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Found 710 results

  1. Hopefully there is plenty of time to build and finish these two Airfix 737-200 kits, with BA "World Tails" livery: As there aren't too many parts (and windows have been filled), the main time should be taken with applying the blue / white livery and the decals (I've not used Ray's laser printed decals before, so hope they go on as well as his screen printed ones). Chosen aircraft are G-BGDF (Delft Blue Daybreak) and G-BKYB (Blue Poole): A question for the Mods: as these are the same kit, can I build them in parallel in one Thread? Regards Mike
  2. Sorry if I got all you Strictly fans out there all in a tizz expecting sequins and all that pizazz, but there's no Foxtrot in this thread (just a Hotel for the Tail code I'm afraid). We could publish a photo or two of Ola at some point though if I can find a tenuous enough reason to add her to this thread! I've now started my first attempt at an oh so fiddly 1/144 kit for over 35 years and I tell you that the eyesight is now definitely poorer and the fingers porkier, so this may be a trial by fire, but hey we all wanna see that don't we - car crash moddeling at its best! We are attempting the Roden Super VC-10 K3, to be finished in the Hemp scheme to allow http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/profile/98-roland-pulfrew/ to add the all grey version of this beautiful bird (can I add Ola's photo after this comment he thinks?) after he's finished his East African civvy version. On to the box shots (stop it before you even start Ced!): And a couple of quick photos of some flash with various parts attached to it! and some photo etch which I'm sure will result in my being stuck together with CA as usual! Hopefully this will be a far far quicker and more rewarding build than the 1/24 Spit that I've just beaten into submission finished. Look away if you love your Spitfires with dihedral!!! I've cleaned up these monster sprue attachment points on the fuselages and have cleaned up and stuck together the tail parts, the wings and the engine assemblies. I have added some brass tube to the exhausts to give some depth to them, and have started building the photoetch cockpit. I will clean these up and restore lost details before I show and tell these parts as I have found the Roden plastic extremely soft and liable to deform/warp/get covered in fingerprints after an attack from Tamiya Extra Thin. Anyways will upload some more piccys to Flikr as and when we get a bit further down the road for your delectation. Thanks for looking in, until next time - Keeeeeeeeeeeeep Modelling!!!
  3. Hi all!My little Me-262 from Eduard. I have used Mr Hobby paints.
  4. I would so like an IM version of this in 1/144 or 1/72 http://www.sikorskyarchives.com/S-44.php
  5. So this is going to be a first for me as I've never built an airliner model before. Therefore, when I saw the 737 GB I thought 'why not - let's give it a go'. As I haven't built an airliner before, I had nothing suitable in the stash so decided to treat myself to this: Even with the little amount of knowledge I have of airliner models, I can tell this kit is a belter! The parts are perfectly moulded with no flash, crisp fine panel lines and excellent decals make for a perfect baptism of fire. I've decided to go with the scheme on the box which is the only one in the kit as I want to keep my first airliner build as straightforward as possible. Within no time I was following the instructions with gusto and she was just falling together. I can honestly say this is the fastest I've ever started putting a model together - it almost builds itself. I made a start on the wings and underside of the plane: Within 30 mins I had made so much progress I had to stop and take stock - as I said I've never built this quickly before which is testament to the ease of the kit. So within no time this is where I was: I'm really impressed with this kit and it has certainly made me keen to make more airliners in the future as I've really enjoyed working on a completely different type of aircraft. So next steps are to get the cockpit glazing masked and fixed and to tidy up the fuselage with the odd bit of sanding. Engines will be next so hope to have some progress on these for you soon.
  6. Any chance of the above mentioned kits? I know AModel announced the Lincoln maybe 10 years ago, but nothing came of it. It would be nice to have the military Sunderland and civilian Sandringham as well as the Shackleton in 1/144 as well.
  7. Hello All, This was progressing excellently till I removed the canopy masking and found that I'd cracked the canopy.... Grrrr it's only a hobby (repeat 50x) Apologies for the rubbish formatting - still getting used to embedding from flickr. Ian
  8. Here's the Minicraft 1/144 Bf-110 I finished last weekend. It was an enjoyable build, but the model's fit wasn't very good. I chose the kit after I'd read an IPMS member review that said the fit was very good. I don't know what I did wrong, but the seam on the bottom where the wings met the fuselage was pretty bad and I had to fill with super glue and sand smooth. The bottom and top halves of the engine nacelles were mis-aligned so that there was over lap. I sanded these flush. The bright side of this kit was there was no raised detail and very little engraved detail, so I could sand the seams without any fear of removing detail! In retrospect I should've done this in 1/72, but I got the minicraft kit in a fit of nostalgia: when I was 13 I wanted the Revell "Squadron 144" Bf-110 in the worst way and never got it. Not much else to say. This is Rudolf Hess' Bf-110. I primered with Mr. Surfacer 1500 black and used Mr. Color paints. Minicraft got the paint colors wrong for this scheme. They showed two different schemes, but listed the same colors for both. I did some research and determined the scheme was RLM 74/75/76 with RLM 70/74/02 mottling. The out-of-scale over spray in the mottling is more evident in the pictures than to the naked eye. I'm still figuring out the wash: it's still a tad darker than I would've liked, but now I know it darkens when dull cote is sprayed on it, so I'll do it lighter next time! I should note that the gun in the back of the canopy didn't come with the kit. I had to make it myself. The other gripe I have about the kit is the gear bay doors. They are molded shut and you have to cut them apart if you are going to do a "gears-down" model. The plastic is very thick and results in gear doors that would probably be a foot thick in real life. I suppose you could sand them thinner, but holding on to them is a challenge because of their small size!
  9. This is a very old HG, i snapped it together last night in about 20mins and i now have a few possible ideas for the kit. I will be scribing lots a new panel lines but i might also put him in some water. Here is is for now. He might be an old kit but he still look cool.
  10. I'm going to build the Zvezda 737-800 as HS-TYS of the Royal Thai Air Force, using Siam Scale decals. Box shot: I made a start this evening. In not much more than an hour I've got the fuselage and wings assembled. The fit is superb, I don't think this is going to need much filler! The perfect kit to build in parallel with the Amodel Mil Mi-10 I'm building in the BM 10th anniversary GB. Here it is with the wings dry-fitted to the fuselage. If I get any modelling time tomorrow I'll take the wings off and clean up all the seams, which won't take much work. The bit that'll take longest is the clear cockpit roof, which stands slightly proud of the fuselage so will need to be blended in, but doesn't look like it'll take long. Thanks for looking Z
  11. Here's my Zvezda 1/144 737-800 in Royal Thai Air Force markings, using Siam Scale decals, built for the Boeing 737 STGB. WIP is here. The Zvezda kit is very nice, goes together very well indeed. The Siam Scale decals worked pretty well, only issue was with the winglet decals which seem to have been designed to fit the Revell kit's inaccurate winglets, so needed a bit of trimming to fit. thanks for looking Z
  12. Hello All, after an enforced layoff from modelling I have recovered these from the shelf of shame and completed the builds. Questions and comments welcome. Gee hope this works, not used to using Flickr after the photobucket debacle last year..... Happy Modelling Ian
  13. For my next KUTA build I will be resurrecting this KC-30 I started back in 2013 It needs some antennas replaced and some tidying up. I have started by refilling the poorly filled cabin windows I had the boom and drogue parts well on the way. luckily I found them So on with the build
  14. I will be building the good old Airfix Tristar kit as my entry I know of its inaccuracies, but at this stage I am not sure if I will correct anything
  15. Roden's 1/144 C-119 'Flying Boxcar'. I struggled a bit with this one, the plastic was pebbly and grainy on many parts and the overall fit wasn't great (though that could be down to user error). I added some detail to the flight deck but it's not visible at all through the tiny nose windows. The final finish was Alclad – the Humbrol tinlet is just there for scale.
  16. It may have been brought up before on here. I'm looking for either 1/72 or 1/144 civil standing figures I want male and female dressed nice. I want these for standing outside an airliner. I've seen the Preiser ones and they are ok but I need about fifty, plus some police. Would these be the only ones that are good? I want to recreate the scene of Martin Luther King's casket being loaded on the Electra.
  17. Aeroclub 1/144th Mosquito B35, built for a group build on Kampfgruppe 144. Represents B35 of 139 sqn RAF Hemswell. Kit has cockpit added, figures converted from Preiser groundcrew figures. Nacelles and wings have a few additions, main u/c doors are milliput. Base is temporary as I've run out of clear rod! Hand painted using Hataka (MSG) and Vallejo air ( NATO black) Weathered using watercolour pencils
  18. Hi everyone, I've decided to document the build of a very exciting Christmas gift, Revell's Platinum USS Fletcher. As you can see from the handy coke can, the box was absolutely massive. And the hull was no different (please ignore the messy work station) This image shows what separates it from a regular Revell kit: I'm really excited for this kit because it will allow me to stretch my photoetch skills without having to murder my wallet in aftermarket etch. I've done research on the Fletcher, and will be making it as it was in 1942, with a camouflage system called 'Measure 12 Modified' http://www.shipcamouflage.com/measure_12_modified.htm Luckily this website lists the official names of the paint colours in this scheme, which the White Ensign Colourcoat paint line apparently recreate almost perfectly, so these have been ordered. I will soon start work on this, but if you guys have any tips or anything you would like to pass on, it would be much appreciated!
  19. Hi Folks! I'm not newcomer here because registered since 2010 and actively using britmodeller.com as reference for many cases related to plastic models building, but that is my first topic here. So... I would like to share with you here my build is ongoing on Greenmats.Club Original body: Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Model: Revell 04206 Scale: 1/144 Aftermarket parts: no Livery: to be announced later I'll not talk about Revell kit here, just put some pictures that show what plastic parts you'll find in the box. (+ building instruction and decal)
  20. I just joined Britmodeller; wanted to share some of my work of completed models that are "ready for inspection." Constructive criticism is always welcome! Hope you enjoy! Heller 1/72 scale TWA Boeing 707-323. "Out of the box" build, using Alclad aluminum and Tamiya white paint, 26 Decals, Liveries Unlimited Decals, and Nazca detail decals. Airfix 1/144 scale Eastern Airlines Boeing 727-200. I used Alclad aluminum and Tamiya white paint, Liveries Unlimited and Nazca detail decals, and Braz landing gear. Airfix 1/144 scale Southern Airways DC-9-32. "Out of the box" build, with Liveries Unlimited decals. Revell 1/144 scale Boeing 747-400 "City of Detroit." I used Tamiya red, gray, and white, Alclad aluminum paints, Draw Decals, Flight Designs Decals, and Aerocolours decals, ExtraTech photoetch details, and Braz engines.
  21. http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/FirstLook/Hersteller_News/Revell_News_2018.html Intriguing. Rob
  22. I'm jumping in! I started this sometime in January and with one thing and another she ended up languishing on the shelf of doom so I thought I'd get her done in this KUTA season. Done some of the subassemblies, so far everything has gone together quite nicely. The cockpit is pretty good for this scale and even has instrument panel decals, I added some tape belts but not sure how much you will see once everything is buttoned up. I boxed in the undercarriage wells and added a little bit to the exhaust as both these ares are just completely open otherwise. Also the three windows on the aft starboard side are not supplied as clear parts so I drilled and filed them and then for the glass I shoved some melted clear sprue into the hole. A few swipes with sandpaper and voila! The middle one is a fraction larger but as long as my window masks are all the same size it should look fine. Hopefully tonight I'll get a bit done on her Thanks Segan
  23. Hullo. I built this for a GB over on Kampfgruppe 144, where there's a full WiP. Like one of those soppy parents who can't help but show you pictures of their child at every opportunity, I'm afraid I'm pretty proud of it so felt compelled to post here. Forgive me. The French inherited some Spits (VIIIs initially, latterly IXe's) from General Gracey's British forces that re-occupied Indochina after the Japanese defeat in August 1945. In the war of ground support against the Viet Minh, the nippy little interceptor that was built to take on the Fw-190 was really pretty inadequate really: they lacked the hitting/lifting power of the big, brutish American Hellcats, Helldivers and Bearcats that the French later received in the late-1940s, and they also lacked the legs to conduct close air support where they were needed most (i.e. along the Chinese border and upcountry Tonkin highlands where suitable airstrips were few and far between). The Spits rapidly became knackered - the photo below gives a sense of this. The scheme (of GC. 1/4) is relatively popular, being one of the more colourful kit options for the Eduard 144 IXe. I used the kit decals, but added some bomb racks (Brengun), bombs (3D printed via a seller on Shapeways - superb little things)…. I actually had a devil of a time finding RAF 250lb bombs in this scale so was delighted when I found these and discovered they were of such good quality/detail. I also used Eduard's own (and really quite lovely) photo etch, cutting open the cockpit door. This is really only the second aircraft I've attempted with reasonably serious photoetchery - a skill I've learned over the course of the Vietnam GB this was built for (the other build was my Toucan). I've been pleasantly surprised to find that it's not as daunting as I had once thought, and the process can even be enjoyable! I used pale pastels to weather and fade the the panels. In the harsh light of the photo booth this has not come out very well, but looks great to my (naked, possibly biased) eye. I'll use that technique in future, I think. Prismacolour silver pencil for the chipping (which I tried not to overdo, but these poor Spitfires really were knackered). I have to say, I've enjoyed this build enormously. Although it has taken me a while, it has been a blast (and a welcome sanctuary from nappy changes) - which is what this hobby is all about, I reckon. Much fun had. Thanks for looking!
  24. Thinking about my next build and fancy having another go at a dio. So with that I have a small tank and a robot with a massive axe......robot smashing tank.....sounds good to me. This is the tank and I must say it's very nice little kit. This it snapped together with no effort. But should end up a bit like this.
  25. This kit I found on the internet for a very reasonable price. As I am very fond of russian airliners I had to have this cute bird in my collection. There seems to be no manufacturer name on the box...or at least I cant't read it. It looks more like a advertising giveaway by Tupolev,same as the IL-96 kits by Ilyjushin,that were later re-released by Eastern Express. The quality of the kit is as poor as the IL-96 kits.The shape itself is quite accurate but the fit is terrible. As the landing gear parts were full of plastic residue,I decided to make a desktop like model,using the included display stand. I also bought a new and more detailded decal set from PAS Models to add more life to the kit.The included decal sheet was very basic and also the colors looked a bit off. After hours of filling and sanding and rescribing, I was finally able to get on some paint. Almost a year has passed since I started this kit but by facing all these fitting issues,I put it away several times and concentrated on other models. But finally here she is... The TU-334 first flew in 1999 and was planned as a replacement aircraft to the TU-134. Unfortunately ,only 2 prototypes were built and the aircraft never entered production. Thanks for looking
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