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  1. Why thanks! and sure. I used Halfords white primer and appliance white, with halfords grey primer and ford focus metallic grey for wings (plus touches of random humbrol enamlels) The organic is a spray can of humbrol gloss orange 18. Hope that helps
  2. ahh you got me! I decided to put it on because to looks so good. My dad spotted that right away too. Thanks for the positive feedback all
  3. A month of hard work and 'Foxtrot Oscar' is ready. OOB Airfix build with Authentic Airliners decals. The usual old Airfix woes, but a satisfying result after all.
  4. Hi All, all done now, and with some better and updated pics!
  5. Bloody hell! That's one of the best big military builds i've seen in ages. Amazing effort.
  6. Just a few decals and details on the number 1 (port) engine and to apply the nose wheel doors. Then she's done
  7. Hi Guys, This isn't completely done yet, but i've been itching to share it. A320 Easyjet 250th Airbus livery, made from the 1/144 Revell kit. Proved a little less cooperative than the 3 x A319's i've built, but generally not bad! Decals from Draw decal, can't remember for the life of me the site I ordered the winglets from. Chris
  8. They are! Didn't come out as bad as I expected. Thanks all for the very kind words (sorry If I missed any one) Airfix sent me one of their old stands especially, and my dad was chuffed with it.
  9. I finished it! Dog of a kit, but very satisfying to complete such a beautiful aircraft. I made this as a father's ay gift for my dad. I wanted to make it in flying jack (my favourite BEA livery) but it turns out my dad hated it! (though it clearly looked better on the Trident) Some of my earliest memories are of us going round the Vanguard at Brooklands. Stand arrived a week after this was completed too thanks to Humbrol digging through their warehouse. They don't make them like this anymore!
  10. Looking great so far sir! Best of luck. Look forward to the result.
  11. Work in progress. Standard Revell kit with Draw Decal decals. Hope to fly one of these one day! See my BA A319 in the background.
  12. Or have a go at the Winglets version with your own fantasy livery?
  13. Hi Guys, i've built my dad a rendition of the BEA Airfix Vanguard as a surprise Father's Day pressie. It's got the standard old Airfix stand hole in the belly. I've seen 1 normal Airfix stand on eBay at £6 which feels a little steep for what it is. Any other cheap options that should fit you're aware of? Cheers, Chris
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