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  1. My latest project, a being 737 MAX 8200 in the livery of Buzz, a Polish subsidiary of Ryanair, formerly known as Ryanair Sun. I've always enjoyed the demented bee on the fin, and have flown with them once. The kit is the Zvezda MAX 8, with the windows filled and repositioned to replicate the higher density MAX 8200. I also had to raise the landing gear to replicate the MAX's higher ground clearance, as the kit seems to have the NG's lower gear. Painted with a mix of Humbrol and Plastikote spray cans, varnish and acrylic pots. Went for a much more showroom finish than usual, but VERY pleased with the result. Excellent decals from 26 decals. The shelf is now full! Suggestions on a narrowbody to do next?
  2. Hi all, my 144 airliner collection is starting to resemble a boneyard in 2020. As such, i'm looking to buy a bunch of consistent stands, ideally with a small circular hole required in the model. I've been looking for Corgi aviaton archive stands but can't really find many available to purchase separate. Open to options, any suggestions? Thanks Chris
  3. Ah sounds like similar problems then, look forward to seeing your build! And good spot on the emergency exit! Thank you! Very kind of you to say
  4. Thank you, and yes it was tricky. I used a humbrol pale green 'vomit' colour that I usually use for wheel wells. Tamiya taped them whilst still in two halves and neatened up with the brush once together.
  5. Latest project done. Key takeaways... - I had high expectations for the fit based on reviews I have read elsewhere. This was true with the Exception of the fuselage, which had a step, gaps and was a bit of a dog! - Love the decal sheet, lots of detail for an OOB build. If you use the BA tail decals, have the red paint on standby to fill the gaps. - This was my first go at using the clear windscreen instead of the decals from AA. Not perfect but happy as a first try. I used the one piece stencil rather than the individual window stencils from AA, as these seemed to small on the Revell' windscreen (might be better for Zvezda?) Painted with a mix of Humbrol and Plastikote spray cans and Humbrol acrylics. Decals OOB and windows by Authentic Airliners. Feedback and tips welcome Chris I
  6. Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately I do not have the facility for using an airbrush, so use spray cans. That does mean that I am limited to the quality of my finish. I hope to get an airbrush one day!
  7. After a long wait for decals, I have finally put the finishing touches on my Ukrainian airlines Embraer 190. I like this little kit. It's an easyish one to turn around, plus I had some spare AA decals left over from my BA 190 made at the end of last year. (See it here: https://bit.ly/3PwnIlj ) I have included some pre-decal shots too. - Kit went together okay, though needs filler in places. - Made a custom nose landing light from a transparent sprue - Decals from Authentic airliners and Polish eBay user 'bigt1972'. Decals quite thick and fragile but look good when in place. My narrowbody shelf is now full! Feedback welcome. Slava Ukraini! Chris
  8. Thanks for the kind words all! It's Plasticote 'Satin Baby Blue'. Will need a coat of glodd varnish on top for sure, but seems pretty close to the real thing. Main issue with the kit was the fit around the wing base/underside. Fuselage also needs some filler, I think I've just got used to Zvezda kits going together so well.
  9. This didn't go together particularly well, but happy with the result. Made wheels up for a desk piece, using a Corgi stand. I flew to Toronto on this aircraft in 2014 in this livery, so always fancied recreating it. My first widebody! Next up is a Ukrainian Embraer 190. Colour: Plastikote 'Satin Baby Blue' spray paint Decals: Authentic Airliners windows, livery from a private seller on eBay Chris
  10. Today, I put the finishing touches on my Zvezda Boeing 737 MAX 8. Not perfect, but it looks great, and I'm quite pleased with it. This livery gets a knocking from some, but personally I think it looks great, especially on the MAX. Build - kit went together very well as per Zvezda kits Paints - Humbrol and Halfords spray cans, details with Humbrol enamels and acrylics Decals - Livery decals by 8Decs, windows and details from Authentic Airliners. There was a mismatch between these which led to some windows being misaligned, but it's not hugely noticeable and the overall look destracts from it. A few homemade details - Pitot/static made out of spare plastic, have since found a better way to do with paper card, but will save that for next time. Static wick dischargers made from flakes of an old plastic Christmas tree. Weathering done with HB/2B pencils. The shelf is getting a bit full! Next up I'm heading to widebody town with the Revell 777-300ER. Opting for the baby blue Air Canada livery and an aircraft I travelled on back in 2014. Suggestions and feedback welcome. Chris Tip if using bits of Christmas tree for static wicks... they fall off.
  11. Working on a MAX in the new Icelandair blue/blue livery (it gets a knocking but I like it). Kit went together like a dream and in spite of a fee imperfections I'm happy, mostly humbrol spray cans but hand painted engines. Awaiting decals from the US to complete the livery. Particularly happy with the static wick dischargers made out of strands of an old fake Xmas tree.
  12. This was a fully built and painted revell A321ceo I was given. Wasn't sure what to do with it, so I fully sanded it down and repainted in the livery of the imaginary airline I had when I was a kid. This was a hell of a task. Wings and landgong gear came from an Old A319 kit. I also upgraded it to a neo using winglets and P&W engines left spare from a Zvezda A320neo kit. All done with humbrol spray cans and decals cut from sheets bought on eBay (apart from the 'neo' lettering which came from a revell A321neo kit). Went for a glossy showroom model finish rather than weathered. Next up is an Icelandair MAX in the new livery.
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