of fuselage. Then I started with wings and with wheels. That is about cannibalism I had no one of the slats and also I had no inner parts for main wheels out of box. But I have 4 defective wheels from previous Revell A-320NEO kit, plus one extra resin wheel and plus one Revell wheel from first my A-320. So, I've solved the wheel-problems cutting-off some plastics from Revell wheels and inserting into out-of box wheels plus one resin wheel. And what about slat - I've decided to make it by myself from Tamiya putty. Now it looks not very good, but don't worry, the problem is easy-to solve with sanding sponge So... today I plan to sand it, and maybe to connect wings with fuselage. And constantly I stay with my thoughts about difficulties with paint-works, which to be overcame... Respects, tMikha.
  12. So, as it's used to be said in Russia, "if you hurry, you'll make people laugh" And that's exactly my case. Really, I've finished with the model a few days ago but... only during photosession I've noticed that border of blue and white on the nose part turns up from center and significantly not horizontal as on the real plane. That's all my crooked hands. And I've to say, I was really upset, especially I've cathed this in the end, after applying all the decals really, something like that: Really really big fail of mine. But we are model-builders and we never and ever lose our heart! So not easy but necessary decision was to mask plane from wings and to tail, and windows in front part as well, than remove paint and repaint again with correct horizontal line. In this case I loose BA logos abowe passenger doors and "BA" title as well, but there was no any other option for me. How it looks now: And now I have correct border at least (but don't have no longer wonderful "cartograph" decals on the nose) So the latest task is to paint with royal blue once more (god bless that there is clear colour from MAKR, not a mix!), and cover with Future. But now I have no need to hurry up - because element's of decals that I've ordered will arrive only in a week or so. That's all with NEO for today. I'll be back soon
  13. Let me show one more finished 1/72 Mriya. That was first I seen in this scale, plus it has Buran shuttle in company. Absolutely great work. As I understand, that man worked at Antonov bureau, now retired. https://karopka.ru/community/user/13030/?MODEL=602126 And here is his (too short in my opinion) description of process (excuse me for using auto-translate) Good afternoon! I apologize to everyone for not being able to give a description of the models when uploading. Initially, the project was conceived as AN-225. Then it was decided to make a universal project Mriya - Buran. To do this, the Buran itself was needed, which, unfortunately, had not been released for a long time. I found it in the warehouse ""AMODEL."The work has begun. Two models, these are two creepy structures called (RESIN) To make this blow joint, you need to do two things.This is a retractable landing gear and an external platform. conceived, done. As for the AN-225, it's 50x50. Unlike the AN-124, this is a new casting of such components as the chassis, the engine group and the gondola itself. Otherwise, it's the same hack even for a lot of money. In the AN-225, the nose cook has been modified, an almost meter-long cabin, a ramp-ramp has been made. All landing gear struts have been modified (under the squat principle). Friends, you can write endlessly about this blow... What exactly interests whom, ask. I will answer with pleasure. The models are in front of you. Enjoy your viewing.
  14. To say that this is “great work” or “it’s a stuning model” means to say nothing! i’ve seen Mryia in 1/72 only twice, including this model. First was in USSR livery and with Buran on it’s back. And both times I can’t imagine what an perseverance and skill needed to built this tsar-model. Comparison with 1/72 tank espetially impressive! Congratulations!
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